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  1. If you plan to head to Vegas and haven’t left already, it may be worth reconsidering.
  2. https://www.al.com/auburnbasketball/2021/12/no-13-auburn-heads-to-st-louis-for-road-game.html?utm_campaign=aldotcomSports_sf&utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social Interesting comments here in a 7 min video interview with Pearl. Talks a bit about how we adjust defenses effectively, mentions we played them tight a few years back. Calls us the “3rd or 4th best team we’ve played”. Gives praise to Collins.
  3. As of now, Perkins plans to be a billiken next year
  4. @The Wiz I’m assuming these are your “Pre-Minnesota” game rankings? Sorry if that is an incorrect assumption and I missed it. Any preliminary thoughts on how a potential win impacts our spot?
  5. Great day. Can’t say enough about how exciting of a season this should be. Looking forward to watching our Billikens and finally learning what this teams ceiling can be. On a separate note, I am hearing that Hasahn will be inactive tonight. He’s hopeful and expected to be back and fully ready for Saturday. Go Billikens!
  6. Listen closely in the podcast after discussing that we will go away to a B10 school. Coach slips at around 12:45 — “these are all the big sounding teams, the San Diego State, the Memphis, the Minnesota, Boston College, we’ve got Siena...”
  7. No outside attendees for rest of A10 tourney. If you’re on your way or plan to head to Brooklyn tomorrow, you’ll want to adjust plans.
  8. Billikens will have some accolades coming out to be proud of tomorrow. The team is peaking at the right time. Looking forward to seeing how this carries into Brooklyn. A potential Dayton rematch in the semi-finals is a large opportunity for us. Win, and I think we’re on the right side of the bubble. If we can knock off the Flyers, watch out from there. Looking at a Finals game against a team we’ve already beaten. A victory could waltz us in with back to back A10 trophies and a Top 5 win. That sounds closer to the 8/9 line than the 12/13. All this said, none of the above options remain an easy task. The range of outcomes remains vast.
  9. SLU working on a solution, with some strategic support, to get hundreds of students out to San Jose. Will be first come, first serve basis. Stay tuned. Roll Bills
  10. Billikens fed off our section’s energy all through the weekend at Barclay’s, really means a lot to these guys especially Jordan and JB. Get to San Jose if you can and lets do our part. Bills to S16.
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