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In Topic: JC Hot Seat

Yesterday, 05:25 PM

In the last five or so years, how many local players who fit that description has SLU missed out on?

Malcolm Hill would have averaged over 15 ppg as a starter for us this year. Considering the dearth of young frontcourt talent we had when Majerus took ill, Nolan Berry would also have started this year. Butler had better options than him coming into last season but we certainly didn't. And Ryan Rosburg, who is totally overmatched in the SEC, would have been an upgrade over our other centers.

In Topic: Recruiting - 2016

Yesterday, 11:40 AM

So we currently have no offers out to any power forwards in 2016 class?

You know how this works after the AAU season. We'll hear crickets until a big kid appears in September for a campus visit and is offered a schollie.

In Topic: JC Hot Seat

Yesterday, 08:22 AM

The above claim seems so bizzare it's difficult to accept. What coach wouldn't create for his players their best chance to succeed, ie playing to their strengths, and then try and design a system that takes advantage of those strengths. I think most modern day coaches think this way. Yes, they'll have diverse talents, so it's his job to take those parts and make a functional system out of it.


If the coach goes the other way he has to be saying, "I'll recruit players that will work in my systems." I think this was RM's approach. He knew his systems worked very successfully and put together the pieces that would buy into them. If he made a mistake in a player he recruited, he'd run them off. For example, Relphorde was one of Brad's better gets as evidenced by his success at Colorado, but the story is he didn't agree with Rick's idea of where and how he would best fit into his system. Consequently, Rick and he decided he'd be better off somewhere else. Fair enough.



In the first paragraph, you say forcing the players to conform to a system is bizarre and then in the next paragraph you say that's exactly what RM did.  The difference is RM is was a household name so he could discard players and find equivalent talent in the offseason.  When most system coaches make a recruiting mistake, they don't have that luxury. They have to figure out how to make their system work with the pieces they have.  And the vast majority of basketball coaches are system coaches.  The coaches who can design a system that takes advantage of player strengths are the elite of the profession.  

In Topic: JC Hot Seat

26 August 2015 - 03:01 PM

Talk about small sample sizes. You want to talk about two games and want to ignore what happened in the other 30.

I'm curious about how 6'4 180lb Bartley compares at the point vs 6'4 165lb Bartley. Maybe he's no stronger with the ball than he was last year. Or maybe those 15lb are exactly what the doctor ordered. Here's hoping.

In Topic: 2015 Schedule

25 August 2015 - 12:03 PM

Non con best case scenario is 5-7.  Worst is 3-9.
While I've been advocating the removal of Rockhurst from the schedule for years I now wish we had them to pad our win total.  We will lose 2-3 of our buy games.

Sounds like another candidate for a bet. I offered Pistol a bet based on an over/under of 63 ppg. I offer the same terms to you: the loser has to wear the winner's sig line in his posts. Or if you like we can base it on point differential. Last year we were -7. I'll set the over/under at -2. Bet?