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  1. Scored some club level seats from as scalper pretty cheap. Almost game time!
  2. If that board wasn’t so painful to read I’d probably entertain myself there for a while.
  3. I wonder if she spanked her monkey?
  4. I think if he has aspirations of playing at the next level he’ll need to.
  5. Will you wear a wig at least?
  6. Sent out several tickets to people in the past that I took a picture of. They were able to use them without issue.
  7. Jefferson College in Hillsboro has voted to add men’s basketball beginning in the fall of 2023. They ended the program in the 80s previously. Thought some of you hoop junkies might like to know this.
  8. When I was a kid there would be a Cubs game on a lot of the afternoons. They had done fun players to watch even though the team wasn’t that good. The you could watch the Braves on TBS start an hour before the Cardinals started their games. There was easy access to watch those 3 teams living in STL.
  9. If it’s not Yuri then I think this team will disappoint most of us. Everything flows through him and he has to take that next step up. His outside shot has to improve along with his willingness to take it. He’s tough as nails and I think he can. Im really hoping he does.
  10. I’d take another Donnie Dobbs.
  11. He was given a chance to start. He showed he has the ability to be a very impactful player. He also disappeared quite a bit. Watching games I always wondered which DJ was going to show up. To me it seemed like he lacked the killer instinct. The talent is there. I don’t know him personally but he seems like a quality person. I wish him the best. But he didn’t seize his opportunity.
  12. I would wish him the best. Sounds like he did us a favor not coming here.
  13. I would think it would be the exact time. It’s an investment.
  14. Don’t know what he’s paid. But it could be as simple as money.
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