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  1. Thank you Bonwich and thanks for the link. The economics of sports in general are widely misunderstood but college even more so.
  2. Only about 25% of students enrolling in a 4-year institution graduate in 4 years (although a bunch graduate with a semester more as 4.5 is the median time). That number is lower in Missouri and Illinois colleges. I think a lot of people are confusing talk about graduating in 3 years (that has become a thing recently) and actually doing it. I know at a number of elite colleges offer "sophomore" status to incoming status as a recruiting tool (these are motivated students with a lot of AP credits) but once enrolled very few actually graduate early because it is not worth it (students stay for extracurriculars like athletics, semesters abroad, and fun but also a lot just take courses that do not lead to graduation--there is a trend to graduate with more credits as well).
  3. I have to object to the disparagement of the A-10 outside of VCU and Dayton. The A10 has been a bit down the last few years (and I cannot say what the future will hold) but there is still lots of recent tourney history for the majority of the conference. In fact EVERY A10 team outside of Duquesne and Fordham have gone to the NCAA tournament since 2011 (several multiple times). Also 5 different A10 teams have made Elite 8 runs since 2004. Team Last Tourney Number Elite 8 or Better this Century Saint Joseph's 2016 20 2004 Dayton 2017 18 2014 VCU 2017 16 2011 Davidson 2013 13 2008 La Salle 2013 12 George Washington 2014 11 Rhode Island 2017 9 Richmond 2011 9 Saint Louis 2014 9 Massachusetts 2014 8 St. Bonaventure 2012 6 George Mason 2011 6 2006 Duquesne 1977 5 Fordham 1992 4
  4. And None is cleaning her wimple.
  5. Travis Ford went from UMass to OK State. Jim Barron also moved up from St. Bonaventure. Also, FGCU's Dooley is leading candidate at UMass with Winthrop's Kelsey leading the group of Plan B's. King Rice is a UMass plan B but likely to be hired by Duquesne.
  6. You are right. SLU did get the first level of punishment but that was just a warning letter. I think it looked bad for the next year but the score went up and SLU avoided the practice penalty.
  7. SLU was punished I believe but it was just the first level which means they lost practice time (which also meant mandatory study time).
  8. Of course we did (they selected UIC!). I doubt there is any reason to play in this tournament and learned something recently that explains the ever-increasing CBI snubs (the Las Vegas 16 decided they could not get any teams this year and folded). Apparently, coaches used to have contract provisions that may have stipulated "post-season" bonuses--so they had an incentive to agree to the games if they wanted to make a few extra bucks (even though it was costing the school money). Now, most contracts have more specific bonus provisions that only include NCAA (bigger bonus) and NIT (some bonus). My guess is Steve McClain of UIC had a contract that just said postseason and the CIT were not asking UIC. I know GW and George Mason are in it so it is possible the CBI did not look for any more A-10 teams.
  9. I wanted to look at SLU's chances at getting into the NIT and then if they were in would they get a home game. I think they are in but their case is not as strong as some appear to imply. The Women's NIT uses 6 (I posted about this in years passed) rankings and throws out the high and low ranking to get a composite index. Note the RPI is counted twice so it cannot be thrown out. SLU is ranked thus (they do better when their margins of victory are added in): Massey 88 Moore 73 NCAA RPI 93 RealTime RPI 93 Sagarin 69 72 Bennett 62 The first five ranking systems are named by the WNIT but not the 6th. I am guessing that the 6th is Sagarin's other ranking (Predictor or Golden Mean) or possibly Bennett (even though SLU is ranked well with this it is a bad system generally). Anyway, SLU will have a composite 80 or 81. Given that both the NCAA and the NIT have automatic bids (tournament and regular season champs respectively) they will be giving those bids to some teams who are worse than SLU. Regardless, I would estimate only 10-14 teams with worse records getting NCAA bids. So 81 puts SLU in the NIT as around the 30th best team--that is not good enough to guarantee them a home game but it makes it more likely than not. Officially, the home team is selected by a number of factors (officially: " fan base, host bids, facility availability, tournament seed, travel constraints, etc" ) and I think all those things work in SLU's favor as well. FYI, ESPN has GW as an 11 seed at-large in their bracketology for the NCAA.
  10. Gazillion Bubble Show tickets already on sale.
  11. I am interested as well. Should be a good group in New York. This is the tournament's press release today:
  12. SLU is off to a very good start. Their problem, as always, is playing a difficult enough schedule to be considered outside of an A-10 championship. The A-10, other than SLU has not started well but the Big East (outside of St. John's) looks to be even worse. They will have key games against Missouri State, SEMO, and Bradley but their schedule is weak.
  13. I don't live there anymore either but you should get to East Cambridge now. There is lots of new development and large scale revitaliztion--I doubt there are any large "bad" areas in Cambridge anymore and the lowest cost housing is probably in Cambridgeport (and that is inhabited by a lot of students and young types). Also NECCO candy is made in Revere; the factory in Cambridge closed well before I left (at least a dozen years and probably more).
  14. French is playing a lot against prep academies with multiple D-I prospects. He can get that in a high level urban school I guess but it is pretty unusual to playing against that kind of competition. Around 2 weeks ago French had 36 pts on Brewster Academy. Brewster Academy has 6 D-I commits on their roster and is considered one of the best HS and prep school teams in the nation. FYI, I intended to go to that game but Brewster Academy had the wrong info on their website so I missed my chance.
  15. Yes. Absolute record is meaningless; it is how you do against quality opponents. Auburn has been barely .500 and gotten at-large bids the last few years (and at 17-13 this year probably will again). St. Joe's had 12 losses a few years ago (men's) and got an at-large because of a difficult schedule. But the more important point for women is the A10 is not a great conference (although has some good teams at the top) so you have no choice but to schedule tough in the non-conference if you have any desire for an at-large in the NCAA. If you do not care about getting an at-large then go ahead and schedule how many empty calories you want.