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In Topic: slufan13's message to the team

Yesterday, 10:19 PM

Keep your head up guys. Remember these ass whippings when you're putting in work in the offseason. Use it as fuel.

In Topic: Recruiting - 2016

Yesterday, 05:08 PM

Crews doesn't really have a long term future here. I have a feeling next year will be his last because it just seems like to much of a stretch to expect vastly different results when the team as a whole hasn't even begun to buy in at this point. We will most likely land in the bottom half of the conference again, and at that point it is probably time for a staff change. The question is, who will we pursue for the long term? Chris May will have an immensely important task ahead of him in the next year or so...



Also, it's hard to recruit good players when they aren't even sure who the HC will be beyond the 2015-2016 season. I've supported Crews for a while now, but he just doesn't seem to have control of these players anymore...


And another note, even if Crews stays for the season after next, the question of future HC would still be lingering. Why would a good 2016 or 2017 recruit come here when they don't even know who the eventual longterm HC will be?


Believe it or not, some recruits don't make snap judgements based on one lousy season.  Some high school players have been through lousy seasons themselves and know how easy it is for a team to lose its way when things aren't going their way on the court.  And some of these high school players have been on teams that quickly rebounded the next season. There are even players who aren't considered desirable players right now who will emerge during the summer circuit who could help our cause. 


Crews is the devil - right now, I get it.  I mean, just look at the lousy results on the court by our ragtag group of freshmen and upperclass role players playing 4 on 5 every night.  But what if he isn't the devil?  What if simply inserting a serviceable center into the lineup next year and a summer of offseason work allows the team to play 5 on 5?  What if these kids are looking for payback after getting beat on this season? I mean, it's possible, right? 

In Topic: Recruiting - 2016

Yesterday, 12:56 PM

This Tatum or Bust talk has been entertaining but getting Xavier Sneed would help a lot too.  My concern is that by the time Tatum finally reaches a decision, Sneed will have committed elsewhere.  Recruiting is a maddening juggling act.  Glad I don't have to do it.

In Topic: Recruiting - 2016

03 March 2015 - 05:39 PM

I think Barnes does everything you want a pure point guard to do.  He can sroke it from outside and from the free throw line, he can penetrate, he finds the open man, he does a good job of keeping his dribble alive when lanes are shut down.   He's not a speed merchant but he is quick.  He's a pest on defense. Obviously we haven't seen him against a college-level press yet, but he makes good decisions with the ball when under duress. He's not an explosive athlete, so he's not going to finish at the rim.  


I know his slight build is a turn-off for some but what that really amounts to is this:  If he plays at our level or even the MVC, his lack of strength will be a glaring liability as a freshman.  The ideal situation would be for him to be a reserve guard for a couple of years.  But 15 lbs later, you'll have the prototypical point guard everyone has been clamoring for. 

In Topic: Recruiting - 2016

03 March 2015 - 06:09 AM

2016 is a tough year to be looking for a point guard. The class of 2016 in Illinois is the weakest it's been in years, particularly at the point guard position. If CBC's Jordan Barnes were on the other side of the river, he'd likely be considered a top 5 point guard in the state.