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  1. What has the Lawrece Group done that's bad?
  2. If Mill Creek Valley had not been wiped out where would the arena and the east campus be? Laclede Town had become crime invested. I'll take the land.
  3. Mrs. Willie got her masters in Urban Affairs in the early 70's . George Wendell was a great teacher and a great Billiken basketball fan.
  4. Since the A-10 officials are the worst this can only be a plus.
  5. I will never forgive Charlie for Sekue. Any decent JC center and we dance. He could run through. Should have been a track star.
  6. 25 years ago, before St Louis got religion , Phil's was considered good. We have come a long way.
  7. Good point.
  8. Heard Frank C praise Bess. Said he was finally healthy and was one of the best Micigan State players this spring. Izzo wanted to keep him but his mind was made up to leave.
  9. What is the story about the Eagles? Have they lost their dominance? Competition? What?
  10. Any state that gives you bourbon has a lot going for it.
  11. Biondi didn't live in Jesuit Hall.
  12. Heard something about a possible Vegas Tournament.
  13. I could never get past the carved French dip roast beef sandwich.
  14. Garavelli's Buffet at Grand and Olive was damn good.
  15. How come no one has talked about the Fox -Eva's or 61 club? Because you all are too young.