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  1. I’ve seen enough. Pass on all of them. Note: I will retract this statement and be happy if we land any of these kids.
  2. Interesting autocorrect in my previous post. Anyway, can’t speak as to how common Lassina is for a first name, but from following soccer in Europe, Traore seems to be a pretty common last name.
  3. It wouldn’t surprise me if he has some background playing soccer because soccer/football is likely the primary sport in the Cote D’Ivoire. With that said, I think Katherine mentions of a soccer player are to the fact that there is a pro soccer player that has his same name. Different guy.
  4. Olive +Oak. O + O is the best refined, upscale burger, and Mac’s is the best casual, old school, smash burger.
  5. Your 6 year old is smart. It’s tied for 1st in my book.
  6. Goodness. Team Final, up 3, misses 2 free throws. BBE brought Kramer in to shoot a three to tie, and Miller dribbles into the corner and can’t get the ball to Kramer or Smith in time to get a decent shot off. Kramer may have gotten a shot off before the buzzer, but it was from 5-10 behind the arc and got blocked anyway.
  7. Their rebounding hasn’t been good, but they’re also playing against 2 Top 10 bigs. Those guys have been really good. I’ve been really impressed with Nick Smith Jr today for BBE.
  8. When I saw this thread, my first thought was “wow, that’s a blast from the past”. The next thought was “I hope something tragic didn’t happen” I’m sorry to see that something tragic did happen. RIP.
  9. I tend to agree with this. First of all, if the case goes to trial and STL prevails, I feel pretty confident that a judge can’t order the NFL to give STL an expansion team. Winning a lawsuit isn’t like a game show where you get to pick your prize. They are limited to specific remedies, and if applicable, punitive damages. The only possible way that a team comes out of this is through a settlement, and I think that’s a pretty small chance. This would involve either STL prevailing at trial for a substantial amount (with significant punitive damages) and the NFL and owners offer a team in lieu of them (probably specifically Kroenke) liquidating assets to pay a judgment, or the NFL determining that they’re going to get hit at trial, so they offer it, again to avoid the liquidation of assets. Again, I think that’s a small chance. The NFL owners aren’t just going to let someone in their group because they got sued.
  10. Outside of a few YouTube videos, I’ve never seen Thames or Kramer play. I admittedly don’t know where they are or should be ranked. With that noted, if the staff thinks these kids are what they want and want to lock them down before summer AAU tournaments really get going, I’m all for it.
  11. This has all the traits of recent SLU commitments (announcement on KSDK, plays for BBE, connection with Tate, etc), but I still didn’t truly expect him to commit to SLU. I just thought he’d follow his dad to Mizzou. Sounds like a nice get for Team Blue!
  12. I don’t know how clued in this guy is, but I’ve heard of him and he does do some sort of Mizzou coverage, so it’s not like he’s a complete nobody.
  13. Could be, but it’s also a local player that is considering Mizzou. It’s not like Frank C doesn’t care about Mizzou. If the decision was between SLU and any school other than Mizzou, I’d feel pretty good about our chances. Since it is SLU and Mizzou, I’ll say it’s a coin flip.
  14. I don’t know what Bally Sports, or Fox Sports previously, gets per month from the cable/satellite bundle, but if it’s less than what they’re going to charge for the standalone subscription, my worry is that eventually they’ll expect to get that from the bundle, and when they don’t get it, they’ll pull Bally’s Midwest from that.
  15. The actual holding itself was narrow. Everybody is fawning over Justice Kavanaugh’s concurring opinion, which while not binding precedent, is thought to lay the groundwork for additional action in the form of new lawsuits or legislative action.
  16. Ok thanks. He was my best guess, but I thought he looked slightly different in this photo, so I figured it was worth asking.
  17. I can’t imagine that went well for McBroom.
  18. I didn’t see the telecast, so maybe there is strong evidence he is committing there, but what are the chances he is visiting and somebody got visiting confused with committing?
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