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  1. It is interesting that Marquette is still in the running as they have already recruited two PFs and a big forward who wants to be considered a SF this class--talking with a Marquette fan over the weekend he thought they are still looking to get another. French may not be their first choice as they have a visit from a 4-star PF coming but Wojciechowski did visit French's high school last week--maybe Wojo is developing a 4 forward offense or is stockpiling all the PFs in an effort to weaken the Bigger Ten. Also, French does lots of unofficial visits to UMass.
  2. The Tuxedo Billiken was used into the early 80's but that picture is a slightly different Tuxedo Billiken than was used at the end. I am not positive about the head but the tuxedo was different. You can tell that is taken in Old Kiel but the banners make me think it is pre-Grawer as well (there were no advertising banners up there after Grawer--again not 100% sure about Grawer's first year but definitely not the next 2 years before the new Billiken came).
  3. SLU has a big game against Louisville and a big reveal of the new mascot (some people have questioned the timing but it was obviously set as a cross-promotion with Christopher Guest's new Netflix movie "Mascots"). After losing to Denver SLU is 1-2-2 and not mentioned in the polls. But because they have played the most difficult schedule (#1 SOS in RPI and soon to be #1 in Massey computer rankings) they are very much in the hunt for an at-large NCAA bid. Beating a top 5 Louisville would make their way much easier but regardless they have an excellent shot if they play well in their remaining A-10/Big10 schedule. It goes to show how important scheduling is as SLU might not have been an at-large last year even if they ran the table in A-10.
  4. Hasahn French is from Middletown, NY (70 miles from NYC) and played AAU ball with NY teams. He is playing school ball in Springfield, MA (30 mins from Amherst)--his school is a bit unique (or shady depending on your point of view) in that it is a mix of charter school and prep school. It makes sense that his schools reflect a desire to go to an urban school but keeps UMass in the loop because of several unofficial visits there (he has played with 2 current UMass players I think).
  5. French down to 6 (not 5)--all the schools mentioned in NERR post (Marquette not officially out):
  6. French also seems to have UNLV and UMass in the mix (the MJS article mentions he wants to take 5 official visits). VCU is also mentioned. This is from New England Recruiting Report:
  7. This gives UAB, Western Kentucky, West Virginia and Sacred Heart an unfair advantage.
  8. If he is a fan of seeing Brad Paisley in a parking lot it is over. 😀.
  9. The MGM Grand tourney Las Vegas games will be on YouTubes and the championship I believe will be on ESPN2.
  10. SLU tied Tulsa and now stand at 1-1-1 against respectable competition. Marquette off to a good and high-scoring start. They will need to win that game. NSCAA-Coaches (RV-41st, last week RV): College Soccer News (28, last week RV): Top Drawer Soccer (NV, NV): Soccer America: (NV, 18): Soccer America dropping SLU is a bit fickle but not entirely unexpected (how could they be 18th and then nothing after a tie?). The same could be said for CSN adding SLU after a tie as well I guess. I will wait on the computer rankings and RPI until next week. Also, I should note that future Billiken opponent Louisville is off to a good start and is ranked (lost to very good Kentucky last night though). The schedule this year is great so this team just needs some wins.
  11. It is bad but so far possibly a bit better than last year's horrible start. The A-10 is at least losing to better teams (or so it seems this early). Rhode Island has had a decent start (only losing to a very good UNH team).
  12. Tony Lavelli was All-American in Basketball and Accordian.
  13. I am starting this because SLU did get votes at College Soccer News but is not in their top 30. Top Drawer has UNC #1 and no votes for SLU. Wake Forest is ranked in both but SLU's loss to UNC is greater weight now than "against the run of play" win over Wake. I will update with other polls later in week and it is possible SLU will pick up votes with the coaches or Soccer America. Both Dayton and VCU, the supposed other top A-10 teams lost both their games to less heralded teams--this is going to be a bad season and winning the A-10 championship for an NCAA bid may be a wide open race. College Soccer News (RV, 40th): Top Drawer Soccer (no votes):
  14. UNC dominated for sure. I could talk about a few positives (Otte) but mainly just want to say that the possession ability (and apparent possession skills) are distressing. There is no midfield play at all.
  15. Great win. Beautiful goal. This is why you schedule tough in college soccer. SLU will be ranked now.