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  1. Just got back and have not read through this topic -- but any ideas/ indication why Jacobs never got minutes in the 2nd half? Is he hurt, or being punished for something, or what ?? My friend sitting next to me told me at tip-off about Kobe's demise, with Gigi and all the others. Serious gut punch for basketball fans but in LA, where I know many people, it's even worse, such an icon out there.....
  2. looks like he's growing into his body -- which also seems to be growing...
  3. I gotta also say: if non-A 10 fans did tune in, they saw a helluva game and came away impressed with what a terrific pair of teams are sitting at the top of our league. Lunardi was saying either at halftime or somewhere else I saw, that our league might be good enough to have a final 4 team -- or maybe even 2! at least I think it was him, or some other lifer... Really a great game showcasing our program.
  4. Gut-wrenching. Heartbreaker. Crushing. We "should've" won. All ring true; & I don't have all morning to read through the rants and learned observations, but I've read enough to get a feel for the pulse of this board. But surprisingly 90% of what I have read, is focused on the wrenched guts, so here's some good news: Whatever don't kill ya, can make you stronger... --Perkins: he is showing up big-time in huge games, the way he has been showing up most of the time in practices. This kid is making waves and looked great doing it. How about some love for a true scorer, microwave style? --Collins: true freshman, gutsy performance, even in OT running out of gas, sinking 2 FT's to put us ahead with 6 seconds. --Bell: mountain man hanging in there against an NBA lottery pick, solid performance and the sky is the limit. --Fred Thatch: how we undersell his contributions; could check Crutcher and/or another 3-pt. shooter. --amazingly, AGAIN: bench running a bit thin. Broken record over the entire Ford era -- & it shows at the end, and in OT. a bit gassed. But how about the HEARTS of champions??? I'm very proud of this team and I think if most people on here were honest, they did not think we would be this good this quickly. --amazingly, tying score in regulation, down 5. Goodwin scores! WOW. too bad he fouled out, but he is a champion. Has with 17 boards and very tough defense: the new normal, we are so used to this that nobody even mentions it anymore. Beast. --FT shooting: duh. But analytics only get you so far and all FT's are situational, and despite missing 17, we were in position to ****** a win. --Now as for Coach Ford: it is surprising how pissy/ even hateful some of the comments have been on here about his "performance" or lack of "adjustments." I say bravo, amazing crowd, strong performance, well done good and faithful coach and staff. Can't wait because the future's so bright I need shades. That is all...
  5. and yet when the game was on the line, a true freshman hit one to tie and one to go up a point with 6 seconds...
  6. right -- I had many students tell me yesterday -- like 15-20 or more -- that they wanted to go but there were no tickets left. That was in just one class too. Only 1000, is that true? Less than 10% of arena for students, who actually pay a pretty steep fee for such things. Too bad we cannot get some of them into the empty seats...
  7. I got lots of interested friends, most of them unafraid of apocalyptic weather scenarios; SO if any of you scaredy cats want to put some more butts in lower bowl seats, just contact me... still recall that VCU rocker, along with similar barn burners against Xavier, Butler, etc... Tonight is CAN'T MISS basketball. Don't let the paint dry on y'all.
  8. I predict lots of locals will bail, given the weather paranoia of STL folk. Lots, meaning especially some of the wealthier patrons in the good seats. For the diehards: please leave extra early if you're coming to campus, arrive safe and sound, enjoy a beverage, and remember tip time is 6 not 7 pm: go bills!
  9. SLU Provost just closed SLU today; amazingly. I came here from Michigan State, where winter advisories actually meant something most of the time. STL peeps are so paranoid about a little snow. Game is still on, of course; I posted the email on another thread...
  10. Amazingly (I'm looking out my window right now, seeing nothing on the horizon), our Provost has CLOSED the university today, per an email a little while ago. No worries, game still on of course ... But please leave extra early if you're coming to campus, and remember tip time is 6 not 7 pm: Dear Members of the SLU Community, The National Weather Service has issued a winter storm warning for the St. Louis area with snow, sleet, and freezing rain. The University is closed today. We will resume regular operations on Saturday. Only emergency personnel — as identified by their respective vice president or the provost — should remain at work. The SLU-Dayton Basketball game will be held as scheduled in the Chaifetz Arena at 6 p.m. All other scheduled on-campus events on Friday are canceled. If you have an event planned, please alert attendees that the event will not be held. Shuttles: All SLU shuttles will cease operations today. They will resume regular hours of operation on Saturday. Simon Recreation Center: May close for part of the day depending upon conditions.
  11. Yes, I can confirm your theory: those 2 often ate out at local joints, including one of my favorites: LoRusso's, which still features on their menu RM & his touting of their world-class Cioppino, which is still listed as Cioppino Majerus!! .... (it really is one of the best meals in greater STL!, only $30...) ps: at some point Bernie lost a bunch of weight; anyone know if he has managed to keep it all off??
  12. Toppin's ankle seemed fine: he played 34 minutes, 24/9; and Dayton had 22-0 second half run. 'nuff said.
  13. I also know numerous people looking for tickets for Friday; PLMK! Happy to take any off your hands.
  14. I've said before, I'd call Diarra a work in progress. Every time I've seen him, he is banging away at Bell, so they are getting better against each other in effect.I want to emphasize how important it is to have strong bench/practice guys for everyone to match up with, every day. In that sense, he is already quite valuable. He's a hard worker and a physical specimen, but he seems like one of those late bloomers that is still learning about the game IMO. I'm not convinced he can be a rotation player next year, given our roster. But his final 2 years will present more opportunities and he will progress a lot more by then. Overall: I'm extremely glad he is on the team, even if he doesn't play at all this year, or even next.
  15. Thanks for the topic. I admit that game was very disappointing. Coach Ford said it was the worst game of the year. We've been fortunate that the freshmen have been good but overall, the roster is also dealing with multiple problems: we have lost GJ; and YC is struggling w/ physical issues (hands). Thatch is still a big question mark, too. Given all that: WOW! It's a long-term project, folks. Give it time. Winning on the road is ALWAYS tough. I agree whole-heartedly, we are ahead of schedule despite the fluid roster situation. We are much deeper than we have been in years. TJH is starting to make a difference, and so is Bell. JP will, I believe, become a more reliable presence as an outside shooter, just as he is doing it in practice. And everyone else is improving, almost weekly (with some bumps in the road, like the lousy game on Thursday: also predictable now and then). GO Bills!
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