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  1. Anyone else having trouble finding the correct channel on Charter?
  2. https://twitter.com/BlairKerkhoff/status/1145730614194245632
  3. Agree with Roy here. Normally with a young team I would welcome the extra basketball but with all the minutes these players have logged and the recruiting that needs to be done, lets put this season to rest.
  4. Had planned on going with my boys but I too am waiting to see what caliber of team we will show up with
  5. Completely agree. I know it seems harsh at first blush, and I certainly mean no offense to these women, but I do hope that SLU let's all the facts come to light before making a knee jerk reaction in an attempt to appear that it will absolutely not tolerate this behavior
  6. Mizzou at #11 in terms of class We are not in the top 40 though we would have to be right on the cusp given the classes that come in at 35-40
  7. Javon Pickett Retweeted Andrew Zerehi‏ @7500pilotusmc 6h6 hours ago @JavonPickett @jGoodwin1123 SLU will rise soon with local talent#slu #staylocal 1 reply 4 retweets 10 likes
  8. Looks like he had on Okie State offer http://espn.go.com/college-sports/basketball/recruiting/player/_/id/117587/larry-austin
  9. I believe he is a nice player Roy, and the failings of our staff on the east side (or any side for that matter) are too numerous to count, but I do think you tend to overrate kids from over there just a bit. Its okay. I get it. I do the same with kids from SLUH and other schools that I see in the MCC
  10. No disrespect to the kid, but if a senior in high school who is going to play college ball at UIC would be our best player right now, then we are in even poorer shape than I thought
  11. Completely agree! It's not the player's fault he's here. He was offered a scholarship to play at a high level and took it. Who would do differently?
  12. SLUH only graduating one starter from a final four team. They also beat Webster fwiw They will be in the mix
  13. I'm a bit embarrassed at the "good riddance" stance some are taking about his deciding to leave This is a young man who just made what I am sure was a very tough decision and a decision I am sure he never envisioned having to make when he signed on to play here All the best Milik! We will be pulling for you wherever you end up
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