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  1. If your starting 1-4 are Goodwin, Henriquez, Bess, and Foreman/French, I actually think I'd start Welmer at 5. IMO you need another guy in that lineup who can space the floor rather than a guy who bangs inside or makes a living driving to the hole. Henriquez is the only shooter in that 1-4 and then Goodwin is probably the next best. I'm not saying I wouldn't ever play Foreman & French playing together, but I'd probably do it with Johnson, Graves, or Roby as the 3 instead of Bess so I've got more of an outside look there. Further, I actually think our best lineups next year might be going small with Foreman / French inside and then some Combo of Bess, Johnson, Roby, Graves, Henriquez, and/or Goodwin as the other 4.
  2. Some people seem upset about the Billiken potentially having a double chin, but as a Buddha like character wouldn't having a double chin make sense? I'm in the "don't love it, but it's fine" camp on the new, new Billiken. Much better than the previous "new" Billiken. I voted thumbs up.
  3. I was thinking that was Wendell Bennett which is why I included him on the list. I was also thinking that "save a schollie" Sodie gave Wendell a scholarship his senior year because he had a few in his pocket for recruits that never came. I could be wrong though. One glaring omission from my original all-walk on team is Paul Eckerle. So my team is now Hines, Hunt, Eckerle, Bennett, and Redden. Not a lot of height, but they've got more heart than Rudy.
  4. Who is on your Billiken all-time all-walk on team? Hines, Phillip Hunt, maybe Wendell Bennett, didn't John Redden start out as a walk on?
  5. I don't know anything about the WNBA either, but some basic observations and minor googling make it seem very unlikely that Kemph will ever play in the WBA. Salaries in the WNBA are very low (minimum ~$36,000, max ~$100,000). The article mentions that Kemph is studying to be a CPA. As a CPA, she'd likely start in the middle of that WNBA range and have potential to go way above the max. She's not going to play in the WNBA. Full stop. Now, if the question is whether or not she is talented even to play in the WNBA, that is more difficult to answer and someone who knows more about the WNBA could answer it better. I'm still going to guess "no" and I'll throw a couple of things out there as reasons why: Kemph is listed at 5-7. That is on the short end of most of the WNBA players based on skimming some rosters. There are only 12 teams in the WNBA, so it is potentially a lot more selective than even the NBA in terms of players who can make it. 13 roster spots * 12 means that there are only 156 total spots. Assuming players careers average 10 years (no idea if this is a good assumption), you'd have to be a top 15 or 20 player in your class to have potential to make it. Again just skimming rosters, it looks like there are only a handful of players that didn't go to power conference schools. This makes sense after my previous bullet point Not trying to take anything away from her. Kemph is likely the best player SLU has ever had and is a great college player.
  6. McBroom's situation was quite a bit different than any of our current transfers: he transferred to SLU when Majerus was coach and then got stuck playing for Crews he transferred after his freshman year and had 2 years at SLU before leaving his PT was cut in year 2 and our team was worse Assuming no unexpected things happen, I can't see Bess, Foreman, or Henriquez doing the grad transfer thing like McBroom.
  7. Infinity Coaches' Charity Challenge. Ford is repping Annie Malone Children & Family Services. SLU may suck on the court this year, but this would be great publicity for the school and for Ford. Vote early and often.
  8. Former SLU player Malik Yarbrough's father passed away on Wednesday. I think I can speak for the entire Billiken basketball family would offer condolences to Malik. Terrible thing to lose your dad especially so young. The article doesn't indicate a cause of death. It says he was 59 and had been going through some health issues, had been in & out of the hospital, etc. Makes you wonder how long that had been going on and feel for Malik.
  9. This. Tanner freaking Lancona looked pretty decent as a freshman when he was surrounded by Loe, Evans, Jett, and McCall. Being surrounded by good players can make you look a lot better, being surrounded by crap can make you look crappy. The truth is somewhere in between. If Bishop isn't expected to be a scorer, maybe his PG play improves or maybe Goodwin plays the point and Bishop can focus on scoring/defense. Same with Roby. Welmer seems like he can be a good stretch 4, but this team is asking too much of him. Moore & Johnson have shown promise at times as freshmen even on this crappy team. I'm not sure we're an NCAA team, but the improvement wil be incredible compared to where we are now.
  10. We've been awful before and bad crappy weather. I don't think it'll be below 2,000, but who knows. I thought I saw on twitter that Crawford had a busload coming from Tipon, IN. Hopefully they make it safe and on time.
  11. As a non-conference suggestion, I'll throw out Anthony Beane of SIUC.
  12. This is a good one.
  13. Agreed. Take a look at their career stats. I know Gillmann is a junior and Neufeld is only a soph, but Gillmann has actually shown a lot more even earlier in his career when you look at the stats. Add in that (I think) they are actually the same age since Neufeld did a year at prep school and Neufeld might not be in his best shape since he had mono over the summer and it makes no sense to play him at all much less giving him minutes over Gillmann.
  14. Given Josh Fisher's ability to shut down Dwyane Wade, but our inability to best Marquette, I think that Travis Diener has to be on the list. That f*cker always seemed to score the game winner against us. It also hurt that we probably had the least talented Deiner in the conference.
  15. Another reason Zeke should be getting more minutes is that the Billikens seem to be falling apart down the stretch. I'm wondering if the starters logging heavy minutes is taking a toll late in the game. We've now seen nearly every game where the Bills have played like garbage (even worse garbage than usual) in the last 5 or 10 minutes of the game.