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  1. The tournament isn't at Hickory Ridge in Carbondale, so probably not too big of a deal. Seriously though, Carbondale is supposed to be one of the best places to observe the eclipse, so big doings down there.
  2. Backup center. That's his role.
  3. The Blackhawks rants are high level stuff too. In the playoffs last year, he wrote them off when they fell behind 3-1 to the Blues, got back on the wagon when they came back to tie it up, only for the Blues to win in Game 7.
  4. Perfect
  5. I stopped following him last fall. Has he written off the Cubs yet? It was pretty funny when he wrote them off because they fell behind 2-1 to the Dodgers in last years' NLCS, while also declaring Jake Arrieta to be an "average" pitcher.
  6. Hines started at a junior college, not Harris-Stowe.
  7. Are they going to use some of the $72 M to keep the lights on during games in the upper sections, so it's not like a movie theater? I found that to be really strange.
  8. I know we aren't likely an option for him, and I didn't want to bump the ridiculous thread on him, but this is interesting:
  9. Nice move for Valpo, but does nothing to make me think this makes the Valley a markedly better conference by any measure.
  10. On that note, how good are the cord-cutting options for sports fans? In my admittedly limited experience streaming sports, the quality has been pretty lackluster.
  11. I agree that it's not the end of ESPN, but I think this goes beyond being a little bloated. It's going to have to be one heck of an adjustment. Here's a breakdown of some of the financial issues they're facing. ESPN may be profitable now, but in a few years, that might not be the case. Fortunately for Disney, they're making tons of money on other things.
  12. While I don't get the decision to inject politics into sports coverage like ESPN has in recent years, that's not why ESPN is in the shape it's in now. Their problem is that their business model doesn't work in today's market. In the pre-smartphone/tablet era, you didn't have instant access to sports news like you do now. If you wanted to see how your favorite team did, you had to watch SportsCenter, or the sports report on the news. If you were at home, you could check your computer. Now, SportsCenter isn't needed for that anymore. Also, the NFL, MLB, and NHL all have their own networks that cover their sport better than ESPN does. I don't watch the NBA, so I can't comment on that. Throw all of this together with ESPN throwing out absurd prices for coverage and fewer money coming in from cable/satellite bundles, and you got a bad combo.
  13. I don't know if this kid is any good, but he went to St. Raymond's in The Bronx. That makes him slightly more intriguing.
  14. That was quick
  15. With this Tilmon news, however accurate as it may be, who is in charge of the briefcase this weekend? I lost my schedule.