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  1. Step 1: Get rid of the damn balloons. The students get quiet and just play with the balloons when they get them. Someone needs to tell Chris May they don't even look good and besides a loud student section > student section that "looks good"
  2. CBS Sports computer likes us, Bills over Badgers 63-58 http://www.cbssports.com/collegebasketball/expert-picks/20131126
  3. Both the Blues and Bills made the Not Top 10 today.... I don't care we won but it is still random media of our game. For those of you wondering it was the Dwayne Evans break away that made the list. Go BILLS
  4. Thanks, I swear that wasn't there twenty minutes ago.
  5. Live in Sweden, 101ESPN won't stream this game because FSN Midwest is broadcasting I believe.
  6. Is there a stream of this game, I can't seem to find it.
  7. Great publicity and a lot of talk about some pretty big hardware.
  8. http://sports.espn.go.com/ncb/news/story?id=5025035 Hard deal to compete with, doesn't follow the Biondinomics of lowering your pay the longer you work. But really someone is going to have to pony up in order to get a full coaching staff. It is one thing to have a great HC, but the assistants also matter.
  9. Anybody like Anthony Grant (Alabama)? SLU would probably have to drop $2 to get him.... not gonna happen if we only paid RM $1. Gregg Marshall (Wichita State) or Dan Hurley (Rhode Island) seem like reasonable targets. A lot of good candidates are already in the A10, so it might be harder to get them and even harder to stay under $1. Biondi best pony up.
  10. Any news on this? Love to watch this game too, instead of playing leapfrog and worrying about the Washington game. Is this game available online maybe?
  11. Butler currently over #8 UNC 50-26 with 15:03 remaining. Besides UNC sucking it up pretty badly, this Butler team is not going to be an easy conference game. Also it is the only team we play twice and the possibility of two ranked A10 teams arrises (when did this happen last?) Good to see, but then again we have to play this team.
  12. Probably right, I guess if Evans is in foul trouble we will see Barnett... All we can do is pray that Evans and Remekun or Ellis get in trouble. Yesterday seemed to be a FoulFest so hopefully we can still draw them but not give out so many so early.
  13. CBS Sports computer has Kansas 67-63... I'll take that. Hopefully the team is good on rest (we have a little more than Kansas does), plus Kansas doesn't really have a finisher right now. While we will all agree KM is our finisher, from what we have seen with MM and DE I believe those two could finish a game if it is as close as predicted. It'll be a close one tonight, and even without KM and KC we should pull out a win (let me stress it will be very close). With Glaze out does anyone think we may see Drew?
  14. Seems like all this team needed was a blue haired Aussie, a healthy CR, and a fire under their butts.
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