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  1. Recruiting news imminent…
  2. Coming momentarily…
  3. Let me put one item to rest once and for all - there was no hidden message or hidden agenda to Yuri sitting out the first round NIT game against UNI. He did truly have a mild injury in the inside of his foot, which he played through in DC but got increasingly painful for him. The staff feared something along the lines of a hairline fracture or minor break that, if he played through, could get worse and have long term implications. They were truly waiting on results/diagnosis.
  4. I advise everyone to stop the hate talk. While I understand the unsettling nature of this whole situation, this saga is not over yet. The last thing a player who’s on the fence wants to see is a fan base that is so quick to disown them.
  5. With the Bonnie’s in the ~85 NET ranking range, there is hope they can string together some non-Billiken wins and crack the top 75 before the end of conference play. If this happens, our loss to them is bumped from a Q3 loss up to Q2, and the upcoming Billiken win @Bonaventure on Monday is a Q1 win… at least as I understand things.
  6. If you plan to head to Vegas and haven’t left already, it may be worth reconsidering.
  7. https://www.al.com/auburnbasketball/2021/12/no-13-auburn-heads-to-st-louis-for-road-game.html?utm_campaign=aldotcomSports_sf&utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social Interesting comments here in a 7 min video interview with Pearl. Talks a bit about how we adjust defenses effectively, mentions we played them tight a few years back. Calls us the “3rd or 4th best team we’ve played”. Gives praise to Collins.
  8. As of now, Perkins plans to be a billiken next year
  9. @The Wiz I’m assuming these are your “Pre-Minnesota” game rankings? Sorry if that is an incorrect assumption and I missed it. Any preliminary thoughts on how a potential win impacts our spot?
  10. Great day. Can’t say enough about how exciting of a season this should be. Looking forward to watching our Billikens and finally learning what this teams ceiling can be. On a separate note, I am hearing that Hasahn will be inactive tonight. He’s hopeful and expected to be back and fully ready for Saturday. Go Billikens!
  11. Listen closely in the podcast after discussing that we will go away to a B10 school. Coach slips at around 12:45 — “these are all the big sounding teams, the San Diego State, the Memphis, the Minnesota, Boston College, we’ve got Siena...”
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