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  1. Who the bleep would have gone and joined the clusterbomb that was the Jim Crews era Billikens? We gave him no freaking choice! We get it you're butt hurt about it, but you're way off base here. Some times in life timing is everything- I would have loved to have seen JGood , Has, and Jayson Tatum on the same floor at Chaifetz, but it just wasn't meant to be..
  2. I would suggest this; when you see a multi paragraph post from Clock Tower let your eyes glaze over and switch to a different topic.
  3. Hail, hail, the gang's all here! This is by a pretty decent margin the most talented roster the Billikens have had in my lifetime- all we need is a season for them to play.
  4. That's an extra ten years of watching Billikens basketball, people. I don't want to give that up.
  5. I've read all 87 pages of this godforsaken thread, but I never actually threw up until a minute ago.
  6. I was listening to the pressbox yesterday: I think Rich Grawer did all time teams of players he coached. Frank said Abdur Raheem El Mateen was his second team center behind Steve Stipanovich. Thoughts anyone?
  7. 1989 New Mexico NIT quarterfinals at the pit is one of my favorite Billikens games of all time- if you could pull that out of the vault you'd be a magician.
  8. I watched Cop Land on Saturday - it was actually pretty good. Stallone's best movies are when he is playing an amiable doofus, and there's an all star lineup of actors to support him.
  9. Travis Ford coming up next segment on the pressbox with Frank C.
  10. As I'm sure everyone knows, there has never been any inaccurate information disseminated at a Corona virus briefing-100 % truth, all the time.
  11. Are you crazy Brian? Obviously it's more important to argue.
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