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  1. Don't have to be a core player to have a huge impact, though. John Paxon, BJ Armstrong just as vital to the Bulls as MJ and Scottie. The under the radar guys can stick a dagger like Steve Kerr did. We need our stud guys, for sure, but those silent assassin types are sure fun too! I saw JJ as one of those guys that as soon as you relax, bam, he's knocking down jumpers.
  2. So true, TheOne. Felt like we were all rising out of the ashes with his hiring. Program turned a new page and attitude. I think Ford has that swagger, too. Good fundamentals as basketball players, but more importantly, as visible people in the community. Was awesome to see so many people show up for his intro!
  3. Hard to believe the Majerus era began 11 years ago at SLU. Here's a pic I took from the presser. Thanks for the memories, coach. The light shining down on him in life and in death. Truly a remarkable person.
  4. Shocker that they’ll probably end up with Muffet up the Toll Road in South Bend... ND will depart four seniors after 18-19. Stone will get her talent to SLU somehow. She’s doing a great job with the young women she’s brought to campus so far.
  5. Dave Gavett approves. When you say balance the league out, do you mean because the conference had more football powers south of the NY/NJ area in West Virginia, Virginia Tech and Miami? Or just because most member schools did not have D-1A football?
  6. What are St. John and Seton Hall doing in the BE then? Wasn’t Rutgers in the BE for a stretch? NY/NJ metro for all practical matters is just one demographic. You are right in saying NY doesnt want two BE teams when at one point they had three in a 40 mile radius of MSG.
  7. I wouldn’t necessarily call the C’s team Brad Stevens inherited a full-on rebuild. Maybe this year they exceeded expectations given the injuries to Gordon right off the bat and Kyrie late, but not certain about a total Knicks style rebuild. But to your point, he’s done a hell of a job there. The building blocks are there and he’s the architect. What I meant by Jay Wright being the face of Philly sports is that someone outside of Philly could be at the grocery store, see him and recognize him. He’s garnered local/national exposure for a while now. Not too many people could pick Doug Peder
  8. Brian, out of curiosity, would he leave Philly to be fourth or fifth fiddle in New York to the Yanks, Mets, Giants and Jets and/or Rangers? He’s arguably the face of Philly sports. Way more than Doug Pederson and I know the Eagles loom larger than Nova, but aside from cash considerations, he’s living the life. Look at what the jump did to Pitino. Billy Donovan makes it look easy with OKC, but name me a coach that has gone from College to a pro rebuild and turned it around? I know he’s probably got the Teflon style with the press, but Dolan’s guy in my opinion is Quin Snyder. I can’t tell you a
  9. Reverting back (almost) to the old Prop 48 days...not sure where I’d draw the line on that, especially with the Graduation rates now playing a role in postseason participation. Maybe the schools with the top 25 graduation rates would get a pass, as an incentive to be able to play freshman. Would it apply to all D1 programs including the non-scholarship offering Ivies?
  10. Would definitely be nice to have a little mini gateway to Europe via Reykjavik. Hopefully WOW gets a nice market share through STL.
  11. +1. Good to see Lambert getting back into the long-haul international game. Been what, 25 some odd years since TWA serviced LHR and CDG?
  12. This sucks. But what an amazing moment for DJ, obviously concerned about his own wellbeing, to be thinking of others in a less-fortunate predicament. What perspective this young man has. Truly someone who "gets it." Prayers to you, DJ.
  13. You’re a sorry excuse for a SLU fan. Go away, Peter Pan!
  14. 91,000 expected for the UGA spring game in Athens on Saturday. Not even 900 at Farrot Field last Saturday. SEC. SEC. SEC. The local construction company laughing all the way to the bank on the end zone project, since usually it's the away team striding in untouched for six.
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