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  1. Agreed. Really can’t underestimate his value to our squad. And he’s automatic from the line.
  2. Absolutely correct. Said same to my dad after game (billikenbooster). Those Has consecutive turnovers destroyed our surge, and I believe the team really lost out at this point. Recall watching body language in the timeout Ford called when we were then down 10 and it just looked bad.
  3. I’ve seen some say they have no problem getting game with CBS Sports app. But it requires a provider to log in, and I pay an exorbitant amount for DirecTV already, and I’m not upgrading for CBSSN (and if I did, I could just watch on directtv.) How are those viewing on the app doing so? Thanks
  4. Kcbill watching live or something. I’m not caught up to that.
  5. Isn’t there a big jump in year 2 or three? I’m looking at it... didn’t see huge savings against directtv for middle off road package. Also we have 5 TVs so cost per month per box added up.
  6. Mowed Lawn, cleaned up back yard, got rid of ton of kids old toys, little tikes playground got mad about weeds and send pictures to lawn service, (need it? its sitting across from Tilles Park outside my white fence, I live on McKnight). Subjected myself to Tiger King. Couldn't stop watching.
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