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  1. no audio anywhere. I had no audio on the first feed before it went down and now no audio on the 2nd feed either
  2. make sure you get all the proper permits BEFORE you build it
  3. With a kitchen paid for by Missouri! Just like KU. Anyone heard that story?
  4. Public invited............who can show up at 2pm on a Tuesday?.......Maybe a few students.
  5. These are great updates. Thanks. Who is in the mix recruiting Brooke Cattoor? Assume she is a high level D1 recruit.
  6. My brother in law had to go black market to have this Christmas gift created for me. IMG_9248.HEIC IMG_9247.HEIC
  7. I sure hope the Billiken Killer Jalen Crutcher does not return.
  8. I agree with you and hope Ford stays. Coming up on the end of the season it is speculation time when it comes to coaching changes, dominoes falling and various rumors. People had talked about Ford's house being for sale and whatever that may mean, I had someone reach out to me yesterday whispering TF to University of Miami. Pure speculation but it didn't seem too far fetched when I looked at the University of Miami basketball season performance and current coaching situation. Debated if I should even share but ultimately that is way there are fan boards! Hard for me to believe TF would be their 1st choice. More like a plan b or c. Do you think their fan base would be excited about TF landing there? I am not so sure.
  9. Chaifetz should replace the metal detectors with Mizzou detectors. GET OUT!
  10. You mean like seeing guys wearing Mizzou gear to Billiken games. Unbelievable. Happens every game and I just shake my head.
  11. Not sure I follow, although total attendance is limited there is plenty "cheering" going on at the three games I have attended.
  12. HERE IS THE REST OF THE ARTICLE. I CUT IT OFF. He grinned and added, "We should get into the NCAA finals on crowds alone." This season, the Billikens have attracted 149,032 fans to 20 home games, an average of 7,452. The previous high for a Bills' game was 13,789 at a holiday tournament doubleheader in December 1972. Ohio State coach Gerry Walford, whose Buckeyes play in a rink that can seat 1,500, was impressed but said, "Too bad we gave 'em such a clinker this time." The Buckeyes played poorly and, after Nestic and Michel Richer scored to give the Bills a 5-2 lead in the second period, the issue was settled. Nestic got his thirtieth goal he has had 30 or more goals in each of his four seasons here in spectacular fashion, slipping through three Ohio State defenders and then artfully faking goaltender Dan Stergiou out of position. Eight different forwards scored for the Billikens: Sean Coghlan, Jim Peck, Wayne Ormson, Nestic, Richer, Mike Ballanger, Charlie Labelle and Bill Bestwick, in that order. Rick Kennedy, a 26-goal scorer, missed the game because of a shoulder injuryi Carl Sapinsky, little-used senior netminder, played what he called his finest game for the Billikens. He got a standing ovation for thwarting the Buckeyes when the Bills were two men short in the third, period. Later, Sapinsky experienced a very embarrassing moment. The Bucks' Ray Meyers unloaded an oh-the-heck-with-it shot from his own blueline with less than a minute remaining. The puck went 120 feet, spun off Sapinsky's stick and slowly dribbled behind the goalie for a score. "He was looking at a girl in the stands," cracked Ormson in the locker room. "It's just something I don't even what to think about any more," said Sapinsky. What he and the other Billikens preferred to think about was their spiffy 23-9 record and their record crowd. "A crowd like that just lifts you right up," said freshman Ormson. "This is unbelievable," said senior Peck. "We've come a long way." Ah, but there's still a way to go, if you'll listen o the hard-driving Selman. "Okay, so there's 15,000," the coach said. "The record for the building is 20,000. Let's go for that."
  13. Dick Kaegel St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 2/17/1974 Somebody send some smelling salts to The Arena. The cleanup crew is in-shock. This mess from a St. Louis University hockey game? Why, there are even popcorn boxes and hot-dog wrappers up in those seats near the rafters. It's all because the largest crowd in college hockey history, 15,346 persons, unexpectedly turned out last night to see the Billikens pepper the Ohio State Buckeyes, 8-3, in a nonconference game. St. Louis U. athletic director Larry Albus said the previous record, 14,995, set at Boston Garden in March 1972 when Boston U. beat Cornell in the championship game of the National Collegiate Athletic Association tournament. Co-captain John Nestic, who has had many outstanding moments in the Billikens' four seasons of hockey, thought the record turnout was the topper. "To go from crowds of 1,000 when I was a freshman to over 15,000 has to be my greatest satisfaction," Nestic said. "I'd have to call this the greatest thrill I've had since I've been in St. Louis." Nestic said coach Bill Selman had mentioned expecting a crowd of about 8,000. Albus figured it would be about the same as Friday night's 11,295, which had set a St. Louis U. high for a non-tournament game. What prompted 15,348 persons to show up last night? One factor was that this was the last hockey game at which St. Louis U.'s all-sports coupons could be used. The coupons, sold in books of 30 for $40, are good for any Billiken hockey, basketball or soccer game (excluding tournaments ) and many purchasers apparently decided to bring a gang with their remaining tickets. "And the nice weather helped," Albus said. "And the fact that Monday is a school holiday for a lot of kids. And the fact that we won 6-5 in overtime Friday night." For Albus and Selman, the big audience solidified their belief that St. Louis U. hockey has arrived as one of the major sports attractions in the city after just four years of existence. "By coming out tonight like they did," said senior Nestic, "I think the fans were showing us their gratitude for establishing this program the way we did." He grinned and added, "We should get into the NCAA finals on crowds alone." This season, the Billikens have attracted 149,032 fans to 20 home games, an average of 7,452. The previous high for a Bills' game was 13,789 at a holiday tournament doubleheader in December 1972.
  14. Any of you old timers attend this game 47 years ago today? On Feb. 17, 1974, the St. Louis University Billikens hockey team set an NCAA record by drawing 15,346 fans to a game against Ohio State. The night Billikens hockey rocked the Arena and set an NCAA attendance record
  15. I kinda like having some space open around me. Mask or no mask too many of you guys are loud talkers and heavy breathers!
  16. I had heard that were targeting 800 total per game. That includes fans, player families and staff.
  17. I have been to the last two games. My regular season tickets are in 115. It seems they are somewhat "randomly" assigning people to seats on a game by game basis to spread people out. Saturday I was up in the 200's and last night I was in 110 behind the basket. I wonder if their plans are to continue inviting the same season ticket holders or rotate the list at all. This afternoon I got an email about tickets to next Tuesday's La Salle game. After La Salle there are only two more home games. Of course there could be additional postponements or reschedules.
  18. Looks like others have the same idea about not playing the Star Spangled Banner at sporting events. It would be fine by me. Dallas Mavericks won't play national anthem at home games Bruce Arena says national anthem at sporting events is "inappropriate"
  19. Why do they even play the Star Spangled Banner at sporting events?
  20. After reading through the Goodwin thread I was curious about others thoughts regarding the play of our other 4 year senior. I am a big Hasahn fan and have been bummed by how his senior season has gone so far. He doesn't seem right. Maybe it was the early season concussion, off-season covid, grandmother's passing, etc. I don't know what it is but he hasn't been the dominant Hasahn from past seasons. That includes before the team pause this season. His avg. points, avg. rebounds, blocks per game, minutes, ft% are all down. I hope the STB game is a positive pivot for the run through the rest of the regular season and beyond. I also hope we see more of the "old" Hasahn as he wraps up his Billiken career.
  21. I read this as it was SLU personnel they are referring to seeing maskless at the Westin in Richmond. Pure speculation.
  22. Sounds like there may have been others maskless in Richmond.
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