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  1. How long is/has/will it take for Javon to fully recover from his injury? He needs to rest to fully recover... but he also needs to play to remain sharp and stay in shape.
  2. What is laughable is that these same "candidates" (Walker, Diener, Bonner, etc. included) not only get brought up for every assistant coach opening but also for every head coaching opening. Makes you wonder....
  3. Last season’s 4 game conference tournament sweep cannot be underestimated. 1. Ford can now turn to potential GT bigs and say - come to SLU and do what last year’s GTs (Isabell and Wiley) did. 2. The setback caused by Situation II became minimized - Ford doesnt have to explain to the recruits and casual observer why he didnt win w his early recruits 3. Any pressure to win, and win now, is off his back as SLU has, I presume, already deposited its 1st of 4 or 5 NCAA Tourney checks. 4. Ford can now reload and seek another Tourney bid w juniors French and Goodwin to lead the way.
  4. Agreed. Even before Mike Lewis, I had wanted a guy w more back to basket skills than Carpenter. Now, w Lewis... even more so. I am OK w 1 grad transfer big and pocket the remaining scholarship if we cannot get 2
  5. Robert Carpenter is definitely a tool -- a welding tool??
  6. Awesome!! Am showing my age - but I recall see seeing you and your signs!! Congrats
  7. Will we most likely be in the East along w Chicago and Cincy ? or in the West w KC, Dallas, Houston? Current teams mostly on both Coasts.
  8. We don't yet have our team - but all signs look like expansion is going to include STL, Sacremento and 1 other market -- a total of 30 teams in the US. As the league grows, game attendance is 20k per game average?, as TV ratings increase, then I assume the league owners will have more money to spend on good players. I understand that the MLS is not on par with those in England, Italy, Spain, etc. but I, as a casual soccer fan, am reading a diverse view of thoughts on this thread. I lived through the days when attendance/league appeared to cater to local highschool/college talent, when reliance on ticket sales was shifted upon local CYC soccer teams run by Moms & Dads and the American sports fan laughed at all things soccer and complained of too many unknown foreigners. No team in STL (or in the MLS) will thrive based upon the same -- all those teams/leagues soon went out of business - even when those teams had success on the field. No, we appear to be on the verge of something I have not seen in my lifetime -- acceptance and support by the local sports fan and not limited to the soccer die hards. There simply are not enough soccer die hards to average 20k per game. The rest of the MLS does not appear to be relying upon CYC team attendance to watch their local high school players. With all this said, where does the MLS currently rank compared to the better soccer leagues. And how will further expansion - to 30 teams - affect the MLS? How many good soccer players are even out there? Having a hard time believing the supply of good players will be there for 30 US teams while knowing that the best kids around (including locals) jump at any chance they get for the Premier League, the Budesliga, etc
  9. Maybe St Johns should call Chris Mullens back.!! Change is not always for the best.
  10. What about the local 7 footer from Trinity?
  11. Thanks for the video. Talent and skill obviously shown in film. Great video for a summer pick up games and leagues. No demonstration of strength, power, inside game for immediate success in the A10. Prospect big is a lot different than a GS big to replace Foreman next year.
  12. Light hearted? Cheese sure didn’t take it that way. Snarky applies in 2019 just as it did prior.
  13. I get the push to not use numbers anymore - but where does French play? He will be our center and guard the other team's biggest player? Why? Why not say we have 80 minutes at the 3 and 5?
  14. What do you not get? A good poster asks a legitimate question. Another good poster is not sure and posts an incorrect answer and then 2 more good posters then provide this Board with not only the correct answer but complete answers - which I appreciate- and in between you post a snarky question to this good poster about not knowing about Google. Why did you not use Google and provide the answer? No need to answer, we already know.
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