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  1. Tilmon = Biedschied😂
  2. Once again, you are off base. Results (wins and losses) do impact recruiting. That is not a new or controversial concept you appear to be advancing. As others have said, both teams will have the bulk of their recruiting next year complete before next year's results take place so how soon SLU meshes or melds together will not affect the upcoming recruiting class (2017-18) but will affect the following year's class (2018-19). And again, I am not taking the bait of comparing SLU's rebuild of their program with that of Mizzou -- be reminded that Mizzou is not on our schedule or in our league - because I don't want to discuss Mizzou basketball. I will say, though, that I like the rebuild being undertaken by Ford with four (4) year players, with a good mix of new Frosh along with those who already have some college experience under their belts and now with a graduate transfer to help now; that I like recruiting not only good players but with players who are being recruited to fill certain roles and to complement their teammates in that, at the end of the day, basketball remains a team game; that I am thankful Coach Ford is not confusing normal recruiting with the Quin Snyder All Star Team approach of assembling the highest level players available regardless of position or if their skill sets are duplicative; and that I am not going to recklessly spread baseless rumors that young, high school student athletes' words and statements mean nothing (Gordon) and that changing one's mind is normal and routine (Tilmon). Whether you meant it or not, Tilmon changed his mind not only or because the great Cuonzo Martin was hired by Mizzou but also, and I would suggest more importantly, because the head coach and assistant coaches who had recruited him for months/years were fired, that other recruits/players (his soon to be teammates) also changed their minds and that he decided, after careful thought, that he did not want to play for the Illini's new coaches even though their jerseys, buildings and conference remained the same. Coach Ford is not leaving SLU so your comparison is not only inappropriate but it is wrong.
  3. Thank you so, so much!! I have really been worried about Mizzou!! Your references to two (2) unknown people you know this going there DOES confirm the rumors I had heard that the University would be closing its doors permanently next week. Whewwww!! And upon second reading, I now see they are both probably Catholics -- hence the link to SLU!! And all this great information on a SLU basketball webesite!! Much appreciated!!
  4. Is this just a random thought you pulled out of your ass? Losing Godon to Mizzou? Losing local recruits if we don't meld fast enough? What gives you any indication Martin can build and win consistently? Take you Mizzou talk to Tigerboard.
  5. I thought cash was fine as long as in a nice leather briefcase? Did Illinois forget the leather briefcase? And didn't Illini fans accuse SLU of paying money to get Goodwin, and then possibly Pickett and Tilmon etc? Funny!! Guess things are getting sticky getting Mom"s house back. So much eiasier to send a guy in to retrieve the briefcase, or with Dr C, we can now just forget about the briefcase and move on.😀
  6. Second hand info but I heard Tilmon is enrolled in Mizzou's correspondence class program and has been assigned Ricky Clemons as has academic advisor.
  7. How great would it be to play league games with Lindenwood and UMSL!?
  8. What is the latest on the Foundry? Will it happen?
  9. True as to Glorydays but the constant war of posts he is having is with equally young and over zealous fans who actually have less insight and perspective. Tedious. I would send both sides off for 5 minute majors (fighting) and continue to play 5 and 5. Sorry for the hockey reference but Go Blues!!
  10. +1 In the meantime, put me in the camp that prefers 4 year players with strong work ethics to go with their talent rather than 1 and done guys with freakish talent. 8 to 9 smart, talented and interchangeable players coming together as a team. Not interested in hero ball.
  11. +1 Now that I think about it, why didn't Michael Jordan's Dad (insert your own Hall of Fame athlete here) get more credit for coaching, developing and nurturing his son to be so great. Just imagine if Mr. Jordan had been an assistant coach to pass along all of his knowledge, coaching tips and advice - we could have had another legend.. Good grief.... Then again, as to Michael Porter, Sr., I admit that "I have NOT seen him play" but he does sound like not only the best assistant basketball coach around (see how good his sons are - no other proof needed) but also father of the year (see how close his sons are to him). Then again, Marv Marinovich was also pretty close to his talented high school son/athlete.
  12. What? Now you are changing the topic? The question posed (and not by me) was who is responsible for stadiums and your answer is the AD? Please explain. The next topic you bring up is lack of institutional support -- a separate and distinct topic. And yes, if the SLU President and alumni/big donors do not come through, you actually cite an example of a head coach (not the AD) who fundraised and built a small hitting/pitching facility. How does that support your argument that the AD is responsible for stadiums. And if the baseball coach raises money from baseball alumns and friends of the baseball program to supplement the program, how does that relate to stadium building?
  13. 05. What? What is your source for placing the burden of new stadium upon our AD? Are you kidding? What AD ever raised money for a stadium other than in a helper role? Fr. Biondi was responsible for every new building and structure on campus during his 25 years at the helm.
  14. Hopefully we won't have a serious talk about head coach replacement for several years, and maybe Jensen will want to coach NCAA D1 in the future and no doubt Jensen can coach the game of basketball... but D1 college coaches must do so much more than coach: evaluate 16 and 17 year olds, recruit, kiss aau coaches ass, public speak and please boosters, fundraise...
  15. That's fine with me but I would prefer 25 win seasons.