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  1. Are you including Conklin and Majerus in that statement? Those two absolutely deserve to be in.
  2. My wife would approve of your thriftiness choice of diapers (Target brand, I believe) and your choice of receiving blanket (the muslin ones are great). I approve of the T-shirt.
  3. Based on these criteria Brian Conklin and (I assume) Rick Majerus (under a separate category) would be eligible for the 1st time this year (also Kyle Cassity, but IMO he doesn't have the resume to warrant serious consideration). Other men's basketball players who aren't currently in the HOF, but perhaps may warrant consideration: Tommie Liddell III - 8th all time in points (probably not in due to off the court factors) Luther Burden - 15th all time in points Carl Johnson - 20th all time in points Virgel Cobbin - 1,000 point club, 4th all time in 3pt made Jerry Koch - 2nd all time in rebounds Ian Vouyoukas - 1,000 point club, 1st all time in blocked shots Josh Fisher - 1st all time in assists, 2x in NIT John Kilo & Gary Lamps - only Academic All-America honorees with previous eligibility who aren't currently in the HOF (do not appear to have on-court contributions that stack up) John Bennington (head coach) - 4th all time in wins, tied for 4th longest tenure (7 seasons), 2nd all time in winning % (min 50 games)
  4. This website lists contact info for almost everyone in the athletic department including the new men's basketball staff: Department of Athletics Mailing Address: Chaifetz Arena3330 Laclede Ave.St. Louis, MO 63103Phone Number: 314-977-3177 Chris May, Director of Athletics 977-3167 Travis Ford, Head Coach 977-3170 Will Bailey, Assistant Coach Van Macon, Assistant Coach 977-3168 Michael Wilson, Video Coordinator 977-3255 Megan Centers, Office Coordinator 977-3170
  5. actually a fart not a sigh. Gus doesn't know the guys on the current roster. Let alone a former recruiting target who chose a different school. Although we'll still get the pleasure of hearing Gus botch Kostas Antetokounmpo's name at least one game a year since he chose UD.
  6. As someone who had a baby compete (and lose) in the most recent race, I'll throw out that that focus / timing is the most important thing. You can have the fastest crawling baby in the world, but once they are out on the court lined up with 20 or so other babies they'll be very easily distracted. Mommy is 20+ feet away at the finish line, so their focus is going right to the baby in the lane next to them. If it is nap time or meals aren't planned properly, then your baby is toast as well.
  7. Don't get me wrong, I love having an article about the Billikens on However, this Q&A provides absolutely nothing. Ford's answers are very bland or just "coachspeak". I don't buy for a second that it was solely about finding a great place for his family to live. SLU likely offered him the most money or very close to it and the best opportunity to potentially make more in the future. Obviously he is not going to say that though and talking about the importance of family sounds good to everyone.
  8. I was wondering about Crawford too. I was thinking more along the lines of him graduating and being eligible to play right away at another school as a graduate transfer. I'd hate to see him go because that would mean we lose likely one of the better players on the team next year. He also seems like a great student and person off the court who represents the program well. That being said, it would make a ton of sense for him to transfer if he wants to play for a winner. This team is not being built to contend next year, but rather for the following year when Crawford is gone anyways. In the right situation, I could see Crawford transferring to a low / mid-major (Horizon, MAC, or OVC team) with NCAA hopes next year and where he fits with the team's needs. Again, I don't want to see this happen. However, given the choice between an extra year of Crawford with a bad team and adding a very good piece for the future, I'd probably go with the future.
  9. Zips fans getting their Saints mixed up.
  10. If you count Bess, Henriquez, and Foreman as part of the 2016 recruiting class along with Johnson and Moore, is this the most talented class in the history of SLU? Not saying that they are the best or will be the most successful. I'm just thinking purely in terms of talent. Bess and Henriquez were both 4 star recruits. I do not think SLU has ever had 2 4 stars in one class.
  11. Another sort of benefit is that having 3 scholarships taken by guys who have to sit next year means more playing time for the rest of the roster. None of this Jim Crews crap where we play 13 or 14 guys and it is hard to get a feel for which guys are promising. We are likely going to suck next year, but at least some useful pieces (JB will get plenty of experience (hopefully) and there will be little question about which guys aren't cut out for A10 level play. It will sort of be like when freshman year McCall and Jett played a ton and then we added Kwam the next year. The experience of playing a lot likely made McCall and Jett much better than if they had to sit behind Kwam.
  12. I did some analysis of Ford's non-conference schedules from 2015-16 at OSU going back through his UMass days to his final year at EKU 2004-05. Here are some findings: -Ford has played 2 exhibition games more often than 1 (I'm assuming only 1 exhibition means a closed door scrimmage). However, 3 out of the last 4 seasons, his teams only played 1 exhibition game. My guess would be that we will continue the trend SLU has seen with 1 exhibition and 1 scrimmage (if anyone cares). -The exhibition games seem to be typically against local schools (OK Panhandle, OK Baptist), but he did play Cambpellsville (his first coaching gig in KY) a couple of times in exhibition games. My guess for exhibition opponents would be the typical schools (UMSL, Harris Stowe, Fontebonne, Rockhurst), but I wouldn't be surprised if we see an exhibition against Campbellsville as well. -Most common non-conf opponent was Tulsa (all while he was with OSU). I'm assuming this is just a regional rivalry game, so wouldn't expect SLU to play Tulsa, but you never know. There are lot of regional series (ex Boston College and Boston U while at UMass) and regional buy games (Central Conn St, Dartmouth vs UMass, Central Ark, UTSA, North Texas vs OSU). Therefore, I'd expect SLU to continue series such as the SIUC series and potentially add MO State (more on that later). I also wouldn't be surprise with buy games against the likes of SEMO or SIUE continuing. -His teams played Savannah State 5 times (1 at OSU, 2 at UMass, 2 at EKU). Last time was 2009, but we've seen SLU play Savannah St before, so it wouldn't surprise me if they are a semi-regular on the schedule as buy game. -OSU played MO State 4 times (10, 11, 12, & 15). Resuming the series with MO State seems probable sooner or later. -OSU played Arkansas Pine-Bluff 4 times (09, 11, 13, 15). Again, we've seen them on the SLU schedule in the past and this is a probable buy game opponent. -OSU played Virginia Tech 4 times (10, twice in 11, and 12), but two of those games were in early season tournaments, so I don't think that is predictive. I was looking for other major conference opponents that were regulars on his schedule, but I don't see any. Most seem to be just a 2 game series. Maybe we can get some Big 12 opponents given Ford's history there. TLDR - Again, I'd expect a similar schedule to what we've seen in the past.
  13. I thought it would be interesting to look and any trends with Coach Ford's non-conference schedules from previous seasons. For right now I'm going to look at out of conference strength of schedule (OOC SOS): It feels like SLU has had a pretty poor out of conference strengths of schedule most years, but the numbers don't exactly bear that out. Here are the ranks the past few years (based on NCAA RPI - imperfect measure, but easily available): 2016 - 156 2015 - 253 2014 - 72 2013 - 86 2012 - 138 Meanwhile here are where Ford's teams ranked OSU 2016 - 303 2015 - 145 2014 - 97 2013 - 103 2012 - 157 2011 - 141 2010 - 119 2009 - 21 UMass 2008 - 39 2007 - 119 2006 - 71 EKU 2005 - 120 First a few caveats. I believe that often assistant coaches or DOBs have more to do with setting up the schedule than head coaches. However, I am assuming the head coach has some influence on the overall strength. The schedules for Ford's 1st years on the job may have already been in place somewhat because of previous commitments, so those likely should be thrown out. Also, at EKU Ford was likely scheduling a lot of buy games, so that likely isn't predictive for SLU going forward. I wanted to take the numbers back to his UMass days because presumably with OSU being in one of the top (if not the top) basketball conferences, he would not have necessarily needed to put together a strong OOC schedule to wind up with a good overall SOS. The relatively higher numbers while at UMass compared to OSU seem to bare this out. There also seems to be some stronger scheduling for his better teams. Overall, it looks like we can expect Ford to put together a similar or slightly stronger OOC schedule than we have been used to seeing at SLU. The awful 2016 schedule looks like an anomaly for him as his team typically have an OOC SOS around 150 or higher. Given his schedules at UMass look stronger than his OSU schedules, I would assume we will see something similar while he is at SLU. At some point in the future, I may look into teams that he has scheduled regularly in the OOC schedule because that may hint at who we might see SLU play going forward.
  14. Not defending the NCAA by any means, but I believe most student athletes (especially in revenue sports) take the minimum amount of hours to be a full time student during their in-season semester(s) and then make up for it by taking a ton of summer classes. Therefore, summer practices may actually be a bigger drag on academics than practices during the season.