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In Topic: SLU v. Alabama A&M - Game Day Thread

14 December 2015 - 02:57 PM

It's just a reflection of what's going on at the moment.
During the 2013-2014 season, it was the opposite ratio for most:
Jordair is a boss.
This win streak is amazing.
These seniors are going to go down as one of our best classes ever.
We might make some noise in the Tournament.
Back-to-back A10 titles!
Uh, do you think Crews might be mismanaging minutes by overplaying the seniors down the stretch? They're starting to look exhausted...
That ratio would be completely fair, too.
Simply making 100% positive comments no matter what would be to ignore much of what's going on. Doing the same with negative comments, well, those people usually end up on my Ignore list. I'm just not sure how a rational observer could be pleased with the overall picture right now.

I'm neither pleased nor unhappy about the present performance. I'm familiar with what our present weaknesses are, I know there are no quick fixes and the team's record is about what I thought it would be at this point. I predicted 16-15 before the season started and this is basically what a 16-15 team looks like. If we had a current record of say, 7-1, that would be consistent with a 22 win team not a 16-15 one.

In Topic: SLU v. Alabama A&M - Game Day Thread

14 December 2015 - 02:12 PM

If they finish below .500, though, the always-positive set won't be held accountable, either. Such is the nature of a relatively anonymous message board in which no one is required to be accountable.

I could understand the "both sides do it" argument if the volume had been remotely equal. But if one side is posting 5 negative comments for every positive one, that's not a compelling argument. Hell, we've had entire threads derailed by folks who just wanted to take a potshot at the coach.

In Topic: SLU v. Alabama A&M - Game Day Thread

14 December 2015 - 01:05 PM

Apathy is a sign of a failing program. Sounds like you've caught a case of apathy. 

I'm optimistic about the long term future of this team. About the short term future of this board, not so much. Some folks have adopted a narrative that we are a team with poor talent and an even worse coach, and they are going to remind us of that narrative at every opportunity.

If the team finishes above .500, it's not like these posters are going to held accountable for the last 9 months worth of posts. They'll just move the goalposts back and start a new line of criticism. The narrative of the clueless coach who can't recruit or develop talent won't change. And that's their prerogative. Contrary to their belief, a high volume of forum posts isn't necessary to field a decent basketball team.

In Topic: The Bills over U Tenn-M by 14

13 December 2015 - 11:28 AM

First , nice win by the Bills over ALAM....good enough to move us up to C+....For post game analysis see ALAM by 8 thread


Did that last game feel good...let's do it again.  UTM is a D- team. This should be a cupcake game. However if we don't pay attention they have a couple of weapons to beat us.


Here is what we need to do to win......


Slasflines......UTM......39% / 29%

......................SLU.......47% / 37 / 70


TOs .............13 or less ...this number has to come down from the 18 ave over the last few games...protect the ball


Howard...their dominant player...stop him ...stop UTM....10 pts ..5 reb

Taylor...he is their shooter....hold him to under 50 %


Bottomline...This will be our last easy game....use this as a tune up for the coming weeks....it is uphill from here.  Avoid mistakes and win easy


I think we established ourselves a C+ team three games ago.  It was clear we were struggling with the motion offense and that it wasn't going to be a short fix.   Inexplicably, we had our best defensive showing in two years against a team averaging nearly 90 ppg.  A week later we flat on our faces a week later against Morehead State.  I think Morehead State is better than us (their defense is legit) but not that much better.  But that's what developing teams do. 


If you go by our game by game performance, our grade will probably change every week.  If you limit your grades to five game stretches, I think you'll find we're a C+ team.  Which would still be a significant improvement over last year.

In Topic: Upset City, Baby! First Week Upsets Galore

13 December 2015 - 11:02 AM

Utah already has victories over San Diego State, BYU and a 6-1 Texas Tech team.  They've got a 7 footer averaging 20 and 10.  Maybe Utah is the B+ team and  WSU with Van Fleet just became an A- team overnight.