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  1. keyser soze

    GDT vs Buttler

    Get Freddy Thatch a lunch pail! Great game! TI was solid, especially down the stretch. Soft touch JB...
  2. keyser soze

    PGA Pros loving St.Louis

    Well the PGA setup the course, Bellerive's issues are their green complex’s, they need a complete rebuild to fix the drainage issues. Had they cut and rolled them to near US Open condition, they would have lost them. Plus the rain didn’t help, you can’t control nature.
  3. keyser soze

    2018-19 season

    You would hope that the ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT would be paying attention and have a billikens.com TOWEL NIGHT... hint hint.... preferably after burn your favorite RED sweater vest night...
  4. keyser soze

    Goodwin Story

    Damn the Man, Save the Empire!! keep the focus JGood, great days ahead for the Billikens!!
  5. keyser soze

    11 years ago this week

    I still remember talking the Phi Delt House demise with Coach at the MAC........ God Bless!
  6. keyser soze

    Columbia Post Disgrace

    I love how that Phuckstick mutiger feels the need to run his mouth on Billikens.com. I mean come on you loser ****** bag. The lowly SLU Billikens are so much a concern for the mighty Missouri Tigers of the SEC that this phuckstick needs to try and put us in our place.. Wow I mean I could maybe accept mutiggers uppity attitude if Missouri had actually ever won anything in any major sport. Only 2 NCAA national titles, baseball and indoor track, I mean come on.. Last football conference title was 1969. Never stepped foot in a BCS bowl game, shoot KU did.... I know being a SLU fan is like being a Cub fan, “can’t wait till next year!” But heck the Cubs eventually won. That’s why being a SLU fan is great, and a challenge. So take your uppity mizzourah bull$hit back to that white trash haven of como and get ready for your next SEC azzwhipping...
  7. keyser soze

    Grad Transfer & JUCO Tracker

    “I never realized Coach Martin was related to my moms cousins sisters brother who knew a kid who is going with this girl who saw Ferris pass out at 31 Flavors...”
  8. They won’t send their kids to Burroughs, it’ll be Nerinx Hall for their empowered daughters and not sure about their boys, definitely not a MCC school...
  9. So my guess is the girls would have been ok with this?
  10. Welcome to the Victim Generation.................................... I say that knowing that there are people who are really victims of crimes who need all the care and support in the world. But this group of "victims" are being enabled by "educators" who have no idea what the real world is like. See what happens when your boss is not happy with your performance and you get called out, there are no "safe spaces." That's why they all quit so quickly....
  11. they are in a bind, appease the snowflakes or pi$$off their lifeblood of donations from alumni, etc..
  12. Are they fishing now? Apple Watches for anyone who can remember an “assault.” on a side note, MSU is phucked, the internal probe has been extended to football and basketball...
  13. keyser soze

    Travis Ford Bobblehead Night

    More appropriate would be “Fred Pestello Depends Night.”
  14. gravilst, yes that thing was bad, weird. but it drove the point home..
  15. Has anyone had the privilege of attending a "Protecting God's Children" class that is required, besides a background check, to volunteer and coach in the Arch Dioceses? What I took away from part of that is if any parent encounters or learns of some type of assault/event they are immediately to go to the civil authorities.. What needs to take place at Universities across the fruited plain is that God Forbid something happen at a University, GO TO THE EFFING POLICE...... Let CRIMINAL INVESTIGATORS handle POTENTIAL CRIMINAL actions. DO not allow "Safe Place" specialists to handle potential CRIMINAL ACTIONS....