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Yesterday, 04:50 PM

Interesting. Looks like the staff isn't just going to concede southwest Missouri anymore. Ridder can certainly play. Good handle for a 6'6 player. Rebounds well enough to play the wing. Good shooter. Decent quickness.

The blueprint is clear. The staff is offering guys who are good, not great athletes, can shoot it and are size mismatches at their position. I can live with that blueprint for every position except point guard. I think you need a really quick player at that position. Too many quick points in this conference.

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Yesterday, 01:50 PM

Evans had an accurate mid-range jumpshot by his junior year. Milik does not, so his post up successes require him to be pretty close to the basket. Yes he can handle the ball but he's not quick enough to beat many wings off the dribble. You know who he is quick enough to get around with his dribble? Power forwards.

Welmer is the unrated recruit that nobody on the board wanted. I'm glad that folks are starting to warm up to him now that they've seen him in the flesh. But he isn't physically capable of giving you Cody Ellis-level production right now. Maybe next year.

I agree that mismatches make playing offense much easier. Perhaps Neufeld can develop into that guy as an upperclassman. Or maybe Milik will lock himself in the gym until he develops a mid-range jumpshot. Until then, our margin for error will be thin.

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Yesterday, 01:02 PM

I agree with that group of 8, but hope Welmer is capable of being in that top 8. I would think Jolly, Reynolds, and Bishop will be the odd men out this coming season. 
I just have a tough time seeing how these pieces best fit together and if there is a lineup that could create some matchup problems.
The most interesting development for me will be what Milik is. He is the one guy who truly has the versatility to create matchup problems. I know Majerus kept hoping Dwayne Evans would develop his perimeter game to play the 3, but that never happened and he struggled when playing on the perimeter offensively. Things worked out well though because that roster had the versatility to primarily play Dwayne in the post offensively (where he had most of his success) and the 3 on defense when he played with Cody (6'8 skilled offensive player) and Loe was the center, with his perimeter ability it further allowed for Dwayne to play in the paint with teams unable to truly help down on him, so it created matchup issues for the opponent. Early in Dwayne's senior season when they tried to play him as more of the 3 with Glaze as the 4, we saw that he needed to be in the paint, so we went to Jake starting at the 3 with Dwayne at the 4. Without Cody and him playing as the true 4 we saw teams guard him with their top defensive big man and they really didn't have to guard Jake, so there was not the same matchup problems for our opponents and the #s show that. The prior team had a lot of versatility allowing for favorable matchups for Dwight to take advantage of. If Milik is not capable of producing at the 3 and instead plays the 4 on both ends of the court, that really limits the minutes for the group of bigs and I am not sure if we create matchup problems with Milik being the power forward on both ends of the court unless he has developed his perimeter game or if we have a big who can play the 3/4 alongside him like Ellis and Evans. This is where Welmer is kind of intriguing to me because he in theory could fit that Ellis role creating matchup problems with teams possibly having to guard Milik with a 3 in the post and not being able to help down.
I think there can be a lot of good discussion with what direction this team should go in. Initially I thought playing the 3 top wings and Milik together made the most sense and while that is likely what we will see, I am not sure whether that lineup (Roby, Ash, Crawford, Milik, and Gillmann/Neufeld) can have that much success because none of those guys strike me as being plus players at the positions they would be playing at in that lineup.

I haven't seen any evidence yet that Milik is more than a 60% shooter from the free throw line or more than a 40% shooter outside of 5 feet. Hard to play the 3 that way. He is jumping better now without the baby fat. Hopefully that translates into a higher conversion rate near the rim during A-10 play.

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Yesterday, 12:26 PM

Nice, great to hear. Better shooter than AG?

Will probably shoot a similar percentage from 3. Different kind of player, though. Has no post game whatsoever. Quicker, shoots a high arching shot. If you run out at him, he's quick enough to go by you. Give him another year and he should be strong enough to finish dribble drives consistently.

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01 August 2015 - 10:23 AM

And Gunn is up to 6'7 now.