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  1. Lindy's

    I'm barking up the wrong tree here, but whatever. I'm excited for the upcoming season, but you're cherry picking that Bess was a "starter" and ignoring the fact that he put up very pedestrian numbers at Michigan State. Injuries may have played a role in that, but I'm tempering my expectations with Bess until he proves otherwise.
  2. Recruiting - 2018 class

    I don't go on Tiger board or PowerMizzou, but I've seen a ton of Mizzou fans, Illini fans, and others who accuse Ford of paying recruits. If it is on twitter, I'm sure it is on those message boards as well. Funny thing is that Ford (like Cuonzo) has never been in hot water with the NCAA as far as I know. It's not like we're talking about Kelvin Sampson or Frank Haith. Further, as far as I know SLU hasn't been in NCAA hot water in my lifetime, but Illinois has and Mizzou has multiple times. Jealousy aimed at SLU is a new thing and it often causes rational thought to go out the window.
  3. Recruiting - 2018 class

    I actually think he might be onto something there. Gordon is buddies with Watson. It is not out of the realm of possibility that he's ribbing his buddy a little bit for the Mizzou "home" thing when they're from St. Louis. Aside: am I the only one that takes exception to Watson including the arch in the background of his announcement tweet? Dude, you're leaving St. Louis and there is no arch in Boone County. Put some decaying pillars or some redneck racists or something like that in the background of your tweet.
  4. Recruiting - 2018 class

    I think he has the same vague loyalty to Martin as a "local player" and it might not have much to do with Mizzou. I do think he has a ranking of schools in his head and where certain recruits should end up. It is fairly obvious that Mizzou ranks higher on that list than SLU and thus in his mind is a better landing place for area recruits. I don't necessarily think he cares or he may actually be happier if those recruits wind up at Duke or Kentucky.
  5. Recruiting - 2018 class

    To me, this is kind of a BS cop-out into not saying you're happy Gordon chose SLU. I don't necessarily think you'd be any happier if he chose Mizzou or think you're a Mizzou troll. What I'm wondering is what makes someone a "local player"? Did they need to be born in the St. Louis metro area? Attend HS in the metro area? Graduate from a metro area HS? What geographic region makes the kid local? Was Cassity (Pickneyville) a local? What about Luke Meyer (Borgia)? Does Pat McCaw still count as local since he went to CBC even though he transferred to and graduated from a HS in Maryland? If a BEagles player transfers to a local HS for his Jr and Sr year is he local? Do Jett, McCall, etc count as local since they attended SLU? I guess I'm saying even your cop-out answer that seems clear is really vague.
  6. I thought this tweet belonged here as well just as a response to the Mizzou trolls.
  7. Recruiting - 2018 class

    Honestly, we all should have seen this crap coming a mile away (questioning Gordon's commitment and Mizzou trolls coming out of the woodwork). Any non-SLU fan I talked to after Gordon first committed basically said, "yeah, that's nice, but he's not really going to SLU." This was Mizzou fans, KU fans, UNC fans, etc. even after the kid announced he was committed to SLU none of them believed he would actually go there. Why would that change several months later? If anything we should have expected it to intensify as we approached the signing deadline. I'm not going to believe any of the crap from people who look down upon SLU as the "little school that could" (this includes recruiting analysts, Mizzou trolls, and "area basketball fans" / street agents who claim to support both schools) until something actually comes from Gordon himself. Watson going to Mizzou shouldn't really matter that much because Gordon chose SLU before Watson committed anywhere. If Gordon planned on following Watson, then why didn't he wait until Watson committed somewhere and announce as a package. In the meantime, I'm going to go back and read this CBS article (https://www.cbssports.com/college-basketball/news/meet-carteare-gordon-the-highest-rated-prospect-to-pick-an-a-10-school-in-years/) and continue hoping.
  8. Torrence Watson

    This is probably way to much reading into a post by an MBM who isn't even a Billikens.com MBM. However, everyone loves a good rumor / riddle. The way it is framed as "something that prevents OSU and MU from taking him" makes it odd. A personal reason to say very close to home at SLU (ex Larry Hughes) seems most likely. If it was a personal matter, than it you'd frame it as though Watson won't leave home for some reason and not that a school can't take him. "Not academics, not drugs" leaves a whole host of other legal issues he could have, but you'd think SLU be in the same boat as OSU and MU if it were some kind of legal thing. I guess it could be something like he is on house arrest (for something that presumably wouldn't preclude SLU from accepting him) and can only go so far from home (SLU is in range, but MU is not), but I can't really imagine a situation like that that another school couldn't get around or have the house arrest moved. Further, the house arrest situation would mean that he couldn't play away games which would be an issue. The recruiting violation thing that @brianstl speculates on could be the case, but seems kind of far fetched as well. I dunno...it is probably the Watson is an alien thing.
  9. Off-season talk

    Paychecks? I'm not taking you to Salina with me and my PAYSTUBS!
  10. 2017-2018 Schedule

    I'm super excited about the upcoming season. The turnaround under Ford has been spectacular and I think we will potentially have one of the most talented rosters perhaps in Billiken history if you're factoring in depth as well (note: talent doesn't necessarily mean results). That being said I think saying you'll be disappointed with no NCAA tournament appearance this year is nuts. The Wiz has been saying all off season that even teams that replace a large chunk of their roster have a max improvement of 2 letter grades which if I recall correctly would put us in B range or just outside the NCAA tournament. That is the max improvement. The Billikens would need to have one of the biggest improvements ever in NCAA history year over year to make the NCAA field. And I don't want to sound like a Debbie downer, but there are reasons to temper expectations on all of returning players and newcomers as well: Returnees - all played of an pretty awful Billiken team, can they contribute to a winner? Goodwin - consensus seems to be 50 - 60 ranked recruit. here are some other recent 50 - 60 recruits freshman years (I'll limit it to guards for comparison, rankings from 247sports.com): 2016 56 - Brandon Robinson (UNC) - averaged 1.9 ppg and shot 34% from the field for NCAA champ 57 - DeJon Jarreau (UMass) - averaged 9.8 ppg, shot 44% from field and 24% from 3pt for awful 12th place A-10 team 2015 51 - Justin Simon (Arizona) - averaged 2.3 ppg for 3rd palce PAC-12 (6th seed in NCAA tournament). 60 - Prince Ali (UCLA) - averaged 3.9 ppg, 38% from field for 10 place PAC-12 team. Granted I'm cherry picking a bit here, but unless the freshman is a consensus top 10 or 20 prospect, it is often foolish to count on them to be a major contributor to an NCAA tournament team right away. SLU fans who will be disappointed if Goodwin isn't the 2nd coming of Larry Hughes are jerks. French - ditto for Goodwin, but French was even lower on the lists. Bess - just look at his stats from his Michigan State career, there is not a lot to get excited about Henriquez - he put up pretty good numbers (not eye popping), but his UCF teams finished 9th and 8th in the AAC. Foreman - again decent numbers again not eye popping for awful Rutgers teams (14th in Big Ten both years) Graves - put up mediocre numbers in a couple of handfuls of games for BC against a pretty bad non-conference schedule. Will only play 1/2 season and is still basically a freshman. Anthony - I don't think anyone expects much, his numbers at Seton Hall weren't good. There is also the fact that these guys will be playing live NCAA games together for the first team and there may be some adjustment period as the team "gels". I think there are also big time reasons to be excited. Returnees - all play better w another year of experience, better players around them, and a winning team to play for Goodwin - has seemingly been underrated as a prospect his whole career and will be playing with a chip on his (fully-healed) shoulder for his hometown team. French - look at the highlight videos, the dude is a monster who dunks everything, he was rising in the rankings toward them end Bess - injuries played a part in his bad numbers and he had to do it against very tough Big Ten competition for a team with a lot of other options Henriquez - he'll have a better supporting cast Foreman - better supporting cast, weaker competition on A10 versus Big Ten Graves - was just showing tip of iceberg in terms of talent at BC & wasn't happy / never got going Anthony - he's just a backup piece / has promise now that he's out of Angel Delgado's shadow Ford showed last season that maybe he is more than just a recruiter and maybe isn't as awful of a coach as Okie State fans would have you think. I'm excited to see how it plays out.
  11. Recruiting - 2018 class

    Landers Nolley who is announcing his college decision via a bracket...also a tool.
  12. Recruiting - 2018 class

    Wynston Tabbs headed to BC. Tool.
  13. 2017-2018 Schedule

    Having attended Rockhurst in the not so distant (at least in my mind) past, I can tell you that their athletics programs / facilities are no where close to D-1 caliber. It is way too small of a school to invest heavily in athletics like a D1 school should. I'm of the mind that the D1 ranks need to be culled of all of the bottom feeding schools instead of adding more.
  14. 2017-2018 Schedule

    I agree that it creates a wonky situation with the win / loss record. I do think it is a positive though. General public looks at win / loss record and it looks better. Selection committee looks at RPI which isn't dragged down by a deadful opponent and that looks better. It only creates a problem for us MBMs when we argue about whether to include it in our records predictions. I think it is a near certainty that the Rockhurst game is replacing a game that would be against a team ranked 250 or even 300 or worse in the RPI. It could also be adding an extra game that otherwise would not be played at all. SLU doesn't play many buy games against top 200 schools. I think a majority of schools ranked that high are probably looking for home/home games or paying for buy games (same situation as SLU) rather than being the one being paid as a buy game.
  15. 2017-2018 Schedule

    Also for those who don't know / forgot. Rockhurst is coached by former Billiken Drew Diener, so there is another reason to play them.