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  1. He was given a chance to start. He showed he has the ability to be a very impactful player. He also disappeared quite a bit. Watching games I always wondered which DJ was going to show up. To me it seemed like he lacked the killer instinct. The talent is there. I don’t know him personally but he seems like a quality person. I wish him the best. But he didn’t seize his opportunity.
  2. I would wish him the best. Sounds like he did us a favor not coming here.
  3. I would think it would be the exact time. It’s an investment.
  4. Don’t know what he’s paid. But it could be as simple as money.
  5. would be hard to leave built in entertainment
  6. Couple years ago my son and I were making a delivery to Mission Taco in CWE. I looked over and saw a couple guys in suits and some black Suburbans. I told my son there was someone important over there. I got to looking around and saw Joe Biden sitting on a bench. I told my son let’s see if you can get a picture with him. I approached the secret service and asked. They said no. Joe heard and stood up and said they are fine I can do a picture. He was very nice to my son (didn’t sniff him). Talked to my son for a couple minutes and we moved on. I don’t agree with his politics but he was the VP of the United States. And now I have a picture of my son and I with the President. When will I ever get to meet another one? But like I said I don’t agree with his politics.
  7. I’m surprised not to see Missouri on your list. Win over Oregon and ILL. May so ask why they aren’t?
  8. My bad I actually thought it was to Bradley Beal Nation. Guess he would have used BBE for that one.
  9. Noticed in his apology it was directed to BBN. Wonder if Cal didn’t like that it didn’t name Kentucky? I know it said coaches and teammates. But that’s now naming Kentucky teammates fans and coaches.
  10. Where do you think he gets 90% of his content. Hopefully he donates to the board.
  11. Why would the athletic department want to make extra money?
  12. I haven’t watched him much at Texas. So maybe he’s changed his coaching. But he’s kind of like Mike Anderson. Their systems will win some games. But when the go up against teams that are experienced or have really good guard play they are just an average team.
  13. That’s great for the young man and I hope he does really well. But I hope this wasn’t the “big” news that was teased.
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