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  1. I saw Wiseman left BBE and is now playing with Team Penny, I assume that makes a move to St. Louis less likely?
  2. I assume this means we didn't like our chances with Rooks. On paper I am a fan of this addition. I also reserve the right to delete my previous harsh assessment of the Santos signing since I am now fully on board with that one.
  3. For sure.
  4. I assume that is an unknown at this point beyond his GPA and ACT score. The Clearinghouse will likely spend some time on this one with Tilmon attending three different high schools.
  5. So we should know something on Tilmon within the next few days?
  6. No, I have definitely heard that as well.
  7. Doubtful since Kentucky hoops has a near perfect APR every year.
  8. Holy smokes. Rough start to the Kevin Stallings era while Jamie Dixon appears to have things trending up at TCU.
  9. So Illinois fans have moved on from their investigation of SLU to Mizzou and now have to move along to DePaul?!?!?! Tilmon's team (whoever is helping him with this decision) is doing a good job of showing local athletes how not to handle the recruiting process. And if some of the rumors are true, this thing may be far from over.
  10. Did that happen? Amazing, ha. If the head coach and a player can share a groupie why not the President and a player?
  11. And it is officially the offseason!
  12. To be fair, we never offered him, so Cal is lucky.
  13. Duke's roster situation this past season was baffling. How does such a loaded roster get to a point where they are riding 6 guys? McDonald's All Americans (Chase Jeter, Harry Giles, Marques Bolden), top 50 recruits (Javin DeLaurier), International kids (Jack White), and transfers in (Sean Obi) riding the pine, made no sense and supports those who question whether going to a top program like Duke truly is the best route to the NBA.
  14. I saw the rankings below tweeted and thought some might be interested. Prep Hoops ranks MoKan #1, PSA Cardinals #5, Ramey-Jets United #10, and Bradley Beal Elite #21 in their 17U rankings across the various leagues. And here are the 16U rankings with Bradley Beal Elite #5.
  15. Nice, Clementine's is a cool place.