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  1. There are still producers putting out old logo
  2. I can't believe he even asked this question. Back to Back UCL champions...
  3. New Billiken Mascot outfit will be introduced this year.
  4. It does have an objective answer. The field of competition was much smaller in the era of SLU soccer dominance. Also Donigan tried that model during his tenure at SLU and succeeded to a mild degree but couldn't put together a championship.
  5. It's too bad you don't have an ounce of critical thinking in you....otherwise you wouldn't need our opinions
  6. I legitimately can't stand you...just a simply Google search or two could lead you to an answer.
  7. And volleyball
  8. How in the hell do I ignore on this new board.
  9. How is a "moderator" completely unaware of this situation. I was on an Oil Rig in Lesterville, Mo last week and I'm still aware of who this tool is
  10. Cool thanks
  11. Why are you guys entertaining this jerk off....
  12. Donigan tried to build around St. Louis guys and had mild success. You just can't do it anymore. When we were dominating the landscape the competition was nowhere close to what it is now. I've said it before that if McGinty isn't on the hot seat now he should be. We shouldn't be missing happy?
  13. Zeke Moore is a shooter. Perhaps Ford took a better liking to Zeke.
  14. If Tillmon jumps ship Schmidt may off himself
  15. Trinidad Basketball sucks