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  1. I haven’t watched him much at Texas. So maybe he’s changed his coaching. But he’s kind of like Mike Anderson. Their systems will win some games. But when the go up against teams that are experienced or have really good guard play they are just an average team.
  2. That’s great for the young man and I hope he does really well. But I hope this wasn’t the “big” news that was teased.
  3. These mini tournaments would make to much sense and to much money for the schools to actually do. I can’t for the life of me understand why they don’t. Packed arenas restaurants and hotels must be a bad thing in their minds. Things like this are what bring casual fans out of the woodwork. Maybe Covid putting programs in a financial strain will get some of these things going.
  4. There is probably a Tight End position waiting for him in the NFL.
  5. I would like to see this. Maybe they would have the foresight to schedule us against Mizzou.
  6. I tried to get a Jersey for my daughter for a long time. She wanted a French Jersey. We sit pretty much at the end of the bench. She wanted to modify the jersey and be able to rip it open (held together with Velcro) and have a Superman shirt underneath. But we couldn’t find one and she lost interest in doing that. Other kids wanted Jerseys also. But sorry SLU doesn’t sell them.
  7. Are you thinking if Tate Decker? Wasn’t he from WG? Edit didn’t see that you posted from the 70s. Obviously Decker isn’t that old.
  8. I think we’re on the path to dominate even with Dayton there. But maybe I’m just a homer.
  9. Go grab Lowery from K-State. We could really lock down STL in recruiting.
  10. I saw the movie Chattanooga choo choo when I was a kid. Does this count?
  11. None taken. I give her credit for doing that also. But I think she pulls it out if the bag to use as a crutch is all. I don’t have any I’ll feeling towards her. I’m just not a fan and for me she’s hard to listen to. But I’m sure for some people she’s their favorite. It’s all personal taste.
  12. What’s the push to keep Michelle Smallmon on the air? It’s tough to listen to her in the air. I can only hear the term “mothership” so many times. And every guest she crossed paths with in Bristol is “her guy”.
  13. Thank you for the time you take to go these updates. It’s fun to read about former players and what they are doing.
  14. Why go see a train wreck? Same thing.
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