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  1. Bishop is not a victim of SLU or the Pestello regime. Bishop participated in an orgy, allegedly participated in the filming of that orgy and allegedly posting it online. Tell me how he is a victim again?
  2. A Group of Death where SLU was the worst team being the only team that didn't win a game. The pitching staff vaunted? They gave up 17/18 runs in two games. Vaunted huh?
  3. Sitting down with Cusamano (who is a moron) is the last thing Goodwin needs to do. I guess you want the juicy details? Goodwin needs to play basketball and go to school and thank his lucky stars X his suspension wasn't longer.
  4. Bad. The Baseball team had a chance to prove how good they are. They weren't up to the task.
  5. Then the basketball players shouldn't have put themselves in the position they did. Dont participate in an orgy, film it and then post online. The basketball players got what they deserved. Had they behaved better, they wouldn't have had a problem and would still be on the team. It is the PLAYERS fault in both instances. billikenroy - just pay her off. I was right in an earlier post where SLU fans are no better than Baylor. Sad. SLU is a CatholicUniversity and needs to hold their athletes to a higher standard or they are gone.
  6. At some point the athletes have to be blamed. Stop making excuses for them by blaming Pestello and Weathers. Athletes will never be blamed on this site. Posters on this site think athletes can and should have sex with whomever they want whenever they want. Sad.
  7. There was another POSITIVE article about SLU the other day about the baseball team making the NCAA tournament. What? They only do negative articles. Or no article at all. Then Jesus Ortiz writes another nice column about SLU. Whoa. This can't be. Definitely does not fit the narrative. no one will respond because for some reason the Post doesn't get a fair shake on this site.
  8. Intelligent. Classy as well. billikenfan05 You might want to return your SLU degree. Proud of Tim Ream except for that part of the USMNT that failed to qualify for the World Cup.
  9. HoosierPal - How are you doing? Thank you for inviting me and telling me about this board. I am sure all of these recruits were being recruited by IU, Stanford, Notre Dame, Duke, Virginia, UCLA. Those are the school's beat out for these kids signatures. I would be curious what other schools were recruiting these kids. That would tell a lot about how successful or not they will be.
  10. While I appreciate everyone's passion for baseball does Billikens baseball really need a bigger stadium? They play a soft schedule (don't see Texas, TCU, Florida, Florida State, University of Miami) and really don't draw. Soccer. Again. Attendance is minimal. No need to build a bigger stadium until the need is there. are there people in the Athletic Department whose job it is to fu drains for a new stadium? To my knowledge no, but if there is why not call them up. Say why are we not fundraising for a new stadium. Posting anonymously on a message board won't get it done.
  11. Interesting topic on SLUTalk on stltoday.com. HoosierPal says the Graduation rate for the Men's Basketball team is over 90 percent. Is that true? The NCAA says it is 77 percent. What say you? Which is more accurate?
  12. You didn't mention the fact that the players (one or all posted the video online) why do you leave that out? So the players have no responsibility for what happened? I wonder if/when we will hear something about the Circuit Attorney and if she will pursue charges. They may have gotten a break because she seems more interested in pursuing charges against Greitens ( which will further her own career) than pursuing charges against the player/players (which won't further her own career).
  13. http://www.stltoday.com/sports/college/slu/sadie-wise-gives-slu-softball-a-power-boost/article_e4791664-b982-5da0-92bd-945754b1a7ed.html Here is a positive article about SLU softball by Stu Durando who many have unjustly criticized. Doesn't fit the narrative though.
  14. http://www.stltoday.com/sports/college/slu/slu-pitcher-hogan-tinkers-his-way-to-success/article_21ce8e20-1cf0-5ef9-9e04-b751e6b8e3e3.html The above link is a positive article from the Post-Dispatch about (gasp) SLU baseball. That can't be I thought because everyone on Billikens.com says the Post NEVER has positive articles about SLU. Yet here one was. Much to my dismay there wasn't one mention of it on Billikens.com. How can that be? Is everybody at the Kentucky Derby? Maybe it doesn't fit the narrative. Here is the crazy thing. This is the second positive article about SLU this week. There was an article about the softball team. Yet no mention on Billikens.com. Why is that?
  15. So here is the question. If the Porters had approached Ford about coming to SLU you would have wanted Ford to say no. Now knowing MPJ was going to be hurt all year obviously you would say no, but at the time no one knew that. I would have wanted Ford to say yes. The Post had a nice article about the women's softball team this week yet no one mentions that. Doesn't fit the narrative I guess.
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