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  1. That's pretty unfair to Elliott, a tough kid who tried very hard and stuck it out. Another recent 4-year good guy/good student & citizen is John Manning. These kinds of kids are extremely valuable to a program, because they transmit the cultural capital and maintain a level of continuity. This is extremely valuable in terms of practice and learning the system: take a kid like TJ Hargrove -- I give the coaching staff a ton of the credit for his improvement; but some of it is due to leadership and xample and transmission of how to practice, etc., of guys like Goodwin. All things being equal, we want the great 4-year kids. They typically mature so much and strengthen their bodies a lot in the first 2 years -- just look at where our juniors are going into their senior season. Tough, resilient, experienced leaders/ ballers. & teachers too...
  2. Actually, 32 sounds about right -- to start the season. We would need to beat some really good teams -- so who, besides SDSU, is ahead of us on this list, that we might play and upset them? If we go like 9-1 or 8-2 with a signature win, I would guess we might spring into the top 25 by Christmas. Plus, we are at the top of A10 on this list; w/ Richmond at #35. Dayton nowhere to be found. Boy they must be grinding their teeth even more than Dilliken fans right about now...
  3. Ahh, I get it. But we teachers/ profs are all busy making sure to finish what we started. I am assuming this will be dealt with OK.
  4. Hmmm? did I miss something? Please expalin further. I remember the days when Lew Alcindor was not able to play as a freshman (and then -- not allowed to dunk--but that's another story...). What's up??
  5. That was a super fun season. I really enjoyed watching how guys improved and the team gelled. I'm very upbeat for next season -- not cocky, but it does seem like we could be a tough team to beat right off the bat. And hungry too!
  6. I have not read through this entire thread, but if this has not been reported: there are at least 2 students, along with 2 others (staff? faculty??) at SLU now suspected of being infected by the virus. Pestello continues to say however that so far no confirmed cases. Also: students began moving out over the weekend and this will continue through at least Friday, so it is busy around Midtown...
  7. Young Yuri was just phenomenal, and improved a lot over just a few months. I am just blown away by how good he is already, he is an elite passer/ court vision guy; yes he makes everyone better... and his few areas needing serious work are already improving, especially improving his 3pt % and cutting down turnovers going forward. Really, kudos to the staff too; tremendous upside !!
  8. I really like the Dayton team, would wish them well and probably root for them after SLU went down, and admire their mix of players. But if they would have won it all, then this year is an even weaker year for CB than I thought it was. I've been operating under the assumption that the teams this year at the top were all pretty beatable. As a year, no big-time steam roller teams; but then again I never got around to watching most of them closely. another reason I was looking forward to binging next week -- anyone want to weigh in on this year's top teams, comparatively speaking.
  9. then of course there's random stuff like this: http://newsparliament.com/2020/03/12/hundreds-of-ravenous-wild-monkeys-terrorise-thai-city-in-search-of-food-after-coronavirus-drives-tourists-away/?fbclid=IwAR0S4dYEzKqZ3_XcFr337TLWfE1XHvybOaGj6HnpZoinspDguZzh6v6anlM
  10. One expert said last night it can take 24 days or more for an infected person to show symptoms. Quarantining on a cruise shipi salso terrible because it basically insures that everyone will be infected, due to the recirculation of the air. Some other nuggets from last night: study shows that cases and deaths have begun doubling roughly every 4-6 days, so we will not be peaking anytime soon. the other things was about China, which had been on severe lockdown and recently opened up more -- they are now expecting a resurgence. another fun day in Coronaland...
  11. Great year, lots of steady development with the players. Kudos to team and staff!! I agree about the Flyers: I also really wanted to see Dayton whack a few teams, and represent the A10 nationally. If it were turned around, and the Dance got canceled the year we were so great, think how robbed we would feel--like forever, I guess. Our politics is so filled with hate right now, why can't sports fans lighten up a bit and see how important these morale boosters are for people who are, in fact, just like me and you??? I guess I also do not get the tribal animosity here. My other question is this: SLU would end up getting some pretty good $$ for any Dayton wins (not to mention our own units for beating Dayton, if we did somehow) -- I'm wondering what will happen with all the lost revenue (assuming it is lost??) -- and how that affects athletic dept. budgets going forward??
  12. Actually, my chair just an hour ago told a bunch of us, on a steering committee, that SLU campus is emphatically "not shut down." & promptly scheduled a meeting for next week, on campus. I know the library is open, and all staff are supposed to report to work this week. ... I do not know what that means for sports teams. It sounds from above that these players are heading home, not to campus? this is getting weirder all the time.
  13. nota bene: could they postpone, & not cancel, the tournament?? In football they often play bowl games a month or even more after their last regular game... just wondering??
  14. WOW! that happened fast. The Dance & NIT are next. Good news: we won our last game of the season in dominant fashion. And canceling these tournaments will probably save lives and flatten out the treatments.
  15. ps: SLU is one of several elite centers in the country working on this virus: https://www.ksdk.com/article/money/business/meet-the-slu-department-on-the-frontlines-of-coronavirus-vaccine-development/63-57496c0e-eca7-4960-a967-d044678d7aee?fbclid=IwAR1UwCUsGtNgYpNJIRg7jmhXxqL4rMbsLLLfs4p77h24b5SQyjdUgLxqAYc
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