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    Lewis McKinney and his "fro"
  1. Minimum Billiken Club dues is $50 - this site feeds our habit at least as much. steve - what about a long sleeve T for supporters (extra $25 or more ) with a retro Billiken, if SLU would allow?
  2. Thks - it triggered an emotional response in me
  3. I don't care if the recruits read the PD, just as long as they can read.😎
  4. One blue eye? Billiken Cyclops
  5. Seems like a loss...
  6. When I was growing up, every 'hood was a different parish
  7. Go in person - you can look at what's available. I've always done this & they are happy to work with you. Time well spent
  8. I can't imagine any other music for the dream than the Billiken Rag!
  9. Wasn't Ford a life long gym rat & a great college player who ran the offense at Mizzou & Kentucky? He should have some in game coaching skills. Let's just watch for a few years
  10. He blew by the guy guarding him so fast I didn't see him 😃💪👍
  11. How similar to coleslaw is Boleslaw? I'm in Brac now and am having octopus stewed with local veggies & potatoes in an iron pot for 3 hours for dinner tonite for dinner along with the local red along with some other altecocke bikers 😃👍🍷🍺
  12. U have to walk 3 blocks? It's healthy & concealed carry makes it safe. 🤓
  13. If he can show in games what he showed in practice games, he'd be an elite 3 pt threat - 'nuff said
  14. Reports have him reviewing tape of our past season and predicting that all the ingredients for success are already here with the addition of a few more recruits...
  15. Sanctions against Tulsa on the way...