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Javon Pickett starts season with a bang

24 November 2015 - 06:07 AM

The Belleville East junior dropped 41 at the Centralia Thanksgiving Tournament against an overmatched Springfield squad last night. Belleville East will face its first serious test against Centralia on Friday.


14 October 2015 - 05:23 AM

We were 305th in the NCAA in rebounding last year. We only had 3 players average over 3 rpg. I think our inability to rebound was the most overlooked story from last year. If you look at our losses to Mason and Fordham, you'll see we got absolutely dominated on the boards.

That's the area where having a 6'10 kid who can jump will help right away. Even if Neufeld isn't the one getting the rebound, he's someone the other team has to account for when a shot goes up.

Zeke Moore gets some help

25 September 2015 - 12:04 PM

Malik Barnett, a 6'3 guard who averaged 23 ppg for McKinley last year, has transferred to Riverview Gardens.  He's a solid athlete and ballhandler who likes to take people off the dribble.  It will be nice for Zeke to have another reliable scoring threat on the team. He was practically the entire offense for Riverview last year.
Zeke and his squad will be participating in the Washington Invitational this year, held November 24-28.  Riverview is scheduled to play three teams featuring multiple D-1 prospects.  Will definitely toughen them up for conference play.

Is Roby our starting point guard?

05 July 2015 - 07:14 AM

Crawford is our most consistent offensive player and Ash is our most physically gifted player. The only way to get them on the floor at the same time is for Roby to play the point. He played some point sporadically during A-10 play so there is precedent. Roby didn't show much playmaking ability but frankly neither did the other kids who played point last year. At least with Roby you get a high-level defender.

I've assumed the past three months that Bartley was our starter at point guard next year. However, other than shoot threes, I can't think of anything he does better than Roby. Bishop is the wild card here. If he can defend quick guards maybe he gets the backup minutes at point instead of Bartley. Bartley can stroke it so he will still see playing time at shooting guard in any case. But next year could determine the future of this coaching staff. i don't think they can afford another season of blow bys at the point guard position.

Chaminade vs Hazelwood Central this Saturday

12 March 2015 - 06:41 AM

Game time is 1pm at Lindenwood.  Features some dude named Tatum and another dude named Sneed.


If you haven't seen Xavier Sneed before, he's a big-time athlete who is learning to play basketball.  Shoots way too many threes but is good from distance.  Makes his free throws.  Weak handle.  Virtually no mid-range game. Good rebounder.  Needs to become a more consistent defender but he's no worse than Tatum in that respect.


Central gets off to notoriously slow starts against good teams.  If that happens on Saturday, this could be over early.  Steve Holloway, their point guard, is the key.  He's a good ballhandler and can shoot the three.  But you never know what kind of decisions he's going to make with the ball.  If he can feed the post, Central has mobile bigs who can score inside against Chaminade's frontline.  If the game is close in the fourth quarter, Sneed has the length to force Tatum into tough shots.  And Chaminade at crunch times becomes really one-dimensional.  If Tatum doesn't make those shots or doesn't get to the line, Chaminade can be beaten.


Defensively, Central doesn't really have anybody who can deal with Cook.  But other than Tatum, no one has really shown an ability to get him the ball. 


Mike Lewis, Chaminade's 6'1 shooting guard, could play a key role for if Tatum isn't making shots early.  Tatum is by far their best scorer but Lewis is their best shooter.