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  1. Classic Old guy!
  2. Per Durando: Brett Jolly becomes the third SLU player to announce plans to transfer.
  3. Hey Old guy, quit hacking Soderball's account!!!
  4. Agreed, I'd go with Thompson
  5. Some people just have that look. I've been told I always look pissed, even when I'm in a perfectly fine mood. While I may look like a complete a§§hole, I am actually the most pleasant person any of you on this board could ever meet.
  6. He's basically saying his first wife was beautiful and had a good job, but all that didn't matter because she couldn't suck a D or cook a good meal. So while Ford is not the most beautiful, hopefully he can suck a D and cook a good meal.
  7. Will both of you ******* shut your mouths, I will treat you both like Charlie Murphy.
  8. Ford over Lavin.... I'm not renewing my season tickets.
  9. Soak what in, being the best of the worst, c'mon, he's not gonna soak anything in and he's not coming to SLU.