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  1. Scoop

    Good recruiter, bad coach?

    Division 1 guards should be able to knock down some open looks. We shoot 35% last night and no one is crying today.
  2. Scoop

    Good recruiter, bad coach?

    We missed 20 3s which were mostly good looks. Yeah, we should have pounded it inside more but just make a few and we win. Continue meltdown.
  3. Scoop

    Good recruiter, bad coach?

    Why post a thread title like this? So sick of the global meltdown everytime something doesn't bounce our way. I had this as a L in the column from day one. Very physical game. Not Ford's fault that we can't shoot.
  4. Isabell was late for a team meeting.
  5. Scoop

    GDT vs Pittsburgh in Brooklyn

    He is on the end.
  6. Scoop

    GDT vs Pittsburgh in Brooklyn

    Is Isabell even on the bench?
  7. Scoop

    GDT: Don't Baste the Lions, Maul Them

    Wow. Chill out. More JGood, less Isabell. 2 guards that are used to running the show will take some time but JGood should have the keys. Let's not divide but support. I think Bills play up and give Hall a game. Go Bills.
  8. Scoop

    Signed Recruit Thread 2018-19

    If we don't get a freshman big, I can see Ford landing a bad ass grad transfer big for next year. Easy sell after we make the tourney.
  9. Scoop


    I think Isabel has a few of these games in him.
  10. Scoop


    It was actually 5 at the half by a last second tip in by Pitt if that makes us feel better. Pitt has someone who can shoot the 3 is the difference.
  11. Scoop

    The Bills over Troy by 12

    This will be a good test. They return 4 starters and 3 of those are seniors. Just play better than 2nd half SEMO and get a W.
  12. Scoop

    GDT: Game of the Year

    Go Bills!
  13. Scoop

    2018-19 season

    How is that even possible?
  14. Scoop

    So much for Welmer.......

    We are thinking the worst but who knows? I might be an ankle.