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  3. This game is awesome, I don't care if they aren't "The" Dunk City team, they are still dunk city. Its a far better opening opponent from a name standpoint than we have had in year's past. It should do a good job of filling The 'Fetz. I'm pumped, Ford and Co. are clearly working at the schedule.
  4. I liked the new Billiken logo when they premiered it and I loved it once they fixed the costume mascot issue. I think it looks more similar to the statue. I also think it looks better on merchandise because of the simpler lines, the previous logo was a little "too detailed" and if the image wasn't large enough I didn't think it came across well on some merch. For me though, any Billiken is a good Billiken. Something I would change over the years: I'm not in love with the new "SLU" or "Saint Louis" or "Billikens" word mark/font. Its ok, but it didn't blow me away. You could easily change the word mark without changing the Billiken, I kinda hope this new Billiken is around for a long time. I actually LOVE the University's academic re-brand that came out around the same time, I think the new fleur-de-lis logo is way, way cleaner.
  5. Yeah, man. There are a lot of solutions out there. Look at little ol Wofford. You have control over how many seats you put in there. You can make it looked packed. Wofford's stadium only has 1,000 seats and it looks like a great crowd.
  6. I think what a lot of the baseball supporters on this site ask for is actually pretty rational. You can create pretty dynamic and good looking baseball stadiums for reasonable costs these days. A sturdy red brick facade that matches the style of the Chaifetz is not a massive capital project. No one is asking to build something like what Arkansas or Texas play in. Take a look at Campbell's stadium (Go Fightin' Camels!). Its essentially bricked in bleachers, but it looks tremendously more aesthetically appealing than what our boys play in.
  7. I believe you have SLU's awful and easy-to-mix-up conference history a little off my friend. SLU was in the CUSA from 95-05 before we left for the A10. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conference_USA#Membership_timeline Its a terrible trip through history, I don't recommend it... Are we in the Big East yet?
  8. Simply put: This is either the best thing in the world or the worst thing in the world. The worst thing in the world: If the rumors are true that the Big East wants to remain at 11 then we are f***ed for life. A10 forever. The best thing in the world: If the Big East (or Fox) says that there has to be a 12th team. You could then have a 22 game conference schedule, which is the trend that the B1G and the ACC are heading towards. There is not logical or rational reason that the 12th team would be anyone but SLU. No way that X is letting Dayton in. I believe that my bias towards the situation is making me imagine their is a possibility at the latter scenario when truly only the first exists. Our mismanagement of the situation has finally come to kill us.
  9. I've been hurt so many times by Bills soccer hype... Not sure I could handle the heartbreak again.
  10. I'm in complete agreement, I love the design, and I love the logic/engineering behind the viewing angles. I heard some initial suggestions that wanted the stadium to have a brick facade so that it would be a reflection of Busch but I really love what they ended up doing in the design. I also think its cool how the stadium is almost entirely enclosed yet still incorporates the St. Louis skyline via some of the gaps in the stand. EPL stadiums are hard to compare to the new MLS stadiums (even outside of scale of seating) because most well known EPL stadiums have gone through multiple iterations that produce a very hodge-podge looking stadium. The EPL is sort of like the South Eastern Conference of Soccer Leagues in terms of stadiums, a lot of hallowed grounds started as humble grand stands and instead of building entirely new stadiums as they expand, they just keep building on top of those grandstands or by grand stand at a time. Afield is a pretty good example. Stadiums like Cardiff City Stadium buck that trend. Also, there is no branding crime more miserable than naming MLS teams in the European Style like "Real Salt Lake" and "Sporting" KC. I'm fine with SC St. Louis, but I think FC is silly as well. Come up with and original name. Last I checked there was never a King of Utah that gave his personal blessing to "Real" Salt Lake. Its awful.
  11. Hate quoting myself, but this brings up a really bitter SLU sports memories. I was a freshman in 2006 when SLU hosted the College Cup at Hermann. We entered the tournament ranked 11th nationally and it looked liked we really had a shot of making it home for the final four after an A10 regular season championship and wins that season over #2 UConn and #9 Indiana. Alas, our first game of the tourney, we lost to unranked Northwestern. I truly don't think Bills soccer has ever been the same since then. 2003 was the last year we held the average attendance record in the NCAA but I felt like attendance was still really strong when I got to campus. I know must of us would cut an arm or a leg off to see a basketball National Championship for the Bills... But I would definitely give a few fingers and toes for a soccer one as well.
  12. I long used to think that an MLS team in the Lou would be damaging to Bills soccer on the constant attempt at a return to glory. I can't really put a finger on why I felt that way these days but I now believe that logic was flawed. SLU needs to become a perennial Top 25 team competing for National Championships again, that's on us and no one else. With that being said, the NCAA seems to be trending towards holding the College Cup in MLS specific stadiums more often. Which is a good thing. Much overlooked concerning the expansion and improvement of MLS is that is in a verifiable golden age for stadium building in American Sports history. People have ditched the mantra that bigger is always better and are producing stunning stadiums that foster a true home environment for a league that is still growing. I hope to never see another damn College Cup at Legion Field in Hoover, ****ing Alabama ever again. I'd love to see the College Cup back in The Lou, with the Bills back in it. I think its just one of the many opportunities the presence of an MLS team has to help Bills soccer. @billikenfan05 I think that having the Bronze Boot Game in the new MLS stadium would be brilliant, let's make it a thing. And as you well know, I believe that improvements to Herman are long past due. What about pre-season Friendly matches against an MLS team? That should be a constant. Good for soccer in the city and a great experience for the student athletes at SLU to get on an MLS pitch and knock the ball around with pro-talent. That should happen day 1.
  13. While I agree that Arkansas is not the job is was in the 90's, I think people often forget how much money that school has. Numerous ex-Walmart execs act as that schools backup wallet, the rumor about Beard is that Arkansas is willing to pay his $15M buyout if he wanted the job.
  14. I respect Dayton as a program, even for as annoying as their fans are, don't get me wrong, they support their hoops and run an admirable program. But Dayton brings nothing, NOTHING, to the table for the Big East: No new market, no flashy institution (SLU is a better, wealthier academic institution in every regard), good, not great basketball history. Furthermore, there is zero way that x ever let's them get in. Also, the "fan support" argument loses all water because the Big East would be in area's that are SLU alumni strongholds. Are two largest alumni organizations are based in Chicago and New York... You don't think they're going to show up for games?
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