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  1. I bought a Yuri Cameo a few months ago for a buddy's 40th birthday. Yuri did a great job on it. He didn't 'mail it in.' So if a Cameo is your thing, I doubt you'll be disappointed.
  2. I wouldn't call him a 'SLU Hater' but I get how you'd get that vibe. He's definitely a Mizzou first 100% guy. I've had conversations with him over the past few years, and he's definitely hoping for SLU to succeed....but would prefer it be a 'lower success' than Mizzou.
  3. If Larry tweeted it, you can trust it. I've known Larry personally for 19 years. Yeah, big Mizzou guy, but roots locally too. He worked at KSDK Sports for over 15 years. That said, I don't know if he's referring to LHJ, or someone else.
  4. Which is exactly what BMB's patients are hoping for today apparently.
  5. ‘You can’t throw me out. It’s my hall of fame game!’
  6. But there’s great fishing in Quebec!
  7. 2 minutes played 0-1 from the field (deep 3) 1 rebound. wizards beat the Cavs by 17.
  8. 4-3 off a corner!!! will it stand?!
  9. Dang-flabbit! 3-3 header off a set piece. Similar to dukes first goal.
  10. Ooof breakdown on that one. Multiple players with chance to clear, snuck through for an open goal. 3-2 17 min left
  11. 2-1 right back on the counter! klein got it!!!
  12. The really unfortunate thing is that we came THIS close to hosting next weekend. We were in the stands following the Duke/UCLA game that ended right as our game started. UCLA was up 1-0 virtually the whole game. Had they held on, we would've hosted UCLA next weekend. #7 Duke scored in the 87th and 89th minutes to win 2-1. So we travel to Duke next weekend. I think we could've broken todays attendance weekend again next week (weather pending). Worth noting, if we can get past Duke, and if (BIG IF) Washington loses tonight or next week, we could host the elite 8 game with a trip to the final 4 on the line. A lot has to happen, but fingers crossed.
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