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  1. No comment from AD

    I know at least 8 people who gave money for the locker room. How much each gave I don’t know. At some point there is supposed to be an acknowledgment board. It was done with private money.
  2. No comment from AD

    Look I have no idea what type of warnings they give. I know they have the conversation. To blame May for what 18 year olds do on a Saturday night is a reach. Whatever I did that night was on me not my father or mother. Your expectations of him are unrealistic.
  3. No comment from AD

    I liked Levick. Another AD who had problems with Biondi.
  4. No comment from AD

    Look I’m not trying to be a Chris May apologists even though I like him. I’m trying to give some historical prospective. We have had a lot of AD’s at SLU and May is one of the better ones. Would he like to go to a Power Confrense ,probably. Would I like to be CEO of JP Morgan,sure,why not. (Actually no but get my point) Chris May is not our problem.
  5. No comment from AD

    The only thing they can do is win. Why would the Big East want a bottom A 10 program. Win Babby Win.
  6. No comment from AD

    My take on not getting into the Big East is that our record wasn’t good enough. The other is other Big East Presidents didn’t like Biondi. Who should we have gotten in over. If you say DePaul I say Chicago. We need to win so we can be there if they ever expand.
  7. No comment from AD

    Spoon I have been around this program for 50 years. Chris is one of the best if not the best AD’s we’ve had. Look we’re not some football school with 50 million dollar budgets. Chris has elevated the non revenue sports, made good hires(Ford),raised money and has been out in the public. The only AD’s I would consider as possibly better would be Larry Albus and Debbie Yow. Larry because he was a pioneer who invented the basketball doubleheader,and Debbie who challenged Biondi to bring the program out of the dark ages. If you think May is bad you should have been here for Joe Yates and Jim Bakken.
  8. I think your right on but the paper will be the Riverfront Times.
  9. OT: Bill Walton

    I also was there. You are right,missed one shot.
  10. Recruiting - 2018 class

    Getting paid. That's probably why he was going to Louisville.
  11. I loved Stauss. He loved to give the needle to Missouri fans.
  12. It will be interesting to see if Bishop is at practice today.
  13. GDT La Salle vs SLU

    Rammer was the host of the Sunday sports show on 550. Said that Ford saw Pearson play last week and was really excited. Assuming they all come I think we have a great class and you know it’s not done.
  14. The Bills over LaS by 4

    Could have been the back or the surgically repaired hip but early on he ran like an old man.