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  1. Gameday bump with streaming links.
  2. Thanks, didn't realize the start time. Updating now.
  3. Extremely unlikely, given that the game isn't on FoxSports which will replay our games in the middle of the night. Also ESPN+ games offer a full game replay but as far as I am aware CBS Sports offers no streaming options. So either, I would have to record the game at tip off, or have another user record the game and share their login to the DVR. But ripping that feed would require rewatching it with a screen recorder, and uploading it. Which even then probably won't be amazing quality. In the future, without starting WWIII just give me a heads up, and I see if I can set up one of my computers to record the game like previous years.
  4. Gameday bump! Streams are up and running
  5. First post has been updated!
  6. game day bump, see first post!
  7. Game day bump w/streams
  8. Thanks, it was a copy/paste from slubillikens but it should be fixed now
  9. Thanks, the first post has been updated accordingly to reflect this. Also, streams links are up for tonight's game.
  10. Thanks! Glad to help! So that channel-finder is crap, I believe the correct answer to your question is that this channel is included to subscribers in Pitt for free. However, it should available nationwide by those who have the DirectTV sports package. This is the ability to access all the channels in the 600-700 range which include Fox Sports Midwest for those outside the Fox Sports Midwest default area. Edit: I am not sure if this channel is free or requires the sports package within Saint Louis. I would assume the latter, by if someone without the sports package could try to hit channel 659 on Directv and let me know it be much appreciated. Lastly, I will update the first post with streaming links closer to tip off.
  11. -- The game will be streamed live on ESPN+. Additionally, the game will be produced and televised by Duquesne and aired on AT&T SportsNet, which is primarily available in the Pittsburgh region. The channel finder is here: https://pittsburgh-attsn.att.com/channel-finder/ So far, I have found and posted the channels for DirecTV and Dish Network in the first post! If anyone can provide channel numbers for additional networks please feel free to post them, so that I can update the first thread.
  12. Crap I didn't realize it was a 6PM start... See the first post.
  13. Go_Bills

    GDT @ La Salle

    Thank you!
  14. Go_Bills

    GDT @ La Salle

    Thank you!