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  1. 20 Point Watch 2017-2018

    +1 and they had Barry Eberhadt and Danny Brown plus others who should have been able to combine to put up a few more points than they did.
  2. OT: Porter out for the year

    STL Hoops is a high school basketball fan who is either paid or feels the need to market local guys to the St Louis basketball community. Maybe the goal is to help these guys get noticed so the can obtain any type of scholarship. Some may be below SLU standards and others might be exactly what SLU needs. Based upon the number of high school players and the limited number of scholarships at SLU and elsewhere, there are bound to be a lot more guys who would be interested in SLU but whom SLU may not have interest in. STL confuses the local basketball community with being a fan of Billiken basketball. Maybe by design to their names out to one of us who might pass the name on to someone at SLU. No doubt STL will watch with great interest, as local guys like Goodwin and Gordon play for SLU and as local guys consider SLU among other choices such as Mizzou.
  3. OT: Porter out for the year

    I don’t believe you are a Billiken fan either.
  4. Apparently not a problem for Ms Kratky who can easily backtrack.
  5. Are you really that dumb or is all if this an act? A trolling act. Either way, your life must really be void.
  6. Interesting. If you don't mind, and without too many details, can you give us a quick summary of the 3 charges your friends faced, obviously you believe they were each innocent (and while I am sorry to hear they were each wrongfully accused/convicted) I am actually more interested in the hearing about the process they received such as the length of time the investigations took, if they ever got to question or address their accusers, who or what group makes the decision, who or what group decides the appeal, what the punishments were and if anyone's appeal reduced their punishment. Just trying to get a feel for what the consequences are, if found guilty, for the more "normal" or "routine" Title IX offenses.
  7. Offices and departments with people like Kratky are the problem -- good intentioned but the pendulum has, indeed, swung way too far. A woman being unconscious or so drunk as to know what is going on and/or if the guy is sober and takes advantage of a woman is such condition is rape and should be punished. A woman who drinks too much as evening with a guy who also drinks too much, who can walk a mile, who goes to her own dorm room to pack an overnight bag, who asks for condom, etc. should not be a Title IX victim. If she has no liability due to her drunken condition, then neither should he. And to those like who who believe code of conduct violations might be probation, loss of practices, a few games or even a semester? WRONG. These Title IX zealots who want expulsion. Ms. Kratky: how would SLU "easily backtrack" and give these players their NCAA eligibility back? And again, must scholarship athletes not play pending investigation when no similar consequence is imposed upon non-scholarship athletes? Lax is correct: justice delayed is justice denied to scholarship athletes. And has anyone else wondered if different levels of involvement exist within the 3 suspended players? Obviously, it was originally 4 accused and then recanted and changed to 3. Maybe only 2 had sex and 1 posted the video? Maybe the video is only of 1 couple? Group sex or 3 couples? 3 accusers and 3 suspended players suggest each player had sex, possibly only once, each with only 1 of the accusers as opposed to group, train sex. Who knows. Further, it is probable that the 3 accusers had consumed different levels of alcohol , that this can and likely is making this more complex but that this probably makes no difference to Ms. Kratky. If boys have sex with girls who drink, the boys are guilty under Title IX - travesty.
  8. Yes. But I have to believe that the current Title IX investigation (hiring a law firm to conduct process) is not regularly done, or would not be done, if the accused was/were anyone other than men's basketball scholarship student athletes. And short of expulsion, what has been/would be the punishment for posting a sex tape/photo without permission? Since 1972, have there been only 2 instances of Title IX/Code of Conduct violations at SLU? Situation 1 and 2? I have to believe, for instance, that a male scholarship swimmer and a female scholarship swimmer hooked up one night, she accused him of violations, the school/Title IX investigated, he was found guilty of violations, no rape/criminal charges were filed but that some punishment was levied upon him. Wonder what that punishment was. Also, same example but assume that the accused was a non-scholarship athlete and I wonder what that punishment was. Make no mistake, this information is highly relevant, already has been requested of SLU by Rosenblum or will be the first thing requested by Roseblum at his earliest chance. And if he male swimmer was given a 5 game suspension, then Dr. P better let our 3 boys play ASAP.
  9. Anyone know what the range of punishment normally is violations of SLU code of conduct? and/or for Title IX violations? If guilty, is it usually expulsion? If not expulsion, what punishment would a normal, non-scholarship athlete receive if he/she is found guilty of underage drinking? if he/she is found to have had sex in a SLU dorm room? if he/she publishes a sex tape without consent? Probation? community service? loss of student housing privileges? a monetary fine? And must a scholarship athlete only be punished with loss of play in their sport? or can they not published with the same items given to non-scholarship athletes? Again, I would have levied a 3 to 5 game suspension and then allowed them to return pending resolution/outcome of the investigation.
  10. Signed Recruit Thread

    Assuming resolution of S2, when will Graves be allowed by NCAA to play his first game?
  11. Disagree. If SLU initially investigates and believe there is some degree of substance to the charges and/or that some school/team rules were broken, then an initial suspension sends the message that SLU considers this to be important and that initial action is not only warranted but was, in fact, taken (unlike Baylor and Florida State...) and therefore helps insulate SLU from legal exposure and large judgments for doing nothing. Maybe internal consequences such as missed practices/busy work around the school/athletic department for a minor violation, the same plus 5 games for medium level violations and the same plus an additional 5 games (total of 10 games) for potential larger violations. Major potential violations/legal charges filed result in immediate expulsion. Then, additional punishment can/will be levied pending the outcome of the Title IX investigation and credit can be given for "time/games served". The problem is that a Title IX complaint could be filed after a season is over or that an efficient, quick investigation could be completed after 30 days and therefore little to no game suspensions may take place. Further, a Title IX complaint could be filed just at the start/middle of a season or that an inefficient/lengthy investigation may result in an entire season being lost for similar charges. Depending upon the circumstances, this approach might actually encourage the players and/or their attorneys to drag such an investigation out for an extended period of time. A Senior's NCAA basketball eligibility ends in March so an initial 10 game suspension and a 6 month investigation might work best for him. And since so many are concerned about a truly complete and thorough investigation, I am sure this approach of investigating for 6 months will actually be better than investigation for only 2 months and will undoubtedly satisfy all their concerns. Assume similar Title IX complaints were made on September 26, 2017 against 4 SLU male students: a soccer, a basketball player, a baseball player and a non-athletes Also, assume equal "guilt" as determined after a 4 month investigation but no criminal charges or circumstances warranting expulsion. Is if fair that Fall sport athlete (soccer player) misses his whole season, that the Winter sport athlete (basketball player) miss half his season; that Spring sport athlete (baseball player) miss nothing and that the non-athlete receive no additional punishment b/c he plays no sport? : According to Wendelprof, SLU's own Title IX coordinator discussed issues in not requiring all investigations be completed within 60 days and things are uncomfortable, for both the accuser and the accused, during the investigation if both continue to live on campus, go to classes, etc. If a SLU athlete misses 5 games while living on campus and going to class, regardless, and that a SLU non-student athlete has no games to miss while living on campus and going to class, then it can be said that SLU punishes its athletes MORE than its non-athletes -- the complete opposite of Baylor, Florida State, etc.
  12. Seems to me there is middle ground between doing nothing, favoring athletes over students and relying upon boosters to pay any judgements (Baylor, Florida State, etc ) and doing what SLU is doing). Seems that punishment should fit the alleged act and not be based upon the efficiency of the investigation. SLU could levy a pre-hearing temporary suspension until resolution up to 10 games, or up to 1 semester suspensions-ion at which time the boys can resume playing pending final determination at which time additional suspensions may be levied.
  13. Why does it appear that SLU has much higher standards than the rest of college basketball?
  14. Wendelprof. Appreciate your comments. As I am sure you can appreciate, most of us who are frustrated at the process/status quo are NOT win at all cost, pro-athlete fans. Obviously, you have some insight and/or familiar with this Title IX process and procedure. If you don't mind, a few questions: 1. Was there a Title IX investigation with regard to Situation 1 (Kwamaine Mitchell, Willie Reed, etc.? If I recall, talk was less about Title IX and more about SLU Student Code of Conduct/Housing regulations and tribunal. 2. Are Title IX complaints only available to student athletes? such as women's soccer, basketball, softball players? as opposed to SLU female student who are not athletes? 3. How long has SLU/other colleges been conducting/allow Title IX investigations? As mentioned, I don't recall the same for Situation 1. Also, I understand the federal regulations were greatly increased in both size and scope under President Obama. and are now being cut back under President Trump. The vibes I am receiving is that our Men's baketball players, due to their high profile nature, appear to be subject to far greater scrutiny than SLU nont -student athletes.
  15. Cultural historian? Good stuff!! Sound more like a windbag. The worst part, though, is you actually believe the bs you write. And BTW President Trump is not only a great President but also he is your President too. 😂 Enjoy!!