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  1. Speaking truthfully: I have no idea what this means. Try again, perhaps using simpler words ... or maybe it means that only "ivory tower types" would find any of this morally problematic?
  2. irony, right? Yeah I heard about that. Let's see how all that works out. But the argument here goes a little like this: "Gee, Ma, all the other boys are jumping off of buildings, you do realize that, right???" I don't think it is unreasonable, or obtuse, to question these issues, especially with amateurs, as cases and hospitalizations continue to spike. That is all...
  3. I'm hearing similar questions being raised. Also that we may know more by the weekend.
  4. not my take, from the article. The other thing nobody mentions here is the whole issue of playing at all, or doing so under what conditions? "So the show must go on. The pressure to attract elite players, win games, and satisfy boosters remains strong." Not just sham recruiting/ cheating. But the URGENCY to schedule games. Is it ethical???
  5. This morning, Jeff Gordon says in public what I'm concerned about -- anyone else?? Trust me I want to see the Bills as much as anyone. But as an educator I'm concerned about all these moral questions too, not to mention how comfortable we've all become with the corruption and the $$$$ angles... And ps: I recognize immediately how political all this can become. I couldn't care less about the "politics," but I do have moral questions; anyone else? best lines: "So the show must go on. The pressure to attract elite players, win games, and satisfy boosters remains strong. As reporter Pat Forde noted in Sports Illustrated, cheating continues unabated despite a federal bribery probe that produced multiple convictions of talent brokers and assistant coaches. Phone surveillance during that federal probe captured vivid examples of the cash-and-carry commerce. The HBO documentary “The Scheme” hung that dirty laundry out for all to see." https://www.stltoday.com/sports/columns/jeff-gordon/gordo-college-basketballs-money-grab-continues-despite-pandemic/article_e2583041-bb14-5cdc-9fcc-f2ede045abec.html
  6. nm: yes he's enrolled; and ps: his official surname is Jonsson Lorentsson.
  7. hilarious. idiot boosters whose day is made by shaming me. but at least I can spell hilarious.
  8. Lorentssen is still not enrolled, from what I understand. Not sure what's up with all that, but in the immortal words of Coach Norman Dale, "My team is on the floor..."
  9. I am hoping you are wrong; but my sense is that things are deteriorating rapidly, and the fall semester may turn into a disaster. So yes, sadly, you may turn out to be right. I've been granted permission from the Dean to do online classes for Fall 2020, and the new schedule just finalized & released yesterday shows that a goodly number of my colleagues are as well. Still, we should have a better picture of how the "petrie dishes" of college dorms (not to mention the public schools) will ply their effects on the local ER's (both here in STL and nationally) by about the end of September. Then, the flu season may be on tap, along with another round of Corona. The MLB/ NHL reboots will also show us some things about the "bubbles" of team sports. What a mess; I just never dreamed we would escalate back up so rapidly... I wonder how this will all turn out?
  10. I'm using Spectrum for Wifi, which is good service. Now we are looking at bundling, because Sprint is extremely high for cell phones (300-400/ month, my wife does a lot of international calling and online stuff with her phone...) For TV, we need both FoxSports Midwest & TV Japan/ NHK. Altogether the amount we spend $$$ on TV, Wifi, phones, and so forth is really high. Who can suggest a great bundle deal including FoxSports Midwest & TV Japan/ NHK? Yeah I know annoying. But Cardinals are warming up and the Grand Sumo tournament begins in one week!! Time to pull the trigger; Spectrum is looking pretty good right now...
  11. We absolutely hammered Richmond at the end of the year, without GJ. Fred, the new Europeans, Markhi, etc. Honestly I get how they would be rated over us from afar, but everyone on here knows that we will continue to pummel them this year. Am I missing something or does pretty much everyone on here concur; we are the team to beat in the A10?
  12. I'm just being honest in saying; I have serious doubts about the season. There appears to be a domino effect with these things, and just yesterday they cancelled the NFL HOF game (too bad for the Rev. Ike). Meanwhile numbers of cases and so forth are going up and should continue right into fall and winter. I'm hoping this will not shock anyone but there's a good chance some or all of the basketball season will be lost. Like the cheeseman, I truly hope I'm wrong, about all this; but I think universities like SLU will err on the side of caution and the NCAA will do the right thing and extend eligibility.
  13. Yes, got stuck with 2 more years on my contract w/ Dishnet, which is generally OK, but they dropped FSMW and there's evidently no end of that dispute in sight (I was told twice now, most recently at Christmas, that this would be resolved shortly...). anyone else out there looking for alternatives, as the Cardinals get warmed up for some baseball? I thought SlingTV would work at a reasonable price but they dropped it too. I hate shelling out $50 a month for HuluPlus, just for baseball, Blues Hockey, and whatever Billikens games end up on FSMW... of course I can always just hide the bill from my parsimonious/ penurious/ penny-pinching wife.
  14. Wow, this is really sad, my condolences to the family and friends, and his players and colleagues out at the school in IL. Much too early, this is really sad to hear about... He was terrific that one year especially, 1999-2000, which was one of my first years at SLU, and a great run; Justin brought a lot of energy onto the floor. Over the years he's still one of the best scorers we've had in my time at SLU, a great shooter! More importantly: Justin was a good guy, happy and generous in spirit.
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