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  1. He certainly looks like he's having fun playing football. Stay healthy, dude.
  2. I have bought all of my recent Billikens gear at Costco- best place to get it.
  3. How does this stir up any controversy- it's just Billiken history. I don't think Torch is saying everything is going to go wrong this year.
  4. Lots of real basketball news in early August- man I've got a basketball Jones! Welcome to PGU Cian Medley!
  5. 05, maybe I can help you on your quest to get rid of this whole thing- I'd just like to point out that as a lifelong Democrat, I love the moniker Team Blue!
  6. The family arena is a freaking dump. Chaifetz is one of the best designed arenas I've ever been in. There is absolutely no comparison between the two except for their similar size.
  7. Way too cryptic- spill the beans!
  8. Look, I'm sure Yuri is a very conflicted 21 year old. Has he handled everything to date well- obviously not, but extrapolating that he's some irredeemable jerk is going way too far. Also, none of us have lived a day in his shoes; something tells me my life has been incredibly cushy compared to his. I hope that one way or another he gets some money that will make his family's life a little easier.
  9. Hey there will still be at least one more game for you to form an opinion. The most fun I ever had as a Billiken fan was beating Judd Heathcote's ass in the semifinals of the NIT- it meant two more days exploring NYC.
  10. Hopefully Travis tells JNezz to go ahead and try to jam it every time he goes to the rim- throw it down young man!
  11. Gibby has a disturbing habit of short-arming the ball when he gets in the lane for jumpers- lots of front rim or air balls.
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