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Yesterday, 06:29 PM

I've never seen him. His stats for the Eagles are similar to Reynolds and Roby for their AAU teams. Now those 3 are all different so I'm not saying that means much, but between that and what I've been able to read, I think he's a fringe A10 player. We wouldn't need him until his junior year (hopefully) so I'd take a shot on him. Between helping our changes at Tatum and strengthening our relationship with the Eagles, I think it's worth it.
Also, something to keep in mind no matter what your opinion on Barnes, just because we offer doesn't mean we'll get him. 

Good point. It's one thing to go sit on the bench in the Big 10. Kids come to SLU to play. Whether you consider them "true" point guards or not, we already have 3 guys auditioning for the point guard position. Barnes isn't a clear upgrade over any of them. Who wants to ride the pine at SLU just to be a backup point guard in 2 years?

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Yesterday, 09:41 AM

It's ironic that Arkansas is as strong as anybody with Cook and they were one of the last to offer.

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Yesterday, 08:02 AM

On message boards, you're either offering or not taking the kid seriously. There is no middle ground.

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25 May 2015 - 10:58 AM

I don't agree. I think your telling your team that you better play well or maybe look somewhere else.

And if your team does play well, what happens to the offer you made to the kid a year earlier?

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25 May 2015 - 10:31 AM

Any school that offers scholarships it doesn't currently have is asking a kid and his family to wait. That's why you usually see the overcommitments happen late in the recruiting process, not a year ahead of time.