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  1. I recall OSU fans saying when we hired Ford that he talked about running an up-tempo offense there, but it never truly came to fruition. With that said, given SLU's propensity to not play up-tempo forever, I might think that even a partial up-tempo offense would seem fast paced.
  2. Is Ford going to have open practices during the season if we're struggling, just so we can watch the transfers dominate and make us feel better about the future?
  3. That's a decent point, but SLU's website also listed Jordair Jett as an Undeclared major at the end of his senior season (he wasn't). Point being that SLI's website might not be the best source for updated information.
  4. I just read this article. Nice little reminder of just how awful the last 2 seasons were.
  5. I'd doubt it.
  6. The decision to make another new Billiken only affects the costumed mascot that runs around at games. The logo, which may be on the uniforms, is not changing from the one introduced last year.
  7. Frank can be tricky with inside info. There are times you question how much he actually knows, then there are times he hears from TF himself that we're hiring Corey Tate. One day later...boom...Tate news breaks. Frank was somewhat out there on an island reporting about Goodwin's interest in SLU...then one or two days later...boom...Goodwin commits to SLU.
  8. Bingo.
  9. Are you suggesting that Stu or the PD should be interviewing recruits as a means to help SLU in their recruitment of said recruit?
  10. Yeah, today Pestello is responding to tweets using animal puns.
  11. For some things, I'd agree. Mascots and team names, on the other hand, are things that can be easily changed if they are unpopular. Here are a few examples: Around 10 years ago, Marquette decided to look into changing their team name. Some people wanted a return to the Warriors, others may have wanted something else. They announced they were changing the name to the Marquette Gold. After a few days/weeks of negative feedback, they went back to the Golden Eagles. Another example is Oregon. For years, their mascot was the lovable Donald/Puddles, a Donald Duck lookalike. They decided to toughen up their mascot. The result was a muscular duck known as Duck Vader/Mandrake/Roboduck. It lasted longer than the Marquette Gold or the new Billiken, but it didn't last long. Eventually, they brought Puddles back.
  12. sounds like the new Billiken might be changed?
  13. Tool
  14. I remember them having it several years ago when Majerus had his fan appreciation day.
  15. Clearly, you missed this sentence: