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  1. For the 2nd time in a decade SLU has been the beneficiary of a perfect storm. The first time it was a Hall of Fame coach with questionable health who wanted to get back to the Midwest to be closer to his mother. What we needed then was someone who could build a winning team by any (legal) means necessary. But what SLU desperately needed to build a sustainable program in the long term was someone who could bring local top 150 players here. That's what all the really successful mid-majors do. Once a school produces enough local success stories, area kids increasingly identify with the local school and recruiting becomes much easier. And this time we have a former A-10 coach who excels at recruiting, and is still being paid handsomely by his previous employer, fall into our lap. You can draw a 200 mile radius around the school and over the next 3 years, there's enough talent to field a starting five. And that's even conceding that we're going to lose 2-3 players to other schools. Exciting times.
  2. Hellems was playing like a top 100 player before that Indiana offer. He was playing good defense, leading the team in rebounding and, of course, scoring. He was absolutely lighting up the stronger teams on Chaminade's schedule. Hellems was playing with supreme confidence. Now he's playing anxious, IMO.
  3. Ever since Hellems got that Indiana offer, his game has cratered. He is in an abysmal shooting slump. He's committing silly fouls. I don't think he's scored within 10 points of his average in the last 5 games. i feel for the kid. Hope he snaps out of it and shows out in the playoffs
  4. Three-star combo guard Wynston Tabbs still has us high on his list. Put up some impressive numbers for Team Melo 16U last year. Proficient scorer but also gets after it on defense.
  5. I 'm hopeful that May can negotiate with the Big East from a position of strength when SLU is playing in a packed arena and is receiving national TV coverage, starting in 2018.
  6. Interesting that you would say that since Thatch played a lot of point guard for the Eagles last year. And he's Sikeston's best assist man despite Kevin Jones being the starting point guard. One thing you know for sure with Thatch, he's never going to stop working to improve.
  7. It's so hard to determine who people are going to be in the NBA. I certainly didn't see James Harden and Klay Thompson coming. Guys have to continue working on their games.
  8. The guy who we expect to be our 4th best big man in 2018 is averaging 8 and 4.5 as a freshman. Man, we're going to be loaded.
  9. A frontline of French, Foreman, Gordon and Welmer, come 2018, would be the envy of some Big 10 teams, never mind the A10. Having an extra guard is a luxury we can afford to have.
  10. Because I think Bishop is worth that roster spot. I could easily see him averaging 12 and 5 as a full time point next year with a 2:1 assist ratio playing with finishers. Now he most likely won't get that opportunity, that's true. But using your reasoning all the 9th best players on a good roster should just transfer. What's the point of having 13 scholarships then?
  11. The irony is that Goodwin plays with a kind of reckless abandon, even more so than Bishop. Since he's a physical specimen that will often work out in his favor but sometimes it won't. Other times his aggressiveness will get him in foul trouble. Sometimes his backup will have to play 20 min. I look forward to Bishop stepping up his game. It's up to him whether he wants to be an important piece of some exciting postseason teams or the starting point guard for a low mid-major.
  12. When you're playing a grind it out game with a low number of possessions, your margin for error is microscopic. You can't afford to take risks on offense. We won't be nearly as conservative on offense next year. There will be room for creativity on offense because we will have finishers.
  13. There is no need to choose between Hines and Bishop. Except for protecting the ball, Bishop does everything on a basketball court better than Hines. Hines is insurance if Bishop doesn't improve ball security. They can both contribute to a winning team. Unless Bishop just wants to leave we should keep them both.
  14. With Dayton losing their 3 best players and their glue guy and Gottfried getting virtually nothing out of his talent at NC State, the time has never been better for Archie Miller to jump ship.
  15. Co-sign.