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  1. We absolutely hammered Richmond at the end of the year, without GJ. Fred, the new Europeans, Markhi, etc. Honestly I get how they would be rated over us from afar, but everyone on here knows that we will continue to pummel them this year. Am I missing something or does pretty much everyone on here concur; we are the team to beat in the A10?
  2. I'm just being honest in saying; I have serious doubts about the season. There appears to be a domino effect with these things, and just yesterday they cancelled the NFL HOF game (too bad for the Rev. Ike). Meanwhile numbers of cases and so forth are going up and should continue right into fall and winter. I'm hoping this will not shock anyone but there's a good chance some or all of the basketball season will be lost. Like the cheeseman, I truly hope I'm wrong, about all this; but I think universities like SLU will err on the side of caution and the NCAA will do the right thing and extend eligibility.
  3. Yes, got stuck with 2 more years on my contract w/ Dishnet, which is generally OK, but they dropped FSMW and there's evidently no end of that dispute in sight (I was told twice now, most recently at Christmas, that this would be resolved shortly...). anyone else out there looking for alternatives, as the Cardinals get warmed up for some baseball? I thought SlingTV would work at a reasonable price but they dropped it too. I hate shelling out $50 a month for HuluPlus, just for baseball, Blues Hockey, and whatever Billikens games end up on FSMW... of course I can always just hide the bill from my parsimonious/ penurious/ penny-pinching wife.
  4. Wow, this is really sad, my condolences to the family and friends, and his players and colleagues out at the school in IL. Much too early, this is really sad to hear about... He was terrific that one year especially, 1999-2000, which was one of my first years at SLU, and a great run; Justin brought a lot of energy onto the floor. Over the years he's still one of the best scorers we've had in my time at SLU, a great shooter! More importantly: Justin was a good guy, happy and generous in spirit.
  5. I've been advocating Bradley for years -- even contacted an old friend, Chris Reynolds, at the time AD and now VP at BU, and lobbied him, FWIW. Chris started at Indiana and was a legendary one-on-one defensive All American, and lived with Calbert Cheaney in Bloomington.
  6. or any of it, ever. I doubt if I'm the only one wanting a digest of this material; but if so I guess you all just have a lot more time on your hands. It was an innocent question, just wondering. Often HoosierPal and others give a useful digest of the radio shows, for those not able to catch it; how is this different?? I don't get the pushback...
  7. For those of us unwilling to take in 2.5 hours of this sort of thing: any highlights? new info?? updates on players/ summer workouts??? Gimme the 45-second version, please!
  8. I get that -- much more was at stake. Hateful & dreadful loss; but I have a confession to make here and now: oddly, uncannily, I just had a feeling all along that the Flyers were going to figure out a way to win it, and beat us. It's that sickening feeling I have had at least a dozen times with Tom Brady and the NE Unpatriots....
  9. The ending against Davidson, year before last, with Jordan G. missing free throws, at the wire, also felt like a huge loss right at the end...
  10. As for the eastsiders: Goodwin is the best I've seen along with KL; & TJ Hargrove may be the next one -- he is going to be good, and he's got a terrific attitude. I liked Liddell and felt like he would be a great player but for whatever reasons, I ended up feeling like his career was a bit of a disappointment. Many of us had really high expectations for Tommie, but life is challenging, and sadly the exaggerated expectations did not pan out like I hoped. Sorry to say this out loud, & just being honest; but he is not in the vicinity of the JG & KL.
  11. Thanks for sharing this. 22 years here at SLU --so far!!-- and Kevin remains my all-time favorite player @ SLU. (He unfortunately did not have much help in his time here...) Great guy, tremendous competitor; when I think of him I remember sitting in the old Pine gym, mid summer, no air conditioning, with those huge mega fans rumbling at the end of the gym. Just a regular pick up game in 100 degree & humid STL summer, no coaches around -- but boy, he could take control of a game, he wanted to win each possession; and was such a huge presence as a leader. I think it was his unusual passion and his commitment that was off the charts; and how far he came indicates that (he was not very big, and I don't think he ever dunked, but I may be wrong). Kudos on a terrific career--every Billiken should aspire to Kevin's heart of a champion.
  12. School will get sued, I flat out guarantee it. Presidents and admins are planning for the worst, legally speaking. Winning a lawsuit vs. massive out of court settlements for wrongful death -- splitting haris? Well--inquiring minds want to know! But we shall see. Even Forbes is weighing in on this... https://www.forbes.com/sites/annaesakismith/2020/05/18/who-is-responsible-if-a-university-reopens-and-a-student-dies-from-covid-19/?fbclid=IwAR2HiQYiCDTkNHozAVKWPGuPID_2QVHtgT58k2ANMNHrjr95s399fCKEcB8#457f198520a3
  13. Plus, there's, you know; stuff like this: https://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2014/02/14/277058739/1-in-4-americans-think-the-sun-goes-around-the-earth-survey-says?utm_campaign=storyshare&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_medium=social&fbclid=IwAR2M2l82ZHzplBJI1P04IrgPLNdNQFx3QW4S0Acgw6K5JwAc3iHoQ2j1sF4
  14. speaking of which: did anyone else on here check out Prof. Scott Galloway on CNN last night; holy cajones. that was a riveting panel discussion, revealing a lot of the problems with the "business model" of higher ed; and sign me up for a class with that dude. I agree with almost all that the says; his astute analysis is spot on; but there's still much denial in higher ed circles. FWIW, SLU would be a tier 2 school, in terms of his analysis, I think...
  15. No worries, nitpick away; not in this email but the chairs have been told, after this email was sent out, it's "almost certain." The president and admin have been testing the waters like this a lot -- sending out trial balloons... I don't know if it makes more sense or not. But credit/ contact hours must be met one way or the other, long term.
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