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  1. Apparently 6 of the Cincy basketball players didn't like their head coach either and all went into the transfer portal triggering an investigation despite no allegations of abuse or a rules violation... Article says they won their championship last year with a 20-10 before this year's disaster season...
  2. I agree but don't bother. Minds are set in stone. Stating that the NCAA shut down last season's conference tournaments and NCAA Tourney is an excuse. Using COVID and a 34 day pause this year too is an excuse. Mentioning a guy with a severe, life altering, debilitating disease is an excuse. Mentioning gyms were closed and Spring/Summer leagues were shut down last year is an excuse. Being lied to about 4 of your players who possessed the skills which the team had been lacking before them being railroaded out of town is an excuse. Ignore it all. And simply say, Coach Ford's teams lack c
  3. Lying? Really? I never said anything about your opinions on Ford and recruiting, motivating - both true. From your repeated comments about him not developing players, not playing the proper tempo, not using players properly, not being a good x's and o's guy..., your comments sure give the impression that you don't like Coach Ford generally but that you are tolerating him and that you give him limited props as to recruiting and motivating while being smart enough to know that our program likely cannot do much better than him. As to your mother, you yourself have brought her up in the pa
  4. Of course. But I view any production from Thatch post illness as a bonus. He is beating the odds already. And when you refer to his potential, you do factor in his illness, right? It’s not like a broken bone in a cast for a few months, right?
  5. Sorry if I am throwing cold water on your questionable narrative you have been peddling these past few years. Face it. You don’t like Ford, you never like Ford, you didn’t like Crews, RM etc. And yes, the false narrative is Ford is such an elite recruiter that even your mother could win with such elite talent that when Ford doesn’t win, it is then bc he cannot develop or coach the elite talent he has. Remind me again where French and JGood will be drafted in the first round of the NBA? And why is Perkins coming back to college if he is a lottery pick?
  6. Yes, but as additional litmus tests. Cannot ignore the existing body of work these past 4 years. Can Ford recruit? I’d say yes based on the talent brought in post Crews - and now with Okoro and Nesbit. Can Ford make the Tournament? He already did and I think we had a good chance last year and were a lock this year but for COVID. Can Ford “in game” coach as good x’s and o’s guy? Again, I say yes. Anyone who can win with a 6’6” PF who cannot dribble, make a FT or shoot beyond 5 foot, who has wings who mostly slash/score but not shoot except for 1 Freshman who can shoot but not yet
  7. Because of his severe, permanent, life altering medical diagnosis.
  8. More back hand slams on our head coach - Coach Ford. You must really detest him. Not an original thought in that empty head of yours. Unlike you, I think Ford has done a remarkable job of developing talent. And while I have the highest respect for RM, he had alot of misses and gave up on players rather than develop them. RM made up for this by showing many, many players the door. Ford doesn’t. Yes, RM developed his own players (BC, KM, Jett, etc) but he did very little with Liddell and Lisch - both of whom would have flourished themselves under Brad rather than RM. In fact, I believe C
  9. So if Williams is NOT a combo guard, what is he? Maybe not the best available combo guard for our program or that is available, but isn't he still a combo guard? I have no real idea of his skills but the reason I am talking about him, him being a combo guard, etc. is because I know that we have certain A10 teams (VCU) which like to swarm/press and having more than Yuri to handle the ball/dribble when needed is necessary. Kwamain had McCall and Jett... Yuri had JGood, Jacobs and Russell last year and now ______? Williams and Nesbitt and someone else? And we have other teams (Davidson,
  10. Yes. Good and fair point. But in response, a player does what his coach wants him to do. And I believe most players have the skills to pass if required of them. And if he has better handles than most of the rest of our guards, then he has the potential to be a play maker under coach Ford and in a different environment with different expectations. And if you look at the rest of his team, not a single player other than their point guard even had 2 assists per game. Not my style of basketball. https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/team/stats/_/id/2473
  11. I recall Isabel changing alot, for the better, under Coach Ford. Believe Williams will as well. Agree w 3 Star, a combo guard, 2 guard, or guard who can dribble and shoot playing alongside Yuri will be good for Yuri and our team. We haven’t had that in awhile. Perkins, Thatch, Hargrove, Jimerson and Strickland could all get minutes if they spent the summer working on their dribbling. Have no clue where Nesbit will play. Sounds like a 3 along with others.
  12. Been so long. Who are the schools again? U of A, LSU, Kansas
  13. Same. Typical arrogance. Still having issues determining facts vs opinions I see. Yes, it is always an uphill battle for a non-P5 team. No, I am not disputing stats or acting like our record was something different. What was different, though, was that the A10 actually had maybe the top team in the country last year - UD. When you beat the best - the normal rules don’t apply. Drake had a good year AND lost to a quality program - and got in. Say what you want about the P5 schools and how their average teams are overrated - but what they have in common is that they actually play the
  14. We were 23-8, had good wins, were playing well/peaking and matched up well with UD. Unlike this year, the optics of a double OT loss to Dayton or even another close loss in the Semis would not have hurt us like this year. UD was to be a #1 seed. Top 5 nearly all year. I liked our chances and would have made money if those were the Vegas odds.
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