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  1. Isabell was part of the biggest comeback in NCAA history at Drexel. Just sayin. Win each 4 minute segment.
  2. To be clear, in order to earn the right to express opinions on an online message board in which you partake one must be a big donor, father of a current player, or AAU coach? GIve me a break and get off your high horse. We can continue to argue in a circular manner because you will continue to criticize those who see things differently than you. Your opinion has no more credence than anybody else on this board. Get over yourself. The offense has not improved this season. Based on KenPom's metrics we are worse offensively this year than last year when we had a former walk-on playing significant minutes. I also don't think it is unreasonable to draw a comparison between Wiley and Jimmerson. They are similar in size. They are both shooters first and foremost. Neither are particularly quick. It is bizarre that this comparison has offended you. I also don't think it is unreasonable to have concern about the size of Yuri. He is listed at 5' 11" 175 pounds on VerbalCommits. It certainly isn't unreasonable to wonder if it will take some time before he is ready to play a major role on Day 1, especially given the physical style of defense he will be expected to play. And we can speculate all we want as to whether the offense would be efficient with the guys that left. But that is merely speculation. Would we see a legitimate offensive scheme with those guys on the roster? Who knows. I guess we'll see next year.
  3. Clock. You have no clue who I am. You have no clue how much time I devote to SLU basketball. One's time on this board does not reflect how long one has followed the team. In fact you could argue long time posters calling relatively new posters foolish for stating a legitimate fear/opinion is why many great fans simply lurk on here without posting. I previously acknowledged that my hope is that this is just the long-term effects of the Title IX debacle. To say that it is not fair to question what is going on right now is the real foolish part of this thread. We all were pretty pumped about Tremaine, Wiley, and Gordon. Isabell has turned it over excessively. Wiley has been hurt. Before his departure Gordon merely showed flashes. Furthermore, you cannot deny that some blame falls on the coaches. The turnovers, the lack of an offense, the bad plays out of timeouts. The talent has drastically improved but the offensive results have not. You cannot go deep in March if you cannot score. Hopefully next years talent is put in a position to succeed and they thrive immediately. We'll just have to wait and see on that one. I really appreciate your help, though.
  4. Hope the coaching puts them in a position to succeed. That's what I am most skeptical about. As our talent has improved our ability to score has not.
  5. I agree that on paper the incoming talent is great. I imagine Jimmerson will be similar to Wiley but hopefully healthy and thus more consistent. I imagine Perkins will be unique compared to this year's roster. Hargrove is another athlete with a slashers first mentality. Yuri is unique in that he's a true point guard. But I am concerned about his size. I am also concerned with JGood not having the ball in his hands because that seemed to hurt him earlier this year when Isabell was running the point. Im really hoping for a stretch four/high post kind of big. I was also optimistic about the incoming class this year and didn't foresee any issues. I hope you are right and they impress next year. We cannot keep having high expectations with results that fall short of those expectations if we want to build the type of long-term success we desire.
  6. With regards to recruiting, I am starting to fear that he doesn't recruit with any sort of plan. Sure we have athletes and size. But the parts seemingly really don't fit together and they definitely don't fit a slow grind it out inefficient style of offense. French and Gordon and by all reports Santos all were very similar in style and court preferences. Jgood and isabell both need the ball. In comparison, Conklin complemented Loe in style. Mccall and Jett complemented each other stylistaclly. Chemistry matters. I fear that chemistry on the court is being overlooked on the recruiting trail.
  7. Until today, I was one of the few who thought that we would still win the conference regular season. I thought that might be enough to give us an at-large bid with a solid performance in the conference tournament. I was also one of the many who thought that we would build on this year's success next year. My opinion has changed because I no longer believe that Travis Ford can maximize the talent on the roster. He is a wonderful representative of the University. He says all the right things as the face of the athletic department. He gets his teams to play with a great deal of intensity on the defensive end of the ball. Despite all of these things, I do not believe that he knows how to create an offense that maximizes the team's talent. Even if he could create a brilliant offensive scheme, I just do not know if he can effectively communicate that scheme to his players. When players miss open looks, that is on the players. I don't believe that our offense puts them in a great position to consistently make shots. They are constantly rushing at the end of the shot clock. There is no movement away from the ball. They dribble too much. The offense is stagnant and inefficient. Our set plays out of timeouts are atrocious. All summer we heard about our high flying athleticism. We heard about an up-tempo attack. We heard about a different, more fun style of basketball. This has not materialized. What makes anybody think that next year will be any different? Here are some numbers to put things in perspective. Our KenPom Adjusted Offensive Efficiency thus far is 98.5 (i.e., the number of points we would score given 100 possessions). That places us at 271st in the nation out of 353 teams. Here are some teams that are currently better than us on offense: Fordham (9-11); South Alabama (9-11); James Madison (9-12); and UMKC (7-13). I haven't studied those teams, but I can't imagine that they could come close to matching our athleticism and talent level. Last season, our Adjusted Offensive Efficiency was 102.1 (good for 225th in the nation). Jim Crews' final year our Adjusted Offensive Efficiency was 96.9. This years offense is closer to the 2015-2016 season than it is to even last year's team. Regardless of your comparison, this team has way more athleticism and talent. But alas, Ford cannot capitalize on that. Given this reality, I am finding it hard to remain optimistic about this season and the future unless we are somehow able to reinvent ourselves on offense. We certainly have the ability to get hot and win the conference tournament on defense and timely buckets, but the long-term sustainability of our style of play just isn't there. The only hope I have is that we are still suffering the long-term effects of the ineptitude of Pestello and the Title IX office's handling of last year. Perhaps if we had the roster Ford envisioned we'd see a different product. Even then, I am skeptical. I am sick and tired of waiting for next year. Hopefully, the staff can figure this out and give these guys a chance to succeed the rest of the way.
  8. DJ is incredibly awful today. It truly is incredible for somebody to look so awful.
  9. I really enjoy the official's comments on Ford's T. "A combination of everything." They had it out for the boys early tonight.
  10. Thus far, we've had a problem after emotional wins. After our big win at Seton Hall we laid an egg against Pitt. After the dominant win over Butler we failed to show up at Carbondale. I'd categorize our win against St. Joe's as a fairly emotional win especially after the scuffle at the end. Then we came out tonight and played our worst game of the year. For whatever reason we seem to lose our edge after big wins. Part of it is tired legs, but I feel like a larger part of it is a lack of focus which explains the ridiculous number of turnovers. As a veteran team with postseason aspirations, we have to find a way to overcome this. The coaching staff needs to find a way to help the players keep their edge. On to Saturday. It is absolutely a must win.
  11. It sort of hides any lateral movement deficiencies? He's been at the top of the trap which involves a lot of straight line sprinting. I have no clue. But the half court trap was not working down the stretch.
  12. This is the only thing I can think of as well. We need to turn it on a bit here. Look so disjointed.
  13. A healthy Wiley has the potential to transform the entire offense as we saw tonight. If you can have him and Hankton going at the same time it really gives us some options from outside. I really thought the ball movement was excellent tonight. As for this ridiculous discussion concerning "Layup Gate"...give me a break. Those guys were likely jawing at each other all game. Then the flagrant was called on Tremaine. More jawing likely ensued and Tremaine was simply fed up. Was it necessary for him to score there? No. Is it ridiculous that people are bent out of shape about it? Absolutely. The dude is a competitor. I love the fire. I love the swagger. And I also love the fact that our Points Per Possession went from 1.000 to 1.046 on that 3 point play. Margin of victory matters and the efficiency ratings matter. The one thing holding us back in the NET Ranking right now is the fact that our Offensive Efficiency Ratings have been bad. We have a great record, quality wins, no really bad losses, a decent schedule, and one of the most efficient defenses in the country (13th on Kenpom after tonight). The only thing we lack is a better Offensive Efficiency Rating. Tremaine's 3 point play at the end helped that for tonight. Furthermore, I like the idea of being the league's bad boys as Rammer mentioned on the broadcast. It fits our physical style of play. This just adds to that persona. I'd be shocked if Ford's "handling" of this internally involves more than asking TI to not do that again. If he tries to punish him with less playing time against Duquesne he's out of his mind.
  14. Did I miss something? He didn't look like he was in shoulder discomfort after he got fouled at the end. What happened?
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