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  1. From my understanding yes, but I don't live in Saint Louis, can anyone else comment?
  2. Sadly nothing, I believe it has to do with copyright but who knows. I checked for alternatives but nothing worked.
  3. Tip-off has been moved to 9:15 however not sure why sound isn't working.
  4. Being younger, I looked up to Anthony Drejaj. Therefore, when my dad took me to an away game I jumped at the chance to get an autograph. He was caught off guard because it was an away game, but overall he was really nice and help call over other players to sign autographs. 10/10 would totally ask again.
  5. Here is the TV feed in case any wants to relive it
  6. I mostly agree with this statement however NCAA geo-locks their streaming platform therefore any users outside the USA can't use that link unless they use a VPN. Which should totally work, however I am not sure if user will be able to bypass the two hour limit by using a VPN as most VPN services like NORD VPN, etc will have already have people attempting the same thing. Given the amount of users it is always good to have a plan b. However as you stated if at all possible that is plan A.
  7. Game day bump, if anyone has any question please post them here. Otherwise, I will post streams around twenty minutes before tip-off!
  8. They responded to my message by posting the audio from the last play of the game. Link here.
  9. I sent a message to 101 the fan asking if they consider releasing the championship call. I will update if they respond. However, the more people asking the more likely it is it actually happen.
  10. Along with being on CBS, you can watch the NCAA tournament Selection Show on March Madness Live. The show is available here. The show starts at 6 p.m. ET.
  11. Gameday bump with free streaming links in the first post.
  12. No idea, try it and let us know? So were you able to watch video on SouthWest during the game? If so which stream did you watch it from? Edit: First post updated for today's game.
  13. Man there are so many variables in this question to try to answer it But, I would say don't expect it, because the probably block for streaming. However, depending on the airline you might have a shot with the official site or low-quality pirate stream depending on if they have the bandwidth speeds to support video streaming. Even if it supports it I wouldn't be surprised if they quickly cap you as satellite data is very expensive. However, I am pretty confident that 101 and the stat links should load with no problem. Have you happened to try it by chance? Because from my reading of multiple airlines FAQ they can throttle speeds after like 250 MB so if you attempt to watch pick the LOWEST video settings. Depending on the airline, some give a discount if you purchase it ahead of time. If I was you I would pony up the money to give it a try. I will post the streaming links closer to game time.
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