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  1. Chosen. You must really hate football.
  2. Former SLU recruit also is back playing high school football this his Senior year prior to attending and playing for Yale next year. Believe he tweaked a knee his Soph year, sat out football as a Junior and is now back on the football field. The appeal of high school is far greater than any other sport in luding basketball. Friday night games under the lights, social event for students as well as parents and middle school students, recent grads coming back home on a weekend, marching band, dance team, cheerleaders, alumni, faculty boosters, boys wear jerseys to school, girls wear cheerleader outfits, full year/summer of lifting weights and comraderie... There is a reason football is king. Enjoy the moment Goodwin, Yess and others!!
  3. Guess I am in the minority who likes the "old" Billikens and like to see it still around. In fact, I wear a needle point belt with the "old" Billiken all the time. At the same time, SLU should really only be using the new Billiken logo by now.
  4. Roy. More importantly. You know Jordan. Can he play PG for us and be good at it? Will he be able to handle the Havoc pressure? Will PG neutralize his rebounding skills?
  5. Again, I truly believe the returning players will play better for Coach Ford and staff than they did under Crewsplatt who simply sucked all the fun out of the game. At the end of the day, basketball is still a game. Yes, hard work and discipline are needed, but when you don't respect your coaches and you aren't having fun, you simply don't play well or win many games no matter who the competition is. Again, no McDonald's All-American level of play from last year's guys -- but there is more talent than we have seen or should I say have seen in spurts and at times.
  6. I know the $500 cost each of new leather briefcases is small and minor compared the fat stacks inside ($326,000 for Tillmon, right?) but it would be nice to be able to re-use these briefcase. At this rate, we are sure going thru our briefcase budget and Coach Ford has only been on the job for 5 months!!
  7. At this time with school beginning to start, with the passage of the season ticket deadline and now with the early commitment of Goodwin for next year's class, it seems like a good time to give initial thoughts on Coach Ford: 1. I am certainly pleased with his coaching staff. Time will tell, but Coach clearly has a plan in selecting proven, experienced coaches with East Coast, A-10 and now local ties. These are not former head coaches or Midwest based like RM selected (Biancardi, Moser, Whitesell. Crews) but they do complement Coach Ford and provide him with experience and strength/depth where Coach's own skills might be less strong. Corey Tate is a huge get not only for Goodwin (sounds like he was leaning toward SLU/Ford prior anyway) but b/c he is a St. Louis native, Mizzou alum/former player and is well connected/respected in the AAU community. 2. I am pleased with both the apparent quality of the new players but also the mix of age/experience of the new players. RM had his methods, was hired too late to have brought in immediate help like Ford has done but RM also had several misses regarding JUCOs or transfers which could have increased the speed of his rebuild. Had we landed a SR transfer, a veteran foreign player, Harrelson or any of the JUCOs we chased,..Time will tell but I do like the guys Coach Ford has landed and do believe that a rebuild will take place sooner than under RM. Whether we can return to RM heights in another question, but better than expected so far. 3. No mis-steps or blunders to date. Coach Ford just continues to add and put pieces together after deleting some of Crews' players, says the right things, is getting his name out to the press and is setting the right tone for the program. Winning will truly change the SLU image but so far Coach Ford has been solid. 4. Contrary to some of our local "experts" who have already questioned what Coach Ford was doing or not doing, turns out he has been working both hard and smart -- with both locals and non-locals. He and his staff have, in fact, been out "to see the guys play". We also have seen,first hand, that being the first to follow a kid or that 3 year relationship is not needed if you have a quality product to offer. Not saying we should ignore kids until the last moment; however, at the end of the day, maybe it was not our former coaches were lazy, were such bad judges of character, did the wrong things in recruiting as much as that they simply didn't have the quality product sell. I am not impressed with Kim Anderson or Groce - and for that matter, never respected Soderberg or Crews as a top basketball coach -- and as it turns out, I was/am not alone. Congratulations Coach Ford.
  8. Not that you, or anyone else, probably intends that ONLY the Eagles might think and/or act in this manner but I would take this a step further and say that this attitude and these alleged actions of the Eagles are actually similar to those held by the entire local/St. Louis basketball community from high schools/coaches to basketball trainers/skill developers/weight and conditioning coaches to most local players and their posses -- all have a built-in benefit/advantage to choose the highest possible "name" programs. In this regard, SLU has many advantages with regard to the local recruits (we can attend their games, stop by to see them practice, no real travel expenses, etc. and the kids can stay home and play in front of their friends and family without them having to leave town/travel ) but it can also be tough to land the better local players because of the stigma and belief that SLU is simply not good enough for them. Believe RM recognized this and decided to build his program with non-locals. Once built, and once successful, then even the locals will jump on the bandwagon. Unfortunately, Crewsplatt couldn't land and/or coach up good players -- local or not.
  9. RM had more than just the Situation happen which delayed his rebuild of the program. First, Fr. Biondi waited so long to hire RM that we missed that initial year. Imagine if Ford were hired too late as well. In that case, we would have zero help for next year unless Ford could find his version of a walk-on like Paul Eckerle and no top transfers waiting in the wings for next year. Yes, RM started with TL and KL already on the roster (better than what Ford inherited) but he also couldn't recruit his own guys that whole first year. Second, the transfer option was largely not used by RM (and not initially) due to RM's desire to coach kids for 4 years but that was also b/c such guys would have to sit out his 2nd year of coaching and not play until his 3rd year. Third, the NCAA's delay in processing Cody Ellis' transcripts had a huge and negative impact for both Cody and the team. Fourth, no basketball suspensions would have occurred at most NCAA basketball programs, would not have been conducted in such a kangaroo court format and would not have been conducted with punishments levied at such a late date to the detriment of the team, other players and coaching staff. Fifth, Fr. Biondi's reversal of his promises to RM leading to a public feud sure didn't help the program.
  10. Romar has recruited well at his alma mater, Washington, and in the PAC10 but to act like he was such at a great recruiter here at SLU is just not reality. And yes, Ryan Hollins made it to the NBA but he was not a dominant college player - especially earlier in his college career - and would not have been good enough to make up for the lack of a supporting cast. And after 3 years at SLU, Romar should have had a deeper incoming class than Hollins and Nick Kern - especially after Pulley, Lattimer and Edwin were busts who left the program. Yes, West Pine Gym made things tougher... but then again, membership in Conf USA made recruiting easier than current member ship in A10. Comparisons to Ford? especially so soon? Why? Cameron Dollar and the scandal from UCLA? I was not impressed. Randy Bennett? I didn't know or appreciate him at the time. In hindsight, I would have rather had Bennett as our head coach. Compared to Ford, I am very impressed with his coaching staff. A10 ties and experience. East Coast, Chicago and local/AAU connections. I sure hope one of these guys (or Ford) can develop a game plan and make adjustments during games on the fly and also lands a few PG's along the way. It's nice to have optimism about Billiken basketball again..
  11. Why stop there? Fisher was unusual in that he had already signed a LOI with Pepperdine and Romar, had limited options after Romar announced we was leaving Pepperdine for SLU and, of course, followed Romar here to SLU. Also, I believe Spoon had done the heavy lifting of recruiting Mo Jeffers but Romar deserves credit for re-recruiting him as well. Romar does get credit for the players you mention but also gets blame for Jason Edwin, Andrew Latimer, Floyd McClain, Ross Varner, John Seyfert and Randy Pulley. And let's not forget about his final recruiting class after 3 years on the job landing Nick Kern of Vashon whom everyone knew could not gain admission to SLU. And how soon some forget about our best recruiter over these past 47 years -- Rick Majerus.
  12. I may part to blame on this thread so let me explain. First, I am 100% supportive of Travis Ford and happy that he is our coach. Second, if Ford's reputation as an X's and O's coach equaled his recruiting and motivational reputation, he'd probably be in the middle of a long-term contract right now at a Power conference. Third, I don't expect and demand much this season other than a new and positive team attitude, improved effort, the team not to quit and for the team to improve, not regress, as the year goes onward. Fourth, I will not jump all over Ford after some questionable game decisions and tell everyone I was right about him. I, and we, should all have an open mind and give Ford the benefit of the doubt. Fifth, comparisons of Ford to Jim Crews are ridiculous. Crews should never have been hired as our head coach, he never earned the respect of the players and they quit on him - repeatedly. At the same time, it fair to have concerns - no panic going on here. The 2 concerns I have are his game time coaching and his inexplicable reliance on 1 or 2 guys to assume the PG duties. Both can be remedied with a slight change of recruiting emphasis (recruit 1 or 2 extra PG's which could be a lesson learned the hard way at OSU not to be repeated here at SLU) as well as bringing in help with the X's and O's. Maybe, Ford is actually a good X's and O's coach but has been reluctant to accept offered help in the past (trying to unilaterally do everything) and again this can be another lesson learned the hard way. Maybe Ford learned that he needs an X's and O's coach and believes he now has one. In short, Ford has sure had considerable success at both UMass and OSU despite these 2 concerns which are items to be aware of and which warrant our attention but which do not, at least in my opinion, signal that there is certain trouble or failure ahead for our program. And I had to choose one or the other, I would choose a great X's and O's coach over a great recruiter, but as I said previously,even if this turns out to be true, it may be more enjoyable (certainly different) in that we have sure watched coach after coach here at SLU try to get the most out of limited talent for years.
  13. Yes. I count a total of 65 guys in the men's basketball HOF. That's alot!!
  14. Bauman. Calm down big boy!! One simple response to a fear brought up by the creator and owner of this Board - hardly a troll. You have twice given your opinion plus 14 exclamation marks. If anyone needs to stop, it's you. High blood pressure is not good. You do realize that Travis Ford was fired at OSU, right? And that more than a handful of OSU fans question his game day coaching abilities, right? The good and bad reputation of Ford is that he can recruit, his teams win and make the tournament but that his in game coaching is not his strong suit. His track record, together with the opinions of OSU fans, all support this. I personally believe coaches (like the rest of us) learn from our mistakes and get better over time. Hopefully, Ford has learned from his own mistakes -- from game day decisions to personnel and coaching decisions -- at both OSU and UMass so that he will be even more successful here. Unlike you, I must not be drunk on Blue Koolaid. And without trying to raise your blood pressure too much further and at the risk of being called a negative nellie again (possibly with even more exclamation marks) I am also concerned about Ford not recruiting enough PGs. To me, I was surprised that a former D1 guard like Travis would make this mistake at OSU. So far at SLU, though, I love the new attitude and positive direction of the program, I love the new recruits he has signed, I love that helped push some of last year's guys out the door and I love this hire of Cory Tate.
  15. Yes. But I believe this is the new era of Billiken basketball under Travis Ford. Spoon, and to a lesser extent Brad, outcoached the opposition. We had to b/c the talent level was far less. Remember our kids running an offense to perfection, running set plays after key time outs, setting double and triple screens and working their butts off on defense while coaches like Larry Finch at Memphis would call his more athletic guys over to the bench (Anfernee Hardaway, etc) and say "Settle down" and "Play hard" but very little else? Romar was not here long enough but he too was a good game coach -- just not as good as Spoon -- as we found ways to upset Cincy, Memphis and Marquette. Then, RM was the master surpassing even Spoon with us playing smart and running our offense to perfection. The whole was far greater than the sum of the parts. Aside from the really good RM teams, as long as I can remember, Billiken basketball has been about less athletic, over-achieving, disciplined guys (white and black) prevailing over bigger, taller, more talented and athletic players and teams. I could be totally wrong about the Travis Ford era, and I hope I am, but I see us winning games under Travis Ford (after he has time to restock the team with his guys) with our size, talent and athletic ability but then losing some games when we get outcoached, make dumb mistakes and play less disciplined ball while losing to some over-achieving, disciplined guys/teams.