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  1. You don't have to be Miss Cleo to see what he's setting up. If the Billikens don't beat indiana "it was obvious from the previous results that this team wasn't good enough."
  3. I would argue that an at-large bid isn't even a goal.
  4. He also apparently doesn't believe in Automatic Bids to the NCAA tournament...
  5. This is very good news. I am incredibly shocked but it seems as though pestello has taken the reigns of the new billiken project from the AD. My only issue is that most of the "advice" can only be changed by the actions of the the person inside the mascot not the actually suit/head.
  6. It's a "noncon" game because they didn't schedule us to play VCU
  7. Absolutely no chance this thing goes away. I'm almost positive they think most people like the new costume.
  8. Our misery has become a meme. Phenomenal
  9. Could be that he was enjoying himself so much he didn't even care about Twitter
  10. They've completely mishandled the Billiken mascot for years. They've never treated it as the most important piece of marketing which it should be. At times the Billiken was just played by whatever gameday intern drew the short straw. The people playing the Billiken should be given some sort of incentive in the area of scholarship money or books. They should be trained or sent to a mascot camp(yes that's a thing). We have the most unique nickname/mascot in all of college sports and for the most part all the Billiken does is walk around and wave.
  11. Okay. Whatever you wanna think.
  12. It was probably a marketing person and the head(s) of the AD and Kincaid.
  13. In my experience with mascot design the client explains what they want and the company(I'd assume is Kincaid Karacter, the people who did the last one). There is no professional design firm involved.