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  1. I think you're being a overly harsh here. He asked a question that doesn't have an objective answer. Further, developing a good argument to answer his question subjectively one way or the other would require some level of research (especially for someone who by his own admission hasn't followed soccer for 20 years). Therefore, it is far easier to pose the question here and seek someone's opinion who has more knowledge about soccer. Is this a silly question to begin with? Yes, probably. Has it been asked in some form or debated before? Probably.
  2. If he can play D off the ball as good as McCall, then he is really a stud. The defensive ability individually and ability to play defense as a team is what really made that Jett, McCall, Loe, & Evans group special.
  3. Like I alluded to before, I was born in 1987, so I do not conjure up anything when I say "Roland Gray". I don't remember him at all despite probably going to several of his games as a toddler. I do conjure up 3 pt sniper for Claggs, Highmark, and H. Watching those guys nail 3s are my earliest Billiken memories. According to the numbers though, Gray was very good 3 pt shooter. Part of the perception of him not being a 3 pt sniper might be the fact that the 3 pt line was so new, he had to play without it a year, and ultimately he didn't attempt very many because the offense wasn't geared around it the same way it was for Claggs & Co. It would be interesting to put Gray on those Claggs teams and see how many 3 pts he made. Back to the record book: I believe it makes much more sense to set a minimum number of 3 pointers made rather than a minimum number of attempts. For example, if you had a guy who made 60 of 99 3 point shots why should he be left off the list for guys like Edwin, McCauley, & Robertson who only made 55 or less, but happened to take more than 100 shots. If it were my record book, I'd set the minimum for 3 pt % at 75 made 3 pointers. That is 38 per season for a guy who plays 2 years. For reference, 38 makes barely scratch the top 10 list for freshman makes so it doesn't seem too high of a bar for a JUCO or transfer guy to still be able to make the list. This would eliminate Bartley, Edwin, McCauley, & Robertson. For some reason SLU uses a minimum number of attempts for 3 pt %, but a minimum number of makes for both FG% and FT %
  4. This was before I was even born, but I believe the NCAA didn't implement the 3 point line until 1986 and Gray's career started in 1985. Therefore, it is Gray only had three years to take 3 point shots, not four.
  5. I'm saying that since Ford has shown the ability to get former top 100 transfers without injury issues and who performed better prior to transferring and the ability to now get top 50 or 60ish HS recruits that I'd rather go after one of those type of guys than White. Now, I suppose if White called up Ford and said he wanted to come to SLU, you'd maybe take the bird in the hand (or at least bring him in for a workout). I just think there is a good possibility for Ford to do better (as opposed to Crews). Its a moot point because I doubt White is in play for SLU anyways.
  6. I'd imagine any hopes of White coming to SLU left with Reynolds. He was a top 100 guy out of HS, but didn't put up very good numbers at G-Town and is trying to come back from hip surgery. He'd definitely be a guy I'd be interested in under Crews, but it seems like Ford might be able to get a better/less risky talent. Since he and Reynolds seem close it would be interesting to see if he winds up at Pacific. Unrelated transfer news: Xavier is losing a player to Carleton "The Duke of Canada"
  7. Since this thread is bogus anways, I might as well go off the rails here... Let's build a wall around campus ( guess Biondi already did put up fences around campus....oh well...) to keep these illegal immigrants from taking scholarships away from hard working American soccer players. #MakeSLUSoccerGreatAgain #BuildTheWall When I'm elected SLU soccer coach, SLU will win all the games. I am predicting a yuuge number of wins. I only recruit winners, believe me. This loser McGinty has ruined SLU soccer. SAD! Crooked Tilkowsky is being protected by the media. He is not a talented person or commenter. The dishonest media refuses to expose!
  8. Andrew Bogut (31) might not have much left in the tank going forward, but the Aussies should be formidable on the world stage for a while. Most of their roster is young enough to probably be back in 4 years - Patty Mills (28), Matty Dellavedova (25), Joe Ingles (28), Ryan Broekhoff (25), Aron Baynes (29), Brock Motum (25) You could argue that 2 of their better young talents aren't even playing in the Olympics in Dante Exum (21, injury) and Ben Simmons (20). Traditionally players of that caliber might decide to defect to the USA to play for a winner (see brianstl's post above re: Duncan, Olajuwon, & Ewing), but since Aussies are showing the ability to win, they might stay home and be inspired actually play for the Aussie national team (unlike Kyrie Irving who was born in Australia to US Citizens & chose to play for the US). Hopefully, Lisch (30) can maintain his ability and spot on the national team going forward and have more success in the future.
  9. Fighting Kevin Lisches (Aussies) knocked off Lithuania in the quarterfinals earlier today 90 - 64. Lisch played 15 mins, 0 pts, 2, rebs, 2 asst, 1 steal. Patty Mills led the way with 24 points. Aussies got a good draw with how the bracket worked out after the group games. They finished 2nd in their group which puts them opposite USA & France (Parker, Batum, Diaw, Gobert, etc.). The other group worked out such that Spain (Gasol, Rubio, Calderon, etc.) and Argentina (Ginobili, Scola, etc.) are on the opposite side of the bracket as well. Aussies will play either Croatia (Saric, Bogdanovic, etc.) or Serbia (mostly foreign league guys & Aussies already beat them) in the semi-finals for a shot at (likely) USA in the gold medal game.
  10. Yeah, I may be late to the party with this, but see my post in the 2017 recruiting thread. I think the timeline was Bailey left for SLU in early April, Goodman announced he would transfer to LaSalle in late April, and Goodman left classes at LaSalle in June. I don't think there is anything there with Goodman & SLU.
  11. The idea the Goodman may come to SLU comes from the assumption that he has some kind of relationship with current SLU assistant (former LaSalle assistant) Will Bailey. Per Google, Goodman transferred to LaSalle as an immediately eligible grad-transfer, but dropped his classes over the summer and withdrew. Presumably Goodman enjoys playing basketball and would benefit from getting an additional free year of education to do so, his assumed relationship with Bailey, promise of ample playing time, or lack of better options would be what draws him to SLU. That being said, I may be missing something, but I fail to see much of a connection between Bailey and Goodman. You have to draw the conclusion that Goodman left LaSalle because Bailey was no longer there to assume they have a relationship and it would be strong enough to draw him to SLU. However, SLU hired Bailey on April 8th and it seems that Goodman didn't announce he was going to LaSalle until April 23. In reality, Goodman is from Philly which is why he was going to LaSalle. He started at UNLV, played one year, sat one year after transferring to AZ St. to play 2 years, transferred to LaSalle and then dropped summer classes. Given that history, him leaving LaSalle seems like more of a personal thing than wanting to play basketball somewhere else. Again, I may be missing something, but I would be fairly surprised if Goodman wound up at SLU.
  12. Roy Schmidt ‏@prepbullseye 10m10 minutes ago 6'3 PG Marcus Bartley will transfer out at St. Louis. Only surprising part to me is that it didn't happen sooner. Lol.
  13. Definitely weird timing. Given that this upcoming season doesn't look like it will be anything special, Ford appears to be building toward the 2017-18 season, and has shown the ability to bring in players who are (on paper) more talented than Bartley, this does not seem to be a huge loss for SLU. Playing with only 9 scholarship players (10? I guess at this point Hines gets his scholarship back) for the entire season is going to make for an even rougher season than originally thought.
  14. I would almost guarantee this happens. People will start questioning him again because of his size or athleticism or whatever. I honestly hope it does because Goodwin seems to already have chip on his shoulder and wants to prove everyone wrong.