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  1. I agree with the Wiz, more or less, on all these observations, and will add to them; Practices are quite intense and yes, Coach Ford is definitely in control and very vocal, setting a new and different sort of standard. He really leads the practice vocally and physically, and he is a very forceful and inspiring coach. The other things I would add are, stamina may become a major issue due to Coach Ford's emphasis on running hard and playing up tempo. this will pay off later, but I'm not sure we have the horses right now. Intensity and toughness are also a key focus and getting called out right away. I have been pretty impressed, and excited, about the tone and intensity of practices. --3 transfers are all specimens and boy, if they could play, we could really be good this year; together they'd probably get 100 minutes out of 200, if they had the stamina. Foreman has a pro body and is a beast; and Henriquez is a terrific shooter with very quick release, not afraid to let it fly that's for sure, and also pretty big, a legit 6'6". Bess is just very tough all around and I was surprised by his shooting from the arc. These 3 are just clearly the leaders (without saying much, either, except by Henriquez who is a talker!), and there work ethic and physical prowess will really be great for the team all year. --Physically Neufeld is much stronger; has probably made the biggest strides, body-wise, despite the illness. Wellmer has been held back by injury and, because of the nature of the foot injury, the training staff specifically kept him from gaining muscle mass to protect the foot. Crawford still in recovery mode with leg issues along with lingering plantar fascitis--it is concerning. I think Jermaine has filled out a little, and looks a bit larger to me. Markos, the Greek kid, is actually not bad, and may find some minutes as well as Hines. I also have no ideas about starters or rotation, but certainly Roby, Jermaine, Neufeld, Wellmer, Agbeko, will play a lot; along with Crawford if he can stay healthy. --Freshmen are both defensively challenged. Moore is bigger than I had imagined; Johnson about the same size but he is skinnier in the shoulders than I thought and I think both are works in progress. They will both have to play right away, but actually both could use a year to gain weight and learn to play at a more intense level, especially defense. I had high hopes for them coming right in and scoring, especially Johnson, but that is tempered more for me, right now. that is all ....
  2. I can tell you this (though not regarding French)-- and again, PLEASE, no bed wetting. But it is from the same, very inside source... Evidently, there is another "top 100" recruit for 2017 -- his words, not mine -- that is on the verge, or at least very, very, serious, about SLU. The name was not given to me, sorry, so don't ask. The reason I'm posting this tidbit is to ask Pistol or anyone: i wonder who this might be?? Yes, I know French is up there. But my source was mentioning another unnamed top 100 guy...
  3. Just a quick response for Taj and the other reading-challenged contributors here: No, not so much. No guarantee, but I do praise your wild imagination. Stupid stuff like this really inspires me to continue contributing here. What I did say, just from memory and not even taking the time to go back and quote it directly: I heard from someone who really does know the situation that it was looking very good and we were very close on French. Blame that person, not me; unless you want to blame me for sharing what I heard (hearsay); but if that is the case I will just keep those things private in the future. By the way, this person is about as inside as you can get. And no, there was no mention of any "guarantee." I think I even warned readers: don't pee your pants, and take it for what it's worth. Taj: confession time: did just a tiny, little bit leak out and stain your khakis??
  4. I went to the event last night, and witnessed the protest. it was quite an impressive display. I saw many hundreds of our students participate. By 6:30 there were hundreds of people milling around outside, and the protesters had basically filled the floor of the arena, most of them wearing white shirts as organized somehow through social media. Many security folks were stationed all around the building and clocktower area. All the $$ raised from the cupcake sales (several hundreds, in fact they ran out) is going to the Syrian refugees. People without SLU ID's (there were MANY non-SLU attendees) had to wait in a queue outside until about 6:50 or so to enter. 3 different people, one a student and one a recent graduate, introduced Allen West. There was no "contextualizing" introduction, though that had been reported. It was in the Old Pine Gym, now called the CGC. Finally West appeared, and row by row the students rose to leave. It was quite a spectacle and took some time. After which, the outsiders (presumably, fans of West; I actually talked to a number of them in line to figure out who they were and why they were at SLU) and some students, mostly moved down into the floor. The place was still full of people, and the students assembled around the Clocktower for a few short speeches. The students who spoke, members of the Muslim Student Assoc., were absolutely blessed to see how many students came out to support them, against the wildly irresponsible charges that West had made on his website and elsewhere. Everything was pretty orderly and certain conformed to the non-violent traditions of social protest. Actually, if anyone was disorderly, from my perspective, it was the West supporters in the crowd! What a night. Very memorable. Opinions vary about all sorts of things related to this event, but that really made me proud to be at SLU. I'm so glad the president did not cancel the event or force it to be moved elsewhere. -hb
  5. I don't want anyone peeing their pants on this: but I've heard from someone who really knows about this guy: don't be surprised if we get a commit soon. just sayin' and take it for what it's worth. Source tells me we have a very good inside track on French, and he would be a perfect complement for Goodwin... Here is further info: (how does a teenaged Draymon Green in Billiken blue sound to y'all??) ((despite the new frowning mascot)) the 6-7 Middletown, N.Y. native is an enforcer inside. His athleticism and ball skills are also a match-up problem for bigger post players. French's combination of power (almost 240 pounds), length (7-1 wingspan) and toughness should allow him to be ready to play immediately as a freshman. "He's got a little bit of (former Connecticut star) Jeff Adrien and a little bit of Draymond Green in him," Bergeron said. "The kid steps out and shoots the ball very well. He goes off the dribble. He's a lefty. His standing reach is very, very high. His first, second and third jumps are all equal. He's very athletic. College ready body at 237 pounds. So he's very strong but he's fast. He's not super quick laterally. But he's fast. He can put it on the floor and go by people. So he's a real matchup problem."
  6. if might be (sort of ) good news for a team like the Billikens, if this move were trending ...
  7. Well, this certainly competes for the most puzzling post of the year so far; congratulations, Bonwich! I'm officially worried about all that this implies about the operations of Billikenland. I really don't know what it's about but if there is some sort of cabal in charge here, I think all contributors should know about it. You make it sound pretty scary, like the Priory of Sion, or Opus Dei, or Illuminati, or even possibly the Trilateral Commission. Or the Bilderberg Group; Club of Rome; or Black Hand; or Trump for America... Creepy, dude. ps: generally, when new people get invited into a group, it's the older members who pay for the new guy. Just so you know...
  9. Folks; I have a note here that Coach Ford will be at Lorenzini's today at 6pm -- ??? I do not find any confirmation on this site or the SLU athletic site--and not sure where I read this or saw the info-- Anyone have any info on this event--such as, what is it? Did I dream this?? anyone going???
  10. things are tightening up, no doubt, but again this has been on the horizon now for many years. I am not yet aware of the latest census of incoming freshmen at SLU, has anyone heard the numbers this fall? Maybe I missed that number, but we've been aiming at up to 1600 or so for the past half dozen or so years... btw: things are truly grim out west of here in Columbia, where freshmen enrollment is down somewhere in the vicinity of 27%, depending on whom you listen to; that is a truly astonishing drop, which for SLU would be up to 430 or more paying freshman, a crippling blow that would signal the end of days.. Mizzou critics are blaming this drop largely on the widely-covered racial protests and other incidents, along with the horrendous athletic department antics, as well as sundry other idiotic decisions made at the highest levels of management: "Most of the loss comes from Mizzou’s incoming freshmen class of just 4,799, according to The St. Louis Post-Dispatch, which represents the smallest incoming class in nearly a decade, with a shortage of more than 1,400 students compared to last year’s class."
  11. Do some guys on here really think Ford might get offered by Kentucky down the road?? C'mon, man!!? It will never happen, sorry. But I must say; given the extremely negative response originally to this hire: that is quite the historic turnaround, if now he is the heir apparent for the Wildcats. Good stuff! And it happened in only a few months too, without a single game being played. Amazing what a few recruits can do, these are heady times to be a SLU Billiken fan...
  12. I've seen Tatum play on a number of occasions, and really have always liked his game, his handles and scoring, and upside. However... This may sound like sour grapes but : IMHO, he's darned good, but just is not as good as some guys on here seem to think. With Tatum, I really do not think our current roster would be a tournament team, and would not be able to be a top 2 or 3 team in the A10. Just my opinion, we'll see. He will be good at Duke, I think; but he will be a really talented freshman surrounded by talent. He would do well to stay there 2-3 years, but of course he won't. His game would get exposed with our current group, sorry. I'm posting this just to push back on what others have said, no doubt he is really good; but he is no Kevin Durant or Magic, believe me. I'm sure some guys will not like this .....but I would be interested to know if anyone else shares my mild concerns.
  13. Welcome to SLU; former assistant at TCU...
  14. I can settle, or clarify, a few things, on here: 1. They really wanted Javon Bess, right up to this weekend. O well, sometimes recruits just choose otherwise, but they remained very high on Bess. It's not that SLU lost interest, believe me; not sure how that idea began. 2. I've heard great things about Johnson and I expect him to play, and contribute, right away. He has a chance in a couple years to be an anchor. I'm surprised by some of the "meh" response on here; he was big in Louisiana and yes, an immature freshman; but a great pick-up. Possibly immediate starter. 3. Henriquez is a dazzling prospect, very mature and high character, and he will be a star in the A10. He may actually be the best recruit athletically, and is certainly one of the best, since I've been around these parts, and the staff is ecstatic about his potential. He can score big in the A10. Boy I wish he could play this fall! 4. There may be one more, and even possibly 2 more guys added by the fall, to play this fall. 5. Staff feels EW has good upside, if healthy. that is all, X
  15. I'm hearing different; from multiple sources--FC = wrong. This story is still in process; Everyone hit the pause button ... that is all