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  1. As of right now, this game isn't on TV or ESPN+... I will keep checking if that changes.
  2. Fight through a few pop up ads and it should work, I have it on my phone right now.
  3. Working on a mobile link, other link I have in thread works for pc.
  4. Please let me know if that A-10 international one works on a cell phone? My thoughts are that it is not mobile friendly in which case I will post a mobile link around tip off. It says ESPN 101.1, currently the official website not working probably due to blackout of the Raven's vs 49ers NFL game, however https://tunein.com/radio/101-ESPN-1011-s23633/ seems to work for me right now, however not sure if the NFL game will finish before tip-off. There seems to be 15 minutes left in the NFL game. However, let me know if your able to use that URL to listen?
  5. The game will be televised on the ACC Network and streamed on WatchESPN. Please note that game will NOT appear on ESPN+. Fans are highly encouraged to visit getaccn.com for a list of service providers and channel numbers for the ACC Network. Only those who receive the ACC Network as part of their television service will be able to stream the game on WatchESPN. Users should log into the app using their service provider credentials. I will be posting a mobile friendly streams but I would advise against clicking any stream links on your company wifi.
  6. @billikenfan05 Not 100% if this will be a working link for our game but it should be! Would you mind telling me if this link works outside the USA on mobile? It's going to be a little annoying with trying to avoid redirects from ads but I got it to work on my phone as of 9:40 CST. HD | ACCNX HD | Clicks:2 | Mobile:Yes | Disable Adblock | NSFW:Yes | MISR:1Mbps IMPORTANT NOTICE: This website incorporates links to other websites maintained by unaffiliated third parties. With the exception of the Billikens.com (www.billikens.com), these websites are neither owned by nor under the control of Billikens.com. Billikens.com is not responsible for the contents of any third party website. We provide such links as a convenience to our website users, and inclusion of any link implies neither our endorsement of its website nor any association with its operators or owners.
  7. I should be able to score a link that will work in Mexico. If not, I will give you a free vpn login to watch the game. Just a quick follow up, will you be watching from a Computer or Phone?
  8. No idea @almaman. First post updated w/streaming link for tonight.
  9. Is anyone actually watching on WatchESPN+ or FoxSportsGO? I keep getting "The selected program is no longer available"
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