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  1. Solution: invest in dogecoin and don’t worry about monthly expenses any longer. you’re welcome.
  2. With all these kids in the transfer portal, boosters are more important than ever. $$$$$$
  3. He missed 0 jumpers in his highlight video. Sign him! And he can dunk.
  4. also recruiting with Bitcoin seems like a game changer.
  5. Why don’t we just land a few 6’8” - 6’10” beasts that can fill the middle, run the floor, and one of them with a jumper. I dunno. I think this would fill a lot of needs on our team.
  6. Will there be an NIT tournament this year? I hadnt heard...
  7. Your name should be billikenbetty. Quit crying.
  8. If we beat Minnesota, I don’t see us losing the rest of the season. Final four.
  9. Thatch is no Goodwin. At. All. Get your head out of your ass.
  10. Wiz- printed the report and started a warm fire with the paper. Thanks again!
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