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  1. Basically the players are often told to keep up on social media with the incoming recruits and tweet at them and respond and are highly encouraged to. The 2 players who I suspected have nothing, even though they are moderately active on Twitter. Some of you mbm’s can laugh now but I have a feeling I’ll have the last laugh on this
  2. Listened to the podcasts. From twitter activity or lack of, jacobs and KC are not returning next year would be my bet
  3. Listening to Ford’s radio show, him talking about how he is a top 5 shooter in the country is giving me a lot of hype. I wouldn’t be surprised if he makes some ranking lists soon before season end like Hasahn
  4. Let’s go SLU! If we go undefeated from now on we win the NCAA# positive thoughts
  5. My self and all of the basketball community was off on our prediction of this team. And everyone said I was crazy when I said Jacobs was acting weird last week and I got shat on by the board and called crazy then one week later everyone says the same thing
  6. Glory days effect. I mentioned the Jacobs situation was ducky last week and got ganged on by the board. I am still very concerned about this team. We went from a top 10 defense to maybe top 60 and let St. Joes beat us by 30. Dayton was a hell of a surprise but St. Joes sealed the deal that this team is going nowhere this year. The only good thing that can happen this year is if Bess was in the NBA and stayed active with the team while successful and some off season recruiting magic. This conference title was ours to lose at the beginning of the season and we lost from within b
  7. Thatch needs the starting role and everyone else needs to give their A game. Possibly see some walk ons. Either will be a close game or the biggest blow out of the season unfortunately. Losing 5 in a row will be the straw on this broken program. Just reality.
  8. When KC and Jacobs transfer remind me later. These guys don’t wanna play. I grew up with people who had all the attention on them and use “injuries” as an excuse. Jacobs is cleared to play but clearly doesn’t wanna play. That means more than nothing. Its ok though, we will all see soon enough in the off-season. When I’m right you’ll make up an excuse that it was for another reason like you’ve done in the past. Keep bad posting. Enough excuses for this team
  9. Crazy how we went 5-0 and now we might struggle to finish’s outside the bottom 4 of the conference. Players are getting “injured” too much and it sounds like bs. Sometime is fishy
  10. 5 wins and top of the A10 to 4 straight losses and bottom half. Anyone else wanna change their mind on Ford’s hotseat?
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