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  1. I didn't watch the game, but it sure sounds like it was the perfect storm for a loss: Rivalry game, trap game, an opponent happy with packing in the defense after getting an early goal. Bad loss either way, I hope it fires up the Bills heading to UVA for the big road test. UVA is good but beatable obviously, they will be fired up as well. This loss goes away with a win over Virginia. Rhode Island, SLU, and VCU all with 1 loss currently in the A10 soccer standings.
  2. When I come back to STL, I expect to do two things, watch Billikens basketball in the best arena ever constructed, and drink fresh, ice cold beer until my wife has to tell me that my volume level is inappropriate. Obviously, the Chaifetz is the only place I can do both at the same time. I'm not a rich man, but I don't care about the price of beer, its part of the fun, not worrying about it is why I come into the office every day. I hand the good people at the counter a magic plastic card, they hand me back beers, can't complain about that.
  3. I'm being hyper critical here and I realize it, Kalish has us playing our best soccer in I don't know how long and I am thankful for it. But I would really like to see us get Schulte some support by netting a few more balls. Across this 6 game win streak, our margin of victory is a slim 2 goals, only 1 goal across the year. The 4 straight shut outs have led to an impressive goal differential, but let's get the man in net a little more breathing room. Again, this is a hyper critical assessment of the Bills play.
  4. Patrick Schulte is a magician. Four shutouts and counting. Six straight wins for the Bills. I was hopeful there would have been a few more goals tonight in a statement win, but I agree with the sentiment that Denver is a better team than their record states. BRING ON THE FLYERS.
  5. FWIW, my boss was a Division 1 football player at Baylor (pre-any scandals so that weren't that good, but still, D1 football is D1 football). He and his twin brother, who is also a VP at my company, were both big Texas HS legends back in their day. Football is religion down here. Regardless, they both have young boys now, they emphatically state that they won't let their sons play tackle football until the 8th grade. To add to that Brett Favre is now a huge advocate of starting full contact ball later, around HS. The Manning brothers didn't play full contact until the 9th grade. These guys are all tougher/better athletes then I ever got even close to obviously, if they don't believe their sons playing full-contact football until far later than traditionally is the call, who am I to dispute it?
  6. If there is one thing I am always pro, it is constant, borderline-inappropriate, unceasing smack talk aimed at opponents coaches. Jamie Franks looks like a nerd, someone at the game tonight remind him that he is one! Let's Go Bills!
  7. Jamie Franks looks like a pretty dorky bro... But is there any specific reason we should be hating on Denver's coach? I am v curious.
  8. Everyone on this board who wouldn't jump at the chance to get the mighty Chargers of Los Angeles here in the Lou is an absolute idiot. Are you guys kidding me? Forget that they are a doormat franchise with only 19 playoff appearances (AFL era included!) in 60 years of existence, forget that they have 0 championships to their name, forget that they can't sell out a 27,000 person MLS stadium, forget that their horrible owner would smack a baby for a buck. This is the N-F-L you guys. Shame on you all for speaking ill of The Almighty Shield. We should be honored they are even considering moving a team to St. Louis after the terrible way we treated our last owner. Do what we have to do, spend what we have to spend, let's get America's game back in Gateway City. (F*** the NFL and F*** the Chargers/Rams - Real talk though, I love those powder blue uniforms, best thing the Chargers have going for them)
  9. Meh. You're answer was close enough to be awarded points. You get a B- on the assignment.
  10. NCAA Men's Soccer RPI Rankings Bills show up at #21 on the first RPI rankings. Very solid. Past/Future Bills Opponents with notable rankings: #1 UVA, #6 SMU, #17 Notre Dame, #91 Denver, #123 Dayton, #119 Duquesne, #171 Fordham. Highlights the importance of taking care of business in the A10 for the rest of the season.
  11. Also, I would buy ridiculous amounts of Midtown Merlot, Chaifetz Chardonnay, Billiken Bordeaux, & Rammer Rose. Got those in a bottle and I'll never buy another brand of wine, I don't care if it tastes like vinegar. YOU'RE SITTIN ON A GOLD MINE CEDAR LAKES! DO I HAVE TO DO THIS FOR YOU???
  12. I'm actually really down with this if for no other reason than it is showing continuous care and improvement of our greatest athletic asset, the gem that is Chaifetz. These bar/lounge areas at stadiums are all the rage right now, it will open up that area of the arena and improve the aesthetics. I'm cool with this.
  13. I'm starting to get deja vu. Billikens are 5-0 in A10 play. Still have not been scored upon. FIVE GAMES - FIVE CLEAN SHEETS. Patrick Schulte is the best goalkeeper in the nation and should be starting to get Hermann Trophy hype. Two winnable games, at home, going into the test of the season with #1 and undefeated UVA. Devener and Dayton, both at home. Denver is 2-7-1, 1-4-1 on the road. Dayton is 6-7, 1-4 on the road. Bills need to focus on the moment and take care of business at home. Do your job, and the Bills look to be 10-3 when heading into Charlottesville. This season is starting to get exciting. Something that is also important to note, the Bills have to keep winning these A10 games in order to keep pace with VCU, who is also undefeated in A10 play. The Bills and Rams don't play each other in the A10 regular season, so there is potential to have a tie in the conference regular season winner. With all these wins, Bills still don't control their destiny - unless they keep winning of course. After the showdown with UVA, the Bills have Duquesne in Steel City and Fordham at home. Both teams are currently 3-1 in A10 play. We're going to be holding our breaths into the end of the season. Bills soccer is meaningful again!
  14. Billiken men improve to 4-0 in A10 play. Still have not been scored on. We have the best goalie in D1 soccer and he is a freshman. I wonder how long he'll stay in college, the kid could play in the MLS tomorrow. I LOVE the direction this team is trending. That game against UVA is going to be a war. Win that and we likely get an at large bid.
  15. I think there were two "book-it" teams in the hypothetical history of SLU basketball: 1) If Hughes, for some unfathomable reason, decided to come back for his Sophomore year, that team had the pieces to go the final four. They lost so much when Hughes left though. 2) If Rick was coaching the 2012-2013 team, they make the Final Four. I''ll go to my grave believing this. Altman so bewilderingly out-coached Crews in that game it hurts my whole body to think about. He had the perfect defensive game plan laid out for us and they executed it flawlessly. Crews made no adjustments and left those players out there flailing. That team was built to defend Russ Smith on that Louisville squad. Obviously, beating Duke in the Elite 8 is massive but, I'll roll the dice with Rick.
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