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  1. Rule 5 Article 2 clearly states a shot is good if the ball goes through the rim from above so I would say a bounced ball is good and actual trained refs agree (as video above points out). The issue with a "try" ending by hitting the floor no doubt impacts fouls, timekeeping, whether 2 or 3 points, and goal-tending calls; that is, you could not claim your bounce pass was a shot in order to get a goal-tending call. The following was allowed as a 3 pointer but I think with the bounce it should have been a two-pointer because of Article 12.
  2. McBride is partly known nowadays for his commentating (Fox Soccer and now ESPN FC; I know he it is just studio talking head but people listen to him).
  3. They let Klinsmann go 5 years too late. As I said at the time of his hire, all you had to do was watch his Bayern Munchen team that inexplicably finished 3rd in the 1.BL (despite having way more talent than anyone else) to know that this was not someone who knew how to create a style of play or strategy. He had success as the German national coach as his only role was to bring people together and motivate them (and apparently he can do that if you do not let him near the tactics). I have no problem with Arena except for his stupid comments about foreign-born players. If anyone thinks the U.S.'s problem is foreign-born players they have not been paying attention (oh and Pulisic is definitely the most promising young player--I love the guy).
  4. Per 40 minutes is a good stat (see full stats below). The drawbacks of the per 40 minutes stats is that it ignores negative reasons a player cannot play 40 minutes (conditioning, fouls, etc.) and the minutes may be junk time. It looks like that Bess had some issues with fouls limiting minutes particularly in conference games but otherwise the stat holds up. Clearly not a prolific scorer or a good shooter but a decent offensive force and good rebounder. Javon Bess per 40 minutes Season School Conf G MP FG FGA FG% 2P 2PA 2P% 3P 3PA 3P% FT FTA FT% TRB AST STL BLK TOV PF PTS Career Michigan State 44 499 3.4 7.6 .442 3.2 6.7 . 476 0.2 0.9 .182 3.2 6.0 .533 8.7 2.7 1.0 0.8 1.8 4.4 10.1 2014-15 Michigan State Big Ten 12 148 3.0 6.2 .478 2.7 5.7 . 476 0.3 0.5 .500 2.4 5.7 .429 9.5 3.2 1.1 0.8 2.4 4.3 8.6 2015-16 Michigan State Big Ten 32 351 3.5 8.2 .431 3.4 7.2 . 476 0.1 1.0 .111 3.5 6.2 .574 8.4 2.5 1.0 0.8 1.5 4.4 10.7
  5. I think it is as it is a long-standing rule. Also, even in the limited number offering there are 37 numbers so the reason SLU does not retire more numbers has nothing to do with limited overall numbers. It does seem to have something to do with being open to current players' number choices (more retired numbers must be seen as less player friendly).
  6. The "hoof it and hope" offense worked and they tied it up. 1-1.
  7. I have watched a fair amount of this game and the midfield/possession skills of this team are terrible. It actually looks like there is absolutely no plan and hoofing it up the field is the best they can do. I am still not sure of the talent level of the team but this is a badly organized (and presumably coached) team. Dayton has a little more poise but they are not that good.
  8. FYI, if SLU signed Tilmon it would be a top-10 class using the 247 method (around 8 but others could jump as well).
  9. I like gray but it is not a Billikens color and as such leaves me in the grumpy old man category. Also, I hope it is the lighting but that blue looks a little dark for Billiken/royal blue.
  10. UMass got worked by Carleton (CA) in a closed scrimmage. Season is over.
  11. Steve, I made you a thermometer (I do not know exactly what the goal is but it can be edited!).
  12. They will need to win for the NCAA tourney but they have a great chance to do that. St. Joe's is SLU's only loss and the team who finished 1st.
  13. I think some of you see the world only in (bogus) dichotomies. If you like a coach everything about that coach has to great and you will bully anyone who says (or dares to notice) different. If you do not like a coach everything about them is terrible. Do you remember that 100% terrible at everything coach Soderberg beating Ford's UMass teams (I do)? Do you remember Majerus beating Travis Ford's UMass team with 2 future NBA players with all the 100% terrible players Soderberg recruited (I do)? The past is not the future but there is a reason knowledgeable people do not always want to stick their head in the sand about Coach Ford's abilities. I certainly did not watch enough of UMass or OSU games to have a critique of his "in game" coaching but according to the (knowledgeable) UMass fans I talked to that was not the problem. The problem was offensive philosophy, most notably "shot selection", in that everybody had the green light and that is how 3 future NBA players at UMass never played in the NCAA tournament (it is also revisionist history to blame Lappas for Ford's failure as Lappas left a nucleus of good players and Ford instantly recruited 7 or 8 transfers including 2 that could play right away). I could get into the pros and cons of good offensive philosophy but I would hope SLU fans were paying attention when Majerus was coach. Now, Ford is obviously gaining experience and there is nothing to say that he does not develop good offensive and defensive schemes for the Billikens. Even with the less than optimal schemes his teams did pretty good (maybe not to the level of his recruiting rankings but Oklahoma State did not have many bad losses under Ford). So (and this should go without saying) everyone has to give him time and that is more than this year. I am assuming that all SLU fans are rooting for him to develop schemes that work with all the players he has now and the excellent players he has recruited. For the record, I do not have that much criticism of Coach Ford at OSU based on the NCAA tourney. It is not a cause for praise but it is hard to say there is a consistent pattern either. I think Ford's teams seem to have been pretty consistently seeded too generously and so early round losses reflect the fact the committee probably created slightly unrealistic expectations (playing in the Big 12 meant they got lots of chances to play and beat top 25 teams so those wins were probably overvalued rather than looking at the whole).
  14. The verbal commit of Gordon means that SLU is currently ranked 7th for 2018 recruiting at 247.
  15. I know I said that SLU did not need to beat IU but last night they lost 5-0--with 4 first half goals. There is no way to spin that and it will look bad on the resume for those looking closely. SLU has an RPI of 41 after losing to Indiana so that still puts them firmly on the bubble. As I said above they need to win the next two regular season games to have a shot (maybe one tie keeps them around but they need as many positive factors on their resume as possible and a better record will be one of them). They probably need to win 2 games at the A-10 tournament for an at-large chance but at that point they might as well just win the final. They can get a good enough RPI and have a top 10 win on the road on their resume--that should be enough to get them in but they have a strikes against them as well (no bad losses but a blowout loss will hurt if the committee uses Massey Rating as a supplement to RPI).