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  1. I saw this tweet from Mayor Slay this evening that I thought would be of interest: @MayorSlay Two MLS stadium groups are probably one too many. #fgs
  2. I understand your point, but something like tempo is likely mostly dependent on the coach and the system he runs. Look at Majerus at SLU, his teams were going to play incredibly disciplined basketball and make teams work on both ends of the court which in turn led to fewer possessions. Guys like Tony Bennett at UVA and Tom Izzo at MSU or Wisconsin (now with Greg Gard) are similar. In the NBA, Cleveland (Miami before when they had Lebron) was probably among the "slower" teams in the league when it comes to pace while Golden State is on the opposite end of the spectrum, so it depends on how the coach wants to play and the personnel.
  3. That was my initial question and I think I would say when he has his ideal roster he would prefer to play fast, but here is the data (sorry for the delay): 2015-16 (12-20 record): 333rd in adjusted tempo (98th overall in Pomeroy rank) 2014-15 (18-14 record): 241st in adjusted tempo (38th overall in Pomeroy rank) 2013-14 (21-13 record): 57th in adjusted tempo (21st overall in Pomeroy rank) 2012-13 (24-9 record): 109th in adjusted tempo (24th overall in Pomeroy rank) 2011-12 (15-18 record): 168th in adjusted tempo (97th overall in Pomeroy rank) 2010-11 (20-14 record): 222nd in adjusted tempo (73rd overall in Pomeroy rank) 2009-10 (22-11 record): 174th in adjusted tempo (39th overall in Pomeroy rank) 2008-09 (23-12 record): 35th in adjusted tempo (26th overall in Pomeroy rank) *had the highest adjusted tempo of any of his teams at OSU at 72.1
  4. Another dumb question, what kind of time frame are we talking about here with regards to the MLS making a decision and a team starting play in STL?
  5. Here is the ownership group for the Blues, my understanding is that most of the $ is in fact from the Taylor family. Thomas H. Stillman - Chairman & CEO, Summit Distributing Jerald L. Kent - Chairman & CEO, Suddenlink Communications, CEO, Cequel III Donn S. Lux- Chairman & CEO, Luxco James A. Cooper- Managing Partner, Thompson Street Capital Partners Jo Ann Taylor Kindle - President, Enterprise Holdings Foundation W. Stephen Maritz - Chairman & CEO, Maritz Inc. Edward M. Potter- Private investor Mr. & Mrs. Andrew C. Taylor - Mr. Taylor is Chairman & CEO of Enterprise Holdings, Inc. David L. Steward- Chairman, World Wide Technology, Inc. James P. Kavanaugh - CEO, World Wide Technology, Inc. John C. Danforth- Partner, Bryan Cave LLP, Former U.S. Senator, Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Christopher B. Danforth- Owner & CMO, Kennelwood Pet Resorts James L. Johnson- Senior Vice President, Stifel Nicolaus & Co. Scott B. McCuaig- Former President, Stifel Nicolaus & Co. John S. Ross, Jr. - President, Summit Development Group Thomas F. Schlafly - Partner, Thompson Coburn, Founder, The Saint Louis Brewery
  6. I agree that they haven't wanted to be the face of a professional sports organization, but my understanding is that the Taylor family is the primary owner of the Blues (I'm not sure how you would find that though) while Stilman is the face. Apparently they didn't want the team to leave St. Louis, so I think if you could sell them on the benefit to St. Louis they could be in play.
  7. It does seem odd. I also notice that there has not been much movement on 247sports, so that would seem to tell us that nothing has been leaked to the recruiting folks.
  8. A guy I grew up with (in school and playing sports) married into the Taylor family. He is a huge sports fan so I might have to reintroduce myself.
  9. Thanks to Brian and the reference with regards to finding the tempo rankings I now have a better understanding as to why I don't care about tempo. In Rick's final season the team was ranked 286 (adjusted tempo of 64.2) and then 212 (adjusted tempo of 65.2) the following season when Crews kept things unchanged for the most part. The following season when Crews made some changes and we found ourselves still winning games, but kind of struggling the team jumped up to 123 with an adjusted tempo of 67.4. And then last season we were ranked 115 with an adjusted tempo of 70. So based on this tempo rating, Crews actually played more uptempo than Ford's Oklahoma State teams the past 3 seasons (an average adjusted tempo of 67.03 vs. 66 for OSU and an average ranking of 163 vs. 210) and our best teams in program history played at a slower pace than one of our worst teams in program history. I was primarily looking for a reason to waste some time this morning, so if anyone has any other research tasks send them my way.
  10. Thanks. So the takeaway for me would be that given his ideal roster, he would like to play up tempo and score a lot of points.
  11. I was just curious. I am more of a fan of seeing sound basketball (I assume the Majerus squads would be ranked low in the tempo ratings forcing teams to defend their action for most of the shot clock as well as taking teams out of their sets and not giving up many open looks on the other end) than concerning myself with what pace the team plays at, so I really don't care. I do question the current rosters ability to play uptempo though unless we see a lot of Hines and whether it would even make sense (Majerus and even Soderberg to some extent put out a pretty good blue print of how to win without the top talent/athleticism). I also understand that almost every coach who fashions himself as a recruiter is going to sell playing an exciting brand of basketball that will get up and down the court (also to sell tickets and excite fans).
  12. Was Oklahoma State known for playing uptempo basketball? To be an uptempo team wouldn't Hines have to get considerable run again?
  13. Any chance the Taylor family could be convinced to back one of the groups? Aren't they primary owner of the Blues?
  14. I like that. I wonder who was guarding him.