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  1. It is smart to schedule tough if you want to give yourself a chance at post-season play. I realize there is little hype for SLU this year but playing a tough schedule, particularly in soccer, improves your skills and gives you a shot at quality wins (and ties). Last year was a perfect example--SLU probably had a mediocre team but yet they had a decent shot at an at-large NCAA bid still in mid October and the team can look back at a road win against one of the NCAA finalists. They might win fewer games but that is irrelevant (beating Wossamatta U helps no one and only provides a chance for a bad loss). A record of 2-5-1 or even 1-4-3 against their non-conference would keep them in great shape for an at-large NCAA bid (provided they don't lose at home to teams like Fordham again).
  2. SLU has released their soccer schedule and it is really good. It is unbelievably good. They play 8 non-conference games (6 at home) and there are no cupcakes. They are playing the two teams in the national championship (!!!!!)--Stanford (returns 9 starters and top recruiting class) and Wake Forest at home. They are playing excellent Syracuse, Michigan State, and Denver (rebuilding) teams at home. They are playing perennial powers Akron (home) and Tulsa (road). They are also playing at Marquette and they should be a decent (if not great) team. I heartily support this. The A-10 will be terrible again no doubt but SLU did the smart thing and scheduled a really good and tough non-conference.
  3. That is not true and you seem to have no idea what you are talking about. Here is a clue--Chaifetz is a managed facility and Spectra is not a charity.
  4. The buy price and other game costs can exceed the cost of the game so you may "lose" the ability to lose money as well.
  5. Yes. But I suspect that the touring and ad revenue is a little bit more predictable than song sales (as in predictable from the outside). The point is there are artists who sold more songs than Counting Crows that ended up with a lot less than you were suggesting in song sales (they may have given away part of that percentage for an advance, they may have screwed by other account practices, see Spinal Tap lawsuit, etc.). It is common for musicians to say (admittedly less popular ones) that the only money they make is in live performances. In this case you may add business/legal/negotiation savvy to possible Duritz virtues (or vices depending on your perspective).
  6. I am just going to say it is WAY more complicated than that. The basic sale royalty is over 9 cents but how much the songwriter actually gets depends on what is in the rest of the contract (a songwriter might get more and there are a ton of reasons why they might get less).
  7. This is a bit too simplistic and unfair to let pass. Given that ultimately nearly all ratings systems are more alike than not "very flawed" is too hot a take. It certainly does generally "measure how good a team is" and if you have a problem with that than you basically have a problem with ALL ratings. The RPI does not use MOV by design and as such limits its predictive power but using MOV and other known factors only marginally improves the ratings. It also probably weights schedule strength too highly but it is minor flaw (all rankings use strength of schedule so once again you are left with complaining about all rankings instead of singling out the RPI). The other flaw with the RPI is that it needs more games to converge with the other rankings so it can appear to casual users, particularly early in the season, to be very flawed when it was never intended to be used like that. There is also a difference between predicting a game and fairly ranking/rewarding teams and as such the RPI is better for tournament selection than others that would incent running up the score. This distinction gets missed too often (although the NCAA does use MOV rankings in its selection). It is really dumb to complain about the RPI in the context of UC-Davis versus Illinois St. (not you Thicks). All known ranking systems would have significantly favored Illinois St. over UC-Davis had they played in March. If you think Illinois St. was overrated in RPI (it probably was a bit if a ratings consensus means anything) than you have more to complain about with UC-Davis. Illinois St.'s RPI was only 17 ranks higher than its consensus rank but UC-Davis's RPI rank was 41 points higher than its consensus. Illinois St. had even BETTER rankings than the RPI including some rankings (Warren Nolan) that people use favorably here. And the notion that one game in the NIT can conclusively tell you more than a season's worth of games is even dumber.
  8. These?
  9. Donte Clark formerly of UMass is going to Coastal Carolina for final year. CBI bounce. Must be out of NBA draft as well.
  10. This whole charade of calling unrelated games as part of a tournament keeps getting more absurd. You could win the tournament before the tournament is over.
  11. Obadiah Toppin is going to be my favorite non-Billiken--potentially forever.
  12. I cannot believe I racked my brain for 2 minutes trying to think of a non-Mary Saint university (without the "Saint") and I did not think of Xavier or Loyola. Anyway, add Mount St. Mary's.
  13. Do familiar references to Saints count (Notre Dame, Salve Regina, Ave Maria, etc.)?
  14. Flowers has left UMass and it looks like Clark coming back is near 0%. They lost 5 rising seniors for 2017-18 team and 3 rising sophs who got a lot of minutes last year. We probably will not need to talk about UMass for a another year or two but it has got to be a cautionary tale for those who think recruiting alone is the answer (a year ago UMass fans were all hyped that they had their best recruiting class coming in decades). What matters is players playing and staying (and actually playing well in games together).
  15. Vermont will have a very good record and will be a good team (as long as Trae Bell-Haynes is back). It was a very smart scheduling move back then and is even more so next year.