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  1. I heard it from another season ticket holder and I was using you guys to verify. I think it was pretty clear that I was not posting it as absolute fact. Settle down, Francis.
  2. Ugh!!!! Thanks for all the updates.
  3. Can someone provide the score periodically? I’m on a plane and can’t stream it.
  4. Thanks. I am in west county. I just turned it on and noticed the football game it was showing was an ASN broadcast, which I took as a good sign. I guess I'll just need to keep my tablet ready for ESPN3 as a backup.
  5. I have one TV on an antenna. I do not have a 30.2. But I have a 70.2 that is called GetTV, the name of the station I was told I would find the game. Does anyone know if I'll be able to see the game on 70.2?
  6. I can't make the trip tonight. Any free streams available online?
  7. I think a really important question was asked in this thread that no one has answered. Is there a coach alive that would come to SLU that would guaranty SLU would be a Top 20 program? Even if you take the budget considerations out the equation, I still say the answer is "no". There are probably only a dozen or less truly elite coaches in college basketball that I believe would succeed anywhere (Izzo, K, Williams, Self, Pitino, Donovan, etc.). None of those coaches is leaving there current job to come to SLU, regardless of money. So then you look at other existing head coaches that are just
  8. I agree with Westy. Why do some people think Harriman is ready for a head coaching job? By all accounts he is a great guy. He was key to recruiting Ellis (hit), Loe (hit) and Salicich (miss). To me, he is a hired gun to bring in players from that part of the world. We don't know if he is capable of more than that. Much less be a head coach.
  9. Amen. This is one of the few sensible posts I have read on here recently.
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