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  1. Enough with “not counting” D2 games. If it’s on the schedule, it counts toward the record. Yes, it might not count in the NET but bet your ass it would factor in if you lost in the eyes of the committee.
  2. Daniel reads this thread and decommits.
  3. Getting crazy defensive about a women's soccer thread.
  4. Memphis on a Tuesday is gamesmanship. Memphis didn’t give us a weekend game last year so we don’t give them one.
  5. The Iona and Drake dates are out too.
  6. I am in favor of letting Thames get the back up PG minutes. Throw him in the mix and see what happens. We need to start letting some Freshmen get some minutes.
  7. I bought some 2 guys pickles yesterday bc of Fred. They’re good!
  8. If we're trying to plug in dates for the schedule on the homepage, Iona is Dec 6th.
  9. I saw none at Chaifetz yesterday.
  10. I think you are taking about Rothstein roulette.
  11. I’ve never dogged a student athlete because I considered them kids. The landscape of college sports now is changed. Cudos to those who value an education but unfortunately it is all about money. That being said, I have no problem rooting against a player who leaves a team high and dry that has put so much time and effort to support and develop them. Now that they are getting paid they have to take the heat of being an adult and except the criticism. I will not be rooting for Mr. Collins.
  12. Any update on Humphrey's? It's Spring...
  13. UNI took the game plan from Davidson. Chuck 3s and a lot of them. It obviously worked as they were out matched down low. That being said, just an uninspired performance. You could see it as there was practically no emotion. Players pissed off. Ford said on the post game that they will get better in the offseason with the players who buy in and are dedicated to team blue. Read between the lines. Some changes coming.
  14. DM your email if you want them.
  15. I have 3 for tonight if anyone can use them.
  16. Juco pressing a lot…yes. When Tate coached Mineral Area. They pressed and played 13 deep. Run run run.
  17. Just saying the last 2 A10 POY got drafted and got paid life changing $. Of course not every POY gets drafted but Perkins has a chance to be Obi and Bones good. A chance to get drafted and cash in only comes once. Sure, you can grind it out over seas and in the G-league and make it to the league but that’s what it is, a grind. Just saying it will still be there. Shoot your shot, Javonte.
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