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  1. Tony is a great dude and one of my all-time favorites at SLU. I will have to give it a listen.
  2. Bobby can be seen roaming the 14U fields in Illinois helping coach his grandson's team. I really hope he doesn't use some of his gems if they lose or play poorly. My favorites were "You guys stink worse than the whale sh*t on the bottom of the ocean", "You guys look like a bunch of sun bathing m*tha f-ing seals and then my #1 "I wouldn't take any of you into the foxhole with me".
  3. Joe should buy it and re-route his trolley to connect the two venues.
  4. Where is Backhand?! He needs to stop playing DJ for one on his downtown Miami condo balcony and get over here and start knocking heads.
  5. Bottom left corner with Westy. I think our beers needed to be cleaned off the floor.
  6. Jett Mitchell Lisch Hughes Goodwin Perry McCall Jeffers Love
  7. 4,6,9 but would love to see Mike McCall Junya and J-Love on there.
  8. You have buddies? Sorry I am bored.
  9. I just don't really trust what Corbin says about it. I am not saying it is wrong and I hope it is all on the up and up.
  10. Hoping that firestick works its magic and we can watch the game. Vandy is a great place to play with a really fun atmosphere. We took in a series there last March against UF. What they build there baseball wise is amazing and I hope the recent questions regarding their scholarship use turns out to be nothing.
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