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  1. Wow: Little Zagreb alert! B-town dining at its finest, and it has been for going on -- what? 40 years?? Amazing... their filet mignon is -- what's the word?? and the rib-eye! Sadly, Janko ("Little John") died a number of years ago in a house fire -- believe it or not he was cooking , if I remember correctly... If you ever feel hungry up in Indy, try out St. Elmo's, by the way.. Best done on expense accounts.
  2. Pistol: get a grip OK? Goodwin clearly needs a ton of work! I mean, like, a TON!! Just to state one obvious example: he only played 39 minutes!!! Where's the stamina?? Get in the weight room, do laps, whatever...
  3. I'm like my old man, I guess--I really resent being called a liar, even by the likes of you. Of course you aren't man enough to say it to my face... Just for the record -- yes, he missed much of the season, including by far the most important parts. He also got hammered punishment wise and it took its toll on him and his family. It set him back some. Also: a lie is done with the intention to deceive. You are clearly not the most intelligent poster on here but you must have had enough education to know that much. Nice job, Taj -- this must be one of the all-time a$$-hat replies on here. Thanks for reminding me why I rarely post on this site anymore, dude. You are a real piece of work.
  4. Personally I'm glad to have Jordan 2 more years. Super-glad! Simply stated: he will need to develop his shooting to get to the next level. Case solved. Anyone can see it, and he knows it too. 1000 shots a day all summer should help... SO: Why all the sturm and drang?? otherwise he's got all the tools, plus the HEART to compete. just a soph, and he missed much of season #1. over and out.
  5. Chouteau & Grand developers selected: https://www.slu.edu/news/2019/march/grand-chouteau-developer-selected.php
  6. YES -- certainly possible, though maybe not around here. trivia moment: did you know that 13 of the 15 largest HS gyms in America are -- where? (hint -- I've been in a number of the top 10...) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_largest_high_school_gyms_in_the_United_States
  7. This thread is just really dumb. Gotta respond... This is Coach Ford's 3rd year, and the roster has been rattled to the extreme. The first 2 years were near disastrous, in terms of the roster. Some of the fault may be the staff taking chances on troublemakers, knuckleheads, or whatever, and privately I'm sure they might even admit that. But this kind of turnover is terrible for a team. Just terrible. Do you realize how difficult it is to not only play with just 6-7 players -- but to practice?? They cannot even go 4 on 4 in practice, let alone 5 on 5, with scholarship athletes! How do you practice with 7 guys, anyway?? As far as recruiting: by my count we have 3 strong recruits who came in as freshmen for Ford: 3! The 2 injured freshmen are wait and see, but I doubt if anyone would rank them so far as in a group with JG, HF, or FT. Bess was a genuine steal as an upperclassman, who has truly blossomed; and Foreman showed what he can do the other night vs. Dayton. So that's 5 keepers, 2 grad transfers who give us some good things, and at least 5-7 who could not cut it or could not keep it zipped up, or keep it off the web, or handle the competition and coaching, or whatever. Possibly all Knuckleheads, but definitely all gone now. That's about 50-50 by my count--at best. The horrible roster situation meant taking a bunch of chances, and 50% or less is the result... Also: lay off JG: Goodwin is far and away one of the keepers, and he needs to develop his shooting, anyone can see that. But how much do you think that $hitstorm called Situation 2 impacted his development? And how much under these wacked out circumstances can we really expect from a new kid? And yet he hangs in there and shows some leadership. Kudos to Jordan. Frankly the play on Tuesday was a godsend. It shows what can still happen, and we all needed that -- as did the team. But give it some time please. We need some fresh bodies who will commit to the team and to 4 years of work. Again, we got 2 sophomores and 1 freshman who look like they can be really, really good players. But we need a bunch more. I admit the losing streak was disappointing. But ... please stay TF! Hot seat! Give me a break...
  8. If anyone has an open ticket or 2 for Butler, please contact me. Free beer awaits!
  9. Folks, sorry if this is redundant -- I rarely sign in anymore and this may have been covered in one of the other long threads which I don't have the patience to wade through -- but: Did any info emerge from somewhere why Isabell was marooned on the bench in the first half against Pitt? Or--going back a few weeks -- on the situation with Santos' departure?? (I happen to be on leave and am a bit out of the loop this semester...) FWIW: I thought Pitt was much improved and they have some excellent, explosive freshmen. They may turn out to be much better than in the 70s. We are definitely improving but I'm sticking with my original surmise: Bills are a work in progress and will round into shape in a couple more months. Nobody will want to play us then, because our defense has a chance to be awesome, just need to score better and stay out of foul trouble. I would be thankful for that. Boy, Santos would have been huge asset yesterday...
  10. Here's what EW told me directly: he plans to play 2 years, and he feels great and his feet are 100%. He has an option to apply for a medical hardship and play a 3rd year, but presently does not plan to do that and in any case, there is no guarantee he would be able to do that. He's been running well, looking very good, and a full participant in all practices as far as I know... & if you line up everyone against a wall, he is the tallest guy, FWIW.
  11. This news stinks. Very disappointing. Sorry no info to share about it, right now. I'm pretty sure it will get around campus pretty quickly. I will tell you that Santos was just flat out terrific in practice and probably would start, and maybe average 10 & 10, for most teams in our league. A beast on the glass and a really impressive, violent dunker. Last time I saw them practice I was wondering how they could keep him on the bench, and/or if he might start for us! Go ahead, disagree. & Welmer is a very different player. Big loss, in my view.
  12. Regarding "Conklin summers" -- (2 actually): I suggest everyone keep an eye on Santos: an absolute beast who has been really impressive in practices... clearly the overlooked gem among the new players who will get minutes this year.
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