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  1. If that's the game I'm thinking about I drove 1.5 hrs in the snow to see it. No i would not like to see that game again.
  2. He said he would play tonight if they have foul trouble.
  3. Except that it puts us in the bonus and double bonus much faster and puts the opposing teams big men in foul trouble.
  4. Gibson is shooting over 50% and 43 % from 3. He will be fine
  5. They missed 1 freethrow and SLU got the ball. It cost one point.
  6. Thatch slowed him down in the first half. In fact they put up a stat showing how much he scored in the first 4 minutes and how little the next 12
  7. I dont mean this as an insult but he looks like Jeff Dunhams Jose Jalapeno
  8. It's amazing how low Richmond is rated on both of sites
  9. He's having a hard time getting minutes behind French and Linsenn
  10. Reconsider what? It was Evansvilles decision not to play.
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