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  1. Interesting, I wonder if SIUC even offers that program. Although, he may be early enough in his career that he may not have taken many major specific courses. I would be curious what jobs kids from the SLU sports business program are walking into. Seems like a fairly niche major that may not be necessary.
  2. I love football as a fan, but hearing about all of these former football players and the health issues they are dealing with, I certainly would not allow my son (if I had one) to play the sport in its current form. I know this probably makes me a *****, but some scary stuff. Just google Michael Keck. I shouldn't have brought any of this up to begin with since it is irrelevant to the discussion beyond thinking the wise decision for Goodwin at this point would have been to end his football career. At least he is playing a position and a role that is very low risk.
  3. I assume T. Boone Pickens funded the locker room at Oklahoma State and it is said to be around a $5 million facility (honestly lower than I would have thought). Calling Dr. Chaifetz. 05, I will donate the XBox to get the ball rolling.
  4. Bryant Allen, what an athlete. The last I heard was that he transferred to Illinois State to play just hoops, played the second half of a season, was a starter the next season, and then got dismissed from the team. Not sure where he ended up after putting up some nice numbers at Illinois State.
  5. Football might still be king, but that may not last too much longer as we learn more and more about the long term impacts of playing the sport. Goodwin playing WR and essentially just running down the field is about as low risk as you can get on the football field. I imagine a number of kids playing in the secondary for teams across the river also hoped Goodwin stuck to just playing basketball.
  6. I am happy to see Bartley found a nice home.
  7. In general, I am against any kid playing football, but we probably don't need to get into that discussion. However, I do think having kids play multiple sports growing up is good for their athletic development and often times you can tell the basketball players who also have a football background due to their seemingly natural toughness, strength, and competitiveness. Obviously kids can develop those traits without playing football, see a kid like Kevin Lisch or Dwayne Evans who I don't recall playing other sports in high school. Specifically with regards to Goodwin, I am not sure what got him and some of his basketball teammates to decide to start playing football at Althoff, but I think that was a good experience for those guys as they contributed to a team that made a run to the state championship game. At this point with him committed to SLU, I would have preferred to see him hang up the cleats. Also, I have heard that while he is considered a better recruit currently in basketball, he has a higher upside playing football. I heard a recruiting expert say he is one of the top 5 prospects in the area and if he focused on football and learning the TE position he would have a number of SEC and Big Ten programs calling him up. So while basketball seems like the obvious choice to some, the guy said he actually has a better chance being a pro in this country playing football.
  8. I thought you went back to school for the Masters of Masturbatory Sciences degree, so I think you still qualify.
  9. Thanks, I will correct my post above to say 3star is the best source.
  10. 247sports does a pretty good job tracking when kids are offered or take visits and they don't list any other unofficial visits for Allen of late beyond the SLU visit (he took an unofficial visit to East Carolina back in May) nor any scheduled visits.
  11. I know some of those sites use high interest when a player has announced his final list and the schools on that list change to high with the others moving to low or will base it on the schools that a kid is taking his official visits too (essentially a final list). I wouldn't put much weight into the interest level reported on those sites beyond that since I don't think they are actively adjusted. I do think following the predictions on 247sports gives you a good idea what way a kid is perceived to be leaning as they get closer to their decision date, typically something is leaked.
  12. Kid looks legit, I hope he had a nice visit. He kind of reminds me of some of those X guards from the past who could fill it up and handle it (combo guards who actually had the talent to play both guard positions unlike the guys Crews was bringing in).
  13. Were we recruiting this kid? I don't recognize the name.
  14. Maybe (I hadn't heard what kind of relationship Tate had with Gordon), but a lot of the buzz for Mizzou is based on his visit the other week which was after Tate was gone. Although it sounds like some of that may be influenced by his company on the trip. wgstl, is his "manager" an obnoxious loud mouth? I think I saw that kid at a Chaminade/CBC game a few years back. I had heard Tate had a solid relationship with Thatch and Watson, so he will certainly help with those two. I need to get out to watch Watson. I don't know much about Thatch other than what I have read, but he is some what intriguing on paper. Also, why do these kids even narrow their list at this point?
  15. Apparently the thought is that he wants to stay close to home, so while Kansas is considered the clear leader some think the likely other competition will be the local programs (SLU/Illinois/Mizzou). Any time I see Kentucky on a list, I have a tough time not viewing them as a big threat assuming they come thru with an offer.