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  1. A10 KenPom Rankings a/o 11/28.... 25 Dayton 38 VCU 71 Davidson 82 Duquesne 86 Richmond 93 Rhode Island 109 Saint Louis
  2. Anyone else besides me not like the "handoff at the point" offense that we love to do. It doesnt seem to create plays IMO.
  3. I feel French is out of control lately
  4. Gibson is getting laid tonight tho. He is the reason we won.
  5. Every team that is supposed to suck at offense always brings their A game against us. And our D sux. So annoying.
  6. Collins is finally a player that resembles Jett or Kwamain. He has balls and will take it to the cup to kiss the glass or create attention in order to dish out to the open man. We are in good hands with this guy. True playmaker.
  7. Sagarin has SLU ranked at 63! I particularly value Sagarin over Kenpom.
  8. Goodwin looking like a triple-double threat again. Cant wait to see another this season. It will happen.
  9. Totally missed that. Hope you're right. Thanks
  10. Has someone seen THJr in practice? Still scratching my head why he hasn’t seen a minute of playing time yet. Is there something I don’t know or what?
  11. Why is THJr not getting playing time? I expected earlier in the year that he would be one of our top freshmen.
  12. So awesome. Where can I get one of those blue SLU A10 champs Tshirts?
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