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  1. I can’t make it to the game today. My seats aren’t being used if someone wants to move up/down. Section 111 row D seats 3,4,5. Good seats front row. Scott
  2. Slowry

    GDT: Arch Baron Cup 2k19

    I think Ford addressed this about Foreman in the post game show. If you can find the audio it’s worth a listen.
  3. Slowry

    GDT: Arch Baron Cup 2k19

    It was great watching Thatch play against him in the post. Thatch out rebounded and denied him the ball a lot. When I saw that mismatch at first I thought for sure we were in trouble. But Toppin looked bad against him.
  4. Slowry

    GDT: Arch Baron Cup 2k19

    Anyone looking to move up tonight I have a seat open section 111 row d seat 3.
  5. Slowry

    2018-2019 Ticket Exchange

    Might have 2 tickets for tonight. Section 111 front row. DM if interested Scott
  6. Slowry

    2018-2019 Ticket Exchange

    3 tickets for tonight. Good seats front row. Must pick up in Hillsboro
  7. Slowry

    GDT Davidson

    I know there was no screen. Just switch who was defending at that point on the floor. I don’t know why you would other than possibly trying to confuse the offensive player with a short clock. But that’s what they were saying to each other.
  8. Slowry

    GDT Davidson

    I really think he’s hurting. On a timeout after he missed an easy basket he was telling French he tried to dunk it but he couldn’t.
  9. Slowry

    GDT Davidson

    Watching the players and listening to what they were saying there was a miscommunication. They were supposed to switch. I don’t think Thatch let off so the switch could happen resulting in the foul on Goodwin.
  10. Slowry

    GDT: The pretend Duke

    I won’t be sorry to see TI gone.
  11. Slowry

    Ja Morant

    Wish we played them so Bess could improve his draft stock by shutting him down.
  12. You nailed it. His last 3 he was being guarded by TI.
  13. Slowry

    Other MCBB games on TV '18-'19

    I’m assuming Welmer.
  14. Slowry

    SLU Records Review

    Thanks for the rundown. I forgot IL.
  15. Slowry

    SLU Records Review

    I thought the crowd was bigger than 17k when we played at the domes few years. If I remember right we played K-State. Also didn’t we beat Kansas(I think they were number 11). That would have been a big crowd. Or are we not counting the dome?