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  1. Maybe he had to make an emergency jewelry store run. This is the guy that bought Humphrey's.
  2. I'm too young to have been around for Ekker-ball, but when thinking of the bad SLU teams I've seen and compare them to what we've seen the last 3 seasons, the difference is simple. The 91-92 team (Grawer's last year) had some young players that eventually became great (Claggett and Highmark), but took their licks as freshmen. Same thing for the 2010-11 season (The Situation year, with Jett, Evans, McCall, and Loe as freshmen). The 2004-05 team caught some bad luck with injuries, combined with some underachieving. The 1996-97 team wasn't good, but it did have some players that contributed on made contributions on NCAA Tournament teams. By contrast, a number of these guys we've seen the last 3 years are just plain bad. Majerus would struggle to win with this bunch.
  3. When does this season end?
  4. Was his game at the level to garner the Indiana offer earlier in the season?
  5. I had my first #GOSEETHEKIDSPLAY experience in a few years last night. I went to the DeSmet-Chaminade game. Though I only got to see the more highly regarded Chaminade players (Karrington Davis and Jericole Hellems) play for about 2 or 2.5 quarters on account of me arriving during the first quarter and waiting until the end of the quarter to find a seat, and the game being a blowout by the end of the 3rd quarter, which gave the backups some more PT in the 4th. Anyway, if my memory and the scoreboard were correct, Davis led all scorers with 15. I don't claim to be a basketball talent evaluator, but he looks like the kind of player that projects well to the next level. He just has a very smooth game. The program lists him at 6'6", but there were a number of players that I thought had inflated heights. That 6'6" could be legit, or he could be 6'4". Either way, as a guard, with an outside-in game, I wouldn't see that being a hindrance. Obviously, if Davis led all scorers with 15, Hellems didn't have one of the big scoring games that he has had in other games this season. If I had caught one of those games, my opinion might be different, but I really have no idea how his game projects to the next level. While I suggested that it wasn't a big problem if Davis is 2 inches shorter than his listed height, I think it's more of an issue for Hellems. He's kind of a tweener, and it will be interesting to see how his game plays out over the next year. Some players in that tweener category eventuallyeither grow or better develop the skills needed to play one position better, while others hit a plateau in their game. Other than highlight videos, I haven't seen Torrence Watson play, so I can't really compare Davis and Watson.
  6. I'd think not. They're similar players, so while I'm a big fan of upgrading talent where we can, adding 2 players who play the same position, added to Thatch and Goodwin, would be a bit overkill. Also, the kids might not want to sign with a team that's bringing in a very similar player.
  7. I very much look forward to the day, hopefully in the next year, when Travis Ford has us doing much better. That way I can stop bringing up the basketball doofus' name.
  8. Not that that game set it in motion, but our program was the one that fell off a cliff shortly after that game.
  9. Not particularly. He'll get more competition in AAU ball this summer. Plus, he's from the same general area as the Hansbrough brothers and Otto Porter. Not saying Thatch is at their level, but those guys did OK for themselves.
  10. As of a week or two ago, Biedscheid was at Harris-Stowe. Given his frequency of transferring, I just confirmed that he's still there.
  11. Thomas Allen. Ford recruited him pretty heavily. The kid took an unofficial and an official visit to SLU. I think many here would have been happy to see him commit to SLU. Nevertheless, he committed to NC St., and we got Hasahn French not too long after. Once we got French, I had kind of forgotten about him. Still, I wouldn't be opposed to taking another run at him if he were to want to get out of his LOI (apparently he has said he's still committed), but maybe Ty Graves plays the same role, and we might need a big more.
  12. For clarification, I think the Marquette, DePaul, Louisville, Cincinnati, South Florida to the Big East move was agreed in 2003. I'm confident it was not 2002, because Marquette had their Final 4 run in 2003, and parlayed that success into a better conference.
  13. Reminds me of my thoughts while watching highlights of DJ Foreman. People here seemed to think that because DJ's stats at Rutgers were similar to Reggie's here last year, we were getting a similar player. DJ is Reggie if Reggie was taller, had a jump shot, more coordination, and better ball handling skills. Other than that, yeah, they're the same player.
  14. After the game the other night, I watched some highlight videos of the transfers and freshmen for next season. One that I watched was Izzo talking about Bess when he signed at MSU. Izzo suggested that Bess was pretty versatile, and could probably play the 1-3 on offense, and 1-4 in defense.