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  1. I don't anticipate the dribble drive ever being a strong point of Johnson's game. He has average foot speed for a 3. I think he'd be better working on his post up game. There's lot of 6'4 guys playing the 3 in the A10 that he can back down and shoot over the top of.
  2. Only top 10 programs can bring in top classes year after year after year. Everybody else has to be content with bringing in an average class every 2/3 years. If the recruiting services would have counted our transfers, we would be credited with far and away the best recruiting class in the A10 for 3 years running (2016, 2017, 2018). The odds are very strong that will not continue. There's a strong recruiter in Columbia that has plenty of playing time to offer and another guy in Champaign that makes the tournament every year. If we land another top tier class in 2019 that's great, but I'm not expecting it.
  3. UC Davis made the tournament because they won their conference tournament. Their RPI was 166. Illinois State's RPI was 33.
  4. I don't know anything about UC Davis's personnel but if they have a talented point guard who can get Neufeld some easy buckets inside, Matt could be a productive player there. Wouldn't hurt if the coach allowed him shoot from 15-17 foot either. Neufeld is actually a pretty good shooter from there.
  5. Ramey and Watson are the stars but Reece is a consistent contributor now. He barely got off the bench for BBE. He's probably the 3rd best player on Team Ramey.
  6. Glad to see Joseph Reece putting up numbers with Team Ramey. That's the squad he should have been with in the first place.
  7. Saying a kid who averaged 20 ppg against good high school competition isn't a scorer because he was relegated to a defensive specialist at Michigan State may be overly presumptuous. I expect him to be at least as good as Ash.
  8. Watson also struggled to score when guys even 6'3 guarded him. I'm not sure that proves anything.
  9. Temple's John Brown was granted a medical redshirt after playing 5 games. A few years ago, Penn State's Julian Moore was granted a medical redhsirt after playing 7 games.
  10. Tony Young benched Tilmon the second semester of his sophomore year to force him to concentrate on academics. If you're struggling to make grades at East St. Louis, academics are going to be a concern at the college level.
  11. Liddell just went off for 25 points in his 2nd game playing with the big kids. I thought I was looking at a top 50 kid when I saw him play this year and this game just confirms it.
  12. If that's the criteria for who is and who isn't a point guard, then there are like 7 point guards in the entire A-10.
  13. Bishop averaged 4.7 apg playing alongside an injured shooting guard, a power forward with hands of stone and three slightly built freshmen who had never played D-1 ball before. Next year he'll have a much better cast of finishers around him. If he can cut down his turnovers, Bishop could be one of the most productive assist men per minute played in the conference. Yet he isn't a point guard but the Dayton player who averaged two less assists than Bishop in high school, is. It's tough being a Billiken fan.
  14. That's the difference. Dayton doesn't even have a player who has played point guard on their roster right now. Their 3 year starter graduated and their fall signee decommitted. Anthony Grant is in a really tough situation right now.
  15. Earthbound 6-9 players who can post up strong, rebound and shoot 15 footers are not priorities for P5 teams but they do well very in this conference. I prefer rolling this scholarship over to 2018 but these kind of players are very hard to find. When you have a chance to get one you have to go for it.