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  1. SLU Soccer 2017

    Tilkowski is a troll and this post is not a support of him but does your protection of college age athletes apply only to soccer players and non-revenue college athletes? A different standard for basketball players and basketball coaches? as rhis Board (and you) have made countless posts running basketball players, head coaches and assistant coaches out of town.
  2. SLU Soccer 2017

    Someone outside the system like Klinnsman?
  3. SLU Soccer 2017

    If SLU has only 9.9 scholarships, what do our competition have?
  4. SLU Soccer 2017

    Sluballs. What do you recommend? Do we have a local St Louis guy who would want to be SLUs coach and be good at it? Would a local coach be able to keep the better kids in town and away fro IU etc? Or do we need to go get another Bob Warming type? A proven winning head coach? Bob immediately changed everything about the soccer program and not only won, but won big. Warming also got local guys who had already left to transfer back as well as kept local high school kids from leaving. But more than recruiting, he could really coach the kids and made his teams overachieve. Personally, he is my blueprint for returning SLU soccer to being a top 20 program. Again, personally I prefer hiring a proven Majerus or Spoonhour or T Ford type instead of some up and coming assistant...even though I fully recognize that every great head coach was an assistant at one time.
  5. OT: Midtown Development

    Joe. Are you referring to Aclara? What is the name and year of the SLU grad?
  6. Off topic: Moderation

    V-Time. Stop with the Bess comments. Commenting favorably about a SLU recruit does not make someone a Billiken basketball fan. Interviewing a Billiken player or recruit and then saying something nice about them does not make you a fan either. Living and dying with a team/program makes you a fan. And yes, job, family and other commitments can take a fan out of town and/or prevent you from attending/watching/listening to games but not following or posting is a much better indicator. Also, KM's reinstatement was important and at the beginning of the NCAA years which extended through the death of RM and then with Crews -- and again, more silence from you. But as to Bess, you met and got your picture taken with Tom Izzo and now act like you are an expert as his former player - Bess. Again, you are free to post your comments about Bess and other kids, some items you post are actually appreciated, but finding the same after sifting through all the local high school posts and now the Martin/Mizzou posts is tedious.
  7. Off topic: Moderation

    V-Time. 12 years of not withdrawing your registration on this Board does not make you a Billiken fan. Have you made some favorable Billiken posts over the past 12 years? Of course. But I would suggest that the overwhelming vast majority have been related to the promotion of local players to help get their names out not only to SLU but to any other college whether D1, D2, DIII, NAIA, etc. There for awhile, you were providing us with a watch list of over 40 local guys - most of whom had skills far below that of SLU. Recently, you praise for Coach Martin and Mizzou have been relentless - in part because of your love for Martin/Tigers but also b/c 14 additional roster spots at Mizzou are now open to St. Louis kids in addition to the 14 roster spots here at SLU for you to help get their names out. Do you offer something to this Board? Yes. Are you different than a regular troll? Yes. Should you be banned? No. But don't act like you have been some loyal Billiken fan these past 12 years.
  8. Off topic: Moderation

    It's not the fact that non-SLU fans come onto this Board with differing thoughts and opinions but it's the length of stay and extent of freedom they are given. I am reminded of our Chaifetz staff being "fair" and opening up the unused SLU student section to the MO State fans. No one is saying that someone is not allowed to buy a ticket and attend a SLU game or to come onto this Board with a differing thought, opinion or comment but their taking over of this Board and being allowed to out of fairness is not right. Moderate. Don't allow non-SLU fans to take over our Billikens board. Examples. I love hearing from A10 before and after our game w them but VCU's take over board and staying for months posting all about their players coaches and recruits under the guise that it is related to SLU got old. Allowing certain individuals who come to this board w agendas from anti-SLU soccer to self promotion of local AAU kids to Mizzou fans gets old. Again, it not their point of view expressed in their first 5 to 20 posts but their relentless agenda in posts 50 to 500 within a short span. Again. Moderate.
  9. OT: Austin McBroom engaged

    My sources tell me she she is already married to McBroom's teammate. No wonder she is surprised.
  10. SLU Soccer 2017

    Akron is not a Power 5 school. Other examples too. Of course Power 5 have bigger budgets and advantages but not every Piower 5 coach and program is good I do not believe McGinty is even the top soccer mind in town much less a top 20 coach nationwide.
  11. SLU Soccer 2017

    What skills of players and style of play will mow down the A10 each year other than building the best program you can - best coach, best recruits...? What skills are needed to mow down the A10 as opposed to beat Top 20 teams? Compete with ACC? Did SLU basketball do this? Is Coach Ford and are Goodwin and French A10 guys? Seems like they are best available who happen to be competing in the A10 Pretty obvious to me that McGinty is better at running his program than Jim Crews was but that he is no Bob Warming. A change is long overdue i
  12. OT: Cue Pitbull

    Joe Can you give us a short review of her other restaurant and how the new one may compare? My wife and I have watched the contractor vans parked outside for weeks turning the location from an Einsteins. We hope to dine there soon ourselves!
  13. SLU, Mizzou game talk thread

  14. SLU, Mizzou game talk thread

  15. SLU, Mizzou game talk thread

    Pistol. Did not realize the XU-Cincy rivalry went back that long. It's nice to hear, but as you know, is the exception. Personally, I have been aware of the series dating by to the Bobbie Huggins years at Cincy -- when both teams were strong. Now that I know the XU-Cincy series has gone on this many years, it actually makes my point: the series doesn't make the teams good but it is the good teams which make the series memorable. Now, let's just be honest. Mizzou does not want to play other teams within Missouri. I defer to posters on this Board with greater seniority to me but I go back to the late 1970's with Norm Stewart and Mizzou has never wanted to play these rivalry games. Their rival was Kansas which was a great rivalry nationwide and here in St. Louis but particularly on the western side of Missouri -- Kansas City where Lawrence is almost a not so distant suburb. Next, the St. Louis side of our state started another major rivalry game -- the Braggin Rights game against the Illini each year which gave Mizzou an annual trip to St. Louis play in front of recruits, local coaches, alums and donors. To many Mizzou fans, coming to St. Louis twice was too much. Think about it -- a loss to SLU would sure take away their ability to "brag" about beating Illinois. SLU was/is simply a small, private school which gets in their way. They want us to go away. They have wanted us to join the Valley with Missouri State so that they could write off both of us as being in inferior conferences to the Big 8, Big XII and now SEC. And I understand the timeline and that Chaifetz was not yet built in 2001. And no, I did not mean to say that Mizzou refused to play in Chaifetz in 2001. Instead, what I am saying is that Mizzou has only wanted a series on their terms -- 2 for 1 and home for them but neutral for us so they can pack the venue with as many alums/donors as possible. And to the younger generation of Billikens fans, trust me, Mizzou is not going to change their approach even with a new coach. Mizzou will not agree to playing the St. Louis game each year at Chaifetz. We have had multiple threads on this Board over the years lamenting the fact that SLU does not have a true rival, and therefore, my suggestion is not to put all our eggs in the "Mizzou is our new rival basket." Build our program. Schedule an opponent which wants to play us and is good for our program and move on.