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  1. According to Roy Schmidt, Bartley's transferring to SIU-Carbondale. "Southern IL Univ & HC Barry Hinson have landed a highly significant transfer in 6'4 PG Marcus Bartley. Will have 2 yrs of eligibility."
  2. I might go. I'm just barely young enough to be eligible (2006).
  3. Glad to hear you're excited about Goodwin, Roy. I hadn't seen you comment on it yet and I was worried that you heard on the Belleville streets that something shady had gone down and had become disillusioned with Ford. 😄
  4. On the plus side, we don't need to curse Crews anymore for his seeming screw-up of the Goodwin recruitment.
  5. Not doubting you, but why would a player transfer now?
  6. Yes. He did tweet that.
  7. I'm blanking on this: how many scholarships do we have for this year? Obviously Goodwin's getting one of them, but I'm counting Crawford and Agbeko as seniors this year. We had 4 players leave (Yacoubou, Yarbrough, Reynolds, and Jolly) plus Hines go back to walk-on status, and have 5 new players (Moore, Johnson, Foreman, Henriquez, and Bess), so no rollover of scholarships. Is the number 2 for this year?
  8. I thought I had heard that he was going to Althoff this year.
  9. I don't think he actually broke his hand. If I remember correctly, Roby tweeted out something about his hand being broken, and after Brett Jolly asked him about it, he said his hand wasn't broken. This may have been a week or so ago.
  10. I thought Crews was abysmal at running a Division 1 basketball program from top to bottom, but I harbor no ill will toward him personally. I hope he has a great retirement. Stan Kroenke, Kevin Demoff, and Roger Goodell, on the other hand , I hope they end getting caught up in a white collar crime ring.
  11. This. I was able to do some searching and find the page, but now it's just people getting confused, thinking it was Jayson Tatum, and giving the poster a hard time for violating Goodwin's trust. here is the page:
  12. I mentioned that I had read that Goodwin was quoted saying that SLU and NW were the 2 finalists, and then I asked if he had any thoughts on what got Illinois bounced. His response what that he didn't think that was the way it happened. I followed up by asking if he thought Illinois bailed, or if Goodwin was lying. His response? "Maybe both."
  13. I just tweeted at him asking what his thoughts were on Illinois not making the final 2.
  14. No, his is private.
  15. Nah...the Brinks truck driver is from the MO side of the river. He got lost when he tried to deliver to Goodwin's house in IL.