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  1. I saw the new Billiken last night at the homecoming soccer game. The gray side of the face just does not look right. At all.
  2. I'm not an expert on mascot costume design, but the person in the costume has to be able to see out. The more open mouth accomplishes that. I think '05 mentioned that the old one was difficult to see out of, so maybe this is an improvement.
  3. We could be. In my years observing SLU, it always seemed to me that if SLU screwed something up, the typical reaction from SLU wasn't to admit or correct the mistake, but instead it was to get angry at the person that pointed out the mistake. At least here SLU seems to be able to brace and have a sense of humor about the negative feedback. Also, there are a fair number of people who would have thought any iteration of the Billiken was creepy and looked weird. Heck, when I informed a friend (SLU alum) last year of the new logo that was forthcoming, his response was "Are they going to try to make it less creepy?" I also definitely remember reading at least college basketball reporter at the NCAA tournament tweeting out that the Billiken (the previous version) looked creepy. The difference is that we were used to the old one. But please SLU, get rid of the two-toned face.
  4. That sounds nice.
  5. I have better things to do than be your Google searcher. I found the Florida article by searching "Florida Gator mascot change". I have confidence that you can do similar searches for those other schools.
  7. Agreed. It's not good at the moment, but it's not too far from being OK. I'd actually argue that everything but the head is an improvement. Unfortunately, I'm not overly optimistic that SLU will do anything to fix it.
  8. I figured it out. The pictures that don't look as bad are on a white or off-white backdrop. That makes the two-tone face not stick out as much. The problem is that backdrop isn't going to be there any other times. The pictures from the soccer game tonight look absolutely abysmal. Maybe we'll get used to it, but at the moment, this is a huge failure for SLU.
  9. I would love to be in the room for the "Welp, that didn't go well..." meeting.
  10. Would an all-gray face work? If so, I could deal with one of those being in storage.
  11. After processing this, I'm hoping they have a second mascot head that's all white, or one that can be ordered easily. The two tone just doesn't work. I think a one color head is one people can get used to much more quickly.
  12. I agree with this. There are some pictures I've seen where the gray side of the face is much less prominent. Those look much better than the pictures where the gray/white sides of the face are more visible. The problem is that the worst pictures I've seen are the ones taken live at the unveiling, so they're not photoshopped.
  13. I assume related to the allegations against him a few months ?
  14. Especially interesting is the list of targeted tenants for retail and restaurants. Let's just say they're not going with a Ballpark Village model or targeting major chains.
  15. If you're limiting it to media reports, then I agree with you. I didn't see any media reports naming Shembo while a student. It was 6 years ago, so I don't recall specifically, but I'm not sure if Mitchell, Reed, Jon Smith, and Justin Jordan were actually named in media reports prior to Mitchell and Reed getting suspended months later. Still, if you followed SLU basketball closely, you knew who the subjects of the investigation were. I got the idea that if you made any effort to find out who the accused ND player was, you found out it was Shembo.