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  1. All three schools have head coaches that are relentless recruiters. Luke would be a great fit at SLU
  2. They both play for Piper High School. Not sure of their relationship
  3. Just got back from Brussels. He will enjoy his time there
  4. I think he is a 2020 recruit
  5. Bells high school team had a 7'2" guy and another 6'11" post player. The game I saw they all played about the same.
  6. He mentioned him in the 550 interview on Tuesday
  7. Coach 314 any news on Perkins?
  8. Arizona just had a pg decide to transfer
  9. Tay Weaver, from Eastern KY, has been offered
  10. Ahamad Bynum was offered
  11. Wichita State doesn't have football. Conn football could stay and SLU could replace the other sports
  12. Tarris Reed, from Chaminade, picked up an offer from SLU
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