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  1. Article from Stu this morning references a locker room fight at some point in the season. Curious if CG was involved, though we probably will never know.
  2. +1000 I love Billiken basketball. But I feel myself actually getting anxious before game-time, and then full-on stressed-out throughout the game. Afterwards, I'm completely exhausted either way.
  3. Listen to 101,espn. Download the app
  4. True. But Ford had as good a roster if not better in HIS year 2 before S2.
  5. Tramaines diving save along the sideline in the second half was awesome. Earl called it TI's play of the year.
  6. 7800 reported by rammer. I hate the start time but whatevs. Students were awesome.
  7. That's not a woman baby, that's a MAN!
  8. We need Wiley to show back up. Maybe he is still slow to come back due to his injury but we don't beat Seton Hall without his 17 points.
  9. Congrats JB! Well Deserved!!!
  10. Agreed. The best word I could come up with for KC's play yesterday was assertive. He looked quite confident out there.
  11. Yeah DJ seems like a real hard guy to get along with.
  12. Brian I like your posts and respect you. I will say also that after S2 you also said recruiting would be in the shi**er and that has not happened. I trust Ford as he has proven to be a recruiting master to fill the void next year. Go Bills and let's get Jibotoh
  13. https://www.stltoday.com/sports/college/slu/gordon-tweet-indicates-he-may-leave-slu-basketball-program/article_bb94e274-5424-5b36-bed6-7ff6ae75dcd0.html stu says he is “leaning” to transfer
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