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Yesterday, 11:59 PM

How many offers do we have out to local kids? Tatum, Cook, Yess, Sneed. Who else? Seriously if you are in the know tell us. I count 3 times that many local kids who are worthy of offers. It isn't like it used to be, the best metro area players are all 3 star recruits, the days of Joel Shelton being the best player in the area are over.

SLU effectively only has one scholarship to offer the 2016 class until Tatum makes a decision. They can't afford to make a mistake here. Nobody in the Valley has offered Ferguson, which is an academic red flag to me.

Which kids do you believe are deserving of that last scholarship? Not who may be worthy of a scholarship in 6 months, but right now?

In Topic: Congrats to Porter Moser

Yesterday, 02:09 PM

You guys are great. MB, especially. He did a great job at Evansville... 25 years ago. Holy cow. He can obviously coach and the program is not lost with him at the helm, but good lord the hand-wringing when you mention just how mediocre he's been relative to everyone else out there on our level, or more importantly, higher, which is where everyone aspires to be be a la Xavier, Butler etc. is embarrassing. Honk all you want for coach Crews, but it's the next coach that will decide the future of the program and some of us just wouldn't mind looking for that guy as soon as possible. Coach Crews is fine. We get it. What's the biggest game he's ever won? Confident he's the one that can get over the hurdle and into the Sweet 16?

Then it may be a long four years for you.  Crews is in the 2nd year of a 5 year contract.  Chris May hasn't shown himself to be a risk taker. Our deep pocketed boosters don't have a reputation for being particularly demanding. If this past season was really an aberration and Crews can right the ship, he isn't going anywhere.  It's not about honking for Crews.  It's about being realistic.
Here's even worse news for you.  If Crews can catch a break on the recruiting trail and  get us to the tournament in the next 2 years, our conservative AD may even decide to extend him.

In Topic: Recruiting - 2016

Yesterday, 06:53 AM

Local recruiting wasn't important to Majerus.  He didn't really keep Thorpe either.  Ran him off after one year I think because Thorpe still had a year on his contract.  In restrospect he should have kept Walker.  Maybe Walker didn't want to coach with him.  Walker hasn't coached with or for intense guys like Majerus.  He does good work for Illinois and is a big presence among STL area BBall players.
I know we clamor for Tatum and Claggett to join the staff (personally I'd prefer Corey Frazier who may replace Tate if he leaves) but I don't think either of them want to leave the HS ranks.  A college coaches life is not one for a family really.  I was extremely impressed with Claggett's performance this season.  I thought he always underachieved at McCluer but to have success at SLUH is quite an accomplishment today.
I wholeheartedly agree with you 3 star.  Not just 3 or 4 players, we could build our entire roster around STL area kids the next few season (and should have started it more already).  All we have to do is convince them to stay home.  I just don't see us making inroads with many of these recruits.  We have always focused on the big fish in the area.  The talent pool in STL is getting deeper and deeper.  We are virtually ignoring it.  

I'm encouraged by the long-term interest shown by the program in Jordan Barnes, who was invited to last year's summer camp.  I see a similar trajectory in the recruitment of SLUH sophomore Brandon McKissic.  They are both nice lead guards but certainly not big fish.  That represents a change in recruiting philosophy, IMO.
If we had more scholarships in the 2016 class, I think the current staff's interest in local talent would be more obvious.  But clearly one of those two scholarships has to be held for the ultimate big fish until he eliminates us from contention.  Hopefully at least one of the plan B guys -- Brendon Gooch, Zeke Moore, Tarkus Ferguson -- is patient and doesn't sign early with the Valley.

In Topic: Congrats to Porter Moser

28 March 2015 - 06:00 PM

Right, we understand that this year was inevitably going to be bad. Really bad. But I think the question everyone is asking is this: is Crews the coach that can build us up to a level comparable to VCU, Gonzaga, Wichita St, Butler? Other mid major programs that have achieved national recognition. There's no reason for us to not strive for something similar, and I truly don't believe Crews would ever be able to build SLU up to that. He was a good coach at Evansville, but not anything spectacular.


Sure there's a reason.  Competition.  There's about 60-70 well-financed mid major programs trying to do the same thing.  It takes a combination of skill, hard work and a large dose of luck to get there.  And you have to prove it over a long period of time. 


Mark Few and Shaka Smart didn't come out of nowhere to lead their programs to the promised land.  Each coach that came before them moved the program a little closer to the national recognition you desire. If Crews can right the ship and make the Dance twice in the next 4 years, he will have more than done his part.  He's a couple of players away from making that happen.  If the staff can continue to recruit at the level that brought us this freshmen class, we'll get those two players.

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28 March 2015 - 01:39 PM

Agreed.  This season, we really could have used Glaze playing 22-24 min a game and putting up 6ppg and 6rpg.  But Reggie appears capable of putting up similar numbers next year.  We don't need two non-scorers at that position.