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  1. Dayton paper ranks the incoming classes for the A-10. SLU is last but notes they will not be next year. UMass is #1 because of Jarreau plus a lot more. LaSalle is #2 even though their big grad transfer Savon Goodman has left school.
  2. The NCAA expanded to 64 teams in 1985. There were way fewer teams back then so it was actually easier. I take it that improvement weighs heavily then in your assessment of Grawer then. It is a valid criteria but I would not weight as highly. Grawer had two successful seasons (out of 10) even though they were NIT; I am not taking that away but it took 6 seasons to get there (and even that level was not sustained). There is no way people on this board would give him or any other coach that much time these days. I still think people overestimate Grawer because we were in a much weaker conference and scheduled weakly.
  3. I am curious what metric(s) makes Grawer successful and Crews, Soderberg and Romar not. I understand that Crews inherited his success for the most part but am curious. Is it just improvement? Exceeding expectations--does he get a pass because it was long ago? Grawer barely averaged to be an average NCAA D-I team in his tenure and never got his teams to the NCAA (he had as we know NIT success). Crews got two NCAA appearances and wins. Soderberg never got SLU to the NCAA tournament but his worst year was basically Grawer's average (Grawer had 2 better seasons than Soderberg's best but he had 4 worse teams than Soderberg's worst). Romar had the best average record relative to other D-1 teams and an NCAA appearance. The following shows the average SRS (0 is average D-1) of each coach and percentage of NCAA years by coach. I think other factors should be at play (like Crews bad seasons are really bad compared to any other coach but Grawer) but it is interesting view. Coach Ave SRS Ave NCAA Jim Crews 4.46 50% Rick Majerus 4.95 20% Brad Soderberg 4.32 0% Lorenzo Romar 8.63 33% Charles Spoonhour 8.49 43% Rich Grawer 0.93 0%
  4. The sad truth is that Word of God (in Raleigh not Chapel Hill) is still around because there are worse options and bigger frauds in NC and Raleigh. A few years ago a friend who lives in Durham told me a story about a basketball focused charter school (unlike Word of God this school was taking public money) that had more basketball coaching staff than teachers (this school I am sure played Word of God).
  5. World's oldest paystubs for beer (3000 BCE) found in Iraq. Archeologists are setting up in Salinas, KS next.
  6. I do not know how good they are going to be but I doubt they will be ranked in preseason polls. They lost 3 drafted players from another underachieving team. They might be good regardless. Scheduling tougher will be beneficial independent of how good SLU is though. They should be good enough to be fairly competitive in A-10 and playing tougher OOC will help. Also, they will put themselves in a much better position for at-large selection in the NCAAs. This seems to be especially true in soccer as barely .500 teams with tough schedules get selected over much higher winning percentages against middling competition. Most importantly, and this is a subtle point, the variance in soccer results are greater than most sports so it is possible for weaker teams to beat/tie you and for you to beat/tie top teams. Given that you are formally penalized in the RPI for bad losses and rewarded for good wins it makes little sense to schedule additional weak teams as they have already have enough weak teams in the A-10 for SLU to get their share.
  7. Here is the schedule. It looks pretty tough. Wake and UNC were top 5 teams last year. Denver, Indiana and Louisville were top 25. Tulsa was 40th in RPI. Marquette and Wisconsin were over 100 last year but both should be better this coming year and not cupcakes. I like it and hope this is a permanent change in scheduling philosophy.
  8. Also, men's ice hockey. Here is the NCAA rule:
  9. Not sure why I forgot that one. I was there for it. I knew some SLU people who were sitting pretty far away--kept virtually high-fiving across the Bradley Center. .4. Larry Hughes single handedly beating Marquette - he was one of kind. I watched no one better.
  10. Right. But my point was somehow he was able to juggle who got scholarships and when to keep 18 people happy. I remember some those guys being grad transfers so they may have had grad jobs that already gave them a bit of cash and waived tuition. I am sure 2 or 3 were traditional walk-ons but a few were people expecting to play at some point.
  11. These are just personal memories and I remember the games I was at more. The Memphis NCAA tourney game I remember having the most passion over during the game from afar. Feb 4th, 1985 Bills beat Ok City 80-51. It was probably the best they played in a terrible season (a week earlier they kept it close to a good ND team on the road) but OK City was even more terrible that year. The reason it was memorable though was it was so sparsely attended (Monday night) that after an airball on the non-student/non-stage side of the court the ball bounced over most of the chairs hit the rail outlining the hockey footprint (and the permanent seats) and then caromed under the temporary seat platform. The game was delayed while I ran over, crawled on my belly to fish the ball out and returned the ball to the officials to light applause and TV cameras (OK city actually had a crew there for that game). Nov. 30th, 2002 Bills beat Bonnies in Rochester (add a Jack Benny impression) 56-54. It was memorable for a few reasons. Chris Sloan makes a steal and a late dash for a winning layup right in front of me (replays show I was up and cheering before the ball left Chris's hands). He was hammered and missed but makes the FTs for the comeback win. How I got the tickets was memorable; despite the "greatness" of Bonnies fans I was able to purchase courtside seats across from the benches. When I arrive at the game they said there had been a "mistake" and that the courtside seats were for Bonnie boosters. I did not feel like make a big stink but they offered me two seats right under one of the baskets so I took it. It was also the first Billiken game with my wife.
  12. One thing that I am not sure that has been mentioned about Ford and my UMass friend reminded me of this recently but Ford had a ton of people on the UMass roster (18 or so his second year). Not all of those people played and I do not know how that worked with scholarships but seems to like to practice with a lot of guys.
  13. Yes he was. He was never close to the worst player on the teams he played on.
  14. I think the 16-17 season is overdetermined.