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  1. Things are great here in Venice FL, however 😃
  2. I attended to get my take on the transfers & who among the returnees can hang with them for pt next year. Roby, Welmer, JJ and Zeke will all get in next year's rotation. Zeke has the quicks to play and his comfort level will rise. Ty is a special talent & will become a crowd fav. Add Goodwin & French and we have a deep rotation with little fall off when subbing. Ford never complained about a missed shot but saw red on any bad shot. Not too soon to upgrade your tickets for next year before the word's out. I'm pumped!
  3. He may well be on the Pell Grant wagon
  4. He wants to go away to school - it's ok.
  5. I was there with my son in law & grand daughter - it looked like deers in the headlights for us - Jackie was stuffed on her drives and all of Sadie's bunnies rolled off the rim. Down double digits at the half, SLU made up no ground in the 3rd Q. However, the 4th Q was a quick turnaround and our ladies played with confidence for the remainder. Sophie Cunningham is the real deal - I wasn't comfortable until she fouled out. It was a total team effort for us in the 4th Q - all played with confidence & contributed. This team deserves our support.
  6. BR was 1st on Kevin, Tommy & Goodwin - he sees'em play - when he talks about e side hoops, it's as good as the street talking
  7. I think we could get Yadier Molina to donate one of his cups & get it bronzed & engraved. It should stay in a position of prominence near the Chaifetz bust. Maybe it would draw some Cardinal fans as a shrine for a HOF catcher. 😃
  8. It's ok Gus 😃
  9. When I went thru my folks stuff for the last time, I found my diploma from Miss Fairbank's Nursery School - late 1940's. It is framed now in my home office with a band of cartoon characters of that era surrounding the diploma details. I have a lot of fun pointing it out to visitors. 😃
  10. God is on the side of the big battalions Napoleon Bonaparte
  11. Orgasms on failures ? That would be broomstickowski 😎
  12. Minimum Billiken Club dues is $50 - this site feeds our habit at least as much. steve - what about a long sleeve T for supporters (extra $25 or more ) with a retro Billiken, if SLU would allow?
  13. Thks - it triggered an emotional response in me
  14. I don't care if the recruits read the PD, just as long as they can read.😎
  15. One blue eye? Billiken Cyclops