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  1. Cheese. You are correct. You did not mention it. I did in response/defense. Because 3 guards/shooters were unexpectedly shown the door towards the end of the year is the answer to why Thor. Had Ford known earlier, even by Christmas break, then CF does not make that offer. And I agree with the well stated words of Thicks and others... but that is the answer as to why Thor and why other late offers, why no consistent perimeter shooting last year, partly why the offense struggled, why a second year of grad transfer(s) this year, why 2 Freshman bigs, why no Senior leadership this year...Agree in advance not to beat a dead horse... but we should also not forget the unfair hand of cards dealt to CF when we start to why CF did what he did...
  2. Well said. Agree. And while I am personally over S2 as it relates to SLU basketball, I will continue to bring it up to defend Coach Ford and the program -- here to explain why CF took Thor in the first place. In the future, to explain why SLU hasn't won more games, etc. under Coach Ford.... But on another note, I am definitely NOT over S2 and the anti-male agenda of radicals on college campuses - including my alma mater - SLU. No, I am quite concerned about sending my 18 year old son off to college next year -- wherever that may be -- and have these radicals who show zero understanding, patience or open-mindedness of young adults who can and will make mistakes as they learn and grow into not only well educated but also mature and responsible men and women. Should my son make a mistake or two, will he be reviewed and punished by angry, radicals who have long passed being fair or pro-female but who have become anti-male? Our former basketball players faced this and I am concerned.
  3. Misguided blame. Coach Ford neither caused nor overreacted to S2. Take a chance and fill a roster spot or sit on a scholarship and play it safe. And while I am against over-subscribing or giving out more scholarships than allowed and I am against running off EVERY recruit who does not perform on the basketball court, there is middle ground and some guys can and should be nudged along to develop/keep a strong program. And lack of opportunity and honest end of year conversations are part of all sports teams. And in Thor's case, he left on his own mid-season - a quitter so I care less about him.
  4. Agreed. Thanks Again to Dr. P and the anti-men radicals of S2 which is why we even added Thor.
  5. Maybe. Honestly not sure. There were times when I thought I had a better chance of playing a few minutes Jacobs did. And Hankton had that one game where he had some productive minutes --- and then back to nothing. I get playing only 8, 9 or 10 guys -- and that players 11 and 12 just won't see any playing time - so get used to it. But last year, we had 6 and 7 healthy players. As to Thor, I suspect that CF took a last minute chance on a guy he knew little about, that Thor show up not only late but having been ill, that Thor then became injured as well - but most importantly, Thor simply was a disappointment and not what CF wanted or expected. Had CF played Thor (like many on this Board wanted) that Thor may still be on our team today -- and that CF got the scholarship back like he wanted to do.
  6. Yes. Thanks. I now believe you are right - the 6’’3” or 4” or so, slow, bigger guy I remember seeing was Cranford - also highly regarded. Didnt play much. Left after a year? And yes - Obi was also heavy - but did have some skill.
  7. Greg Hardin, correct me if I am wrong, was Charlie Spoonhour's "top" recruit from NYC who had truly gaudy and impressive high school stats only to sit our team bench. And when he came into the game, it was obvious that he was both slow and overweight. Maybe he gained weight since high school... Maybe his skills just did not translate on the college level. Either way, he did not last long. But SLU has actually has had very, very few over weight guys over the years. Don't get me wrong, but SLU has instead had more than its share of guys who were too thin, who feared and/or disliked the weight room, who had poor athletic skills and/or who had poor shooting skills.
  8. Just so I am clear, this is the overweight guy, right? The one who needs to lose 11 pounds if he wants a chance to play? The one who has only been doing weight loss training as opposed to strength training? If so, SLU ‘s trainers deserve bonuses and raises.... All of this coming from a guy who has watched Travis Tadysak (sp?), Greg Hardin...over the years
  9. Jett, first of all, was really good. At the same time, he benefitted from a more open lane with Rob Loe and Cody Ellis quite abit on the perimeter. Had Jett played with Foreman and French, the lane would be less open and scoring would be tougher. My point? We lacked true perimeter shooting last year to open the lanes. And until Isabell started making shots from everywhere, there wasn't all that much room - especially in half court sets. And then, when we played up tempo with Goodwin running the floor with confidence, the amount of room for others further increased. This year, TF says we need to run more and take advantage of our athleticism. I have heard this every year -- we will see. But even it not, if Jimerson and Weaver knock down 3's and perimeter shots, there will be room for not only Thatch - but Jacobs as well.
  10. Wow. You really got me good by pointing out the typo mistake. Congrats as well! Good stuff. Maybe sometime you can add something useful to this Board. Oh … wait, no that won't happen. And if that is not enough, then your very clever play on dual meanings --- Jr vs. Junior really does make you a "jerk". And a very, very clever jerk as well. And you are right, no need for it on this Board. Baseless speculation and negativity that Perkins will end up like Thor is also not needed. And why? All because you got your feelings hurt on the ridiculous comparison of Perkins and Thor. What a loser.
  11. Didn't realize Perkins and Thor had so much in common!! Maybe Perkins is also ill and has lost 20 lbs or more by now! Seriously, summer workouts are good but leas important for Junior as compared to Freshmen. Most likely completing an extra class to complete his degree and qualify.
  12. Get real. The again, you attempted to answer the question. For years, we have had guys play a position they are less comfortable playing “for the good of the team.” Hargrove and others will need to do the same thing this year. Anyone think French envisions himself as a center? Anyone think Luke Meyer committed to SLU to play the 4 each year? Suited his game best? How many combo guards have we had who had to run the PG? How many forwards had to play center?
  13. OK. So in tight game, French picks up his 3rd foul at the start of the second half.... or picks up his 4th foul with 12 minutes to go... or picks up his 5th foul.... then Coach Ford replaces French with ____________?
  14. Pistol. What's the story with the CSU coaching staff? Assume Cincinnati papers may cover their norther rival city news a little more than the rest of the country. Maybe with the right new coach in place, these players will come back and not sit out a year transferring?
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