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  1. Time for a nap, 68.
  2. Great news..2017..the year when we can again say: 'No one wants to play at the Fetz!'
  3. Brianstl > SLUbball
  4. Roy, sounds like you have some solid connections with Goodwin and his mindset at this particular time. You may have said this already, but do you get a the feeling that Ford has a 0% chance of turning the tide with some of these Illinois kids? In your opinion, is he wasting his time with the in home visits if in fact he is going after these guys?
  5. Good thing you weren't making decisions for SLU after Ian Vouyoukas's freshman and sophomore years...
  6. Around the waist behind the head no look pass has shades of Davola at Simon Rec, circa 2000
  7. Not sure if this was posted but this was interesting. From the post: Other Cowboys could follow. Oklahoma State guard Forte, who averaged 15 points when healthy in 2014-15, and forward Leyton Hammonds are each scheduled to graduate in May. They could potentially attempt to join Ford at SLU as graduate transfers with immediate eligibility. "I'll defend Coach Ford any day of the week," Forte told the Oklahoman this month. "He's been kinda like a father figure to me. He's been here for so many things other than just basketball., on and off the court. So obviously, I stick up for him and want him to be our coach next year." Of course, those players could decide to buy in under new Oklahoma State coach Brad Underwood, or join a program better poised for an NCAA tournament run. But it's something worth tracking.
  8. Agreed...he's been playing all of us for awhile now..
  9. Just bought an entire row in 108 after that presser. Go bills.
  10. I'm over the shock from yesterday and he has been growing on me. I'm excited to see what he can do. Go bills!
  11. Dreeeeeeewwwww
  12. You can add Frank 'The hair piece' Cusamano to that group in the media. He was the that said we were expecting someone of Izzo's caliber. Sounds like Bernie ran with that idiotic statement.
  13. A lot of people on this board know the wiz and he's a stand up guy and not an attention *****. That's why he isn't getting pummeled like someone that signed up two days ago and started throwing against the wall to see what would stick.