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  1. NBCSN A10 Games Announced

    Thats not how that works.
  2. Downtown Y moving sucks. That building was awesome and they won't have swimming and bball anymore. Get why they're doing it but I'm gonna miss that spot.
  3. Dayton, VCU and Wichita St. to AAC?

    I actually thought Wichita was fairly seeded. Yes they were top 10 in kenpom, but their results looked like a 10 seed. Their best win outside 2 Illinois state wins was Oklahoma who didnt make the tournament or NIT. They beat no tournament teams i believe. NCAA can't seed based on your kenpom, they have to seed based on how you actually performed. And they really didn't beat anyone this year.
  4. As always big questions and problems in the region come down to the one problem that underlies the rest of them. County and city are split. If that is not solved, solving any of the other questions (crime,schools, infrastructure,TIF spending) will continue to be harder than it has to be.
  5. Coaching movement that might affect SLU

    Anthony grant to Dayton. Let me know if the picture doesn't show up
  6. Coaching movement that might affect SLU

    How many porters are there? Is his younger brother still thinking of graduating early and playing with mp jr.?
  7. Moore & Neufeld transferring

    ^^^above is referring to top level bball and football programs.
  8. Moore & Neufeld transferring

    I mean saying "we lost money" after we built a new house for residences and redid all the coaching offices and player facilities for the players, And then we paid our coach far more than our university president and the assistants make tons of money is a pretty empty statement. Obviously I don't think Fordham gets the best stuff - but top level schools yeah they get nice stuff.
  9. Groce gone.

    Is this sarcasm? Who in this country could you recruit to play over tilmon?
  10. Coaching movement that might affect SLU

    Agree with most of your points ken. Though I disagree with trying to compare us to Gonzaga (Few could leave whenever he wanted Gonzaga just lucky he doesn't want to) and Villanova (much much better bball history than us). Wichita state is in a similarly unique situation. Money can't solve everything - Marquette spends more than pretty much anybody and they lost their coach to VaTech which was weird. Agreed it's frustrating athletics isn't taken as seriously as some of us wish. I'm in the camp that we need to take soccer and baseball far more seriously and I wish we would add hockey and lacrosse teams. Especially if we're an A10 (east coast) school. Those two sports would bring us front of mind way more often on the east. I personally think reaching out to all the ex NHL players in the area and funding a hockey team wouldn't be crazy hard, especially if you use Scottrade for games.
  11. A-10 Coaching Changes

    I never understand how some of these discussions end up where ty end up. This is a wild one. but back to topic: Umass (Kellogg) - fired GW (Joseph) - interim, will he be kept? anyone else on the hot seat besides Ferry? Any coaches going to move to higher programs? Archie?
  12. Billikens.com: 2016 - 2017 Extra Tickets Thread

    Yes. I think my season ticket group has used less than 20% of our tickets
  13. Billikens VS BYU GDT

    I just got video
  14. Billikens.com Fundraiser

    How are we doing so far Steve?
  15. Exhibition Game

    People forget that about the word health all the time. Thanks for the reminder old guy.