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In Topic: New Billiken Blog!

Today, 06:39 AM

Hi guys. My friend and I have started a blog dedicated to our love/hate relationship with Billiken Basketball. Our goal is to create a forum where people can come, read our illogical musings, and join us in complaining about Jim Crews/Brett Jolly/whoever else has earned our scorn over the current week. We are neither basketball savants, nor would our writing be confused with Hemmingway. However, if you find yourself scratching your head at some of the stuff Crews does, or just want to watch a gif of Jolly shooting the ball over the backboard from 5ft away, this could be the place for you. The link is below. Thanks!





***obligatory statement saying that we are in no way affiliated with the university, and that any opinions expressed here are our own, and do not reflect SLU.


OK, I've read your blog.  I see the hate.  Where's the love at?

In Topic: Richmond/Dayton on Tube Today

Yesterday, 07:11 PM

Dayton is one of the top rebounding teams in the conference and one of the top 3 teams in the conference overall. But even a top mid major team can be overwhelmed by high major talent.

In Topic: SIU Game

Yesterday, 03:20 PM

Simply starting from scratch would typically mean starting the next contract where the previous contract left off...at siuc.

I too think it's weird that we'd even want to play them here this year given that we play 3 MVC teams and all 3 are at home. That means next year we have to travel to all 3. Considering we typically only play 2-3 true road games in non con it boxes us in and makes it difficult to start another series on the road next season.

I thought our home and homes with Wichita St And Indiana St. end this year. We already played both teams last year.

In Topic: GDT: Premature Pitinolation

Yesterday, 07:22 AM

It's all about the boards... 'Bout the boards.... 'Bout the boards... Bout the boards! We are wusses on the boards. They got us by 20 on the boards. You cannot win if you are getting hammered on the boards. This is what is missing from this team.

Louisville out rebounded North Florida by 31. The Cardinals will destroy most mid major teams on the boards. They are one of the top 3 rebounding teams in the country. Anybody who was paying attention knew this blowout was coming. On to the next game.

In Topic: Van Vleet

27 November 2015 - 12:41 PM

Wichita State showing some chinks in the armor versus a rebuilding Alabama squad. The Shockers really need Van Vleet back.