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  1. Ron Coleman
  2. I have only seen him shoot in practice but his quick release and form are exciting. He does remind me of a taller Erwin.
  3. The NFL Combine was there.
  4. My response to this thread has everything to do with the financial aspects . Many, I guess young posters think spending 40% of your take home on an automobile is OK. That is not good financial management. Because I don't know an NBA agent is capped at 4% is not relevant to the point that Willie will give half of that million dollar salary to taxes and fees. As far as judging players you won't find anyone more supportive than me. My PM to you was simply an observation. Couldn't care less but curious.
  5. You keep telling us we don't know how this works. While our numbers might not be perfect the point is many professional athletes end up bankrupt. Why? They spend too much money and make bad investments. A Bentley at this stage of his career fits both in my opinion.
  6. I'll be happy to tell Willie how to live. Save every dollar you can as your career will be short. Find a good financial advisor. Don't invest in anything that is not conventional. (Stocks Bonds) . Never borrow money besides a home mortgage and make that small. Don't buy a Bentley when a Lexus will do. When your career is over go back and get a degree.
  7. Is Ron Dabney still playing for St. Peters?
  8. His agent gets 10% up front. Federal,State,and local taxes are probably close to 50%.(maybe he is a Florida resident saving state) I can't imagine he is taking home more than 400-450k. The man's got expenses. Not a whole lot left to buy a 200k car. If you google NBA players going broke .One site says 60% are bankrupt after 5 years. Some of these guys go thru a hell of a lot of money. As I said earlier,it's not what you make but what you keep.
  9. Lots of NBA players end up broke. It's not how much you make but how much you keep. Buying a Bentley is not a good sign for me.
  10. Let's not write the deathnel for ESPN just yet. Yes subscriptions are down,but ESPN is still very profitable for Disney,and Disney is trading at an all time high. They got a little bloated and they are adjusting.
  11. That is the MAC west. Use to be a tennis club which the MAC bought about 20 years ago.
  12. Paddle tennis on the roof.
  13. Absolutely. Enough said .
  14. Not to sound like Kevin Slaten but the NCAA is one of the most corrupt organizations in the world. They really do not care about the student athlete. I'm still waiting for North Carolina.
  15. The Post in Maplewood is fairly close. You're not that far from the Fieldhouse once forest park parkway opens back up. The bartender at Fitz's always has the Bills on.