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  1. Love the fact that our young guys have to go up against top 150 players every day in practice. Hopefully that translates into them into being a little more game-ready the first month of the season.
  2. Probably a late bloomer in the spring. Like this kid:
  3. Hlinason can't jump but he has pretty good coordination for a kid who is 7'1 250lb. And he's only 18. He's only going to get bigger. Last year he was just a backup big on Iceland's U18 squad. Now he's the best big on a U20 squad that just qualified for Division A status for the first time in Iceland's history. That's quite an improvement in 12 months. If he can refine his post game, he has a chance to be good.
  4. Calipari has a history of bringing in Kentucky kids as preferred walkons. Hollingsworth is arguably the top in-state player this year. He's an ideal candidate.
  5. We'll see Gudmundsson up close in a few months. Davidson signed him in the spring. Looks like the 7 footer Hlinason is becoming a handful on the boards: http://www.fiba.com/europe/u20b/2016/news/icelands-record-breakers-gudmundsson-and-hlinason-see-off-russia
  6. The two uptempo teams at UMass were 49-20. Four of the 5 NCAA teams at OSU averaged over 70 ppg.
  7. Ford had a couple of OSU teams that averaged 80ppg. More often than not his teams averaged under 70 because they couldn't rebound well enough against Big 12 frontcourts. Compare that to his final two seasons at UMass where his teams averaged 77 and 81 ppg.
  8. Bishop. Hines is third.
  9. I think we'll get picked 12th.
  10. Zeke is arguably the 2nd best ballhandler on this team. If he can play passable defense, there's an opportunity for backup minutes at the point.
  11. My guess is that we will struggle defensively no matter who we play up front. Just like Crews was forced to eventually play Bishop starter minutes because he was one of our top offensive players, I think Coach Ford will have to make a similar decision in the frontcourt. Amongst Neufeld, Gillmann, Welmer and Johnson, Welmer is the toughest cover IMO. He's a natural stretch 4 with good size and has a decent first step to get to the rim if you run him off his shot. I know Coach sang JJ's praises in the press release announcing his signing but I think he's going to have some growing pains. He looks only 6'6 and appears to be an average athlete. If he's not hitting his jump shot he may struggle to score. Because we're shorthanded at the 3 and 4, he'll still get a minimum of 20 minutes a game.
  12. Over half of the top 150 players have yet to commit yet. I don't think this is an anomaly. With social media everyone knows who's recruiting who and what kids are being prioritized. The top 150 kids like French know there's no rush to commit. It's not like we're recruiting someone better at his position in this class.
  13. Zeke has been the primary ballhandler on most of the teams he's played on. We've rarely seen his combination of skill and size in a Billiken uniform. The question is can he develop into an A-10 quality defender. He was never made to play defense in high school.
  14. http://m.slubillikens.com/mobile/ViewArticle.dbml?atclid=210934803&DB_OEM_ID=27200&
  15. Jett was a power guard who developed a mid-range game. McKinney is a 6'1 165lb frenetic whirlwind who does almost all of his damage going to the basket. He's so good at it he may not even need a jumper at the high school level. There are a number of former college players mentoring him, though. McKinney understands the importance of continuing to develop his perimeter game if he wants to succeed at the next level.