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  1. Maybe not. Given that Tim Jankovich has been the "head coach in waiting" ever since Brown was hired, you'd think a kid would go into this with the realization that Brown wouldn't be there their whole career.
  2. If he hasn't done so yet, fill this out.
  3. I think he recruited some decent players to Mississippi State. Also, this top recruit Stansbury just got to WKU was previously committed to Texas A&M, where Stansbury was an assistant.
  4. Congrats Pistol!
  5. Sekue was awful. Around the same Spoon recruited a Greek guy named Paul Nondas. He also wasn't any good, then from what I read, Nondas went home to Greece in the summer and was promptly drafted into the Greek Army. At least he wasn't any good, so it wasn't a big loss.
  6. Heard there's new ownership, but that's all I know.
  7. "Gus" refers to Guy Phillips, our bumbling PA announcer. He called Dwayne Evans "Dwight" for at least half of the player's career, and generally has to correct himself on a regular basis during games. It's something of a running joke here that whenever we recruit a player with an untraditional name, someone comments that Guy will have a terrible time saying the name, and may even end up quitting. With the difficulty in pronouncing Bonwich's grandson's name, Guy will undoubtedly butcher it and may be done in by such an arduous task.
  8. I guess we probably shouldn't call him a tool for going to Yale.
  9. Exactly. I had forgotten that that camp is still held on campus. Sounds like Ford is trying to use the fact that SLU hosts this camp to his advantage. He has these kids already coming to the campus for the camp, might as well get talking to them.
  10. Hines was given a scholarship because we had an extra one. I'd assume/hope that Crews explained to him that this might be just a one year deal. I'm pretty confident that Ford had this talk with him. The result that would come from schools being prohibited from revoking scholarships would be that very few walk-ons would ever get elevated to scholarship status until their senior year.
  11. I'll limit my Top 5 to games I saw in person, with a couple I didn't see in person listed under "Honorable Mention". 5. Beating Mizzou at the Edward Jones Dome (or whatever they were calling it then) in 1999. 4. The Anthony Drejaj buzzer beater against Iowa in the 2003 NIT. 3. Beating #2 Louisville my freshman year. 2. Senior Day 2013. We clinched at least a share of the A-10 title, cut down nets, honored Majerus again, and celebrated Kwamain Mitchell, Cody Ellis, and Cory Remuken. I played with the Band that day, and playing the Australian National Anthem for Cody was really cool. 1. The weekend in Columbus, Ohio in March 2012. The game against Memphis is at the top, but the whole weekend was amazing. To paraphrase what Metz said to me after the Memphis win, it was like the scene in the movie "Rudy" when Rudy's father walked into Notre Dame Stadium and said "this is the most beautiful sight these eyes have ever seen." Honorable Mention: The comeback against NC State in the 2014 NCAA Tournament. I had resigned myself that in a few minutes, I wasn't going to see Evans, Jett, McCall, and Loe in a SLU uniform again. After we won, I sat there in my apartment with a confused smile on my face for about 30 minutes, still not sure what happened.
  12. My guess is that he'll be a Matt Dickey level impact player.
  13. Yes. This was my point.
  14. My question is who else leaves? It's June 3, and any player who would leave on his own would have already done so. Here's a scenario: what if Crawford graduates this summer and gets his grad school tuition paid for by a future employer, or gets some other scholarship or grant? I seem to recall some student-athletes at SLU receiving some post-grad scholarship through the A-10. Could that be an option?
  15. Bingo. Working against Foreman, Henriquez, and Bess in practice has to be more beneficial than going up against Jolly, Reynolds, and Yarbrough. A few other benefits: Players on the current team that due to a lack of talent behind the Evans, Jett, McCall, Loe, and Barnett class were thrust into roles with limited competition will see every day who will be their competition in a year. With these transfers eligible for 2017-18, some guys will have to improve or get replaced by the transfers in 2017-18, and that's not even factoring in the 2017 recruits Ford will sign. Also, this could benefit us with 2017 recruits. Ford can point to these guys as guys who have bought into what he is building at SLU. It sounds better to say to a recruit that we can be good his first year than that the recruit can be one of the first building blocks to fix the remnants of a dumpster fire.