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  1. Your name should be billikenbetty. Quit crying.
  2. If we beat Minnesota, I don’t see us losing the rest of the season. Final four.
  3. Thatch is no Goodwin. At. All. Get your head out of your ass.
  4. Wiz- printed the report and started a warm fire with the paper. Thanks again!
  5. Printed the Wiz’s lengthy analysis. Used it as accelerant to start a fire for some heat in December. Bills by 18.
  6. Wiz Update the model. Don’t not settle for mediocrity. Thanks, Backhand
  7. Step 1: print the Wiz’s prediction Step 2: retrieve from printer step 3: walk to fireplace step 4: throw paper into fireplace thanks for keeping backhand warm all winter, Wiz!
  8. Kroenke brings us back to the super bowl in 3 yrs!!
  9. Boytoy - Backhand will be present on Tuesday. He was slamming red bull vodkas in Miami on Friday.
  10. I love when the Wiz's preseason prediction comes out - I partially read it, print it out, and crumble up the paper into balls to practice my jump shot into the office garbage can. Backhands Prediction: 25-5, NCAA bid. This year is a build up to next year's final four run.
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