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  1. #15 Seed, and a first round bye! Well done ladies! We await the winner of Washington and Liberty - with the #2 seed North Carolina in the same quadrant.
  2. 3-1 Final. Dayton got a red card on that PK a played one down for the rest of the game. what I loved about the game, is it seemed well-scouted. SLU was constantly forcing Dayton to the left and they always tried to cut back into our defender to avoid kicking with their left boot. When they would, it had little direction/pace, while SLU was going left regularly with success. 3-4 late chances almost made this a laugher. Puricelli was solid in net coming off her line often. back-to-back-to-back A10 regular season champs. Well done ladies!
  3. Remember, Jett's in Australia. Down is up, up is down.
  4. Dropped to 7th in 'also receiving votes' in the AP Poll. Essentially #32. Minnesota did get in at 21. So the one loss, is a good one. I just don't think the conference is strong enough for us to garner the key wins to grab attention. We might get there in a few weeks, but only if we do not lose; and if enough teams ahead of us fall. I think we just need to win games, get a solid record (2-3 losses max?), and hope for a favorable seed in March. Would love to see the # next to our team on ESPN, but it's not likely for a while.
  5. I agree with you, but I worry the only reason we got as many votes as we did, is some may have already had their rankings done before our game/didn't watch our game. I was worried we'd fall even further. With only one game this week, and against a weak opponent, next Mondays votes is what I'm waiting for to get a true gauge at how the pundits see us.
  6. no need to buy, but I’ll gladly toast you at the first game we’re actually able to attend.
  7. Just don’t forget my cut of you’re raise from the lucky patch!
  8. Any other year and I’d swear this was the lead in to one of the ‘too unrealistic’ Twilight Zone episodes. god it feels good right now to be a Billiken fan.
  9. Finally found them. Got a few if anybody else needs one.
  10. Thanks as always, Wiz. One thing that surprised me was to see we are an 'A' rated FT shooting team. I thought we are around 77% What is the breakdown on % for A-F? I am not questioning your logic, just surprised the threshold isn't higher. Either way, compared to the last 3 years, we are A+++ in my book from the line.
  11. While maybe not on the 'most impressive list', I'd argue 'most important' dunk would be Sloans steal and throwdown late in the Louisville game.
  12. I'm 90% sure I still have some. Let me look around and if I find them, I'll PM you to mail you one.
  13. That's what I get for trusting social media. Corrected. Thanks.
  14. 27th in AP this week. 94 votes, up from 69.
  15. I got 2. If you see the Ugly Billiken Christmas sweaters, that’s me and one of the guys I have season tix with.
  16. Same from wifes Paypal account. 28th I believe. Thanks for everything Steve!
  17. Couldn't agree more. I hate that success is assumed to be how much coin you have. I wouldn't say I'm 'jealous' of McBroom, but sure it'd be nice to have his money. He might be 'famous', but I'm proud of the successes of your above-mentioned alums of the program.
  18. Not to mention, If the NBA finals can take place on the same courts I played intramural volleyball on, they'd be willing to play NCAA Tournament games in high school gyms. Great research Pistol.
  19. Weather intended or not, my brain immediately laughed at the perceived play of 'C-' as 'under the sea'. Very appropriate for underwater basket weaving.
  20. I thought we had been in the 50s or 60s at one point. In the 1990s, I watched the SLU recruitment video in my guidance counselors office in Chicago (Featuring Bob Costas), and I could've sworn he mentioned a higher ranking and my counselor being surprised SLU was that high. I could be wrong. Wouldn't be the first time. But IT WILL be the last.
  21. Cuz you’re old man is Robert Wadlo? Combined you two barely meet the requirement. (I can joke because JK is family)
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