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  1. True, I was really hoping that would make an appearance at the new bar. That is a rather aggressive response to that woman's tweet.
  2. Which to me is why the Big East is so enticing as a SLU fan, it is really the only attractive option for us.
  3. My question is more what data one would have to support that joining the Big East would have been detrimental to our athletic department financially beyond some sort of initial entrance fee and exit fee when compared to being in the A10. I see kshoe asked essentially the same question yesterday and my overall thoughts are in line with kshoe and prebilliken, so I will leave the discussion. But I would be curious to know of the financial information that some are referencing.
  4. I am curious what financial information you are privy to that supports this statement? I struggle to see how joining the Big East would be a massive financial hit beyond some sort of initial entrance fee/exit fee.
  5. True and if he doesn't go top #5 it is more because there are some really impressive prospects in his class.
  6. Pomeroy goes back to 2002, here is how those rankings look for SLU: 2017 (286), 2016 (225), 2015 (289), 2014 (35), 2013 (19) , 2012 (14), 2011 (129), 2010 (98) 2009 (143), 2008 (157), 2007 (120), 2006 (125), 2005 (166), 2004 (87), 2003 (81), 2002 (86) Looking at these numbers, it really is impressive what Jim Crews did to the program. So the worst we have finished in the Pomeroy rating was 289th in 2015.
  7. You've never heard of or seen the Boston Garden?!?! (just giving you crap) There are a number of cities much closer to St. Louis and with more comparable attributes that can be used as guides (look at the growth of Nashville based primarily on a massive investment in a new convention center or we hear about Indianapolis and other cities in our region trending up even Kansas City). There are positive things going on in the St. Louis region, but nothing that seems to have really improved downtown so to say. St. Louis is kind of an odd nut to crack in that everything is so spread out with many of our biggest companies sitting outside of the city and living downtown isn't necessarily convenient nor is it in the center of all of the action (I guess during the summer with the Cardinals, but with Ballpark Village monopolizing the fan experience, it has turned into a very corporate chain environment with most fans likely not leaving that immediate area and again not making downtown a much more desirable place to live). I consistently have coworkers traveling in town for the projects I manage and I go out of my way to take them to the different neighborhoods and areas of St. Louis, but I often wonder how a visitor in town for say a hockey game would view our city when tourists typically equate downtown with a city. It is a great place to live and grow up, but I can't imagine it is a real enjoyable city to visit. Can we just start over?
  8. Jayson has had a solid season averaging 16 points, 7 rebounds, 2.1 assists, 1.5 steals, 1.4 blocks, and 2.8 TOs with a 22.7 player efficiency rating. Those are definitely really nice numbers for a true freshman. To me it looked like he was playing kind of a selfish game, but maybe with Coach K back and more time to mesh with guys like Allen and Kennard we will see improved play from here on out. I also think Tatum is a different player than some of the other true freshmen who have immediately dominated college basketball from day #1 since he is not a physically or athletically dominating player for his position or a lights out shooter, so he lacks a bit of the flash of guys like Lonzo Ball, Markelle Fultz, Dennis Smith, Josh Jackson, De'Aaron Fox, or Malik Monk. His game is impressive for his all around skill set for his size and that hasn't translated into dominating college basketball although he does have nice numbers. This is going to be an interesting March, seems really wide open with like 20 of so teams that I could see making a run.
  9. He mentions SLU in this interview with Scott Burgess. Question: What are the schools your in the most communication with and are really making you feel like a priority right now? Response: Right now, Saint Louis SLU, Mizzou, Butler, Iowa State, Marquette came in yesterday, Butler will be here today, and Creighton is coming in on Tuesday. (he said something between Saint Louis and SLU, but I couldn't make it out).
  10. Does he have kind of a low release? He made a high %, so obviously not a big deal and his shot just looks so easy (not sure the hoops term for it, but just a quick easy shot even from real deep and relatively contested). The transfer pg has big time elevation on his shot.
  11. I wouldn't phrase it that way exactly, but the incompetence from those calling the shots is certainly a bigger hindrance in them making quality hires than money. I am hopeful the new athletic director is better equipped to make a quality coaching hire than Alden (Frank Haith and then followed that up with Kim Anderson, holy smokes)
  12. Hahaha, I would be willing to bet a large amount of money that this is complete bs. I am a huge Mizzou fan and I certainly acknowledge that there are some issues (specifically the current academic investigation and to a lesser extent the moron that "starved" himself), but the bottom line is that Mizzou has a very solid basketball tradition, nice facilities, and plays in the SEC where their athletic department is making more money than ever before. Hiring a quality coach should not be a problem.
  13. Maybe being in a position where we only have 6 guys playing is a good thing for this squad. Especially when that group of 6 includes guys who seem to play relatively sound basketball. I know Hines forces some bad shots, but he doesn't turn the ball over very frequently (39 TOs in 22 games). Plus he is a redshirt junior, Roby is a junior, and Crawford and Agbeko are seniors, so we are playing a fairly experienced group of players in addition to Welmer and Johnson. I know this group leaves a lot to be desired, but they do some things well as a group and slowing the game down limits the TOs and has allowed them to stay in games similar to the Soderberg days. Plus these kids are making some shots of late (Crawford 24 and Reggie 17 last night, Welmer 18 at GW, Hines 21 and Roby 17 against UMass, and Johnson 17 at Mason) and defending fairly soundly. And with this 6 we can create a bit of a mismatch with 4 guys who can play on the wing and none of these kids are big liabilities on offense as highlighted by the leading scorers in these games of late (each of the 6 can have games where they put up some points). It is tough to take away much from this season since we are now down to 6 bodies which includes 2 seniors and 1 walk-on. I do think it is easier for Ford to stay positive with this group since he didn't recruit these guys and has no pressure to win with this roster (plus he knows what he has coming in and lined up), but it does seem like this group is responding fairly well to him. I know sports fans have short memories, but Crews did settle into a group that played well as a group for a short period of time in conference play last season as well and not surprisingly it came about by shortening the bench and primarily playing a group that presented some matchup problems (a group that included Hines, Crawford, and Reggie as well as Bishop).
  14. Based on what Frank C and others had said about him having some growing up to do and other things said about him while at Vianney, it would be a little surprising if he were able to reclassify, but I don't have any inside information.
  15. But Mizzou's athletic department is not having financial problems.