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  1. Clock_Tower

    Carte'Are Gordon Rumored to Transfer

    It's not. Coming on this Board and saying the following is what is controversial.
  2. Clock_Tower

    Carte'Are Gordon Rumored to Transfer

    Old Guy. As Roy likes to say, CG is dead to me. I am over him - and could care less anymore. That means that I am not obsessed and fixated over him either way. I am not going out of my way to trash him -- but I also don't make excuses (like you do) for his immaturity and mistakes he made and continues to make. Also, while I don't wish harm to him, unlike you, I also don't wish him well either.
  3. Clock_Tower

    Carte'Are Gordon Rumored to Transfer

    OK. I call bull**** on these posts of yours. What is so great that it puts Chaifetz to shame? That it is located in Chicago as opposed to St. Louis? The arena is off-campus, a more difficult commute/public transport problems and parking apparently sucks-- not good for a college arena. Location alone seems to make Chaifetz better. In addition, Chaifetz is NOT a "multi purpose" facility. Pictures appear to have similar seating (though Chaifetz holds 10,600 vs. 10,000). If you prefer the boxes, then God love you - again, not for college basketball. You probably also prefer $23 parking there too! I have also been to concerts at Chaifetz and enjoyed the TV screens and sound system -- something apparently very poor at Wintrust. And BTW, haven't read a positive review/comment but did find bad review after bad review such as the following: Not sure if Wintrust should've opened. There is no order in this place. Parking is horrendous. No staff available to assist with seating. I will be calling customer service regarding the poor sound system at this concert tonight. The first act that performed had issues with sound. Avant couldn't finish his act bc of the sound. Just horrible. With as many restrictions there are to get into this place and when we arrive the disorganization and poor sound makes me regret I purchased tickets.
  4. Clock_Tower

    Carte'Are Gordon Rumored to Transfer

    +1 Well said. And just to add, players and coaches look out for themselves, and need to do so, but there is a right way and a wrong way. End of the season? Yes. Quitting on your teammates in the middle so of the season? No. Bess and Foreman have this, their only Senior season. Replacing CG next year does not help them and this year. Now, if CG were injured, if he missed home, if he had a family emergency, etc., then fine. But leaving because his is tired and frustrated with staff following him and making him go to class? Tired and frustrated with teammates who see, first hand, the effort he gives each day in practice, in games... Tired and frustrated with teammates and coaches who demand that he change parts of his game and style of place for the betterment of the team? all the while getting alot of opportunity and playing time? And let's not forget the lack of any real honesty as to why he left. Correct. I don't give a damn about him either. I believe what he apparently has done to his teammates, including other local talented players, and the coaching staff is shameful and points to continued selfish immaturity. Good riddance.
  5. Clock_Tower

    Recruiting - 2019

    So for next year, we have: Yuri Collins -- a local 5'10" playmaking PG - 4 years of eligibility Javonte Perkins -- a local, athletic 6'7" wing who can shoot the 3 pointer - 2 years of eligibility? Gibson Jimerson - a 6'6" guard and sharpshooter - 4 years of eligibility Terrance Hargrove - a local 6'7" a versatile, athletic guard who can play the perimeter - 4 years of eligibility And we have 1 scholarship left to replace CG?
  6. Clock_Tower

    OT: Midtown Development

    Sounds good. Is that because Cortex is for startups? Square needs to move on to free up space for the next startup? Wonder how many employees work for square ?
  7. Clock_Tower

    Carte'Are Gordon Rumored to Transfer

    What? Freshmen should prevail over 5th year Seniors? Good local Sophomores prevail over good local Freshmen? How about the team leadership (mostly Seniors) stepped in to tell the youngster how thing need to be done? Did we not like this in the past when Jett and Evans took guys under their wings? Is this not what we want for our program? Not buying an isolated personal issue between a talented young Frosh vs. and out-going, non-local 5th years Senior. Most of the time, in such situations, teams divide with half supporting one and the other half supporting the other -- not the case here. Also, if the social media report is true (and which sure appears to be easily verifiable), then Foreman, Isabell, Goodwin and Wiley sure seem to be the guys speaking for the team -- team leadership. And is it not OK to support Goodwin (a talented local guy) over a different talented local guy (CG)? Sorry. Appears that CG has not grown up or made any improvement since leaving Vianney. CG then went to Webster, had free reign and could nearly anything he wanted (and he did). Now, he is being asked to be a teammate, to take responsibility again, to attend class, to give full effort. Good riddance. Doesn't sound like CG belongs on ANY college campus. A 4 star recruit based on basketball potential is different than a 4 star complete player. I trust in Coach Ford who has proven he can bring in top talent. I will give up 8.9 points this season for better chemistry immediately. Goodwin and French can carry this team (without CG getting in the way) for the rest of this year and until new talent arrives next Fall. Goo Bills!!
  8. Clock_Tower

    Signed Recruit Thread 2018-19

    Exactly. Ford is giving him freedom. Not sure what more people want. A top shooting center is not required to create room in the lane -- in fact, multiple outside perimeter and mid-range shooters will open up the lane much more. As to centers receiving the ball on the outside/20 feet away, happens all the time. And most centers don't even look to shoot. And most defenders slack off. Just drawing the defender out to 12 feet (8 foot slacked off Gordon) helps open up the lane. Quick passing, ball rotation, picks are what's then needed -- not making the defender going out even further.
  9. Completely fair point. The bench is the best teaching tool a coach has. Doesn't mean Ford needs to give a quick hook for even minor mistakes or that guys must be benched for long times, but teaching moments are good for all.
  10. Made baskets hide a lot of flaws. And your noticing lack of continued movement is an example of improper execution as opposed to a poor design by Coach Ford. No coach tells their players to stand around. As to the weave, agree with 3star, that is not our problem.
  11. Again, why the lack of faith in Travis Ford? This is not Ford's first year as a head coach. Also, PG was his position as a player. Ford doesn't need us to remind him of the benefits of a strong PG. Reminder: Ford also recruited and landed Ty Graves and we had Jermaine Bishop (both would be Juniors this year) and both would be PG options this year. As to hitting the outside shot to stretch the defense, that was what Adonys Henriquez was for. Thanks to SLU's Title iX staff - we lost all three - and this year are still experiencing the impact of Title IX. Was Ford too stupid to realize he had lost 3 guards? No plan B? Asleep at the switch? I suggest no. In response to the bad news which broke last year on or about February 13th, Coach Ford signed and landed Isabell, Wiley and Thor. Unfortunately, to date, Isabell's results have been mixed but I am glad Ford took the risk with this 1 year commitment. As to Wiley, unfortunately, he has been injured. How was he before the injury? Adjusting. And as to Thor, didn't we read post after post on this Board about him redshirting this year? should redshirt this year? just not quite ready this year? Our prior recruits of Gordon and Thatch were never going to be the outside shooters to stretch the defense -- so why place this expectation on them now - their Freshman year? Let them develop into the roles they are best at. Apparently, Coach has given the greed light to Gordon to shoot a 3 pointer if open -- but that is not, and should not, be our offense. Does this mean we do nothing? No adjustments? Give up? I like Roy's thoughts. Maybe a higher tempo will help. In the long term, good opponents and NCAA Tourney teams are able to stop the fast paced, higher tempo games -- but we won't make the Tourney at the rate we are going. And every hour we spend practicing and implementing a full court press/recover defense we also spend one less hour on our traditional offense. At some point, we need to implement our offense. Not willing to assume the weave, current offense we have seen is what Coach wants. I would suggest we are seeing mistakes in execution (timing, rotation, ball speed, etc) is more to blame.
  12. In all seriousness, believe most should go back and read their own posts (not everyone elses), take a breath, check in to rehab if necessary (the blue kool-aid and pre-season expectations is very addictive and can cause delusions) and look at the glass mostly full and not mostly empty. The Wiz has documented us as being a grade "B" team -- and he is probably right. Way, way better than the grade of "D" these past years. And no, it is waste of time to compare J Good in the same sentence as Hines (though thank you for your past efforts). And no, Welmer is not the answer - and never has been. And no, a center who steps out and shoots 1 to 2 3-pointers a game does not open up the offense -- instead, it probably makes us worse. And no, not all tall, skinny white guys who shoot 3-pointers should be compared to Rob Loe. RM ran a completely different offense designed for a perimeter shooting 4 or 5 - most other coaches don't. And yes, there is a good reason why Majerus never liked to go with the "quick fix" of JUCO's, transfer or now 5th year Seniors like Isabell. Go back and look our transfers, JUCO, etc. and you will see that over half were not very helpful and/or took half the year/whole first year to acclimate. The fact that Coach Ford is still our coach - after the embarrassing Situation II last year -- and has brought in another great Freshman class is incredible. To those who keep questioning Ford, relax, detox and wait until the end of next season - when Ford will finally have his players not only enroll but also be coached up and play. We would sure be a different team this year without losing Henriquez and the others who were kicked out of school (not by Coach Ford). The help (this year) is simply not here yet (Thor and Wiley due to maturity and injury), Thatch is coming along just fine, Gordon is doing well. We are young - and time is needed even though Bess is a Senior. Can adjustments be made ? Probably. Would a faster tempo help? Possibly. But we cannot ignore the original game plan of Coach Ford and scrap everything to date - and risk even lower confidence - all for possible short-term gain. Clearly, our shooting (perimeter and FT) has been insufficient. Patience. Our guys will either improve or be replaced/supplement with next. year. Maybe early season expectations were simply too high... but I do like the direction of this program and do again enjoy watching our Bills play.
  13. Clock_Tower

    Jontay Porter Out For The Season

    Agreed. As to the Porters, I have no personal knowledge. As to SLU72, I too have no studies and data to attach as a link but I am the father of 2 high school athletes and we have seen our share of physicians over the years, together with some who long conversations I have had with physician friends of mine over several beers, it has been our experience (unlike our kids who played multiple sports) that most kids play only 1 sport; that 1 sport youngsters have initially have a huge advantage of reaching their potential sooner and therefore make the higher or more advanced team when young; that the national agency for nearly all sports write to their player/members about the benefits of playing multiple sports but then the coaches in their sport turn around and reward the 1 sport athletes who specialize with better teams, better coaching, better opportunities, etc.; that for many, they then either stop growing or the competition catches up to them or surpasses them and now they have no other sport to fall back on; that many of the better 1 sport athletes who continue to grow and develop have played so much of that sport and have traveled the country so much playing that sport that they became "burned out" and simply refuse, or choose not, to play that sport anymore in high school; and that physicians are now treating a record number of repetitive injury and overuse injuries. As a society, I suggest we were better off 25 years ago versus today.
  14. Clock_Tower

    Jontay Porter Out For The Season

    I made my post and you said “nobody...” and again, reading comprehension is low on the board.