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  1. SLU working on a solution, with some strategic support, to get hundreds of students out to San Jose. Will be first come, first serve basis. Stay tuned. Roll Bills
  2. Billikens fed off our section’s energy all through the weekend at Barclay’s, really means a lot to these guys especially Jordan and JB. Get to San Jose if you can and lets do our part. Bills to S16.
  3. Something up with Wiley. Saw him walking slowly by himself out of the locker room towards the bus after the big Dayton W, then posted this tweet shortly after midnight.
  4. Had the opportunity to meet and chat with Hargrove for 10 minutes before our last home game and I cannot express enough how good of a kid and how great of a Billiken I think he can be. He’s a stand up kid who speaks very articulately and clearly understands the game. He already views himself as a Billiken and has become close with some of our current key players such as JG, HF, Fred, etc. He really looks up to Jordan and told me they talk often whether at practice, before games, or just casual texting. He’s been at every single game and practice possible so far. As I watch him during games he’s totally locked in, toggling back and forth between watching the game and watching Ford’s coaching strategy, presumably to educate himself on our gameplay strategy to best understand how he can fit in and make an impact as soon as he can slip the Billiken jersey on. He’s an athletic player with an intelligent mindset. I think he’s going to fit into our basketball club incredibly well and can grow into a really, really special player for us.
  5. Since the season started there have been instances of CG missing practice, sometimes without communication or warning to the team (this is the reason there have been inconsistencies of CG starting over DJ and vice versa). He’s struggled to mesh with some of the players. He’s struggled with class and attendance. It can be very, very tough to take a kid out of a rough neighborhood and expect him to fit into a program with lots of structure and academic expectations. Remember, CG grew up in a tough area and a cruel scene - his best friend was murdered, his father absent, and his mother mentally lost. The drug scene is prominent where he grew up. It’s hard for some kids to leave the streets behind, and this decision (whichever way it goes) is not 100% basketball related. No one wants to see the Billikens lose the basketball talent that CG is, but I believe whatever happens will ultimately be best for the team. No official decision has been made and/or announced, but the picture should become clearer in the next 24 hours.
  6. In addition, Welmer is officially off crutches. Still recovering, but the team has set a goal for him to be game-ready by February. Credit to Welmer for never giving up on his basketball career after injury and injury again. A truly passionate player. Kid deserves to get a few more games under his belt, and to take part in a magical run in March.
  7. Unfortunately, Tate’s sunglasses are not a fashion statement. They are due to an eye infection he’s recovering from.
  8. A10 media day takes places tomorrow, here’s is a link for all details, including timing and streaming information for interviews with each coach: http://www.atlantic10.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=31600&ATCLID=211776300 Preseason polls and preseason all-conference teams will be announced early on in the day. I think people will be happy with the results.
  9. This. The Santos loss stings, but it doesn’t burn. I don’t believe this impacts the teams ability to crack the Top 25 this season, but it could create problems during a potential 2nd round tourney matchup against a Power 5 team with a 6’9+ rock solid big man. Many in/around the program felt Santos’ combo of quickness/size/strength offered him a chance to play in the NBA. (Disclaimer: I dont necessarily agree nor disagree with that take). Fortunately, the loss takes place at arguably our deepest position. This will give French and CG the opportunity to really shine here, and be an unstoppable big man duo in the A10. CAG has an immediate opportunity for the big time minutes he was looking for as a Top 10 recruit in the nation. We’ve known how hard he has been working. Time to show it off baby! Someone mentioned that there hasn’t been as much support for Santos on social media, etc. as there has been during past incidents of players leaving and/or being removed from the team. My only comment on that front is that the policy which was broken is one that the team doesn’t have much tolerance for, and the players, staff, and personnel understood and respected the decision to address this problem as swiftly as possible. The bright side is that this case is isolated and only involved one player.
  10. There is good news, and there is bad news.
  11. Collins is a good commitment that will help balance our team. He’s not an elite shooter at this point, but the staff is confident in his ability to see the floor, distribute to shooters, and build into a strong leader over the course of his four year tenure. I mentioned back in February that Collins was a heavy SLU lean and was likely to commit. It took a bit longer than expected, but this is a good land for TF and staff. Also, creates an even deeper SLU presence in the Bradley Beal Elite team, which will continue to feed the Billikens for years to come.
  12. I mentioned this a while back. SLU actually had a good shot at Tilmon, especially after the Goodwin commitment, but started to back off of him for off-the-court reasons. They were concerned about his grades, social circles, and his work ethic.
  13. I dont believe I said it was a “done deal”. I think I said something along the lines of SLU feeling like they were/are in a good spot and wouldn’t be surprised to a receive a commitment as they felt the excitement was mutual between SLU/Yuri. If I made it sound like a guarantee, I apologize. Take anything from me.... just not my credibility!
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