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  1. Major Development in Men’s college soccer

    Pace yourself means stand and walk a little and not run after every ball right? Because it’s a tough pace to keep for the whole game right? Guess middle relievers have ruined the game of baseball as well. Much more fun to watch a pitcher struggle for the whole 9 innings.
  2. Major Development in Men’s college soccer

    Same argument was made in basketball when Nolan Richardson kept putting out athlete after athlete. Now, VCU and Kentucky and much of the rest of college basketball do the same. It’s now called a deep bench. Basketball is no longer a game of my 5. (Or 6) and your 5 (or 6). 4 fouls on 1 of your equally good centers no longer means anything.
  3. +1 And even if/when other colleges take our players without further punishment, a scorched earth and public battle against SLU will only draw negative attention and will likely awaken and organize women’s groups with the likes of Weather and Kratky which are not unique to SLU but are on every college campus. 2 year probation by SLU = guilt = sexual predator Accepting, playing and rewarding proven guilty sexual predators would be a public relations disaster for their new college. And if activated at their new school, they will sit more next year as well.
  4. If Graves and Henriquez are truly gone, and Bishop is a Senior, then signs appear to be pointing favorably toward the 4th player. Shocking he would be punished at the end like the others but not all along. Delay now works in favor of the team. And compromise would appear at hand as middle ground exists. Whether the partisans would even consider middle ground appears to be a source ofthe delay.
  5. Major Development in Men’s college soccer

    How do the college subs ruin the game?
  6. Major Development in Men’s college soccer

    Nope. Doesn't appear to be very significant. US Soccer scouts will attend some games? 6 MId Atlantic colleges which are close to each other?
  7. Major Development in Men’s college soccer

    Yes and no. US Soccer is lending its name but not its coaches and facilities. This will still be regular college soccer (college coaches, players, facilities) but playing with International rules (clock, limited roster and no re-entry). And a coaching clinic for the college coaches. Sorry, but I see nothing to indicate these will be any feeder teams or that kids will now want to go to 1 of these 6 schools to be scouted by a US Soccer scout. The US Soccer scouts are already scouting college teams. Now, putting together the final matches at Wake Forest will sure make it easier for scouts to see more. Now, if US Soccer wants to invite the top 216 college soccer players (12 teams with 18 on each team) to US Soccer facilities, have the kids train with the US Soccer coaches, have the US Soccer coaches coach the kids, play alot of games each weekend in the Spring, ... then this would a real US Soccer event. Back to college soccer, though, it only makes sense to play each Fall and Spring. Why not? Not sure how great of opportunities the kids have to play after they enroll in college. The heat of summer is not good for development. You have high level coaches, players and facilities (D1 soccer) so why not play in the Spring? Again, everything I have read is that the American soccer player is the best in the world thru age 13 or 14, that the American soccer player starts to lose ground during the high school years and that the American college player who stays all 4 years is well behind the rest of the world. Unlike football, there is no concern of too many college soccer games and strain/abuse placed upon their bodies/injuries. Same with baseball. Why play only a shortened, rainy, cold Spring of baseball. Play baseball games in the Fall AND Spring to offset the advantage kids have who leave high school and play professionally -- Spring thru Summer and then winter ball if desired. And if academics are still important, seems like college athletes would be better served academically by more evenly spreading their games over both semesters rather than trying to cram a huge schedule of games/practices all in only 1 semester.
  8. Major Development in Men’s college soccer

    No. It sure doesn't. If I were SLU, I would not only apply 2019 but I would try to schedule games this Spring (against IU, Akron, Notre Dame, Marquette and Northwestern as previously mentioned would be great but, if not, then anyone else). I don't see the NCAA penalizing these participating schools and therefore these participating schools either have received NCAA approval or the NCAA will tacitly allow the same. Therefore, once the NCAA allows Spring games for one NCAA school, it has to mean they are allowed for all NCAA schools. Coach Kalish: Just schedule, invite US Soccer to watch and play!! Production costs cannot be much and revenue might actually be made!!
  9. Again you are dead wrong. Many kids are walking SLUs campus with full scholarships and are not held to higher standards. And nearly everyone else has some type of financial aide package. Justice is not imposed depending upon the amount of tuition one pays. You may put high profile players on a pedaestal but that is you and and your personal agenda. And don’t ever attempt to speak for young kids. Your comments are wrong and childish. Not childlike. Look up the difference.
  10. Coach’s Radio Show Monday 7 pm

    Ramey = tool And shouldn’t this be listed under OT
  11. ... more worthless dribble from a biased blow hard. Still no word from you as to what the players did. Investigation=guilty=troll
  12. Quality. Generally a good post but your example of Bill Cosby does not hold water. Enjoy the reruns but but Bill Coby did not "later went rogue." Instead, his alleged/convicted conduct (at least in the court of public opinion) has been on-going and consistent for decades. Believe some of the accusers date back to the 1970's and the Playboy mansion where he also is accused of use date-rape/knock-out drugs with women.
  13. Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn once in awhile. Finally, you wrote something true. Charge = Guilty in both your mind, and apparently in the mind of Hearing Officer Weathers. Assume Ms. Wethers confirmed the outside counsel's investigation/memo/report. SLU: # release the memo
  14. I wonder if the 3 of the 4 boys consented to the filming either. If not, are these 3 non-filming not victims as well? Again, my advice is for men: file counter complaints.
  15. You have now proven how really stupid you are. Obviously, you are not a SLU student or former SLU student because SLU students simply are not that dumb. First, no one said the boys, 2, 4 or 6 of them did not make bad decisions that night. Should all bad decisions result in expulsions and 2 year suspensions? And if so, who receives counseling and community service and for what, how are non-student athletes treated, how have similar students/athletes been treated both at SLU and at other colleges across the nation, why did SLU move the 3 players back on campus and reinstate certain privileges? Did the Hearing Officer confirm the decisions of the outside counsel's investigative report? What did the outside counsel, who are familiar with Title IX issues and precedent across the nation recommend? Did all 3, 4 or 6 players participate equally? and if so, in what? Second, what did the police report document? and allege? Sexual assault? or non-consensual posting of pictures/videos? Did all participate in the filming and posting? Did all the boys consent to the filming and posting? It is now becoming quite clear that no sexual assault occurred -- see lack of criminal charges, lack of initial expulsions, lack of more serious suspensions. I call you stupid because "due process" does NOT require 60 to 120 day investigations by any and all actions. Physical violence, sexual assault, battery all are easy examples of conduct which would not require the police to wait, for SLU to wait or for a Title IX investigation to wait before "due process" is reached to levy immediate punishment. No one wants to sweep anything under the rug. I guess that is your "catch all" for the mantra of investigation = guilt and that if basketball players are not punished severely = sweep under the rug and "win at all cost" No other possibilities exist in your world. Sad. What have I done? For one, I voted to change our President who is starting to implement fairness and balance into the Title IX "due process" of his predecessor. At the same time, what other involvement would I have had to know what has been truly going on these past 8 years. And why is Kratky not immediately adopting the new Department of Education informal guidelines as express by Secretary Betsy DeVos? As to discussion of what is the proper punishment for posting private pictures or videos? I am not sure. Guess I would need to see the pictures/videos, see now many there are, see what they depicted, see who they were sent to, see how long they went "public", find out why they went "public", etc. But I would suggest to you that this is a completely different topic than committing sexual assault upon an unwilling female. Is it still wrong? of course. Should there still be some punishments? of course. Again, let's see that the outside counsel recommended. # release the memo