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  1. Keep the score rolling… I’m watching 5 year olds at gymnastics…. Can’t reach 7p soon enough…
  2. Do we have any more games on stadium this year? I really don’t like this channel.
  3. Davidson, I appreciate you putting the petal to the metal so I can watch my game on time. I feel like every time our game follows another ncaa game- it some how goes to overtime or takes 30 minutes to play 1 minute of basketball.
  4. I’m not sure why it didn’t give a preview to the link- it’s a link to song “money” by the flying lizards
  5. The only way I’ve been able to hide the additional expense.
  6. Don’t be scared…. We’re not weak. Let’s bring guns to the knife fight… show them who’s boss
  7. I feel strongly that we are winning tomorrow.
  8. This was a great thread to catch up on as I leave works d prepare for the game. Let’s set the bar high- we have plenty of players that can hop over it.
  9. I mean—- hates rather strong. Don’t let an MBM ruin your night. I still don’t like it. But you can do what you’d like and I’ll be happy for you
  10. Lol. That’s fair. I guess I never had the right to do it.
  11. I don’t know… I think he plays like a MAN as someone said- but acting like that is showing his immaturity. I don’t remember Goodwin doing that so maybe it was a quick fix and I hope it is here too
  12. I gotta say nesbitt is impressive - but- I hate that he puffs his chest EVERY TIME he does something… especially when it’s a team like central Arkansas. It’d be So much better if he’d just let his actions speak.. I really hope he grows out of that soon- or if it has to be- gets put in his place once or twice.
  13. I don’t know the level that Perkins will still be involved but my assumption is quite a bit- and though he can’t play, he still has the heart, determination, and thoughts of a leader… which I think still brings a lot to the table.
  14. You know what- seven nation army just played on the radio… it’s going to be ok.
  15. And this is why I was afraid to start it….
  16. Alright… positive vibes. its going to be ok. there was an article last night on stltoday that said “Perkins left the arena on crutches after spending the second half in the locker room and said he felt pain when he was injured but was not experiencing any as he left for the night. He is expected to undergo further testing Wednesday morning.” so let’s cross the bridge when we come to it. someone said there was a picture of it, but I wasn’t able to find it (albeit, it was not a strong effort on my part to find it)
  17. Agreed- as of yet nesbitt hasn’t impressed. Maybe, I’m inpatient.
  18. It seems like we came out and tried to stretch out legs for a minute and then decided to play down. I’m making no judgment off tonight. so far as Perkins- I’m glad there isn’t video- I’m sure it would make me sick to watch it. I didn’t see anything that happened as I was watching it. but Im obviously praying it’s not a serious issue.
  19. What?! Lol. I used to work at TRH. Long ago
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