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  1. Take the free medical care, rehabilitation, strengthening, and coaching at SLU. Come back and strive to be A10 player of the year next year. Look at the last 2 A10 POY in Obi and Bones. 1st round picks and 7 figure deals. That’s life changing $ and is attainable for JPerk. Over seas and G league will still be there. Work your butt off and bet on yourself. Not to many people have an opportunity like this in life.
  2. From the Commercial Appeal. Give me a break.
  3. Don’t sell our boys short at Memphis. We have a veteran group who plays defense. This will be the 1st real test for those two youngsters. Hit the 3 ball at a decent clip and this is a game. Memphis is a tough place to play and the place will be packed. I’ll be there.
  4. At least 3 former D1 players on Lindenwood. Should be a little better competition that RU.
  5. Is it possible for Perkins to get a waiver and return for next year or is that not possible because this was a "Covid" year? If his goal is truly the NBA, his best bet would be to come back and contend for A10 POY. He will be rusty if even healthy for NBA work outs next summer and the G-league is a long road. Here's hoping JP is back in Billiken Blue next year. Get well soon, JP. Go Bills.
  6. My call is a Taj Mahal student athlete living facility ala Kansas.
  7. Mo probably dug up some old emails.
  8. Well, good deal. Sounds like if he doesn’t get drafted, he’s a shoe in at Harvard.
  9. I’d take a Belmont home and home.
  10. I was in the house. Got beat up by BYU. Almost beat Bama. Crawford stepped out of bounds driving to the hoop at the very end of the game.
  11. Yeah, we probably play the 9th and 13th. Then get ready to take off work a couple days the next week!
  12. I believe the A10/MWC challenge is a complete scratch.
  13. Pretty small but nice. I went to a game there back in the Crews era. We got rolled. A cheer leader was throwing t-shirts during a time out. The shirt came right to me and of course I didn’t want it so I threw it back and accidentally hit the ref in the head.
  14. Convince our 2 time 1st team, all defensive team, double double machine to come back for a Chaifetz send off.
  15. Timmie walks every time he makes a move.
  16. Looking at his videos, I don’t think the 3 Pt line moving back was an issue. This kid can stroke it. The problem was that Oakland sucked and he probably forced way to many shots to try and stay in games. Poor shot selection lowered his %. We won’t need hero ball from him here.
  17. Kid is just smooth and fun to watch taking it to the rack. He needs starter minutes to shine. Hate to lose him. Good luck, DJ.
  18. Just report the news. He hasn’t earned the right for me to give a about his opinions. 9/10 times we already heard it from Stu. I respect the passion but it’s rarely anything new.
  19. Gut wrenching season but I am all in on Ford. Guy has been dealt some bad hands. Remember how loaded we were gonna be in just our 2nd year after a complete rebuild? Then situation 2 happened. We had Henriquez and our all freshman team Bishop ready to join Bess, DJ, Has & JGood. Didn’t happen. We were gonna loaded the next year with Santos and our local Gordon. Santos gets roped into Situation 2 which was worse than the late call in the VCU game this year and Gordon turns out to be a complete knucklehead. We still make the tourney. Last year we were playing well then we have the 1st pandemic in 100 years. Then we get Covid crushed again this year. Yes, it is hard being a Bills fan but not much Ford could do about these scenarios. That being said, I hope everyone returns and is on board with team blue and kicks some ass. JGood should consider a proper send off in a packed Chaifetz while breaking every Billiken record. I need a mental break and a full season of Cards baseball to reset the batteries. Go Bills.
  20. Maybe JGood is saying, F this. I’m coming back and taking the Lou to the Final Four!
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