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  1. I thought there was not enough space by Union Station to put an MLS soccer stadium? And there is no real residential between Union Station the old AG Edwards and Harris Stowe/SLU. Out by Cortex, The Grove, and Foundry makes alot more sense. Assume SLU would use as well?
  2. Believe there will soon be alot of food places nearby when that huge development (Foundry?) breaks ground nearby.
  3. I believe that Rich Grawer headed to Mizzou for regular and frequent trips shortly have after his former player/student, Steve Stiponovich, shot himself over the Christmas break (1980) at Mizzou. Stipo was having a rough time at Mizzou and Grawer made multiple trips to be with Stipo, to settle him down, etc. During this time, I believe Grawer really got to know Norm Stewart really well and Grawer then decided to leave highschool coaching that Spring not only to get used to the college game but also to mentor Stipo and keep him straight. Stipo had a really good Junior year with Grawer as his assistant coach and then continued to flourish his Senior year as well without Grawer. Believe Grawer would have left DeSmet at the Christmas break in 1980 but Grawer was a full-time history teacher and head coach at DeSmet and I believe Norm did not have any openings on his staff in the middle of that year either. Believe the following is the timeline: 1. Grawer coached DeSmet to back to back State Championships in the '77-'78 and the the '78-'79 seasons. 2. Grawer coached DeSmet during the '79-'80 season - Stipo's freshman year at Mizzou. 3. Grawer coached DeSmet for the '80-81 season. December 27, 1980 Stipo's gun incident. Here's a link. 4. Grawer left DeSmet in May 1981 and handed the reigns and a stacked team (including younger brother Mike Stiponovich) over to his longtime assistant Dale Bergman who won State for DeSmet in his first year of coaching, '81-'82. 5. Grawer was assistant coach at Mizzou from '81 to '82. 6. Grawer was hired by SLU in March 1982. Here's a link.
  4. Are you suggesting a new nickman fo Old Guy such as The Mailman... 'cause he delivers.😃
  5. Well, if Dr P has been reading this Board, all he has to do is pipe music into the teacher offices and then start slashing salaries and benefits. Along these same lines, believe Good Morning America had a segment on this morning about a winery/vineyard in Italy which plays Mozart thru speakers in the fields to produce more, bigger and sweeter grapes. I am now a believer.
  6. Finally!! A real update on our team. Can you or anyone else provide more as to what you saw. As we all know - go see the kids play!!
  7. Let me see here. We have a long-standing newspaper struggling in today's modern and digital age and is laying off staff and making cut backs. The "new" ownership of the Post also does not appear to be turning the paper and its profitability around. Labor and available resources seem to be in declining and following the trend of newspaper revenue declines. And we complaining that our local college down the street does not get good enough coverage. Has someone not thought about internships for SLU students at the Post Dispatch. Or cheap labor? SLU students can follow their fellow students provide insight the Post can publish/distribute, and in turn, the students can learn and obtain real and practical skills and maybe a few dollars in their pockets. What am I missing here?
  8. I say bs to runandshoot or should I say run the mouth and shoot from the hip. What is the incentive? Simple... to create interest when not enough is perceived to exist. If SLU and Coach Ford were to show huge interest then this can and will be used to waive in front of the blueblood coaches he really wants to attend. RM chose not to fawn over Ed Macauley's grandson -- we had to listen to all the local bs, that we lost not only a local, but the grandson of our best ever player, to Butler who would lead them to more Final Fours. I am glad RM ignored these people in that Berry was an injured stiff. Recently we heard from an "insider" that Ford had not even reached out to Goodwin. Well, we know that to be false. as well Now, no contact or phone call by Ford until after Tate? I find that hard to believe. We know Ford reached out to numerous kids within hours of getting the job. And while I agree with much of what Pistol says about 2017 being a priority, I dont believe for a minute that Ford would ignore any top local kid from 2018 for months. Who cannot take 5 minutes out of their 15 hour day to make a call, send a text or write a letter to a talented kid even if he has shown minimal interest. Coach Ford doesnt deserve such attacks. Did Ford choose 2017 kids over 2018 kids? sure. Has Ford given Ramey the Jim Harbough treatment of going class to class with him in school? probably not. Does Ramey want more attention and now sends his posse here to .com. Looks like it.
  9. Just so I am clear, all of these guys in this 2018 are current Juniors in high school, right? Seniors are the class of 2017 (2016-2017 basketball year) so the class of 2018 will be the 2017-2018 basketball year, right?
  10. UD Arena is the perfect size for NCAA Tourney games (and is usually filled) holding 13,409 in a facility built for basketball as opposed to multi-purpose arenas. At the same time, I much prefer the sight lines in Chaifetz - though much smaller at only 10,600. At UD Arena, though, while all the seats in the lower level are great, "corner" seating is generally missing in that there are more pronounced or squared off seating sections behind each basket as opposed to the rounded construction at Chaifetz. Consequently, many of the lower level or lower bowl seats in the corners at Chaifetz do not exist at UD Arena. While the concept is commendable in that most seats are built on the 2 equal sides of the basketball court to better view the game, the trade off is that the side court seat rows just go higher and higher and higher. And to compensate for the long distance from the court, lights are turned off/dimmed and darkened to make the lit up court easier to see. For those who have been to UD Arena and had to sit in the nosebleeds thanks to the good folks at Dayton, you know what I mean. And while the atmosphere of being at a live event cannot be simulated on a TV screen, at least you can truly see the action on a TV screen.
  11. Marcus Bartley is making the best choice for Marcus Bartley and believe we need to thank him for his 2 years of service and now wish him the best. Yes, we would like him to play for us this year so that this year is not quite as horrible. With yet another player gone, it will get ugly. The Bartley we saw under Crews will not truly be missed. With proper coaching, motivation and confidence, though, Bartley can make contributions on a high/higher level D1 team. And I do believe that Ford would develop Bartley this year far better than Crewsplatt did. Another year of development/growth/strength will do Bartley good. Same with a fresh start. And this is not just about Bartley sitting the bench his Senior year as it is Bartley playing on a truly bad team his Junior year as well. And not only will Barley have this year of development/growth/strength but as mentioned previously, he will have another year of college life/academics while having the potential to have a good and meaningful years on the court for both his Junior and Senior years. Good luck!!
  12. Chosen. You must really hate football.
  13. Former SLU recruit also is back playing high school football this his Senior year prior to attending and playing for Yale next year. Believe he tweaked a knee his Soph year, sat out football as a Junior and is now back on the football field. The appeal of high school is far greater than any other sport in luding basketball. Friday night games under the lights, social event for students as well as parents and middle school students, recent grads coming back home on a weekend, marching band, dance team, cheerleaders, alumni, faculty boosters, boys wear jerseys to school, girls wear cheerleader outfits, full year/summer of lifting weights and comraderie... There is a reason football is king. Enjoy the moment Goodwin, Yess and others!!
  14. Guess I am in the minority who likes the "old" Billikens and like to see it still around. In fact, I wear a needle point belt with the "old" Billiken all the time. At the same time, SLU should really only be using the new Billiken logo by now.
  15. Roy. More importantly. You know Jordan. Can he play PG for us and be good at it? Will he be able to handle the Havoc pressure? Will PG neutralize his rebounding skills?