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  1. 3Star It all comes down to Jacobs. Believe most are pleased with the accomplishments of Yuri in high school and want to allow him some playing time next year to show what he can do and properly develop. Most are pleased with Goodwin though acknowledge he/we could use some help at PG and/or handling the ball. Most are hopeful that Thatch will succeed at any new role handling the ball and shooting from the perimeter. But most of us are still unsure about what Jacobs can do and not do. We don't see what does good/bad in practice and his playing minutes have been few and far between his injuries. If we knew more what he can do or not do, we would be more sure about whether or not a GT guard is a smart thing or not.
  2. Didnt take long for the anti-Ford posters to begin to surface
  3. Hochman is clueless -- and local which makes it worse. Massive amounts of turnover -- some caused by Ford and some not. Fact: 8 of 13 new guys this year - Santos, Isabell, Wiley, Gordon, Thatch, Hankton, Jacobs and Thor. Also, second straight missed season by Welmer meaning 4 returners. Fact: 8 of 13 new guys next year: Collins, Hargrove, Perkins, Jimerson, Bell, and maybe 3 more next year. Meaning likely 5 returners -2 of whom barely played. At least he knew what conference we are in!!
  4. Not really. In Grawer's last year at SLU, most all of his guys quit, ran out of eligibility/graduated: Robinson, Skinner, Dillard, Irvin. Others left such as Bickel, Grant, Winfield and Grawer's son. The only 2 left were Claggett (who was all but gone to N. Iowa) and HIghmark (who was on his way to Mizzou). It was a terrible year - a real low point. Spoon came and probably did his best job recruiting Highmark and Claggett to get them to stay -- b/c they joined a talented group of upperclassmen and came in as Freshmen with a large group of mostly AAU/Eagles. I think it was much tougher to keep Claggett and Highmark after that terrible year and all they went through than it was for Grawer to recruit them in the first place.
  5. What was he thinking? CG was thinking about the only thing the thinks about -- himself and what is the easiest path to take. You hope CG figures out brotherhood one day? Why? CG is irrelevant and "Dead" to me now. I suggest you do the same. And yes, this team is better off without the cancer in the locker room known as CG.
  6. Big win for our program and University. Finally we are doung what the programs we aspire to have done - get to the Dance even when we’re not supposed to. Not since the Miracle in Memphis? Yes we have have made it to the Tournament- but usually only after rebuilding and getting there when expected with regular season accomplishments. Sustained success requires unexpected appearances too. Probably easier to now fill our remaining scholarships should we want to fill some or all. And let’s not forget the NCAA money to begin rolling in just for making theTournament - even if we lose first game. Anyone have those figures ?
  7. Agree. Coach Ford probably doesnt want to uproot his family and move just yet. Probably not the offers he wants but offers do come to winning coaches. How many wins now? 22?
  8. Everyone does realize, I hope, that if we win tomorrow, head coaching offers are coming Coach Ford’s way... and he may be gone if not appreciated. Maybe even after these past 3 games. Embarrassing that so many have been anti-Ford. Has he made mistakes? Of course. Is criticism of him fair? Of course. Different opinions as to lineups, tempo, defensive schemesetc is what makes the Board enjoyable. But to pile on and make him out to be such a terrible Coach is only a reflection of those who make such dumb comments. Hopefully he doesn’t listen. And again, for all still fixed upon preseason expectations, the National media who procalimed Jim Crews Coach of the Year also predicted us as A10 Champs - then again, maybe A10 Tournament Champs?
  9. A Bomb. This win must really hurt, eh? And you saw the win in person too!! All this time of complaining that the offense doesn't click, Coach Ford cannot coach, this season is bust... LOL!! I was right. low basketball IQ. Keep placing a troll by every post of mine. All you do is make yourself look even more foolish!!
  10. Fantastic game! Huge upset! Great game by our Billikens! Tonight is proof that Coach Ford can really coach - not just recruit. Hot seat.... Seat getting warm... Frankly, I considered the source and saw the who was initially drawn to that thread --- lots of laughs -- Our season is not yet over... Now it's time for all you critics, naysayers, non-Billiken fans and trolls to step and apologize. You know who you are. I have started this thread to make things easy for you, so go right ahead and apologize.
  11. Taj Agree with much of your post ... but the effects of S2 will not disappear next year. Yes, Henriquez and Bishop would have been Seniors this year but not Graves. More importantly, our lack of class balance is S2 related and comments that Ford has not reached the NCAA Tourney, Goodwin and French did or did not reach the Tourney, failed expectations ... all center around S2 so reference to S2 is needed if comments are made assuming S2 never happened.
  12. Taj You now seem to be suggesting that everyone needs a ton of work (agreed) and yet your original post appears to have singled out just Goodwin.
  13. Anyone think Goodwin would have even more assists this year if Henriquez had lined up on the 3 point line as Coach Ford had planned? Anyone think better perimeter shooting would have opened up more space for Goodwin to drive to the basket so he could have scored maybe 2 more baskets each game or so? Anyone think Ty Graves could have helped Goodwin shoulder some of the PG duties this year so Goodwin could have focused more on other parts of his game? Next year, if Jimerson and Collins are able to assist in this regard, then will we all say that Goodwin must have had Conklin Summer?
  14. My biggest complaint with this thread, and other criticisms of players about a possible slump from last year to this year, is that they are premature. Can we not wait a week -- possibly longer after we win the next 4 games and punch our NCAA Tourney ticket? And not just as to better players (Goodwin and French). Sure, comments about existing players are made and expressed during the season when discussing recruiting of future players but it just seems there are certain topics best made after the season. And sure, criticism and comments should naturally be expressed about a player during the season about a bad play, bad decision making/execution, bad game or series of games... but year end player evaluations comparing this year to last year might be best after this season is over.
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