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  1. OT: Fatal shooting on Texas Tech campus

    You don't get it because you weren't there and in that Officer's shoes.
  2. OT: FBI Arrests NCAAB Asst. Coaches

    There are ways to get info from phones after its been wiped clean, but you need the actual device to do so and the device can not be completely destroyed.
  3. OT: FBI Arrests NCAAB Asst. Coaches

    The only way they can read every text is if they have the device it was sent to or from. My guess is any text sent to or from Ford, was on a device that is no longer in the possesion of either party. And if they are in possession of these devices, take a page out of Hillary's playbook, and get out the bleach and hammers!
  4. OT: SLU needs new marketing staff

    He wasn't saying, thanks for breaking attendance records....he was saying, I know that what you are seeing is a sh¡tty product, and I appreciate you coming out to support the team regardless.
  5. OT: SLU needs new marketing staff

    What if they scan student IDs at the end of home games, top 50-100 students who have attended the most home games have there name put in a drawing, with grand prize being paid tuition for a semester, with other prizes drawn as well. I would guess that something along those lines would bring in students.
  6. OT: Fatal shooting on Texas Tech campus

    Either way, it is unfortunately an example of a lack of vigilance by all of the officers involved, and a great example of why officers need to treat people as if they could be an animal like Hollis Daniels, even if they are the farthest thing from it.... RIP Floyd East Jr.
  7. OT: Fatal shooting on Texas Tech campus

    Never take anything for granted, tomorrow isn't promised.
  8. There could have been another homicide in Walnut Park on Saturday night I don't know about. Walnut Park is the most dangerous and violent neighborhood in St. Louis. People are shot at or shot DAILY in this neighborhood.
  9. The Walnut Park homicide was a guy in his 40s, doesn't mean it couldn't be a friend, but definetly not a 17 year old.
  10. OT: Hanger thread

  11. Jesus Ortiz

    I didn't know much about Jose de C¤ck Sucker before this week, but after reading all of this, I don't care to know anymore. He is absolutely horrible.