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  1. Recruiting - 2019

    Apparently he grew up a huge Kansas fan, so if they end up offering the thought is he is a Jayhawk. Obviously KU recruits at a rather high level, so who knows the likelihood of him every getting an offer from them.
  2. Recruiting - 2019

    Per sources (his Twitter account), Terrence Hargrove will play with the Eagles next summer. It will be interesting to see if his recruitment takes off next spring/summer as he gets increased exposure.
  3. OT: Protests move to gates of SLU

    I assume SLU students are the same as most current college students where faux activism is all the rage (although thinking about it, I think that could be said for a lot of generations of college students). These protests get interesting because a lot of the rhetoric from protesters are things nearly everyone agrees with (racism is bad or killing innocent people is bad), but many would disagree with how they view the events being tied to that rhetoric.
  4. Lindy's

    @Taj79 thanks for posting, sorry to the board for not posting the info despite teasing it. My favorite quote from the article was concerning French "he'll lead the Atlantic 10 in rebounding, perhaps as soon as his sophomore season."
  5. Message from Dr. P regarding STL community

    St. Louis has a nice track record of handling these situations quite well..... Maybe we can add extreme racial tension and the opportunity to see a good riot in our bid to get Amazon, I kid I kid.
  6. Message from Dr. P regarding STL community

    I was at a charity event last night at the Four Seasons and driving there on 40 near Forest Park saw 3 military type helicopters flying in formation south over Forest Park and then 40. That was when I decided I would be working from home today instead of on the client site. I have to imagine another Ferguson type situation putting St. Louis back in the national spotlight would be bad for the University. At some point families from out of town will have no appetite for sending kids to St. Louis.
  7. I noticed last year Mizzou football posted some billboards around town that said something like St. Louis' football team (one in south city off of 44, one near SLU, and one near the airport I know). Turns out they have gone a little too far in catering to St. Louis football fans by replicating the terrible play of the Rams. Not too long ago I remember Missouri State posted some continuous billboards near Columbia similar to those continuous M-I-Z billboards. Kind of funny to see. I wonder how much rivalry can be created when most of the programs within the athletic departments do not compete against each other (or is that not accurate)? Regardless, it is clear things are heating up on the basketball side between the two programs. Since I am really bored, I looked up that the women play on December 8th in Columbia, but am similarly too lazy to check the other sports. Additional boredom research: it looks like both women's programs could be pretty good this year.
  8. Top 144

    Sorry for the tease, I will give a full summary once I get home. From what I remember they had Goodwin and French as the top two freshmen in the conference and picked SLU to finish 3rd. The really exciting stuff dealt with their evaluations of Goodwin and French, but I don't want to misrepresent their praise of those two (something like French leading the conference in rebounding possibly as soon as his sophomore year and had Goodwin as the top NBA prospect of the incoming freshmen).
  9. Top 144

    Read Lindy's preview! All Billiken fans should get a copy and some might need a cigarette after reading.
  10. Recruiting - 2018 class

    This is what I really want to know.
  11. Recruiting - 2018 class

    Edit: stupid attempt at a joke
  12. Recruiting - 2018 class

    I thought Shaw was interested in a major offered by SIUC, but not offered by SLU or am I misremembering? I do remember the coaches thinking we had him though, would have been a huge get. I had heard Grimes would have certainly been a Billiken had Romar stayed, apparently his mom loved Lorenzo and thought he would be a great mentor for her son.
  13. Recruiting - 2018 class

    When did I say that? The fact is he delivered the top recruit in college basketball and another 5 star big (because they are his kids). Obviously that is the only reason Washington hired him and now Mizzou, but that is certainly worth it in my opinion.
  14. Athlon's Preview is Out!!

    Where can I bet on this?
  15. Recruiting - 2018 class

    Honest question, what is an assistant coach who can deliver the top player and a top 25 player worth? Plus he is a really good dude. I can't imagine his salary comes close to the value that he is providing to the school. That family really is too good to be true,