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  1. Cannot help you with Japan... but we bundle with Charter. I am always intrigued at and enjoy the discussions of "cutting the cord" but we have not done so - and I don't that happening either. If we did, then U-Tube TV sounds the best. But our internet regularly gets speeds of 220 to 300 Mbps. With 4 heavy users of bandwidth and consumption of data from working from home, to Netflix, the cellphones and laptops, kids on Zoom during COVID... it has just become the new normal.
  2. Good yes. Best beer in the world? Will have to say No. Agree with Major M - the best (certainly freshest) beer is found by sampling the local ones on tap... but the taste of those Budvar Budweisers, on tap and in their own glasses, followed closely by the Pilsner Urquels, again on tap, on my way from Germany to Prague is the best I have ever had. Yes, the taste has only gotten better in my mind these past 20 years - both far better than what is lost in bottling and in shipping to the States. On a related note, I love Guinness Stout, another beer favorite of mine, have had some far be
  3. Cheese I know you’re no longer thinking of Johnny Parker but a quick google search found the prior Johnny Parker - his Dad - by our our KShoe.
  4. Yes. But Make played for Grawer at DeSmet
  5. I don’t recall. Can you elaborate?
  6. Yep. And even UK may be starting to change and improve in football - the problem for them, of course, is their conference rivals — Alabama, Auburn, LSU, Georgia which remain at the top and other schools which may be back on the uptick - Tennessee, Ole Miss, Florida, South Carolina, A&M and Mizzou. Brutal.
  7. No it wouldn’t. His son is his own man and can make his own decisions. Alot of pressure to follow a parent. Different times. Different circumstances. And Larry St came to SLU as a group with his fellow Eagles and to stay home with his sick/late brother. No doubt Justin Tatum encourages locals to play for SLU even though his son did not choose SLU and no doubt Larry Sr will always encourage locals to stay in STL regardless of what his his son chooses.
  8. Yeah. We still have cable. I know we overpay - but we have over 200 Mbps for internet. For those with UTTV, how fast is your Internet and what do you use?
  9. Curious how much $ the contract break penatly would be. Cell phone companies often/used to offer to pay these fees in order to have a new customer.
  10. So you can go back to cable? Sounds like you might have to do that.
  11. Jim Calhoun was a once-in-a-lifetime hire. There is nothing unique or special about UConn and it’s sports/basketball program. Rejoin the Big East and no guarantee. They can become the next DePaul or if they hire another top flight Coach - become the old UConn or Villanova. Easier said than done. Ling dry spell between Rollie Massimino and Jay Wright. Tough to relive prior glory - see St John, Seton Hall, and GTown. Alot of parity in Big East with X, Butler, Marquette and Syracuse too. The exclusive national/ESPN audience (lucrative $ and national exposure) of the 1980s is not coming back. Th
  12. I still remember he non-funny commercial break/half-time insults to volunteers/participants trying to "win" free oil changes from Jim Trenary under the St. Charles water tower or a case of water from Shop N Save - yes these examples show my age...
  13. No. Explain why you are against me wishIng Levi well. Different than if we should have signed him ahead of Okoro and/or Linssen. You have something against Vashon players? Urban kids? Yes. Disgusting. No place on this Board for such actions.
  14. Simple. Don’t read. I dont read your posts either.
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