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  1. @slu72 Yuri's 11 assists bring him to a season average of 8.33 per game. Pending other games being played tonight, that ranks him 5th for all of Division I; and 1st among Freshman. If you haven't asked slu72 if there's room on his Yuri bandwagon by now, you may want to stick that thumb out high and hope he'll pick you up. Yes, I know it's only 3 games. But plenty to get excited about.
  2. Anyone know if the pre-game happy hour is happening this year again? I assume so since I haven't heard otherwise; but wanted to be sure.
  3. Bills trail 1-0 at half. We reeeeealllly need to tie this one up in the second 45.
  4. Feeling less than optimistic starting season, picking up speed in conference play. Non-Conference: 7-7 Conference: 12-6 Conference Tournament: 1-1 Overall: 20-14
  5. In my post, I posed the thought of Women's Lacrosse.
  6. This isn't to troll or rub salt in a wound; but hot dang. We've talked about the possible need for changes to the volleyball and tennis programs; but field hockey is in rough shape right now. They are 0-15, and are now ranked dead last in the nation. Only 8 goals scored in 15 games this season. I know not much has been expected of this program, but this is ugly. Could there be a point where they'd decide to scrap the team and add something like women's lacrosse to keep the Title IX balance? Again, I'm not being sarcastic, I'm seriously curious if this is something that is possible. Theres a lot of travel money being spent on a team that hasn't really been competitive in a long time. https://www.ncaa.com/rankings/fieldhockey/d1/ncaa-field-hockey-rpi
  7. SLU won 2-1 with a goal in the 84th minute. Baxk to back Conference Champs. WaY to go ladies!
  8. This. We have six seats between three couples + kids. We bring our tickets with us for the games we won't be at. Our 6 seats are almost always in use. I can't recommend this enough.
  9. Bess waived by New Orleans. Maybe not the outcome we were hoping for; but not necessarily surprising, I don’t look at this as a setback. Javon got a lot of experience playing with the highest caliber league in the world. This isn’t the end for him. I KNOW he’s going to have a good pro career one way or the other. I BELIEVE he’ll get another shot to make an NBA roster. I HOPE one day we’re watching him as part of the Christmas Day marquee matchup games. Good luck wherever you go from here Javon. Billiken Nation is, and always will be, pulling for you. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbssports.com/fantasy/basketball/news/javon-bess-waived-by-pelicans/amp/
  10. Why is it that anytime I see 'Billiken in the news' I get scared? Man Situations 1 & 2 have ruined me. Congrats to AD though. Happy for him.
  11. Final 1-0. Another shutout. keep that train a-rollin’. i wish Denver was as good as years past. Still a good win against a known program.
  12. 1-0 Bills. Goal by Klein in 58th minute.
  13. Bills and Denver tied 0-0 at half. #1Virginia up 1-0 in final 3 minutes.
  14. This is very similar to my household. I have three sons. Wife doesn't care one way or the other if they play or not. I have said 'heck no' to them playing. I played up through high school and have had several concussions, and still have terrible knee problems. They play soccer, basketball, baseball, volleyball, and they're runners...but football is a big nope. Concussions aside, in high school an opponent was paralyzed on a kickoff return. The kid on my team who laid the hit wasn't particularly big, fast, strong etc; but the kid fell just right (wrong). Same could be said for any sport where landing the wrong way could end in the same result; these things just happen more in football IMO.
  15. From the horses mouth. also his family is replying saying ‘false information.’ fwiw
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