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  1. Cam Fletcher. He transferred to Florida State after his year at Kentucky. Played at FSU last year.
  2. Got a nice SLU quarter zip today at Costco. It was next to some Mizzou stuff…any chance the guy earlier meant to type Costco and it autocorrected to Cracker Barrel (which would be even more to unpack)?
  3. His teammate at East St. Louis, Christian Jones (former Mizzou commit), landed at UIC after Gates came in and cleared house.
  4. I really hope he does well there. He always seemed like a nice kid and a good teammate.
  5. This. The root of NIL is that college athletes have value involved in their name and position as athletes, and as such are able to monetize that value. Apply this to a normal college student and no one has a problem with it. If an accounting major has good grades and gets a paid internship with a Big 4 accounting firm, they’re using their position as an accounting student to make money off that. If a nursing student happens to have cultivated a large following on Instagram or TikTok and parlays that into sponsorship money or maybe some modeling gig, it’s the same deal. If a SLU student decides that they can make more money or better prepare for the future by transferring to a school in a larger city with similar scholarship money, who’s going to have a problem with that? Effectively, the only difference is that we watch college sports for fun, and nobody in their right mind is watching somebody take an organic chemistry mid-term for their entertainment. Should that be the reason why athletes should be limited in what they can do? I don’t think so. I think some regulation could be beneficial to root out sham sponsorships, but I think that this is the new normal and you have to either adjust or get passed by.
  6. I think they’re joining the CAA this summer.
  7. I think Curbelo already committed to St. John’s.
  8. I’m not sure how much of a difference it makes, but IUP is actually Indiana University in Pennsylvania.
  9. If he has, I haven’t seen anything about it. He was just the only other player I could think of that would be local.
  10. That sounds like Turnbull. I suppose it could be Bradford from K-State, but Turnbull would seem to fit more into the “different element” category.
  11. I didn’t see the question mark the first time I looked at this. Do you know something?
  12. I don’t think so. At least not last year. I think someone here said that there is some rule against players playing for AAU teams that their high school coach is involved with, and apparently Tatum may do some work with BBE.
  13. Ok…good to know. I remember him tweeting some pretty anti-SLU stuff several years back, from the official KSDK sports Twitter account no less. I figured that he was a SLU hater, so if he was going to admit that there was SLU news, it was going to be bad news for SLU.
  14. Thornton has said/Tweeted some things about SLU over the years, that has me thinking that if he’s saying “there will be SLU news” the news will be that somebody chose Mizzou over SLU. I hope I’m wrong.
  15. I’m actually not stunned by it. One of his high school teammates from SLCA had much less impressive stats at Rutgers this year than Nesbitt at SLU, and he declared for the draft last week. Once I saw that happen, I wondered if Nesbitt would also try this.
  16. I don’t claim to know much about Larry Jr’s recruitment, but he and his family were seated in the VIP seats behind the Billiken bench at one of the late regular season games. You typically see recruits in those seats, so I’m thinking that there’s some chance that we’re recruiting him.
  17. I had this exact thought a little while ago.
  18. Eckerle is a doctor, Crawford is a lawyer.
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