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  1. No one from this list deserves to be inducted.
  2. Cory Frazier too!!
  3. I am a hockey Dad. My son has been to every rink in St. Louis as well as Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis, Nashville, Kansas City... Have never seen kids dragging large hockey bags onto Metro Link. And while we would drive to any nearby ice rink, I don't know why the Armory would be any better than Maryland Heights --- to the hockey families and kids. In fact, driving downtown and parking in what is still a rough part of town benefits whom? city dwellers and urban planners or hockey families? Don't get me wrong. Bringing an ice rink to Midtown and SLU would be great. Converting our Armory like Messier plan in the Bronx would be great. And while this would be a start and while a start needs to happen, what has the City of St. Louis done for the benefit of young sports families in the last 40 years? Soccer fields, baseball complexes, football, etc.??
  4. Thanks for the update. If 7 v. 7 for U11, will they increase to 8 v. 8 (the current staple)? At what age will the kids increase to the full 11 v. 11 and play on the full field? Guess last night's ref (Lopes - Chile v. Argentina) gave us look of 10 v. 10 on a full size field.!!
  5. Rule changes as well. Youth Club soccer is mostly 8 v. 8 through age 11 but the goalie is allowed to kick or punt (like an NFL punter) the ball the length of the reduced/smaller field. One goalie can literally kick the ball to the other goalie. Why? Frankly, I would eliminate a goalie's ability to punt the ball at all ages/level -- including professional/FIFA. Yes, goalies and defensemen can kick a fullback kick half the length of the field but usually not until older ages. IMO, promoting the need to build-up with possession controlled play from the defense/goalie to the midfielders to the forwards would be an improvement.
  6. Taj. Good list but for the same reasons you and others mention for Husak, I cannot put Ross Varner and John Manning on the list. Randy Pulley had real talent and contributed but was a head case. Va'Shun was also serviceable. And no, you are correct, Yarbrough had talent, scored 10 ppg as a Frosh, and for about 8 to 10 games there, was our best player on the team. Even guys like Roby and Bartley, though you and I agree to disagree, have real talent and I believe will improve under a different coach, have already shown me enough to not be put on this list. And personally, I believe Anthony Jones contributed more than guys like Jeff Gaona but both probably do belong on the list. Here's another guy: Greg Hardin.
  7. Skip. Everything I have read states the opposite. In fact, many experts believe and write that the US is actually ahead of the International competition at the earlier ages. It when the kids start to get older, when they get out of middle school and begin high school that the skill development slows way down. Playing high school is alot of fun. Great rivalries and fun to play with and against their friends... but the quality of play soon gets very diluted. Same with college. The entire push and changes initiated by US Soccer is not geared toward the 7 to 12 years olds but toward the 15 to 18 year olds. And just like with basketball, there is way too much emphasis upon traveling the country, playing other select teams in tournaments and showcases and fixating too much upon scoring/goals no matter how in order to win the games, tournament or showcase. True development involving individual skills is not always fun or glamorous. Staying home and working on fundamentals (the equivalent of shooting 500 FT's a day) with and among the true cream of the crop seems much more valuable. Other countries don't have the high school/college system we do and instead are able to gather and financially support the nation's best players, beginning at ages 14, 15 and 16, who simply play and practice all day long - much in very competitive but unstructured environments. To me, that is the key.
  8. FDL and others. I am interested in International soccer when the players all play for their home countries whether it is World Cup, World Cup qualifiers/friendlies, Olympics or such events such as COPA, CONCAF, the Euro championships going on now, etc. I have zero interest in whether Manchester United or Real Madrid wins or loses a game. No doubt that US Soccer has greatly increased in recent years. Gone are the days when we put together a lineup of the best graduating college Seniors that year, a handful of better name Americans with prior US team and/or international experience as well as any other good player with any possible American connection such as guys born abroad on US Military bases even though they never set foot on US soil or can even speak English, guys with dual citizenship who were not chosen by their real home countries and now choose the US for a chance to play the highest level soccer b/c their Mom or Dad was a US citizen, etc. US Soccer is now growing fans and support in the US and is no longer being supported mostly by local soccer teams/coaches and by recent immigrants and foreign speaking people living in the US. American kids now walk the grocery and department stores wearing jerseys/shirts bearing the names Rooney, Ronaldo and Messi instead of Staubach thru Manning or MIke Schmidt/Reggie Jackson thru Pujols/Jeter. US players are now real contributors in the best soccer leagues in England, Germany and Italy as well as here in America even if professional soccer here in the US is 1 or 2 levels lower than such other places. And yes, changes are taking place in American Soccer from kids playing according to the birth year rather than school year with more new training emphasis on foot skills, playing futsol, etc. and more regional development elite/training opportunities.. Premier club soccer is now a year round activity with kids not released to play soccer for their high schools and/or other sports. Maybe more time is needed? Maybe the improvements made by US Soccer have only been enough to not lose ground - but also not gain ground -on the International competition. All I can figure is that the competition and opportunities here in the US for our kids between the ages of 15 and 18 still are simply not up to International competition and that this the time when US Soccer falls behind its International competition. I do welcome any thoughts on what it will take to develop an even higher level soccer athlete to compete at the highest levels in the future.
  9. Torch. Agree to disagree about the false narrative. From what I watched, Crews did a really bad job coaching the kids during a game. The changing lineups, the lack of time outs, the lack of in-bounds plays, using 12 to 13 players in a game, giving kids the quick "hook" for any mistake, not lining up on the FT line, not making half-time adjustments and/or getting out-coached by the opponents who did make these adjustments. Maybe I am just spoiled after watching excellent game-day coaching by Spoon, Brad and RM, but Crews and Platt were exceptionally bad. And maybe you are right in speculating that things won't be better under Ford in that Ford's reputation appears to better at recruiting and motivating than with game-day coaching, but I do believe that Spoon and Brad would easily get more out of Roby, Bartley, etc. Again, I am not expecting Billiken HOF but I am expecting better than we have seen and that is based upon Ford being better than Crews and upon Roby and Bartley both being healthier this year as well as being another year older, bigger, stronger and more mature. Also, Cheese said it best, and there is no need for me to restate: Ford did not take a scholarship away from an existing scholarship player. And secondly, there are limits that even a new head coach can and should respect as to the number of scholarships which can and should be yanked in a given year. Plus, we still need to field a team for this Fall as opposed to obtaining more transfers in the future.
  10. Torch. Ye, we want the best roster possible. And we got it for next year. All 4 of the guys you mention will be back next year - and not just 3. Had Ford taken a scholarship away from AG, Roby or Bartley, 1 of these 3 would have left SLU. Second, and without intending to disrespect or insult any of these 4,there is a reason why Hines did not receive a D1 athletic scholarship from SLU or anyone else prior to last year's generous offer from SLU. We all wish the best for HInes and hope really plays well this year. Whether HInes will demonstrate that he is deserving or that part of last year was a fluke, the good news is that HInes will be on the roster and we will get to see. As to the other 3, you are both wrong and unfair. Players get hurt but to call Bartley injury prone is unfair. He played well his freshman year, injured his foot and it apparently did not heal sufficiently and plagued him all last year. As to Gillman, bigs take time to develop, redshirting him was a serious discussion his freshman year and he is still young. Very few bigs are developed their freshman or sophomore year. Check back this October and let's see where he stands. As to Roby, you have no knowledge or right to speak about his work ethic, and even so, Crews and Platt deserve equal mention. The fact that Roby has stuck around, both this year and last year, says alot to me. And like the others, Roby deserves a fresh start under Ford to see what he can really do.
  11. A few random thoughts. 1. Moderators. Probably not a bad idea to move all of these non-Jaon Bess comments to their own thread. 2. Sounds like I agree to disagree with some well-respected posters regarding our current players but do have some questions for them: * do you place any blame on Crews Platt for not properly coaching, teaching, developing and playing our current players in a manner for them to succeed. * assuming injury and poor teaching/coaching are really not to blame,why do you believe health and good teaching/coaching, combined with natural growth and development by our guys who will be JRs and SRs will not result in their being servicable players? * Ford has worked the players out this Spring including Hines. If Ford wanted Hines on scholarship, he would be on scholarship Saying Hines is better than AG is ridiculous. They play different positions, they bring different talents, we need as much as we can until Ford's new players arrive to play the following year, and by all accounts, we have Hines plus all the others. * Shouldn't scholarships and Ford's time and efforts be focused on those players with greater upside rather than who stepped for Crews/Platt before the competition made adjustments?
  12. Wow. Two horrible years under Crews, Platt and company and now it being the offseason is still not justification to fail to see the bigger picture or the forest through the trees. Crews and Platt were more than just bad recruiters - they were bad leaders and instructors. They failed to relate to their players. Their players quit on them. No doubt the two Jims know the game of basketball -- but they are simply bad coaches. Again, did our roster need an upgrade of talent? Of course. Will any of our returning players make the Billiken Hall of Fame? Probably not. But too many here are failing to give the returning players even the benefit of the doubt that they were poorly coached, that the minutes they played were littered with bad line-up combinations, that they were pulled too quickly and for the wrong reasons and that they simply were not put properly in positions to succeed. Old Guy. Respond only to what Taj writes and not what you somehow interpret him to write. Bartley is probably not the answer at PG, he has not shown enough to date, but he did have good moments while healthy as a Frosh and fighting with 12 others for playing time. With real coaches and a healed foot, Bartley has alot to offer. Roby has size, strength and the ability to play defense. Roby was impressive early on as a Frosh. Then, the poor coaching and confidence dropped under the Jim "do it my way or the highway" Crews. I, for one, am expecting a much improved and confident Roby. Is he the answer at PG? Probably not. HInes. Did I appreciate his efforts last year? Sure. But his size and footwork were soon exposed, the A10 scouted him and made adjustments and we soon discovered why he was (and now again) a walk on and not a scholarship player. Hines is not the answer at PG. Bishop needs to be our work horse at PG. If he gets injured, we are in trouble. Next year, we desperately need a PG. I have confidence in Ford but I am very concerned that he has not yet brought in a PG and that PG's may not been his most valued position on his prior teams.
  13. Looks great!! Thanks again, Steve
  14. I didnt realize that soft tissue injuries never heal and are career ending injuries. Talk about pessimism...
  15. 1. Beating Denny Crum and the Louisville Cardinals, at home, followed by celebrations outside watching Crum get into the Louisville bus prior to more celebrating at Humphries. We beat my childhood coaching icon. 2. Watching the banner removing the additional seats in the upper deck -- the fans finally came in droves. 3. Early beginnings of Spoonball (his announcement of being hired, the pre-season promotions, the billboards, the sticker on my rear window... Thank you Saint Rich for saving the program which was about to increase by several steps. 4. Larry Hughes single handedly beating Marquette - he was one of kind. I watched no one better. 5. Rick Majerus hiring culminated with the first half against Washington and Romar -- best basketball I have even seen the Bills play.