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  1. Great point KShoe. Two other interesting factors that play into the decision are: His High School / AAU Coaches relationship with the program The School's Jerseys / Brand (i.e. Adidas vs. Nike)
  2. This ranking shouldn't be compared directly with U.S. News & World Report, since that ranking does not include liberal arts schools (Williams, Amherst, etc.) and WSJ does. 116 in WSJ is likely in line with or ahead of where SLU would fall if the list of schools ranked were the same as in the U.S. News & World Report ranking. That said, all of these rankings are fairly arbitrarily weighted and shouldn't be used as a true measure of the quality of a school.
  3. Roby is a physical defender and role player being asked to do things offensively that are above his skill-set. All I am saying is that he could look a lot better in a role more suited for his talents. He's a streaky shooter who turns the ball over too often, but as a player who is asked to shoot less and handle the ball less, those vulnerabilities wouldn't be exposed. I also have a lot of respect for the fact that he stayed and is dedicated to the SLU program. I get your point about leading by example, but still feel that Roby could be a useful voice in the locker room and physical defender on the court. Same logic goes for Bishop. He's shooting 37% from three and averaging 4.7 assists a game. His turnover numbers are horrendous but with better players on offense to take the pressure off him, I think he could serve an important role. However, I do agree with you that he may see an opportunity for more playing time elsewhere, I just feel like it would be beneficial for next year's squad if we had Bishop as added guard depth. I agree that our talent level needs to be purged and that a talent overhaul is needed. I guess my point is that I am optimistic that some of the players on our team could serve value for the immediate future in depth/secondary roles, with Roby and Bishop being two who today most look like two that could help at the guard position. I think we agree on the overall point, but I'm holding out hope that there will be roles for those two next season.
  4. I respect and understand the speculation for next year. I had a couple thoughts that differ slightly from what some of the general consensus seems to be: I think people are writing off Bishop a little too quickly. We have ZERO guard depth this year with Bishop being by far our best guard offensively. I think it's a little bold to immediately assume Graves will be better than him. And regardless, we need all the ballhandlers we can get. Bishop is maybe our only player who has shown he can consistently play at an A-10 level and I think he could be important to our team, even if only in a supporting role as a good shooter and ball-handler. TF has made it clear that Roby is the vocal leader. I think he too could have an important role as secondary ball-handler and primary defender. Overall, it's hard to accurately predict how these guys would look on a better team because the current team is so bad. Some players excel in complementary roles which we wouldn't be able to see now with the way the roster is currently constructed.
  5. Count me in the group that considers this a very good hire. Tate is a steal and I was really worried we would end up with someone with far less experience for that last spot. While I definitely have concerns about the in-game coaching, I also don't really know enough about Macon or Bailey to have a fair opinion on that. It's something that has to be considered, for sure. But I don't see us as having enough info to really make a good judgement. Excited to see us get some talented players and also look forward to seeing what types of game plans these coaches end up putting forth.
  6. I just watched his highlight reel. It just goes to show how different players can thrive under different systems. His baskets were not the type of baskets that he would've been getting under a Jim Crews offense. Gives me hope that someone like Reggie, Roby, Bartley or Neufeld might be much better under a new system
  7. A nice frosh year? He scored 2.5 ppg and pulled in 1.8 rpg against relatively weak competition. That's fine for a freshman but we shouldn't act like he is the one that got away. I also saw him play lots in high school. Not knocking the player, but the WCC is a better fit for him than the A-10. See no reason why he'd be an upgrade over our bigs. Gillmann was a better high school player than him as well.
  8. While I don't necessarily think it's a given that all four of those guys (particularly Watson) will be consensus top 100 prospects, I cannot think of a time in recent memory when there were four players in St. Louis rated that highly. The best class in recent memory was either this past year (led by Tatum, Cook, Snead) or 2011 (BJ Young, McLemore and Beal). It's very interesting that only one of those guys plays for the Eagles.
  9. Any update on Assistant Coach #3?
  10. I don't think we should be too worried about where players fit in positionally with the current roster. This team needs upgraded talent more than anything. If Bess is an A-10 or better quality player, then he is worth a scholarship, especially this late in the spring.
  11. I wouldn't read into Verbal Commit's ranking as it uses a Rivals ranking of the other Jalen Johnson (Tennessee recruit). Still seems like a great pick-up
  12. Depends on who the recruits are and what types of visits they are (i.e. official or unofficial)
  13. This may not be entirely relevant to SLU but Brandon McKissic from SLUH has picked up offers from DePaul and Murray State. He is a 6'1" combo guard that's been mentioned before. I know Claggett has a good relationship with SLU still. Would personally be fun to see Ford and staff show interest in McKissic.
  14. Think it's a little unfair to accuse the kid of "pulling the race card." I can't imagine what it would be like to be an non-catholic, African-American student at Vianney, DeSmet, SLUH (where I went), etc. I understand the point and also am disappointed to hear he has not proven to be a particularly hard worker. Still think he's worth giving the benefit of the doubt to (And @TheChosenOne, I know you weren't saying the opposite of this).
  15. I don't think its an overreaction at all. I have no idea if these kids will decide to come to SLU or if Ford's recruiting style will be successful. All I think is that it is pretty clear he is offering scholarships more aggressively than past coaches have.