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  1. For what it’s worth, tonight was such a fun night to be at the game. The women controlled the game, both in possession time and shots. Felt like we should’ve scored at least 2-3 goals. We hit 3 posts; and just couldn’t find the back of the net. States’ keeper was solid. Cyclones had a late chance to win, but a good save put the game in OT. We scored 2 minutes into overtime to win. Other than the game, the atmosphere was great. 2,400 or so as announced attendance, and it felt like more. Good student turnout, and my kids loved the human foosball, axe throwing (inflatable), and soccer darts; plus the giveaways. Props to SLU and the ladies. It really is worth checking out.
  2. I wasn't a big fan at first, but only because I love the old logo. Mascots are mostly to entertain the kids (both young and college age). My kids were scared of the two-toned head when it debuted, but absolutely love the all white one now. So, if my kids are any indication, kids like it and want to see him at games. That's good enough for me.
  3. (While reading your comment before seeing picture) Me: "Oh come on, I'm sure she doesn't really look like...." (Opens picture); "Yup, carry on. That's Scotts daughter alright."
  4. Already watched this ten times; think I’ll go watch it another ten times before I doze of... https://mobile.twitter.com/SLUnaticsSTL/status/1153424812431302657
  5. I can't disagree. You and a few others mentioned the contract piece; yes that is something I didn't touch on. It's hard because people can look at it in two different ways. I love you for what you did (coming out of retirement to help a friend), and I hate you for what you did ("ruining" the basketball program - not my words). In the end, I don't think the ~$800K/year is really THE big issue to the school. I was as frustrated with the last two years of Crews' as most; but what I'll remember first is having someone Rick trusted to come help; and win National Coach of the Year. Time has healed my wound. I'm done with the past; I'm all on Travis' train now.
  6. Honestly, I wish everyone would take it easy on Crews. I've always felt we owe him a 'thank you' instead of the treatment we give. No, he was obviously not even close to the best thing for this team; but let's remember, he came here as a favor. He was happily retired when Rickma reached out (they were friends mind you) asking him to unretire to be an assistant coach. If memory serves me correct, he told Rickma 'no thanks'; and only after a second phone call asking for his help, did he agree. Then, after Rick departed this world too early, I think he took over out of obligation for his school and his friend. Things went down from there. I don't fault the guy. Majerus wanted him, that was good enough for me. Even if those tournament teams he led were 'self-managed', he still had to keep them together and gelling. Oh and let's not forget, he was voted National Coach of the Year. Crews is gone, let time heal this wound and move on. Again, my personal opinion. You're entitled to yours whether we agree or not.
  7. Just in case you want to set your DVR's (Or if you're Old Guy - your Tivo ), Javon's summer league games are televised. Fri - July 5 - 8:30pm Central on ESPN Sat - July 6 - 9:00pm Central on ESPN Mon - July 8 - 8:30pm Central on NBA TV Wed - July 10 - 6:30pm Central on ESPN2 The next four are tbd. Link to schedule and roster below. https://www.nba.com/pelicans/pelicans-announce-mgm-resorts-nba-summer-league-2019-roster-and-mini-camp-schedule
  8. That is correct. Next up is Atlanta in the quarterfinals, which will be real tough. It's quite the feat what they've accomplished.
  9. Having not watched him jump, I'm speculating. What Sheltie says is correct. The only thing I'd say is 6-8 inches is possibly too high. He's not going to improve his jump height, just better form clearing the bar at a height he is currently jumping. My guess is with ~3 attempts at a height, he's managed to get his form just right to get that high. What did his mom say he cleared in practice? 7'2"? That's while being coached, and unlimited attempts. Although any jumper will tell you, after 20 or so jumps, your legs are about done without some decent rest. So if he stuck with it, I'd say 2-4 inches is likely; that 6-8 possible.
  10. I’m also a former HS jumper. I was prob 6’1” when I jumped. I missed out on state by a tie-breaker (same height -less misses) and it was significantly lower. My best jump was 5’10” and I only did that in regionals. That guy who beat me finished second at state. Point being, what he did is stupid impressive.
  11. In Cabo where game starts at 10. Only place open with a tv at 10 is the swim up bar. With zero hesitation, I’m bearing the 63 degree temps and cold water for our boys. Suggestions after the obligatory Bloody Mary?
  12. If anyone has any you're not using for Saturday, please DM me. We have 6, but trying to get more so our whole families can go to a game together. Thanks!
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