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  1. On what team?
  2. Huggins did an interview with Pardon my Take and discussed the Kenyon Martin injury briefly which was perpetrated by Justin Love in the CUSA tourney amidst the Miracle in Memphis
  3. True colors are showing
  4. You know for someone who laments our hard 0n for Mizzou you post a lot about KU on a SLU message board.
  5. Jesus Christ he's not writing their memoirs. Who gives a ?
  6. Emotionally mature?
  7. Is Jontay physically ready to play college ball?
  8. Absolutely not Scottrade. should never happen.
  9. Completely different situation. Billiken fans were discussing the possibility of Groce getting fired and Tilmon reopening his recruitment.
  10. FUOK Mizzou and their fans. you can't be an equal fan of both teams.
  11. Let's not encourage students to sit down during the games more than they already do..
  12. If you're full time I believe so.
  13. #15....Barry Eberhardt? You've got Liddell, Brown, Eckerle? and Lisch that I can identify. The no look pass comes from a black guy not Liddell or Brown. The only other black guy on the court is wearing 15.
  14. Hurt or injured?