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  1. 2017-2018 Schedule

    Ex with Memphis & proceeds to Yadi's foundation for PR relief - both cities have the Cardinal connection -- I'd attend at either city, assuming schedule works
  2. Mickey Pearson Commits

    Amen -he was a little early for the 3 pt shot, but a lot of them went that far 😃👍
  3. OT: Midtown Development

    2nd that - have a week+ trip coming up there
  4. Pomeroy and Home Court Advantage

    After around 45 yrs of SLU home games, I'd say we have the anti home court advantage with the refs. I can't begin to quantify the WTF moments I've been subjected to by the zebas ... with apologies to Stephan Pastis
  5. Off topic: Moderation

    All the old posters I know (many) still check out the board; they just do little or no posting for their own reasons
  6. NBCSN A10 Games Announced

    E coast is A-10 country & I get the Xfiniti hoops pkg for $5 !! / mo in Jan- Feb in FL; plenty of sports bars if SLU is missing from the pkg
  7. Are we now dissing bridge players? Double! ?
  8. The logical extension to this is coaches would be discussing "trades" with each other. Then the hoops boards would go rabid as the "trading deadline" approached. ?
  9. Welcome to SLU Jack Raboin!

    Growing old is hell - I once knew it was Olney ?
  10. Welcome to SLU Jack Raboin!

    White squirrel city if I remember my trivia
  11. OT: Special announcement for 05

    With all the great craft beer being made in SL, how can that sh!t appeal to a dedicated brew maven ? ???
  12. Chaiftez backs out of buying Marlins

    If Ford posts the record that we all are hoping for, Chaifetz could be our hero again down the road with $$$ to retain him
  13. C May/T Ford just now on 550 am

    It must be Alford's team - he had such a good time when he was last here ?
  14. Hats For Sale

    Some of the retro Billikens are cool
  15. Recruiting - 2018 class

    I have to point out that if all our games went to OT, he could take 45 minutes / game ???