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  1. No. I know you never claimed they were the same player. Tired of the back handed compliments. What do you mean as Bell only being a dunk guy? He already is more than that in this his Freshman year. Get off his back. If you want a big to shoot a mid range, ***** about Hankton - not Bell. It wont be Bell this year and I would not count on it next year. By his JR year? Maybe.
  2. Loe shot 3 pointers from the start here at SLU. Loe got pushed around like a rag doll his Frosh and Soph year. Bell does not get pushed around and has yet to attempt a 3 pointer. Bell will never be a 3 point shooter. Also, Bell will never be our PG. As far as Bell’s game is concerned, he has lost all that weight, he made huge strides since got here and he already is more than you give him credit for - and yes, he will only get better.
  3. Not mad. Tired of fair weathered fans who only post negative after a loss? Win 9 of 10 and criticize only the 1 loss with no praise fir the 9 wins. Dont have to agree to agree with me. This Board would be boring if all agreed about everything. Just asking asking for substance - - not personal attacks. Again, hearing none.
  4. Ironic. Silence after a 15 point league win at home. Where are the comments about our margin of victory? Where are the comments about Coach Ford and his skills as as an “in game” coach? Have we just settled, once and for all with the LaSalle win, both of these topics? Just want to know the rules. If we lose a game, then we take shots at Ford and our season is over? And if we try something which doesn't work, or if a player or 2 has an off game, or if our opponent has a career performance, then it is OK to rip the coach ? But if we have a convincing 15 point win - crickets?
  5. Seriously? What about Bell makes you draw a comparison to Loe? Did you even see Loe play? Will Bell be considered a lesser player in your mind if he does not become a Euro big type player?
  6. No. You’re not seeking attention with the change of your avatars.
  7. As I figured. You have no clue but like to post. Enjoy
  8. Nip and tuck game where we could not stop them and we were picking up fouls, so our Coach tries something different, the results are not better/may have been worse and that is proof Coach Ford is a bad in game coach? Poor execution on the floor = bad in game coaching?
  9. Obviously you have some insight as to Coach Ford’s in game coaching, please elaborate.
  10. Great idea. When we are short handed, let’s go more up tempo. And when teams pack the lane, more up tempo? And when teams don’t play defense on 2 or 3 of our guys, more up tempo? And when we cannot guard guys while playing man to man, more up tempo? And when we dont shoot well from the perimeter, more up tempo? Just run over guys? And great idea ... if you are paid well, you win or you are a bad coach. Thanks for your contributions to this Board
  11. Moderators Please lock this thread and ban Aquinas. Calm, cool rational thought is not allowed on this Board. Only knee jerk comments by teenagers and 20 year olds who know very little about basketball but like to post drivel and shout boomer should be allowed . Turn up the heat on Coach Ford’s seat! Let’s drive him out of here. And just because you have time and resources to put a pod cast together doesn’t mean you are correct. But who cares about being correct.
  12. I tend to agree with you about AD May - though he is still at SLU. Why is AD May still here if it was all on him? I ask not to beat a dead horse, and at the risk of diverting attention from important topics such as fudge/aquariums and how many moving screens the best A10 player in years commits, I ask b/c I truly would like to know who really does call the shots regarding our head coach at SLU? We know it was not Cheryl Levick. Again, we sure could have done worse than Brad Soderberg when our AD only had a budget of $280k to $320k, but knowing that Dr. C and Novelly would help us land Majerus and increase the budget to $1 million, why would Cheryl not be in the loop? Why not call Cheryl in and say - stop supporting Brad on your limited budget, we now by $1 million and we are going after RM. Instead, Fr. Biondi kept her out of the loop, embarrassed her and she had no choice but to quit. Fr. Biondi took all the credit - though Dr. C and Novelly were standing by his side. After the friction between RM and Fr. Biondi started to boil over, AD May (who was hired AFTER Majerus) was quiet. The relationship between Fr. B and RM deteriorated - and then RM is hospitalized and soon thereafter passes away. What happened next? Was not Dr. C and his check book still around to hire another "splash hire" after RM passed. Did Dr. C approve of Crews? Was the decision to hire Crews all done by Fr. B to go back on the cheap? Fr. B went cheap after Spoon left with Romar and then even cheaper with Brad after Romar left -- though Dr. C was not involved back then. We all know that Dr. C helped us hire Ford (and is currently helping pay Ford). We were recently reminded that Dr. C did not like Crews --- but did Dr. C begin his dislike of Crews AFTER Crews was the permanent coach? After Crews had to coach SLU without RM's players?
  13. Yes. Wasn’t Tatum considered a “prop 48”? https://www.fastweb.com/student-life/articles/ncaa-s-clearinghouse-rules-who-s-looking-out-for-the-student-athlete This meant Tatum could go to SLU (instead of JUCO), could not play as a Frosh but if he progressed in college with his grades, he could then play 3 years at D1 instead of going to JUCO, having to graduate from JUCO and playing only 2 years at D1. Prip 48 has changed over the years - but now kids go to prep school to work on their grades and test scores along with basketball and then they get to play 4 years at D1.
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