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  1. Across the state, Drew Diener is building Rockhurst into a Jesuit bball powerhouse. He is infusing the program with talent at a pace that would make Travis Ford blush. Watch out GLVC, here come the Hawks! Read in a blue font if you please.
  2. On the STLCOP website ( only 5 players are listed on the roster, but on this website there are 10 listed ( I'd imagine that they will have a team.
  3. Bump. Since Majerus SLU Crew added their 7th player Renaldo Major (Fresno State), the team is now eligible. However, they need more votes if they're going to make it into the field. They need to be in 9th place in the Midwest to be an automatic qualifier. They're currently sitting on 438 votes (16th place) and are 213 behind the 9th place team. If you only count teams that are currently eligible they're only 3 votes back of 9th place among eligible teams. Not sure which way it is counted, but the voting ends on June 1st. Steve (@SluSignGuy) is currently the leading fan with 63 points. I think that means at least 63 people have set up an account and voted once using Steve's link above or on the main page. If all 63 of those people set up 4 new new email addresses / TBT accounts and vote again 4 times, then that would put Majerus SLU Crew into an automatic qualifier spot. I really think it would be cool to see McCall, Jett, Evans, and Kwamain play together again. Let's do this.
  4. Buy one Porter, get two free.
  5. I think too many MBMs are stuck in the traditional C, PF, SF, SG, PG mode when it comes to the lineup. That's not how modern basketball works. The college game has been all about guard play for a while and a lot of teams play with 4 players on the court that you would traditionally call "guards" or at least "wing" players. NBA is trending that way as well. Basketball is becoming about height. Now, I think the past, people remember guys like Sloan, Meyer, Danny Brown, and to a lesser extent Evans playing the "PF" position and thinking that if we have a guy like Bess playing there, then it means something is wrong because we don't have talented big men. I wouldn't be surprised at all if SLU goes with lineups at times where you would traditionally call Bess the PF, but it will be because that lineup gives us an advantage.
  6. No comment:
  7. I understand and I apologize if my reply was overly harsh. I just think people are going to see your Rodman - type comment and assume you're expecting more from him than being a backup big who receives limited minutes. In general, I'm not a big fan of making comparisons to hall of fame players. I think others expecting Cory Remekun type contributions from him is much more fair.
  8. Career NCAA 3pt% Foreman - 40.0% (6/15) Henriquez - 37.7% (114/302) Welmer - 37.1% (33/89) Roby - 37.0% (110/297) Johnson - 36.5% (35/96) Graves - 36.4% (12/33) Bishop - 33.8% (44/130) Bess - 18.2% (2/11) Anthony - 0% (0/0) I'd agree w SShoe. I think having 5 shooters above 35% (not counting Foreman for lack of attempts) compares favorably or beats any team in SLU history. If we're still talking about needing a shooter potentially, man, it would've been nice if Bartley just stuck around. He'd be a senior next year and if that due was on he was money (3rd all time in SLU career 3pt % at 41.5%.
  9. I'd be fairly surprised if Tilmon stays more than 1 year at Mizzou. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Mizzou doesn't actually have any 2018 commitments yet (even Jontay hasn't verbaled). What's that saying about counting chickens? The hype machine is going strong for Mizzou right now, but I'm not sure based on Cuonzo's track record they can live up to it. They should have a solid team going forward and be much improved / much better off than under Kim Anderson. I'm just not sure that'll be good enough after all of the hype / expectation building. This is a SLU board, so let's focus on SLU. You are correct SLU fans would be and are excited about getting excellent recruits (all of the transfers, Goodwin, French, Gordon, Thatch). Let's talk about those guys on this SLU board rather than focusing on some tool.
  10. I'm not really trying to knock the guy, but this is an insane comparison. Dennis Rodman is an NBA Hall of Famer and 2 time all-star and 8 time all-defensive team player. Rasheed Anthony barely got any PT in 3 years at Seton Hall. He is useful in that he is a big body who can likely contribute more / fill a need better than Gillmann would have. Anyone expecting him to defend or rebound at a level anywhere close to Rodman is going to be sorely disappointed.
  11. That (obviously) sucks big time for Gordon. I'm sure he was looking forward to playing ball over the summer. Here is wishing him a full and speedy recovery. That being said, Gordon not playing AAU ball might be a good thing for SLU as it probably means less slime ball opposing coaches trying to shake his commitment to be a BIlliken.
  12. My favorite is that he is always patting himself on the back and talking about how he called "so and so prospect to whatever U." I just follow him on twitter for the giggles and I don't read any of his stuff, but a lot of the time it seems like he never actually made the call. "Folks, I've been saying for weeks that John Doe was going to commit to Sample U." *searches his feed for a prior mention of John Doe and finds nothing*
  13. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to get some an absolute beast as a grad transfer who can dominate on offense and defense right away. However, given the makeup of our roster next year, this guy does seem like a decent fit. On paper we have enough offense at other positions to make up for any lacking from Anthony and really could use a big who can control the paint on D. We're really thin inside this year. Welmer - injured to start the year, Foreman - coming off an injury / sit-out year, and French - freshman all have question marks so more depth there is very much needed, but really only for next year. In 2018-19, we'll potentially have the most front court depth of any Billiken team ever (healthy jr Welmer, healthy sr Foreman, soph French, jr Santos, fr Gordon).
  14. Yeah. No max bid and not having it be an auto-extending auction are kinda baffling. Given the flurry of bids at the end I bet they could've pulled in an extra couple hundred bucks across the whole thing.
  15. There is one item that is listed as "SLU Gear" and says it includes a SLU polo, jacket, and hat, but it doesn't have any pictures that would indicate what you're actually getting. The presentation of everything up for auction is pretty awful. Most of the descriptions are lacking the kind of details I would want if I was bidding.