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  1. I feel like Jordan and Hassahn are constantly penalized because they're physically stronger than just about everyone, and they're effort guys, not finesse guys. It's like they should be able to fight through just about any foul, but they are not afforded the same consideration when they are defending.
  2. 0yeah how about a running clock for christsakes
  3. It's time for our guys to ask for paystubs- backyard brawl, y'all!
  4. Missouri is not a 60-40 state-- more like 53-47, and any Republican could get crushed if turnout in the two metro areas hit its full potential. Every decision like this one is a value judgement that could come back to bite the politician who miscalculates.
  5. Just curious, how do you know his bouts are less serious than Fred's?
  6. The game last night rought me more enjoyment han one human being should have. How about the fact that we were down 5 with two minutes left and everybody in the building thought Dayton was going to run away from us, yet we sucked it up and came back. There were so many moments that came back to bite us in the end, but that happens in every game. Players make plays, and Crutcher was just cold blooded down the stretch. Sometimes you just have to tip your cap, instead of bitching and moaning.
  7. Hey screw you I've been screaming myself hoarse!
  8. I just bought a single ticket for my wife- I counted e actly 700 hundred tickets left, not counting the club boxes.
  9. Jimmy's footwork is top notch for a freshman big, and he has a very good natural feel for the game. It is super exciting to watch him grow game by game. That being said, matchups are so important in the paint that he will continue to have big games mixed in with games where there is not as much time for him on the court.
  10. Glorydays Trav Clocktower- is this you?
  11. Horse bleep play so far this half
  12. Jesus, Roy, for once in your life get off your high horse and give it a rest. We all already know you're a better Billikens fan than everyone else.
  13. Um, the title of this thread is "Optimism". You obviously misread. Get off the ledge and watch a couple of wins coming up.
  14. I have to say that dealing with ATT is a pain in the ass, but you can make a much better deal with them than you've got, 72. I'm getting internet and DirecTV (ultimate package or whatever it is called, with all the sports channels you'd ever need) for $86 a month, on a two year deal that does not go up after the first year. When that expires in 9/21 I'll see what the best deal is. It's like buying a car- you can't be afraid to walk away.
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