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  1. NC State's coach has brought in top 20 classes 4 of the last 5 years. As long as Gottfried continues to recruit like a madman, he isn't going anywhere. I hope Allen understands that Gottfried is already recruiting over him. That's just life in the ACC. VCU usually brings in the highest rated class in the A10 and they seldom break into the top 40. A top 150 kid in our league is akin to a top 30 kid in the ACC. They're not guaranteed successful college careers but the odds are in their favor.
  2. Look forward to seeing how far Reece has come this season. He's a 6'8 perimeter player with decent athleticism. McKinney is currently the best local guard in the 2019 class even without a jump shot. 6'1 penetrator with hops who excels at getting to the basket. Likes to play defense.
  3. Kansas State, one of Stockard's offers, just got a verbal from Nigel Shadd, a 6'9 225lb power forward out of Arizona.
  4. Asking "where my fans/people" on social media is an invitation to express your support on social media. Some athletes engage in that sort of thing to have fun with the recruiting process. It's nothing to be concerned about. Last I checked kids are still choosing schools based on their relationship with the coach, playing time, TV exposure, etc.
  5. You have to give Jay Wright his props. He's a really good recruiter and a really good coach. Only about 7-8 of those guys in any given era.
  6. Interested in who will handle the rock for Chaminade now that Tatum and Lewis are gone. Ballhandling was never a strength even for last year's team and now their squad is loaded with wing players.
  7. Thatch is a stat sheet stuffer. He was the Missouri Class 4A Player of the Year as a sophomore. Watson is currently the higher ranked guy because he's the more polished scorer. Would be happy with other player.
  8. A one and doner choosing Harvard over Duke would be an unusual story. Not sure how it proves he cares more about his education. How much academic progress can you make in 2 semesters taking a bunch of prereqs?
  9. Nebraska took back an offer to an in-state wing who committed as a sophomore and then didn't develop as expected. Akenten is the replacement for that spot. The other scholarship is being offered to the best guard available. Parker Stewart, a point guard, visited Nebraska two weeks ago.
  10. Nebraska is pulling out all the stops. Tyronn Lue is scheduled to be in town for Thomas Allen's visit this weekend.
  11. It is really tough for a school outside the Power 5 to secure a commitment from a ranked big out of high school. Everbody's looking for one and the supply is short. Helluva recruiting job by Coach Ford and company to make it this far. If the high school thing doesn't work out, there's always grad transfers in the spring.
  12. French was one of the best rebounders in AAU this summer. He indeed uses his strength and explosive vertical to work the boards. He likes to face up and use his speed and ball handling to get to the basket. Stockard is a wide-body back to the basket player with quick feet down low and solid low post moves. Above average rebounder. Neither guy is much of a shooter outside of 10 feet.
  13. Allen moved his Nebraska visit to Sept 16-18. He saved his NC State visit for last, Oct 28-30.
  14. No, Gordon is still 6'8.
  15. 6'5 East Coast shooting guard Anthony Mack plans to visit Saint Louis in the near future: http://pittsburghsportsnow.com/2016/08/24/mack-visits-duquesne/