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  1. Didn't even use the new logo....We're screwed
  2. not a single new logo product
  3. It's absurd how much gear seems to still be produced with the old logo.
  4. Beware of yabos
  5. Wussies
  6. Sounds like an episode of Pardon My Take
  7. Redshirt Kindergartener
  8. That and then hit em with that power move
  9. Just show up at the offices.
  10. An alliance? Good thing Gob Bluth isn't a basketball official.
  11. I guess my point is do you really think Chris May oversees basketball scheduling?
  12. Or Travis Ford backed out of this years game....Or it's a Crews/Crews' DBO problem.
  13. Oh I was wrong? Explain please...
  14. Patiently waiting on broys apology....
  15. From what I understand Humphreys ownership has officially changed. There will be menu changed but the physical restaraunt will remain unchanged