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  1. This is interesting. Hopefully, the A10 coaches are more prescient.
  2. There has been a major proposal to fundamentally change the college soccer season from a fall sport (17-18 games) to a fall-spring sport (13 & 9 games). The goal is to keep the overall time commitment to the same (the proposal lowers the amount of in-season practice time per week from 20 to 18 hours). The coaches are 90% in favor and the players polled are 80% in favor. It seems like the primary motivation is to get the NCAA tourney into May and the final in early June. As a fan I would like it but I am not sure about all the ways players are impacted. Here is Sasho Cirovski, Maryland coach explaining the proposal:
  3. Totally off topic but Carleton was 4-0 in NCAA DI exhibitions (their margin of factory averaged nearly 30 pts including a 25 point victory over Wichita St.) this month. I have said it before but the phrase "Duke of Canada" is an insult to Carleton as they are much better (the men's UConn of Canada?). They have won 12 of the last 14 CIS championships (including 50 and 37 point wins--their last 7 championships have been double digit wins).
  4. Neither SLU nor any A10 team is in any of the top 25/30 preseason rankings (only VCU and Dayton getting any votes with NSCAA and college soccer news). NSCAA (coaches): College Soccer News: Top Drawer Soccer: SLU will be starting at two of the top preseason favorites UNC and Wake Forest (both easily in the top 10 consensus). They also will play Denver and Indiana who are consensus top 20. Louisville and Tulsa are not ranked preseason but Tulsa gets some votes in NSCAA and CSN.
  5. FIBA has the best stats and boxes on this. Here is the US-Australia box (and one can explore from there):
  6. Yeah, the link worked but there was some redirect on it. Apologies!
  7. Saadiq Mohammed, who was an U17 international and briefly called up to full international, was cleared to play for soccer Billikens by the NCAA last week. Movie documentary on him and a friend is finished but still looking for funding to get it wider release. SI article: Post Dispatch article: Movie website:
  8. He was upset that they were crushed by Carleton a few days earlier (100-75). So far Carleton is 2-0 against NCAA competition this summer and have only Ark-Pine Bluff and Morgan State left.
  9. Hiring Chris Tifft, an assistant coach at TCU and Nevada, is a pretty impressive move. He was DOBO at TCU for a few years before he moved up to assistant. DOBO is often an entry level position as is the DPP/DPD. A DOBO cannot recruit off-campus but could play a big role in visits and identifying recruits. He will undoubtedly be a spare assistant should we need one so that is one "new" aspect.
  10. The Billikens (with Soderberg) were better than UMass in Ford's first year (05-06). In his second year (06-07) when they had a lineup that featured two future NBA players UMass had a good regular season and were regular season co-champs. They were seemingly destined to go to the NCAA (it was a down year in the A-10 but they had a very likely chance if they beat SLU) until they lost to a plucky Soderberg recruited and coached team in the A-10 tourny (and I was there). That was a game they needed to win and did not (coaching was part of the difference). The next year (07-08) they also had a great lineup with Gary Forbes again. They had a good season and finished 3rd in an improved A-10 but crapped out once again in a must win first round A-10 tourney game against Charlotte (Majerus's 1st SLU team lost a close one to Dayton in the play-in round). St. Joes was a 5 seed in the A-10 tourney and got an at-large NCAA bid based on winning some games in the A-10 tourney and playing a harder schedule. The 1-5 record in the NCAA and a pretty poor record in the Big 12 tournament with OK State (to be fair Ford's record is poor in the Big 12 tourney because he is generally going up against tough competition in the quarters) would lead one to suspect there is a problem with winning big games. I have talked to 5 UMass fans now since SLU hired him. They all have a mixed view of Ford but they were all very happy with players he brought in. Generally they all liked the boost Ford gave them as none of them really liked Lappas but said not getting to the NCAA was a big negative. One talked about coaching issues and specifically thought he hired a weak staff (so far at SLU this does not appear to be a problem generally) as he seemed reluctant to blame Ford. All of them talked about Gary Forbes and noted his production could have been better (I looked it up and Forbes shot under 30% from 3 his senior year while doubling his shots attempted and still earned the A-10 POY). 3 of them specifically criticized Ford not for "X's and O's" exactly but in player development/management (they specifically complained about poor shot selection and Ford being too lax with player discipline). 2 clearly thought none of players brought in (and he brought in a lot of players) got any better while at UMass. The consensus on Ford's teams was all 5 guys always wanted the ball and team play was an issue. In reference to this discussion I am not sure this is an "X and O" problem as it is something else.
  11. I would disagree with this on the game coaching but even more importantly there is more than recruiting and game coaching. You need "player development" coaching skills. I am sure everyone of the coaches including Ford can do some of this but I am at least a little worried. It is interesting that Tifft is considered a recruiting first type of coach as well. Ford can recruit Washington as well:
  12. It may or many not be difficult to schedule the "Big Girls" but it is not that difficult to schedule harder. If you are traveling all the way to California or Nashville to play one of the worst D-I teams it is obviously intentional. The issue is not even that there are a few really bad teams but that there are so few even mediocre teams. It would not be hard to schedule the better teams of Valley conferences or any number of top 150 teams.
  13. Ian Vouyoukas was 1st team all conference. Tommie Liddell was Newcomer of the Year and 2nd team all-conference. Liddell also had tons of assists and was one of the best rebounders (greatest rebounding guard) in SLU history.
  14. Frankly, this is disappointing. If SLU is going to go to the NCAA it needs to give itself a better chance by playing more quality opponents. They could rack a nice W-L record here but not get much credit. I do not know how good teams are going to be next year but using last year as a guide Missouri is a quality opponent. Little Rock and SIUE are decent. E. Kentucky might be OK. Washington St. has a nice RPI but they were a near-bottom team in the best conference in the country. Lots of bad teams otherwise. The good news is they play 7 road games (including 3 of the 50 worst teams in the nation last year--Bradley, Lipscomb and UC-Irvine) that are all winnable so that might help. I am hoping some of these teams get a lot better this year.
  15. Dayton paper ranks the incoming classes for the A-10. SLU is last but notes they will not be next year. UMass is #1 because of Jarreau plus a lot more. LaSalle is #2 even though their big grad transfer Savon Goodman has left school.