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  1. UCD leads the US in producing wine makers. I was introduced to jug Chianti at the age of six. If it had been Napa reds, I would have dedicated my life to getting into their wine program. Alas, I'm just a high level consumer in quality & quantity. 😃🍷
  2. Pickett is on record as saying " I'm going to wait 'til the midnight hour." We should all just chill until then. 😎
  3. As a retired CPA I'd like to point out that players pay state income tax to every state where they play that has an income tax. The big savings come from home games and future investment earnings, assuming they invest well. In FL the homestead exemption can be huge going forward if they keep the same home - RE tax increase are kept to a small % each year.
  4. Just the facts, ma'am - just the facts ? Before your time but it's still out there
  5. So how much does this board think the top assistant coach at a top program like Arizona earn?
  6. Just turn off your cam ?
  7. Thanks for pointing out the correct math - you can multiply a set of numbers in any order and will get the same result.
  8. I'm in
  9. On the other hand, Ford picked up a huge silent verbal who will make your mouth water.
  10. A camel walks into a bar and the BT says "why the long face?"
  11. I have a silk Billiken thin tie with the school colors and the old logo that I gave my dad 50 yrs ago or so for Xmas. He also had an old fashioned blue letter sweater & letter that he earned as a manager for the football team in its waning years but it has gone missing in the sands of time
  12. Not sure which thread I should use but Welmer has a good stroke and I expect his fts to exceed 70% next year as he settles in. If Ford can't get Barry in for a ft clinic, maybe he can get a physics prof in after the season to illustrate how much bigger the target is when u increase in arc.
  13. Things are great here in Venice FL, however ?
  14. I attended to get my take on the transfers & who among the returnees can hang with them for pt next year. Roby, Welmer, JJ and Zeke will all get in next year's rotation. Zeke has the quicks to play and his comfort level will rise. Ty is a special talent & will become a crowd fav. Add Goodwin & French and we have a deep rotation with little fall off when subbing. Ford never complained about a missed shot but saw red on any bad shot. Not too soon to upgrade your tickets for next year before the word's out. I'm pumped!
  15. He may well be on the Pell Grant wagon