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  1. Jordan Goodwin has a fleet on his twitter (like an instagram story) of him at chaifitz shooting with who looks to be Markhi. I don't know if it's new or not, but it's something to look at.
  2. Article from the Post-Dispatch says he's heard from SIUC and SEMO https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.stltoday.com/sports/high-school/boys-basketball/thompson-explodes-for-55-points-to-lead-francis-howell-past-ofallon-christian/article_b52b26f4-495f-11eb-92ed-3fca2de00cfc.amp.html
  3. Anybody know anything about this guy? https://twitter.com/PrepHoopsMO/status/1343667876029456390?s=19
  4. I'll go with Hughes Jett and JGood
  5. Wondering if Macaleb Rich a 6'4 freshman at E. St. Louis is someone we should be keeping an eye on... Averaged around 9 points this season.
  6. I'll take any guy that's 7-1 and has played major minutes. Even if said minutes are in a lesser conference. Could be a quality backup big and play crucial minutes.
  7. Believe he got a medical redshirt for 16-17 along with a regular one when he sat out.
  8. Tray Jackson to transfer https://mobile.twitter.com/GabeDeArmond/status/1241409906541920257
  9. There were times at games I was at that Collinsville wouldn't have the greatest first half, but then came out on fire in the second half and put the game away in the third quarter. Shows how good of a coach Lee is
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