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  1. Jack Godar is a junior at College of the Holy Cross and massive SLU Billikens fan. He has written about the St. Louis Blues and Big East basketball for, and writes about the SLU Billikens here( He got a D- in art class as a fifth grader and you can find him on Twitter @jackgodar I'm going with 05 on why he writes what he does.
  2. We've come a long way since January 13th, when KenPom had us as the favorite to go winless in conference play.
  3. Looking at the crowd last night it was more slight flurries than a blizzard....
  4. Definitely odd response on Bishop
  5. I'll add one observation I made, during a timeout early in the first half. While Ford was doing his coaching thing, everyone was paying attention to him, including the transfers, except for Gillmann. He stared off towards the roof of Chaifetz for almost the entire timeout, to watch the fans playing the imaginary bongos on the big screen. His head is clearly not in it and that's probably why he has not progressed and sits the bench the majority of this down year for the Bills.
  6. I miss the big crowds at Chaifetz 😖
  7. Jordan Barnett from CBC plays for Mizzou, he's averaging over 13 points in over 27 minutes per game, I know, you meant Jordan Barnes.
  8. In order to to get to that point, they need to curb some of the crime, specifically the violent crime.
  9. These guys, that say things like Tatum is a nobody and is not a lottery pick, are morons. The kid is one of the top scorers, on one of the best teams in the country, as a freshman. He just put up 19 & 9 tonight against the #7 ranked team in the country. I wish he was wearing a SLU uniform this season but to hate on the guy for going elsewhere doesn't make sense.
  10. Nice drawn up play out of the timeout
  11. I wouldn't say Tatum is "a nobody" and "just another face", he's averaging 16 & 7 on the 21st ranked team in the country. He's Duke's second leading scorer, was just named one of ten 2017 Julius Erving Small Forward of the Year finalists and is a projected lottery pick as a freshman.