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  1. Bishop will provide depth on another team
  2. She was one of my journalism professors at SLU. I think it was Audio Storytelling. Really good professor.
  3. Humphreys is attacking SLU big J journo professors
  4. You don't need he "Humphrey's" stained glass that could have been an awesome centerpiece of the replacement? Chyeah sure. I'll believe it when I see it.
  5. New management blows. Took out Golden Tee.
  6. Yeah that's great. I enjoy reading cat in the hat and drinking cappuccino every now and then but SLU campus is seriously lacking a place for Students to Get up and blow off steam also I feel like there's no longer a campus pregame option besides fieldhouse
  7. Fuoking crunchy granola hipsters are taking over....
  8. You know I'm all about this. If they carry it at the Fetz first rounds on me. Zima Light for Backhand though. Otherwise Chris May will be hearing from me believe that
  9. would be a great place to discuss their "thrilling victory"
  10. I'm making money on this one
  11. We always play bad in the small gyms for whatever reason.
  12. If only there were a social media site where SLU posts these things...
  13. Anyone anyone concerned about lack of competition for Thatch?
  14. Because he probably reads the board...
  15. Majerus recruited Stone. All I'll say is that more goes into being an AD than hiring coaches.