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  1. Recruiting - 2018 class

    Because he's curious?
  2. A10 Recruiting Rankings

    Another underrated thing about Gordon is he will be ready to play from Day 1, which is often not the case with high-upside bigs that go to non Power 5 teams. Gordon would get major minutes on our team this year.
  3. I'm aware they're columnists, not reporters. You say their job is to provoke thought. I find neither to be thought-provoking in the slightest. The primary "feeling" I get after reading an Ortiz article is strong feeling that I just wasted 10 minutes of my day. So in that sense he's doing a good job. Hochman seems like a nice guy who is well intentioned, I just find his writing to be utterly devoid of anything in the way of analysis or thoughtful commentary. You asked that I provide facts which which they got wrong, but I cannot do this given that both seem to be allergic to including anything resembling facts, statistics or informed insight. it is clear that Ortiz fashions himself a hot-take artist, here to stir up the pot and provoke controversy. I'm certain he admires the likes of skip bayless and clay Travis. That's not my cup of tea personally but I'm sure he would be glad to hear you enjoy it.
  4. Recruiting - 2018 class

    Thought that was fine to say by Stu. Similar to when someone says "pending physicals" regarding free agents in professional sports
  5. Roster updated

    Welmers question is less about ability and more about health. Can he stay on the floor and can he move effectively? If so he will absolutely be a big contributor.
  6. Practice news

    That's factually incorrect and can be easily proven as such.
  7. Practice news

    What coach said that the top 5 individual players should be the starters?
  8. Practice news

    You know that's not the actual starting lineup right?
  9. Practice news

    Bernie was the most knowledgeable columnist we've had IMO. By that I mean he talked to people, researched the numbers, seem plugged in, etc.
  10. I firmly believe Stu writes about what he's assigned to write about. The percentage of Mizzou alums at the PD sports section is more than significant. To the extent that we live in a SLU bubble (which we do), the Post Dispatch lives in a Mizzou bubble (by definition). If Dave Matter and Stu switched places there would still be far more mizzou stories than slu stories. Good on guys like BenFred for at least making an effort to compensate, but at the end of the day it will take sustained succsss and increased fan support for us to get anywhere close to a level we'd all like in PD sports coverage. It is a shame that no real Billikens bloggers have caught on at a place like SBNation. That would probably be more useful to us as fans than increased PD coverage.
  11. Yes, thank you. Was genuinely curious to hear your perspective on that.
  12. If you're a fan of both you must not be a fan of informative or thoughtful sportswriting Ortiz wrote a piece about SLU closing practice that was gimmicky, contained no information or critical thought, contained no context and quite frankly should have been embarrassing to the Post-Dispatch
  13. Let's say ford spoke to the media and May spoke to the media. What are they supposed to say? "The University is investigating and at this time there is nothing else to report"? How is that any more transparent?
  14. I'm not a Hochmann fan, but the column he wrote on SLU today is light years ahead of that unprofessional nonsense that Ortiz put out recently. Link below: http://www.stltoday.com/sports/columns/benjamin-hochman/hochman-excitement-about-slu-basketball-dims-with-closed-doors/article_cb6444ca-b1d5-5f41-9fe9-52dba07e1c8b.html