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  1. I've been hurt so many times by Bills soccer hype... Not sure I could handle the heartbreak again.
  2. I'm in complete agreement, I love the design, and I love the logic/engineering behind the viewing angles. I heard some initial suggestions that wanted the stadium to have a brick facade so that it would be a reflection of Busch but I really love what they ended up doing in the design. I also think its cool how the stadium is almost entirely enclosed yet still incorporates the St. Louis skyline via some of the gaps in the stand. EPL stadiums are hard to compare to the new MLS stadiums (even outside of scale of seating) because most well known EPL stadiums have gone through multiple iterations that produce a very hodge-podge looking stadium. The EPL is sort of like the South Eastern Conference of Soccer Leagues in terms of stadiums, a lot of hallowed grounds started as humble grand stands and instead of building entirely new stadiums as they expand, they just keep building on top of those grandstands or by grand stand at a time. Afield is a pretty good example. Stadiums like Cardiff City Stadium buck that trend. Also, there is no branding crime more miserable than naming MLS teams in the European Style like "Real Salt Lake" and "Sporting" KC. I'm fine with SC St. Louis, but I think FC is silly as well. Come up with and original name. Last I checked there was never a King of Utah that gave his personal blessing to "Real" Salt Lake. Its awful.
  3. Hate quoting myself, but this brings up a really bitter SLU sports memories. I was a freshman in 2006 when SLU hosted the College Cup at Hermann. We entered the tournament ranked 11th nationally and it looked liked we really had a shot of making it home for the final four after an A10 regular season championship and wins that season over #2 UConn and #9 Indiana. Alas, our first game of the tourney, we lost to unranked Northwestern. I truly don't think Bills soccer has ever been the same since then. 2003 was the last year we held the average attendance record in the NCAA but I felt like attendance was still really strong when I got to campus. I know must of us would cut an arm or a leg off to see a basketball National Championship for the Bills... But I would definitely give a few fingers and toes for a soccer one as well.
  4. I long used to think that an MLS team in the Lou would be damaging to Bills soccer on the constant attempt at a return to glory. I can't really put a finger on why I felt that way these days but I now believe that logic was flawed. SLU needs to become a perennial Top 25 team competing for National Championships again, that's on us and no one else. With that being said, the NCAA seems to be trending towards holding the College Cup in MLS specific stadiums more often. Which is a good thing. Much overlooked concerning the expansion and improvement of MLS is that is in a verifiable golden age for stadium building in American Sports history. People have ditched the mantra that bigger is always better and are producing stunning stadiums that foster a true home environment for a league that is still growing. I hope to never see another damn College Cup at Legion Field in Hoover, ****ing Alabama ever again. I'd love to see the College Cup back in The Lou, with the Bills back in it. I think its just one of the many opportunities the presence of an MLS team has to help Bills soccer. @billikenfan05 I think that having the Bronze Boot Game in the new MLS stadium would be brilliant, let's make it a thing. And as you well know, I believe that improvements to Herman are long past due. What about pre-season Friendly matches against an MLS team? That should be a constant. Good for soccer in the city and a great experience for the student athletes at SLU to get on an MLS pitch and knock the ball around with pro-talent. That should happen day 1.
  5. While I agree that Arkansas is not the job is was in the 90's, I think people often forget how much money that school has. Numerous ex-Walmart execs act as that schools backup wallet, the rumor about Beard is that Arkansas is willing to pay his $15M buyout if he wanted the job.
  6. I respect Dayton as a program, even for as annoying as their fans are, don't get me wrong, they support their hoops and run an admirable program. But Dayton brings nothing, NOTHING, to the table for the Big East: No new market, no flashy institution (SLU is a better, wealthier academic institution in every regard), good, not great basketball history. Furthermore, there is zero way that x ever let's them get in. Also, the "fan support" argument loses all water because the Big East would be in area's that are SLU alumni strongholds. Are two largest alumni organizations are based in Chicago and New York... You don't think they're going to show up for games?
  7. There is zero % chance that Pestello, May, and the BoT don't "get it" this time around. ZERO. This is SLU's opportunity to join a major conference. What I'm scared they don't get, is the level of enthusiasm and consistent selling that this pitch takes. May should be taking Ackerman and her staff out to dinner every night. A- Always B- Be C- Closing Publicity that the Big East brings us = dollars and cents. Even if we had to forfeit our NCAA credits for the first four years, it makes sense in the long run. Can you imagine how much better attendance would be on a game to game basis to see a Big East schedule rather than an A10 one?
  8. This tweet has me higher than the night I spent out in Joshua Tree during my undergrad days. CHRIS MAY. MAKE IT HAPPEN.
  9. Listen, I love SLU basketball more than most things in this world, but if you think the program that put back-to-back National Runners-Up together is the program that "stole" our spot in the Big East than you need to lay off the sauce. From a performance standpoint, Butler is the sort of program we yearn to be, you're not hating on the Bills by stating that.
  10. Howdy Y'all, I wanted to reach out to all the Lone Star Bills out there to let you know that SLU is planning on having a pre-game reception for the Houston game, similar to what they did for the Butler game if you attended that. I had the pleasure of attending the event at Butler and thought it was really well done. $35 bucks will get you registration to the event, two drink tickets, and tickets to the game. There is also a $25 dollar event only registration available. Here is the link to register for the Houston event: Houston Event Signup. I also wanted to know that the a few pioneering DFW alums have "re-booted" the Dallas-Fort Worth alumni club. This club was really active about 3 years ago and fell off a bit when leadership was handed off to a new group. We've started a new facebook group (link here) and we are looking for folks to join and take up the mantle for leadership positions. Myself and a few other folks, have been working very closely with the SLU Alumni relations department on getting the DFW club up and running on some solid footing. The Dallas-Fort Worth market is a major focus for SLU, and I believe the greater Alumni organization is very willing to help us out. DFW is home to a surprising amount of SLU Alumni of all ages, and this market deserves an alumni club worthy of the folks that live down in the Big D. Feel free to message me directly if you have any trouble getting to the facebook group. I can't wait to spoil the party at the brand new Fertitta Center. I'd love to see a lot of blue in Houston. Let's Go Bills!
  11. Fair enough. I still think that the "vibe" from the players on social media still reads like I'd like it to. Frustration can be a good motivator, a little frustration is good, perhaps even necessary when expectations are not being me. Its when frustration exceeds motivation that it becomes problematic.
  12. This is my honest to God take: I'm happy this is a terrible team, I want see this team do a number of things tonight in order to ramp up to the showdown against the hall: 1) Don't take a bad team for granted/match the intensity of play to the level of pre-season hype: The Bills have come out sleepily in both games against inferior opponents, I want to see them assert their will and play with mean-spirited dominance, physically dominate an inferior team, don't let them breathe for a minute. The mentality to win and the mentality to dominate are both learned behaviors, I want a good class session tonight. 2) Focus on ball movement: Use this as an opportunity for a final tune-up before a big early season test. Trust in the offense, remember the sets, play with pace, but don't hurry. 3) Convert on fast breaks: We're better than this team, and we can run the floor on them, but it doesn't matter if the final shot on the break doesn't go down. I want this team to start knowing where each other are on the floor without even having to physically see each other. 4) Make your damn free throws gents: They are going to hack away at us to even have a chance defensively, its a good chance to see the ball go through the net from the charity stripes. This is essentially a practice game against a D1 opponent, good, the team needs it, the schedule ramps up quickly here. I've actually loved the mentality of this team regardless of the less than stellar performances, people seem motivated but not frustrated, disappointed, but not dysfunctional. I want us going into the game at the Hall with high levels of confidence and a solid sense of improvement. I'm looking forward to tonight. LETS. GO. BILLS.
  13. I have been waiting four years for this game. I could not be more excited. LETS. GO. BILLS.
  14. Can you include a link to the poll?
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