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  1. "I love watching Mizzou lose. I would love to play them on annual basis and would love to watch them lose to SLU." - This was my take when we last had the opportunity to talk trash about Mizzou and this is my take now. Playing the game is the right thing to do for college basketball in Missouri, I know Mizzou is trash, I like that Mizzou is trash, their fans are obnoxious and I don't care. I honestly don't care if Mizzou was the worst team in all of D1 basketball every year, I still want to play them and I want to beat them year in and year out. I don't care if SLU wins a John Wooden-era
  2. I love reading Tiger Board, the variance between incredible denial and incredible despair is incredibly entertaining.
  3. I am assuming its possible, I don't obviously know that as a fact. But concerning the playing area. All of those seats in the first ten rows or so can be pushed back, think about how the floor looks for graduation rather than for a basketball game.
  4. Would you mind taking a screenshot of the post and posting it here? First - I've wanted Hockey at SLU for as long as I can remember. It would be amazing in the Chaifetz. It would continue to differentiate us as an athletic program away from Mizzou and Illinois, and there is a massive homegrown talent base here. I really don't see any reasons (other than I don't get to look at SLU's books) that we don't have hockey and/or lacrosse. Second - No football, ever, at SLU. I couldn't feel more strongly about it.
  5. The Rational Side of My Brain is Saying: This is more than a perfectly reasonable response. You always have to be forward thinking and understanding your options. Evolve or die, just because you have a great thing going does that mean that you aren't prepping for the next step? The Billiken Side of My Brain is Saying: HASAHN. YOU NEED TO SAY FOREVER. NEVER LEAVE. WHY WOULD YOU EVEN THINK OF LEAVING. WHY AREN'T YOU THINKING ABOUT MAKING A FINAL FOUR RUN NEXT YEAR??? I'm sure the truth is somewhere in the middle there.
  6. Yes. I finally cut my cable (AT&T) because they increased the regional channels price again. You can link ESPN +/ Hulu + / Disney + and essentially bay under $70 a month.
  7. The importance of this game could not be bigger. We have to win out to feel safe about the four spot. Winning out would also mean that we have a shot at the 2 seed if everything were to go right. March Madness is upon us.
  8. If you haven't heard of the Arch-Baron cup then you haven't been paying attention. My Grandpa went to SLU on the GI Bill and I grew up listening to stories of cup lore and legend as a little lad sitting on his knee. I spent three nights in a Dayton prison naked and shivering after attempting to steal The Cup from Dayton's athletic offices on a fraternity dare and I'd do it again.
  9. Well, there are irrational adults on this board who believe that if you don't chastise an 18 year old for hypothetically not making the same college decision as his father then you're not a "true" Billiken fan, even if you regularly watch/attend games, graduated/go to the University, donate to the University, are involved in the University's alumni association, etc. etc... It's tough to get along swimmingly with people of that nature.
  10. I hate to say this because it is a Dayton rag, but Blackburn Review is really well done and puts out good content. I also believe that they are behind the absolutely hilarious website dedicated to promoting the "history" of the Arch-Baron cup. As for the logos by SBU unfurled. They are absolutely fire. I love the "revamped vintage" look of the Billiken. I would hire the guy to do one for every version of the Billiken and reproduce those logos on merchandise.
  11. I never talk down about individual student athletes on any team but I reserve the right to talk trash about other fan bases and their coaches. Especially one that has been thumbing their collective nose at "little brother" for so many years; regardless of the fact that a series with SLU is overwhelmingly supported by neutral observers in college basketball and that it would be a mutually beneficial series to both schools both financially and culturally. Mizzou fans are a special breed: Because their primary rival for so many years is one of the blue bloods of college basketball, they bel
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