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  1. Anyone have links to highlight reels of the dunks from this game? There were some nice ones that I'd love to watch. Go Bills.
  2. No we beat ourselves. Playing to the level of our competition.
  3. 38sec left. French shooting FTs. SLU up by 2.
  4. JGood has been garbage offensively. Wish he'd get his groove back.
  5. I really hope Perkins gets the start. We need to come out the gates with as much offensive power as possible. Sets the tone. Let’s go Bills.
  6. Should I be worried about the Fordham game? Geeez.
  7. JGood has the style of play that can flirt with triple doubles. Unfortunately, that isn't as sexy as all the other things NBA scouts want to see--ie: being absolute dominant in one particular stat column.
  8. Man, I'd love a GIF of that one-handed dunk by Goodwin tonight. Who's bored and can get that for all of us?
  9. A10 KenPom Rankings a/o 11/28.... 25 Dayton 38 VCU 71 Davidson 82 Duquesne 86 Richmond 93 Rhode Island 109 Saint Louis
  10. Anyone else besides me not like the "handoff at the point" offense that we love to do. It doesnt seem to create plays IMO.
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