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  1. Absolutely no chance this thing goes away. I'm almost positive they think most people like the new costume.
  2. Our misery has become a meme. Phenomenal
  3. Could be that he was enjoying himself so much he didn't even care about Twitter
  4. They've completely mishandled the Billiken mascot for years. They've never treated it as the most important piece of marketing which it should be. At times the Billiken was just played by whatever gameday intern drew the short straw. The people playing the Billiken should be given some sort of incentive in the area of scholarship money or books. They should be trained or sent to a mascot camp(yes that's a thing). We have the most unique nickname/mascot in all of college sports and for the most part all the Billiken does is walk around and wave.
  5. Okay. Whatever you wanna think.
  6. It was probably a marketing person and the head(s) of the AD and Kincaid.
  7. In my experience with mascot design the client explains what they want and the company(I'd assume is Kincaid Karacter, the people who did the last one). There is no professional design firm involved.
  8. its surely not pestello
  9. That and I actually like the open mouth. But that's just me. Looks "more real" whatever that's worth. You could definitely get white mesh to see out of the mouth area.
  10. The damn gray color looks different every time I see it...
  11. I can only the imagine the powers that be are spinning this as a all publicity is good publicity. They are probably jumping for joy right now. This won't get fixed. We're stuck with two-face Billy
  12. Dude don't respond to him....
  13. You have to keep the open mouth. It's the viewing hole for the person inside. The other Billiken was awful because you had to look down anytime you had uneven ground or stairs. asthetically I really don't mind the open mouth. Edit: I have poor comprehension skills apologies to longlivelisch
  14. It's about to get more interesting....stay tuned.
  15. I would sign it if it didn't include changing the logo back...