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  1. Blues support is actually a lot like Billikens support. They have approximately 12,000 bluesiers who will show up faithfully no matter what. We have 5000 who will do the same. The Blues were begging for more fans at the end of the Dave Checketts era. Additionally, they are on shaky financial ground even when they're selling out. I wouldn't be citing the Blues as a bulletproof franchise.
  2. I've wanted Carpenter for awhile- he fits us perfectly (something that you have quite effectively stressed, 3 Star) plus my name is Robert and I'm a carpenter.
  3. Kline's interviews on The Morning Grind/Morning After were radio gold- dude has no filter.
  4. My hot take- thought I'd go with some fry talk since I'm listening to TMA- Juniper has the best fries in the STL, and their chicken is also pretty darn good.
  5. SLU at New Mexico, March '89- down 21 at the half at the pit. If they win, I'm taking a three day trip to NYC and gigging at the garden. Epic comeback, epic trip.
  6. Absolutely! The fact that we are salivating over our recruits AND half of them are local kids is something that hasn't happened around here in a long time. This is what is going to make Billikens basketball the hottest thing in town. Marginal fans get excited with the local angle.
  7. Saturday's game was actually on cbssn, if that helps.
  8. You had this bombshell information and sat on it all night? Real fan my ass!
  9. It's going to be tough, but I think we actually match up better against Rhodey than Richmond. Bess puts the clamps on Dowtin, we have a good chance to win. Defense travels (hopefully a little bit of offense takes the trip to Kingston for us). A win here could get us back on track- time for some positive vibes on the board.
  10. On the bad news front, Willie Reed suffered a season ending shoulder injury last week, ending what was an excellent season in the G-league. He was definitely on track for a ten day contract somewhere before season's end. You can say what you want about Willie, but it seems like he has really finally matured and the people in SLC loved him. He might be headed toward a career as a color analyst on A-10 games.
  11. We re up by one at the half after pulling an o'fer from 3- we'll be fine.
  12. Well deserved- Earl represents the basketball community better than anyone.
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