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  1. My argument is that the Billikens aren't very good even though they play an easy schedule. Now maybe you want to tell me they play a difficult schedule - looking forward to your information. The A-10 is only a one bid league. The A-10 must not be a good baseball conference then.
  2. So you think the Bills are winning the A-10 tourney? No matter their record they are going to Omaha?
  3. Doesn't make any sense they were pretty good last year. It will be pretty embarrassing to not finish above .500 with such a weak schedule. 2 games vs #175 Fordam 1 game vs # 266 Semo 1 game vs #165 Murry St 3 games vs # 180 Davidson 1 game vs # 224 SIUE 3 game vs # 108 Rhode Island 1 game vs #240 Bradley 3 games vs #275 George Mason 1 game vs # 159 SIUC 3 games vs #183 Richmond
  4. Last NCAA title for soccer 1973. Last time in the Final 1974 vs Howard (title was vacated). Last College Cup appearances 1991 and 1997.
  5. Patriot League Third team. Wow.
  6. Didn't know this thread would have been so popular when I started it. who knew.. Unfortunately the vast majority of posts are just a tad off topic.
  7. Somebody posted on SLU Talk on www.stltoday.com (Why don't more people here post there?) that there are some big teams after Travis Ford. Any news on that?
  8. Rosters full of top recruits and the Billikens still can't win the A-10? How does that work?
  9. Henriquez, Graves and Bishop are the ones you need to blame. Not the Title IX gang or the Board of Trustees. Remember Jim Kavanaugh is on the BOT. So playing pro basketball in Iceland is better than playing basketball at SLU. Who knew? Doesn't say much for the state of SLU basketball does it.
  10. Are the Bills still a serious contender for an NCAA berth?
  11. In terms of dominant teams maybe even more dominant than the Celtics - how about UCLA under John Wooden. Between 1964 and 1975 they won 10 NCAA tournaments.
  12. You are talking about the A-10 tournament right?
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