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  1. Happy Birthday Joe Bonwich!! We miss you brother!! RIP my friend...
  2. good point, sorry I missed it. as for 6'2" being too small -- wow the times have changed! used to be OK for a shooter. Plus: he is probably 16-17 so it is plausible has has more growth coming, especially considering his family...
  3. Indeed? The best ?? Then he would have to be pretty good. You got my attention... Thanks for the memories, HoosierPal. We can always use another Hoosier; right?? I remember his Dad: I think he started immediately as a freshman at KY. If Jalen is better, his offers list is pretty bleak: why?? Not sure. His Dad was choosing between IU, KY, MSU, and Michigan, etc. But that is a lot of points, and yes, Damon Bailey = holy grail! Article says Jalen scored 601 pts. as a freshman. Playing for Marion, which plays all the giant programs. WOW. ps: if anyone can explain why a player like his Dad, Blackmon Sr., never played a single game in the NBA, I'd be interested in knowing. He was a serious stud, back in the 80s. Another ps for non-Hoosiers: Marion is one of the legendary HS programs in Indiana, probably in the country to be honest. Their gym is -- wow! Gotta be one of the biggest in the good ol' USA. I think Seymour is now #1 by the way, maybe John Mellencamp gave them some money or something. I did a quick Google and found this: https://www.thedailyhoosier.com/class-of-2021-jalen-blackmon-is-carrying-on-a-family-legacy/
  4. IMO, Perkins will start, and become a fan favorite; trust me (I know some of you don't, but whatever...); & Given the sheer upside of Bell, Jimerson, Yuri, and Hargrove, (I hope they all pan out and put in the work for 4 years), it's hard to see them not getting minutes fairly soon, if not immediately. Weaver (pretty small!) may be the wild card in all this: how does his game translate to our fairly strong OOC schedule & A10? Who can he guard?? Overall, given our roster strengths, it seems like Jacobs, Hankton, and Diarra will find minutes most difficult to come by. That leaves 9, counting Weaver. then usually the injuries have an effect on rotation, obviously. Or knucklehead stuff; or grades. Never underestimate the latter 2. But so far this group SEEMS pretty together and all pretty good citizens, from what I can gather.
  5. Bullish. I saw Hargrove listed at 6'4" but I ran into him yesterday and he is taller than that, believe me; and PLAYS taller than that -- and given his arms probably still growing; super athletic, energizer bunny type. I'm very bullish on them about 2 years from now; I think both get minutes right away but this team does not need to count on them which I take to be a good thing. Terrific to have these 2 great kids coming off the bench. Just think about our bench last year!
  6. https://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/college/ct-depaul-carteare-gordon-transfer-20190829-lucbxf2y5vczbjx6orajveko7a-story.html
  7. Interesting speculation. I can tell you that watching these newbies would make anyone optimistic, possibly towelable: there is a LOT to like already. And that our returning core players are the defending A10 Champs. And that the team chemistry seems good, possibly very good. You never know about the knucklehead stuff but we look to be in solid shape, in terms of a full roster with talent strengths from top to bottom. Comparing this year to 2010-11 (wow 9 years ago already !?!?!): I think our upside is much better for immediate success. I also think they are quite different situations, to say the least. I agree with some who are tempered -- simply put, I will believe it when I see it, and this will be a work in progress. There were many games last year where we were not good at all, and look where we ended up, despite a very short bench. Overall, many growing pains but a FUN year to watch and see how far some of these freshmen can take us. O yeh and by the way; Perkins is the real deal, immediate starter, major minutes, and I think lots of points and boards as well. Different player from Bess, but we have our replacement.
  8. TW Stats worth noting: EKU @. Duquesne on Dec. 22, 2018: 18 pts in 41 minutes (out of 45 in OT): 3 boards, 3 assists; lost by one point. Me like that...
  9. electric substation. old one (where they are now putting up steel for the STEM building) was too small... ps: if you have not been on campus recently: Pruellage Hall is no longer among the living. i.e., it is defunct, wiped from the face of the earth; demolished, like our competition in the recent A10 tournament!! Boom. It was a small dorm on the north side of Pine Mall, across from the Village apts. Not sure what they are making of it but heard a new classroom building?? we need it, especially down my way (west end of campus). Another in case you haven't heard, but we are expecting about 1900 freshmen next month, the largest class by far in SLU's history.
  10. ?? Wow that is one clunky reading of my post. I am saying neither of those things. Talk about a straw man! Re: eternal recurrence and the eschatological implications of "what I am saying" on SLU basketball as a symptom of history, a remnant of theology, and so forth: well... no, I'm not a fan of that approach. I've taught passages from Nietzsche, such as from Zarathustra, Gay Science, and various Camus works like the Sisyphus tale, of course. But we must counter such notions with a more hopeful approach, what is often called a transcendental view of history as actually going somewhere, maybe even getting better. This kind of hope provides a much more satisfying take on any potential futures, in my view. To grasp it, I would probably suggest you begin with Moltmann's challenging work, Theology of Hope; and from there try NT Wright, Surprised by Hope. Both masterpieces that will more clearly reveal my own eschatological tendencies...Or, if you don't have time or inclination, just take a look at Hoosiers, Glory Days, Remember the Titans, etc...in all of which, the past clearly does NOT repeat itself in an infinite series of bad events!
  11. Excuse me, but checking in to the board: am I delusional or are these some folks on here suggesting we should not be ecstatic about getting Tay Weaver in here?? Assuming his character, grades, personality etc. check out OK? I don't get that, at all. I am really hoping we get this guy to commit. Getting late in summer... After all the roster issues/ defections/ injuries the past few years, it's been hard to practice -- let alone play games with a rotation. I was out of country spring semester, meaning I missed the A10 tournament. How they won 4 games on 4 consecutive days, with our beat up roster and 6-7 bodies to play, is beyond me. What a coaching masterpiece!! I have to say, that is hard to believe. Overall, we still need a couple players. We are an injury or 2 or 3 away from what we had last year -- not enough guys for 5 on 5 drills! Tramaine had his issues getting acclimated but SLU would have been toast without him at season's end. I assume that's especially true in the final games. Tay should be a similar kind of addition... What if this guy can give us a more spread out offense, and the occasion trey?? Not to mention: significant experience and glue for all those practices. Please come, Tay!! I vote a very enthusiastic YES! ps: Just to confirm -- but I've also heard & seen some very good things about young Gibson...
  12. Does anyone happen to know if SLU has shown any interest in Jayce Catchings out at Liberty, by the way?? He's beginning to grow into his adult body (up to 6'3"), is lifting, and I think was 2nd in MO in scoring last year as a junior...avg. over 26/game! He can fill it up. & I happen to know from an insider he is being under-recruitedc -- I wonder why?? -- but anyway he has not blown up yet, for sure. Maybe some think he is not D1 ready?? I'm not sure. His older brother Kale plays at Harvard, who barely lost out to Yale this year for the dance. and yes: both are related to former 76ers Harvey Catchings.
  13. Yes, I can confirm that Lewis is enrolled, class has begun; and I think the NCAA stuff/ transfer credit situation etc. still being worked out. Does anyone happen to know if SLU has shown any interest in Jayce Catchings out at Liberty, by the way?? He's beginning to grow into his adult body, is lifting, and I think was 2nd in MO in scoring last year as a junior... His older brother Kale plays at Harvard.
  14. Kudos to Steve! nota bene: gaining tenure at SLU does NOT allow talking all the anything you want on this board. At least, not in my experience...
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