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  1. Yes. I think my season ticket group has used less than 20% of our tickets
  2. I just got video
  3. How are we doing so far Steve?
  4. People forget that about the word health all the time. Thanks for the reminder old guy.
  5. You're right
  6. Taken By the Delaware 86'ers. Who are owned by the philly 76'ers
  7. someone who I think is his brother tweeted out 1:30 like 2 hours ago
  8. Yup. Now we just need to fix the grand/ FPP intersection
  9. How do you go from hating Milik more than anyone to defending jolly? That's an incredible turn
  10. Nm
  11. If you're not getting your deep dish from blackthorn you're not playing right
  12. Lol. Jesus we blew this one.
  13. Yes. All undergrad transfers sit a year who go to D1 only way to avoid it is to drop a division or go to non NCAA school (usually a JUCO). Hope Milik is happy in normal. I wish we had given him a better coach and seen what his ceiling is.
  14. NHL has been the first to do a lot of things, but situations like shaw are kinda the "put up or shut up" time. NBA has been very quick to react in the Kobe and Rondo incidents.