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  1. I like the hire in the sense that we are finally getting a guy with local ties and it sounds like he is close with Goodwin who would be such a huge get for us. I also assume he is close with those still leading the Eagles. However, I wish it was someone else that had those traits. I am not impressed by Tate at all. I think those who are high on Tate will be a little surprised when they hear an interview with him and might come down a bit.
  2. Well played.
  3. Well, the schools we are competing against for Goodwin are significantly different than those we were recruiting against for Jayson Tatum.
  4. Honestly, based on this list you have to like our chances better than a week ago. A lot of people assumed Michigan State was the front runner, so I wonder what happened there. Regardless, it is nice that there are not any true elite programs in the mix. I would assume Illinois is the favorite. I listened to the interview last night and wasn't paying too close of attention, but when he was talking about Creighton and Coach McDermott did he say he was tall and that was one of the positives?
  5. JGOOD 〽️ ‏@jGoodwin1123 1h1 hour ago Aye that list coming out tonight
  6. Thanks for posting (I seldom go to, so I am not sure I would have seen this), looks really nice!
  7. In that same interview I think he said he was going to narrow his list over the next 2 weeks. Based on his response I am kind of thinking that may be his list (Michigan State, Illinois, Northwestern, Mizzou, and SLU).
  8. I agree that it still seems like a long shot (I had heard he really likes Michigan State and Northwestern and now has a group of friends recruiting him to Illinois), but good to hear us mentioned by him when he only mentioned a handful of programs.
  9. I have watched Zeke play. Unfortunately it was a game he was cold from the perimeter, so my opinion of him is likely as low as it could be. Having said that, I think he is an intriguing player based on his length and his one plus skill which is his ability to shoot the basketball. Honestly, I am perfectly fine with giving him a shot. From what I saw, I did not see him as being a plus athlete, but the same would be said for a kid like Matt Lawrence and he found a way to be productive at Mizzou based on that plus skill. If Zeke proves to be a high level shooter from the perimeter with that length, he will be well worth the scholarship and his lack of elite athleticism won't really matter. If I was taking away too much from the game I saw beyond his average athleticism and lack of strength, I would express concerns with his overall laziness on defense and essentially looking to run out as soon as the other team took a shot hunting stats, but that is all stuff that is easy to correct at this level (guys don't see the floor if they don't defend). Just curious, when you watch that highlight video, do you see him as being a plus athlete? Personally I don't. I think the thing that I would take away is that he shows more point guard type skills than you would expect for a shooter with that kind of length. I guess his dad wanted him to be a Shaun Livingston type of player?
  10. You were able to take that away from a clip of a long 6'6 kid throwing down a windmill dunk unguarded and essentially running from half court or is that based on seeing him play in person? #JustinJohnson
  11. That is an awesome shirt. Hopefully you still have some pull within the athletic department to ensure Pistol Jr. gets the win.
  12. That is my question, which of these kids have legitimate interest in SLU? Does anyone know which 2017 kids we have a shot with or are our primary targets at this point? Things should start to really heat up as the AAU season comes to an end. I would imagine we will see a lot of activity over the next month or so as kids have more time to take visits, start narrowing their lists, and committing. With regards to the number of offers debate, I really don't have a strong opinion. If it is obvious a kid can play at this level, I don't see much harm in extending an offer even if that leads to a high number of kids having offers. I never understood the prior staff's hesitancy in offering kids. I know some defended their practice as somehow making an offer worth something and special, but that is nonsense in the current recruiting landscape where kids seem to take pride in accumulating offers and posting them on social media. Overall, who cares though, we will judge this coaching staff based on the recruits they land like any of the past coaching staffs.
  13. Tilmon to Illinois. Jeremiah Tilmon ‏@jeremiahtilmon_ 33s33 seconds ago After a long recruiting process and much thought and I'm blessed to announce that I am staying home#illini
  14. For sure. Miami is a city where it isn't overly difficult to find ways to blow thru a million dollar salary.
  15. So odd. It would be interesting to drive around the area and see all of the somewhat random lots SLU owns in the area and the purpose they serve (like the lot at the corner of Chouteau and Compton which appears to be a poorly maintained field with apparatuses for field events). The article references the hills of debris that sat for more than a year, wasn't that hill of debris positioned right at the boundary of the property and a building who's owner refused to sell to Biondi? At least he is gone and without his tanning bed. Back in early 2012, then Saint Louis University President Father Lawrence Biondi told the city’s Planning Commission that if the university weren’t allowed to demolish the National Register of Historic Places registered Pevely Dairy complex, “we would have to shut down our medical school and find property in west county”. In response to a question about the project, he stated that financing for a new $75M ambulatory medical center was in place, and groundbreaking could occur in March 2012.