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  1. Do some guys on here really think Ford might get offered by Kentucky down the road?? C'mon, man!!? It will never happen, sorry. But I must say; given the extremely negative response originally to this hire: that is quite the historic turnaround, if now he is the heir apparent for the Wildcats. Good stuff! And it happened in only a few months too, without a single game being played. Amazing what a few recruits can do, these are heady times to be a SLU Billiken fan...
  2. I've seen Tatum play on a number of occasions, and really have always liked his game, his handles and scoring, and upside. However... This may sound like sour grapes but : IMHO, he's darned good, but just is not as good as some guys on here seem to think. With Tatum, I really do not think our current roster would be a tournament team, and would not be able to be a top 2 or 3 team in the A10. Just my opinion, we'll see. He will be good at Duke, I think; but he will be a really talented freshman surrounded by talent. He would do well to stay there 2-3 years, but of course he won't. His game would get exposed with our current group, sorry. I'm posting this just to push back on what others have said, no doubt he is really good; but he is no Kevin Durant or Magic, believe me. I'm sure some guys will not like this .....but I would be interested to know if anyone else shares my mild concerns.
  3. Welcome to SLU; former assistant at TCU...
  4. I can settle, or clarify, a few things, on here: 1. They really wanted Javon Bess, right up to this weekend. O well, sometimes recruits just choose otherwise, but they remained very high on Bess. It's not that SLU lost interest, believe me; not sure how that idea began. 2. I've heard great things about Johnson and I expect him to play, and contribute, right away. He has a chance in a couple years to be an anchor. I'm surprised by some of the "meh" response on here; he was big in Louisiana and yes, an immature freshman; but a great pick-up. Possibly immediate starter. 3. Henriquez is a dazzling prospect, very mature and high character, and he will be a star in the A10. He may actually be the best recruit athletically, and is certainly one of the best, since I've been around these parts, and the staff is ecstatic about his potential. He can score big in the A10. Boy I wish he could play this fall! 4. There may be one more, and even possibly 2 more guys added by the fall, to play this fall. 5. Staff feels EW has good upside, if healthy. that is all, X
  5. I'm hearing different; from multiple sources--FC = wrong. This story is still in process; Everyone hit the pause button ... that is all
  6. Time for a promotion: and he nearly took one last year. Looking for the right fit... ignore the Catholic connection at your own risk!
  7. Baylor is considered the top evangelical/Baptist university in the country, FYI. It has a highly religious component, and strong sense of spiritual community. Yes, it's big-time sports INC., in that sense, but it's much more like SLU or Notre Dame than it is like UT-Austin, believe me. It makes perfect sense that a Drew would consider Baylor, given the spiritual aspects; so the fact that he went to Baylor actually confirms my point.
  8. Look, that is what I was told, more or less. Maybe I did not state it clear enough for the close readers on here; maybe he said there is increase "interest in ticket sales" rather than "ticket sales." Please excuse my ignorance and obtuseness. He definitely told me interest in Billiken Club has soared in just a few days. Believe it, don't believe it, I really don't care, to be honest.. . . . and by the way, why would someone just make it up, anyway?? And no, sorry, I did not have the New York times fact-checking team on the case, sorry to disappoint all of you. PS: The shrillness gets very old on here; I can tell you for a fact that there are a number of insiders I know personally, who never post on here anymore, because of it. Why post stuff, only to get a lot of it thrown back in your face?? Not very motivating. . . . so I'll be sure, if I hear anything that might interest anyone, to run to to post it -- NOT! over and out.
  9. I will say this about Drew -- and this is NOT from any insider, just a hunch. And based on what I happen to know about the Drew family... There is a lot to be said for school culture, playing by the rules, issues of faith even. I can tell you a great deal about Valpo, and the culture of faith on that campus--they are not kidding around about that. At Valpo, being an alumnus and his dad the coach, I think it's fair to say Drew has grown use to a smaller community, a clean program, and student athletes who, more or less, are committed to certain kinds of lifestyle, both morally and educationally. Someone claims he can do "better." Who defines "better"? In any case, I really have doubts about Drew feeling comfortable at a "BIG" school in a huge conference with millions and millions of dollars from unscrupulous booster-types. He may in fact wish to do "better" than SLU -- I have no inside info -- but what is better, and according to whom?? Majerus could have done "better" as well, by the way; and I can tell you from personal conversations with him, he truly valued the things that make SLU special, compared to other, bigger, "better" programs. He had his issues, btw; and some horrible things happened with some of those players, on his watch, no debate there. But when he talked about the people and tradition of SLU, and the Jesuits -- he was telling the truth, it really meant a lot to him. I am suggesting that SLU may, in fact, be the perfect fit for a guy like Bryce Drew -- one who values certain kinds of community, which truly SLU has, with something special to offer. And it would be a step up, conference wise, urban-wise, and academic-wise. Plus a major raise -- what's not to like?? Drew could stick around a very long time, in that case...
  10. I can tell you that even in the days since Coach Crews was let go, tickets sales and giving to the Billiken Club have seen an increase already!
  11. Roby a malcontent?? which planet is that from? I'd like to put the kabosh on that pronto. Nonsense, he's a keeper. Here's the core: 2 seniors, Roby & Bartley, and all 3 freshmen. That's your foundation, plain and simple = 7. I'm not saying everyone else is history but I really think the new coach can decide for himself, and mix and match. I think those 7 are committed and ready to work. I think the freshman class actually has a great deal of potential and may be a bit underrated on here. If we assume Zeke is still coming, and does come, then it's 8. that's 5 scholarships to play with. & some of those 5 may leave anyway... Here's what amazes me about MY: I always thought, he has very good upside. But how is it after 2 full years he keeps making the very same identical mistakes?? It may be he has the all-time lowest court IQ in basketball history. The truly amazing part is: the coaches kept allowing it. Even at the end of the game yesterday, MY was actually bringing the ball up the court and then attempting piss poor drives to the bucket. In all honesty I'd like the staff to put together all of those knucklehead drives into one long video and show it to him over and over, a la Clockwork Orange style, until it registers. I think I've reached 100% frustration with him, but maybe a new coach could take him in the right direction (i.e. better court vision and IQ)?? Am I missing something??
  12. That presser was awesome, I'm proud to be a Billikens fan after a pretty lousy year. Kudos to Jim. I think it's easy to forget how truly horrible it was back in those December days, after Rick passed. What a horrific period, and Coach Crews kept it together, somehow. It's a very tough day and I want to throw out my thanks as well -- though I'm sure he will likely never read this. Really just a class individual. ps: love the lines from Rick: How are you? and how can I help you??
  13. Just now checking back in ... Thanks for posting that news conference, that was very poignant and it really says a lot about Coach Crews' character. As for all the SH_T I'm getting for posting earlier: I can take it. But I gotta tell you I wrote that and posted it as a service, since a few guys were asking if it really happened. I was just trying to clarify, and yes, I had source, so deal with that too. It happened so fast, that while I wrote it, the other guy posted the link to the announcement, which I discovered the instant I actually posted. So back off, ladies.
  14. I had already immediately received confirmation (mostly joyful) from multiple very strong sources... the Crews era is over at SLU. (before the official PR announcement posted above) Wow that was quick! I began wondering if the regime would find the cajones to pull the trigger, and honestly I doubted they would. Well, I was wrong and I stand corrected. My first thoughts: Are we already close to a new hire?? Is an arrangement already in place?? curious minds want to know . . . . But May's comments above seem to indicate a full national search is impending, so maybe not so much ??
  15. you guys are missing the best lines of the whole thing: "Could there be another miracle in New York in 2016? Common sense would tell you (maybe even scream at you): NO! And yet, I'm hopeful." (?!?!?!?) Hopeful of what, he never says. He should be institutionalized. with 24/7 supervision, if he is hopeful for us to win this tournament. 2nd place: He prefaced that with this: "the Billikens have advanced and even allowed some to dream of another "Memphis Miracle". Who are these "some" dreamers, I'd like to know. I guess the other guys on the ward. Funny stuff... 3rd place honorable mention: "underclassmen bursting with what the NBA types call "upside"." Honestly I have no idea what he's talking about here. I've been here 18 years and during that time we have featured precisely one player with very marginal NBA "upside." Perhaps I'm reading impaired. i assume we will be completely out of the game by halftime, roughly 2 hours from now, so much for the "Brooklyn Miracle." ps: has any team, ever, on earth, won 5 games in 5 days to win a Division I tournament? serious question ...