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  1. The U would be crazy to not acquire that property if available.
  2. Cheese. Didn't you answer your own question? Short term hit versus long term gain. Financial problems long term.
  3. I believe this. I buy into the narrative that our fellow Catholic University's did not like Biondi and wanted no part of him. I also believe May did everything he could to get us in. I do know that May has not given up on the possibility of the BE?
  4. They will fire him if for no other reason than to sell tickets.
  5. Because the city of Louisville loves him.
  6. Its all about potential.
  7. I think their regular power forward is out for the year. He has gotten a few starts and done very well. I think its great.
  8. I agree. He moves well. Passes well. Needs confidence.
  9. If I'm Ford I don't play Crawford more than 20 minutes . And I tell him if he's taking 17 shots he better be making at least 7 of them. Injured or whatever we're not winning with him being a focal point. I'd rather see Moore,Johnson,Roby Bishop,Wellmer jacking up 3's.
  10. I agree about protecting the rim. All they made were lay ups and dunks and free throws. Hopefully next year. Maybe French?
  11. Mike Crawford 3 for 17. I know he believes he has to step up and score but God that's terrible.
  12. The NCAA says they don't rely on the RPI but if you look at the brackets they rely on the RPI.
  13. The second semester doesn't begin for another week. I imagine Graves can't be apart of the program until then.
  14. I would love for Rich to be more involved with the program but He is in the Billiken Hall of Fame. I also believe Chris May has reached out to him,getting him involved with some of their alumni gatherings.
  15. I don't know if this is the worst team in my 50 years of Billiken basketball but it has the least talent. The Ekker years would have a David Burns or a Kelvin Henderson. Coleman had Rickey Frazier. Randy had. Billy's Morris. Grawer had a Luther Burden. Kevin Foutes and Orlando Stewart were bad teammates but had talent. Worst team? I don't know. Least talent? Yes.