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  1. sorry to be unclear, I was only responding there to your question about leading scorers. Was not calling you out or anything; I basically agree with you, we were dreadful against Dayton and nobody should forget it (it was a home game by the way!). I am very high on the team but it's a process. I think 2018-19 could be a coming out year, not so much next year. But boy, it'll be fun and I can't wait. I also believe your point about our 3 best players right now is really a good one: DR, EW, And JJ will be much better playing 15 minutes or 20, than trying to play 40! Much, much better; and our bench next year will be better than our starters this year. think about it... On a related note (may have been covered elsewhere): is there any real sense that Gordon is thinking about being a one and done player, or try for 2-3 years at SLU? I'm just wondering how good he can be, and wondering how committed to higher education he really is. I have no inside info here, just wondering if we can expect to see him blossom or what?
  2. I'll weigh in here. First I am struck by the amount of improvement with a minimal roster, this year. We are lightyears ahead of just 2 months ago. that should encourage everyone, especially if this fall we aren't so great, at first. Second, I'm pretty patient about next year, and actually even in 2 years. But let's focus on 2017-18: I do think we can be pretty competitive in the A10 right away -- meaning, at least .500 but learning how to win on the road. I've also watched the new guys a fair amount and although I really cannot predict a rotation, I'd respond to Roy by saying Henriquez is a scorer who might come right in and lead the team with well over 10 a game. Goodwin might too, if he is as good as advertised. I'm just not sure about him and French, though the eye test on Youtube is promising. By the way: Roby ain't going anywhere either; he leads the team in scoring this year,... Third: what is our OC schedule like this fall?? Because it will be against the really good teams, especially on the road, that will tell us whether we have any chance for the NIT, let alone the Dance. Like, how do we do against a Wichita State? or in Dayton, on a long weekend in Philly, or against even a team like BYU on neutral court or Kansas State at Chaifetz? Those type of games will be very revealing, very early... Main point: Can't wait to see the new team, but I'll try to stay patient and watch the program grow, slowly but surely... even if we lose early to a Samford or SIUC...
  3. Is he (or anyone)??? Actually: Not so much, as it turns out. One of the ideas making the rounds currently, in higher ed, is a provocative article by a philosophy professor telling freshmen they are NOT "entitled to their opinions," in most cases -- if the cliche is simply a dodge for a very bad opinion. Morally and intellectually speaking, one is NOT entitled to very poor "opinions" that are simply wrong, poorly reasoned, or based on "alternate fact" and such BS. ps: students and even many adults (including our Vice President yesterday on Meet the Press) use that silly statement all the time (Pres. Trump is "entitled to his opinion.")
  4. will see you tomorrow, coming a bit late...
  5. I am so proud of Hines (really, all the guys)!! Who led the team in rebounds last night with 8?? Guess who? a walk-on! Pelican is right -- life of a walk-on is really tough. You might say Hines is holding what's left of this team together, and we should be throwing bouquets at him. What a scrappy performance, on a night when Livingston turned into Allen Iverson. That was quite a game. I'm just thrilled with how far Coach Ford & staff have taken this group, in 3 months, it's just amazing. ps: Johnson had 4 offensive boards; Roby & Crawford played a combined 95 minutes. Reggie = 7/12 shooting with some vicious rebounds at the end of the game & in the overtime period. wow!!! give the coaching staff -- and AH -- some well deserved love, OK??
  6. HoosierPal; all due respect, but I think you might change your mind on Friday. You do not do what these guys did last night, without very hard-nosed practices. I've witnessed Coach Ford's practices on many occasions and believe me, they will work them out good on Friday! They will also be jazzed with all the visitors... I hope a lot of guys on here show up!! ps: helluva game last night, toughness, grit, and passion on full display. That game was (I hope) testimony enough about the way this team does practice!
  7. Gotta sign in for that one!! Love it -- wizard of westpine indeed... All that to say: we gotta be pleased so far from what we've witnessed on the coaching side of things, so far. Players are improving, and the in-game tactics are starting to work. I suggest 3 or so months may not tell the full story either -- all in all, still looks like a terrific hire of a guy really entering his prime years. ps: you think it's rough being a Bills fan?? believe me, it's rougher being a walk-on. Gotta really really love the game. Plus: Hines will probably never get on the floor next year, if he were to stay ....
  8. I've been as down on this group about as much as anyone (my prediction for final record was 6-26); but even Helen Keller could see that there is some important improvement underway. I'm posting this for a couple of reasons: 1. Coach Ford and staff are not only making some decent progress with a pretty thin cabinet of talent; but insisting on hard work and fighting for wins; 2. The players are working hard; & 3. I'm getting sick of all the predictions on here about who should or could transfer, since they are all lost causes. The impatience is staggering. Just a reminder: players do often get better in sports!! I also think some posters undervalue having some veteran experience, just in terms of running drills and entering a "culture" of a team. Coach Ford and staff are showing us what a great hire he was--not just recruiting, either; but now turning these players (slowly, yes) into a cohesive team. There were many very loud doubts about all that. As for transfers: I do believe some players will feel it's not the right fit for them; & we will trim a spot or 2 next year, but most everyone will be back -- and stronger, and better. JJ has a lot of work to do, lifting and filling out; but, to take the latest shining example -- if you are not witnessing the terrific improvement he's made in 2 months, you aren't paying attention. It may not be much, but we may even win more than 6 games Woohooo! that is all.
  9. I've also heard we have a very strong chance at both Thatch & Torrence Watson for 2018. But I'm curious: should we take both, or are they so similar that we just take the first to verbal??? It's a genuine question, as I have not seen wither up close, only some clips on Youtube. Would we take both guys, or just one, then look for a big, a pg, or -- ??? You never have enough guards, these days, and look at that Villanova team last year ... Inquiring minds want to know . . . .
  10. interesting thread. I will say a few things in response: --I also think many of the guys playing now are being undervalued. Plus, kids who work hard tend to improve. Plus, the guys who stick it out will have a full year in the system, as an advantage, and it helps to have them on the practice floor, yelling at the new guys and showing them the ropes. Plus: it is far easier to contribute at 5-6 minutes per half, than it is to be asked to play 30-35 minutes per game and be a leading scorer. The pressure will be off, the guys who return will improve, and we will get minutes next year from at least 3 or 4 of these guys. I also agree that Roby has better upside than Jake had, and Roby is a pretty good on ball defender too. --I've heard that at least one and perhaps 2 of the present bench guys will not return, so I think it is fair to say at least one more new name will be added for next season. I've also heard we have a very strong chance at both Thatch & Torrence Watson for 2018. But should we take both, or are they so similar that we just take the first to verbal??? Inquiring minds want to know . . . . --I love the transfers but I also think it might take a part of next year to get the rust off and build a cohesive unit. Henriquez will immediately score for us, but his game is much different from Jordair. Bess is much different from Evans, too; but like Evans, a terrific glue guy. As for Graves: if you have not studied that Youtube on his handles and skill set, take a look. He is a wiz, and though small, can easily dunk with both hands. Dropping out of BC after only 4 months sends all the wrong signals, but that could be an old'school red flag and granted, the game has really changed in the past years, so who knows??? Alttogether, what are these guys?? All very, very athletic. But I think we should wait and see, as far as how competitive we can actually be come Nov.Dec. It will continue to be a work in progress, and part of the reason I say that is due to my growing concerns about several of the players we now have playing big minutes. --Someone asked about a rim enforcer/ center. I just drooled watching the highlights for French, and I also think our best teams 3-4 years ago lacked a true rim enforcer. Of course we had The Rick coaching; but this group next year will far surpass those teams, athletic wise. Foreman is also pretty intimidating, but it appears French has a bigger athletic upside.
  11. In an epic comeback last night, SLU outscored Missouri 34-8 in the fourth quarter and posted its first-ever win over the Tigers, 72-61, in front of 6,288 fans at Chaifetz Arena. It was their second consecutive victory over a Power 5 conference team. Go lady Bills!
  12. Folks, I'm so proud of Sadie; here is what hard work and being a good person can do in life!
  13. No, sorry for confusing anyone, including myself. I never saw Jamal Johnson, by the way; before my time. I thought the original comparison -- the CORRECT comparison -- was French and Foreman. Just read it too quick I guess... & those two are the ones I'm calling twin towers. Very similar bodies and games, I think. Then later Moy compared French to Johnson, and I thought he meant Jalen. (lousy comparison). He meant Jamal (good? bad? indifferent comparison??). My bad -- delete the Johnson in this post and put Foreman: ps: are French and Foreman similar?? sure, maybe. But so what?? I love the twin towers concept and as an old Pacer fan, loved the enforcers, the Davis boys (who were actually a lot different in certain ways.) Obviously Foreman has a few years on him, and that includes banging through a Big Ten season, so that's gotta make him a favorite, at least initially, to start. But French is such an impressive looking kid, can't wait to see him up close and live... that is all, DrB.
  14. Now I'm just curious, MOY: is that irony or are you being serious?? Johnson is a lean 3 who is at best a poor man's Calbert Cheaney. I made that comparison a while ago, and before anyone has a meltdown or flames me, I also said Calbert was lightyears ahead of JJ, as freshmen. (CC was one of the best first month freshmen I ever saw in college bball). I would love to see JJ become even half the player CC was. Also looking forward to seeing him add about 20 pounds of muscle. French reminds me of Charles Oakley. He is a chiselled, athletic big who will be able to match up physically with any other big in the A10, right away. Could be wrong but I doubt it. He would absolutely school those dudes from Chicago State (unlike our bigs at present). ps: are French and Johnson similar?? sure, maybe. But so what?? I love the twin towers concept and as an old Pacer fan, loved the enforcers, the Davis boys (who were actually a lot different in certain ways.) Obviously Johnson has a few years on him, and that includes banging through a Big Ten season, so that's gotta make him a favorite, at least initially, to start. But French is such an impressive looking kid, can't wait to see him up close and live...
  15. I sure hope we beat SIUE but it's looking doubtful -- I mentioned at some point they are decent, and certainly decent enough to give us major problems, though as I recall some found my remarks off base. (possibly because, admittedly, I have not seen them play -- but I have seen us play). Too bad if we lose -- because by my could, there are only about 4 games left that I would call "winnable." That's not to say we might not rise up and snap a couple upsets, somewhere, like we did last season. But sadly, my original guess of 5-6 wins is now staring us all in the face -- IF we can pull off those 4 wins! For next year, I can see 4-5 guys on the current roster who can compete for PT; assuming we see some improvement and coaching and weightlifting combined! Then again, with up to 7 new faces, all of whom are going to be much more athletic --maybe only JB & one or 2 more; or, maybe zero. Lest we forget, however -- JJ was a Ford recruit!