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  1. It looks like Alabama was over committed. They still need to lose one more player
  2. He committed to the Leathernecks
  3. I apologize. I should have known better
  4. Okoro is from Normal, IL and Fred is from Cape. It's a stretch saying an all STL lineup even though they did all play AAU here.
  5. Jalen Johnson is transferring again
  6. Didnt want to start a new thread but SLU offered Danny Carbuccia. Class of 25
  7. A friend of mine son played for him at Illinois State. He was known as a good guy but not a good coach. Some how his contract was never signed so it was easy to let him go.
  8. I've played a few 6 hr rounds in my life. All of them charity scrambles
  9. Not in any way knocking Ford but some high mid major is going to get a good one in Archie Miller.
  10. Richmond struggling without Francis and Golden
  11. Grubbs was a very highly rated player that left after a couple years because of some personal problems.
  12. So if someone tweets something about you that is not true and I go ahead and help spread it across social media without verifying it that is ok? Maybe I am just from a different time
  13. 05 that's the problem I have with how this was handled. Chapley should have asked Ford about it before he retweeted the original tweet. Obviously he didnt or he would have mentioned it. I have an daughter that is a journalist so I am sensitive to criticizing young journalists but he made a mistake here. Hopefully he learns from it.
  14. I doubt Ford is to happy with Chapley right now. Get the facts straight before smearing someone. Way to much of this going on
  15. 3 Big East and 2 ACC teams that probably would have been in opted out. Long term the big conferences might think they are to good for the NIT but who knows.
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