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  1. My issue with the shirt is that I'm never going to wear a blue shirt to a Cardinals game. I probably wouldn't wear it to a Billikens game either because it has the Cardinal on it. I'd have rather had it be a blue shirt with the StL logo.
  2. Photoshop fun with the new Billiken:
  3. Should we be concerned at all that these other schools are choosing other PFs over French or are they seeing that French is leaning toward SLU and moving on to other options?
  4. I like that Dr. Pestello is making light of this situation. People threatening to withhold contributions to the University or not buy tickets or whatever over the way the new mascot looks is a complete joke. It's a F*CKING mascot for christsakes and one that is inherently weird anyways. Have you seen the previous iterations of the mascot? Most of them are equally creepy and I would argue that includes the last one as well.
  5. I have this guy on ignore, but I assume from the topic he is just asking about the upcoming SLU soccer schedule. SLU plays VCU on Saturday 9/24 as part of the homecoming festivities. The next place the "go" is Madison, WI for a road game with U of Wisconsin on 9/27. I hope that answers your question. You're welcome.
  6. Cool look back over the history of the SLU mascot:
  7. It would be fun to see SLU to score 150 points and certainly seems like this would be more entertaining than a regular exhibition game. However, honestly, I'd rather SLU play a team that runs a more traditional system in their exhibition. Playing Run N Gun College is not going to prepare them as well for regular season opponents that are not going be running that system.... Then again, this next season may well be a dumpster fire and SLU ain't going anywhere until 2017-18 so it may as well be fun.
  8. Thanks for the correction. My mind hasn't adjusted for Bartley in the scholarship count yet. I'm still assuming they'd want to fill them both in the fall.
  9. Goodwin is a 2017 recruit and Gordon is 2018, right? I don't think anyone expects Goodwin to be a one and done player. In fact, I think most people expect him to play 4 years at SLU, right? He's a top 50 or 60 recruit not a top 10 like Tatum. He is very talented, but not having typical NBA size I assume will hold him back. I highly doubt this will happen. I suppose it could, but Tilmon will be pressured to sign a letter of intent to Illinois as soon as he can which I believe is in the fall. Waiting out the season to sign would mean waiting until spring of his senior year of HS. Further, SLU will probably want to fill their other open scholarship in the fall. Although presumably room could (would) be created for a player of Tilmon's caliber in the spring
  10. "" table? Sponsorship Opportunities Title Sponsor: $10,000 - Two tables of (8) at the event Corporate name/logo incorporated as the Tttle Sponsor of event Corporate name mentioned in all advertising including any radio and newspaper promotion Name recognition in any public relations material generated by SLU Billikens website banner Blue & White Sponsor: $2,500 - Table of (8) at the event Sponsor recognition at the event Table Sponsor: $1,200 - Table of (8) at the event Individual Ticket: $150
  11. I think you're being a overly harsh here. He asked a question that doesn't have an objective answer. Further, developing a good argument to answer his question subjectively one way or the other would require some level of research (especially for someone who by his own admission hasn't followed soccer for 20 years). Therefore, it is far easier to pose the question here and seek someone's opinion who has more knowledge about soccer. Is this a silly question to begin with? Yes, probably. Has it been asked in some form or debated before? Probably.
  12. If he can play D off the ball as good as McCall, then he is really a stud. The defensive ability individually and ability to play defense as a team is what really made that Jett, McCall, Loe, & Evans group special.
  13. Like I alluded to before, I was born in 1987, so I do not conjure up anything when I say "Roland Gray". I don't remember him at all despite probably going to several of his games as a toddler. I do conjure up 3 pt sniper for Claggs, Highmark, and H. Watching those guys nail 3s are my earliest Billiken memories. According to the numbers though, Gray was very good 3 pt shooter. Part of the perception of him not being a 3 pt sniper might be the fact that the 3 pt line was so new, he had to play without it a year, and ultimately he didn't attempt very many because the offense wasn't geared around it the same way it was for Claggs & Co. It would be interesting to put Gray on those Claggs teams and see how many 3 pts he made. Back to the record book: I believe it makes much more sense to set a minimum number of 3 pointers made rather than a minimum number of attempts. For example, if you had a guy who made 60 of 99 3 point shots why should he be left off the list for guys like Edwin, McCauley, & Robertson who only made 55 or less, but happened to take more than 100 shots. If it were my record book, I'd set the minimum for 3 pt % at 75 made 3 pointers. That is 38 per season for a guy who plays 2 years. For reference, 38 makes barely scratch the top 10 list for freshman makes so it doesn't seem too high of a bar for a JUCO or transfer guy to still be able to make the list. This would eliminate Bartley, Edwin, McCauley, & Robertson. For some reason SLU uses a minimum number of attempts for 3 pt %, but a minimum number of makes for both FG% and FT %
  14. This was before I was even born, but I believe the NCAA didn't implement the 3 point line until 1986 and Gray's career started in 1985. Therefore, it is Gray only had three years to take 3 point shots, not four.
  15. I'm saying that since Ford has shown the ability to get former top 100 transfers without injury issues and who performed better prior to transferring and the ability to now get top 50 or 60ish HS recruits that I'd rather go after one of those type of guys than White. Now, I suppose if White called up Ford and said he wanted to come to SLU, you'd maybe take the bird in the hand (or at least bring him in for a workout). I just think there is a good possibility for Ford to do better (as opposed to Crews). Its a moot point because I doubt White is in play for SLU anyways.