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  1. When I built my house 19 years ago (not in a subdivision) I called charter for six weeks after the house was finished, begging them to lay the cable to my house- in true charter fashion, they kept telling me it was on the schedule and never showed up. It's been satellite or uverse ever since.
  2. I don't know exactly how I pulled this off, but I'm getting direct's ultimate package, hbo, and internet service for $81+ tax. I couldn't find a better deal no matter what streaming service i would have picked. Also if you get rid of your tv service they jack your internet price up.
  3. I was going to drop our directv and cut the cord, but after some negotiating I ended up with a super deal and will not cut the cord for at least 12 months. If they don't have cbssn come winter that will really blow.
  4. CBFan, I agree that they should come and spend their money- I've never confronted one of the mizzlosers and told them to get out. I'm just saying it irritates the crap out of me.
  5. Nothing pisses me off more than seeing people in mizzou gear at chaifetz. I could understand it if we were playing them there and represent, but I'm not going to your crappy facility in December for some buy game wearing Billikens garb. If you want to come and enjoy a game at our place buy some blue.
  6. For anyone who remembers the midwestern cities and collegiate days it has to be Xavier. Stan Kimbrough and Byron Larkin are etched in my memory forever, and I still want payback.
  7. I'll trust Travis on this one- if he wants Mack I am completely all in.
  8. Blues support is actually a lot like Billikens support. They have approximately 12,000 bluesiers who will show up faithfully no matter what. We have 5000 who will do the same. The Blues were begging for more fans at the end of the Dave Checketts era. Additionally, they are on shaky financial ground even when they're selling out. I wouldn't be citing the Blues as a bulletproof franchise.
  9. I've wanted Carpenter for awhile- he fits us perfectly (something that you have quite effectively stressed, 3 Star) plus my name is Robert and I'm a carpenter.
  10. Kline's interviews on The Morning Grind/Morning After were radio gold- dude has no filter.
  11. My hot take- thought I'd go with some fry talk since I'm listening to TMA- Juniper has the best fries in the STL, and their chicken is also pretty darn good.
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