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  1. Allen has made multiple unofficial visits to NC State and will take an official visit to Texas A&M in September.
  2. Can never have enough shooters. If he can't beat out Bishop or Moore for backup minutes, he can always redshirt.
  3. I'd love White if he was healthy. But according to reports out of DC, he still wasn't 100% in summer league. Coach Ford has proven adept at bringing in active 6'6/6'7 guys at prior stops. That's really all you need to handle business up front in the A10. No need to roll the dice. Let coach do what he does.
  4. Bartley was never able to adjust to the skill level and physical strength of point guards in this conference. His 2-3 inch advantage over most point guards in the conference was not enough to offset that. He'd be a lot more comfortable in a league like the Ohio Valley where the talent level at his position is not as high. Dropping down a level in D-1 can work wonders. Look at the gaudy stats McBroom piled up at Eastern Washington.
  5. Hasahn French is making an official visit at the end of next month.
  6. Early on in Ford's tenure at OK State he also received high marks. That's why the AD overreacted and gave him that gaudy contract extension. Unfortunately stacking the roster with 6-3 to 6-6 freewheeling players and letting them play didn't lead to consistent success in the Big 12. If VCU's program is any indicator, however, that approach could reap huge dividends in the Atlantic 10. The quality big men that Kansas, Texas or Iowa State could throw at Ford's frontlines don't exist here. Pulling in a quality power forward transfer every couple of years and matching them with a stretch 4 is enough to field an above average frontline in this conference. Travis Ford and the A-10 is a match made in recruiting heaven.
  7. You're right, I am underselling Thatch. Thatch is a high major athlete who can do a lot of the things Goodwin can do. The major knock on him right now is he is a volume scorer a la Ash Yacoubou. But if Ash was a top 150 guy, then Thatch certainly is. Davis is in the middle of a growth spurt and is developing nicely. Long athlete but slightly built with average ball handling. I'm sticking with top 300. Catchings is a solid 6'5 athlete who doesn't do anything particularly well. He'll be the centerpiece at CBC this year so he'll get the opportunity to take his game to the next level.
  8. Ramey and Gordon have higher aspirations. Watson is a top 100 player we have a legitimate shot and would make a dynamite backcourt partner with Goodwin after Henriquez graduates. Davis and Thatch are top 300 type 3 stars. They would be top recruits under Crews and average recruits under Ford. Either would be a nice consolation prize if the full court press on Watson doesn't work out. Pinkley is currently a skinny 3/4 tweener. Valley guy until he bulks up or develops ball skills.
  9. Zeke's a really good student. He'll be alright. Also, in the 21st century you're only an Internet connection away from downloading your assignments.
  10. His dad's from Trinidad. Children of a Trinidad citizen are automatically granted citizenship.
  11. Whoever this mystery second player is, I doubt he's local. The streets ain't talking.
  12. Travis Ford is a very talented recruiter with roots in the midwest. If he isn't able to sign a top 100 local kid in the next year or three , then I'm going to assume it just isn't possible.
  13. Goodwin's not a shooter but he is a bully who can pass. Jordair Jett had a lot of success in that role.
  14. Jayson Tatum is a professional scorer. He doesn't have Kevin Durant's ceiling because he lacks Durant's freakish wingspan. Provided he gets his touches, Tatum will do very well at Duke playing alongside a top-flight point guard. In a situation where he is forced to be the primary playmaker, I agree that he would have gotten exposed. Maybe he will develop into that guy in the next 4-5 years but he's not that guy right now. Larry Hughes wasn't much of a playmaker either. That's why his FG% was so low at SLU and his assist/turnover ratio was so poor -- he forced his share of bad shots. I think Tatum could have put up similar numbers on next year's squad. And the A-10 isn't as tough as the old Conference USA. Maybe that would have been enough to get us in the dance. But the next year we would be right back where we started. You would think that one year of hero ball would get future recruits excited but it rarely plays out that way.
  15. Weak handles and slow of foot for a wing player. Big enough to get his shot off in the A10. Power 5 programs look at him as a tweener.