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  1. Right now, or actually prior to now, is when most Plaintiffs would fold and settle. Most plaintiffs and/or their attorneys dont have the resources, time and money to defend motions to the MO Supreme Court, then to the US Supreme Court and maybe back again (arbitration) , and after/during this defend against 8 years of cell phone calls while investigating 8 years of cell phone records of staunchly adverse, out of town witnesses who happen to be some of our Nation’s wealthiest business men.
  2. Coach Poach’s seat has to be getting warm as well...
  3. Yes. Thank you. And I remember that game as well. Many good games and times along the bumpy road know as Billiken basketball
  4. Congratulations. How about a little preview? When you did you first get your season tickets? During this time, do you have a favorite game? favorite memory from your seat?
  5. Next time please read my comments before you direct negative comments my way. I said I don’t think about Gordon - good or bad. I also don’t think about Mickey Pierson but did point what could be a different standard by someone else. Not once did I ever say that I take pleasure in Mr Gordon’s troubles. How does one do well on the ACT but have poor reading comprehension?
  6. Actually I am still laughing at your Schadenfreud post about Mickey Pierson. Love it and should have mentioned that last week. As to Gordon, understand your feelings. As mentioned awhile back, I don’t think about Gordon - good or bad. As you mention, we may have been better without him than with him - but considering he was a 4 star 6’9” power forward, that says more about how much a cancer to the team and bad teammate he really was. But how do you value lost opportunity? We could’ have given his scholarship to a different or Plan B recruit. Instead, we went with him for last year and did not replace him/know to replace him or try to replace him last Fall - so it’s really a 2 year setback. Do we wish guys who never chose SLU all the best? Do we wish guys who chose SLU but then change their mind and do not enroll all the best? Do we wish guys who choose SLU and enroll, who are good students/players but who are bad teammates who quit all the best? Do we we wish guys who choose SLU and enroll, who are good students/teammates but who turn out to be bad players all the best?
  7. Remind me again why I should not say Schadenfreud? He quit on us mi-season.
  8. Yes, but even athletes in the prime shape of their lives get tired and worn down - especially over a long season.. But in addition to a tired legs issue, we also had a personnel issue last year as well. Hankton and Jacobs do not appear to be even remotely the same this year as last year -- from both a physical standpoint (both added significant weight/muscle) as well as from a mental/confidence/understanding of the offensive/defensive schemes standpoint. And Wiley was injured and broke down most of the year - and did not appear to be able to run up and down the court too many times, and dare I say if he did, he would have been breathing like a locomotive. Foreman played hurt with a hip issue most of the year - and also did not appear to be able to run up and down the court too many times in a row without a break. Also, Goodwin and French appear in much greater shape this year as both appear lighter on their feet, quicker and yet stronger - and yet both could be said to be in the prime shame of their lives both years from an age standpoint. And as good as Isabell was down the stretch, I think most would agree that he did not run the offense and pass anywhere close to what Yuri has already done after only 4 games -- an exhibition and 3 early regular season games.
  9. So running an up-tempo offense and applying full-court pressure with 6 healthy players would have been a good x's and o's decision last year?
  10. OK. Do you believe running an up-tempo offense and applying full-court pressure is a good X's and o's decision by Ford? And if Yuri does not increase his FT shooting percentage, will that be on Coach Ford as well?
  11. Roy. Have you changed your views as to Coach Ford now that he is running an up-tempo offense and applying full-court pressure?
  12. Larry Hughes had a pretty good Freshman season before playing with Lebron James the following year.
  13. Our team is not ready Seton Hall. Auburn or the upcoming conference games - but not much can be done about that. We will have to play, take our lumps and hopefully learn. As the talent level of our opponents increases and teams try to slow the tempo, perimeter shooting and half court defense will be more and more important - and our whole team needs work on this. Jacobs is ahead of my expected schedule I had prior to the season, had an awesome breakout game of 20 points, made the important 3 pointers but most of his points were still not from the perimeter and his effectiveness (for himself and our team) throughout the season will depend upon his outside shot . Fred is far ahead of last year, made 2 big early 3 pointers last night, needs to shake his defensive specialist role, demonstrates good form on his shooting, but his 2 shot attempts in 17 minutes during Valpo shows that he still has a ways to go. Jimmerson is doing great as a true freshmen, has fantastic confidence, is not playing like he did during the exhibition game, had his foot on the line last night and otherwise would have earned the "m" in Jimerson, but he will need to up his game (shoot more and make more) by conference season when the defenses get tougher. Weaver was sure accurate last night going 3 for 3 from the 3 point line, has been accurate in the other games as well, but needs to step up - needs to shed his role player tag, needs to up his defense and needs to carry us a few times as the Graduate Transfer Senior he is - even more by conference season. Same with Perkins - possibly our best/more pure shooter -- who will be able to stretch defenses and keep opponents honest - though, his off the ball play and defense needs more work as well. All in all, very pleased so far -- but things will only get tougher.
  14. Agreed in part. Hankton needs to stop launching the 3 to prove he can shoot a 3. So what if he makes 1 - he won't make enough for this be a high percentage shot for the team. Yes, he provides rest, emergency service and 5 extra fouls, but he is strong, does a decent job rebounding and is one of our better FT shoots. Without him, we lose the game against Valpo. And his skills will be more noticeable and appreciated in games with slower tempo and to stop half court offenses.
  15. Roy. That was only our 3rd game of the year -- 4 if you count the exhibition game. Hargrove entered the exhibition game AFTER the walkon (HIghtower), then did not play the 1st regular season game (though Hightower did), played 32 second (and in the first half) in the second game of the season (ahead of Hightower though only 32 seconds) and again last night ahead of Hightower - and for longer than Hightower. Call it a start - or dismiss it, but Hargrove now appears to be ahead of Hightower. As to him being ahead of our guards? I just don't see Hargrove playing the 3 at all this year. And while he can knock down a 3 pointer (like Hankton can), I would prefer neither of them shoot the 3 unless the defense is truly not guarding them. My point is that Hargrove's competition appears more to French, Bell, Hankton and Diarra than the guards - so there is definite minutes available for Hargrove to get more minutes (and to surpass both Bell and Hankton). As to your comments about Perkins and Hargrove, yes, I had hoped that both would be further along by now. They aren't and Ford is doing the right thing. By the start of the conference games, hopefully they will show big improvement. If not enough, then hopefully by the midpoint of the conference games, and if not, then by the A10 Tournament. As to Bell, he does have competition -- French, Hankton, Diarra and Hargrove.
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