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  1. Love the work fellas! For Billikens fans this podcast is fantastic! You keep feeding we’ll keep eating! Get some boys from the Majerus days on! Jett, McCall, Loe! Willie Reed if possible to get on would be an interesting interview.
  2. Awesome Interview. Really enjoying the player interviews. Any chance you could get Jordair Jett on as a guest?
  3. Does anyone have a video of Rob Loe dunk in NC ST game down the stretch? Guy played out of his mind at the end?
  4. Great day to be a Billiken! Saw they were doing this on Twitter. What’s your favorite Billikens memory? Here are some of mine:
  5. To add onto the original post. Thanks, players for what you have brought & continue to bring to SLU. Don't be intimidated today. Virginia Tech hasn't been through half the stuff you guys have this season! Let's GET THIS FUC$ER.
  6. Very well, sir, I have heard your statements and would say I agree with much of it. This is why I said that many things have happened outside of his control. Thus why you give him more time. This is why I said time will tell. I am aware of the situation and have been following Billikens basketball for years. I just don't post often. I prefer to read.
  7. I think we can all agree Ford is a good guy and brings a lot of energy and integrity to the way he goes about things. I also think we can all agree he has done a wonderful job recruiting. Where I think we can also agree is that many things have happened out of his control. I think the amount of players we have lost however is alarming given the 3-year time window since he got here. Obviously, I think he should have at least another year or two, but if the roster turnover continues as it has I think he will have trouble getting the results. Time will tell as it always does. At the end of the da
  8. So I'm not sure where to put this but I will here. Does anyone have any idea on any Juco/transfers that are on Travis Ford's radar for next season? I assume he has some on his radar given he probably wont want all freshman.
  9. Geez, wish the man well. Obviously wasn't a fit for the bills. Time to move on with what we got.
  10. Someone, please post a video link to this. If true this makes me want to run through a wall.
  11. While its extremely sad to see Gordan leave we still have a good amount of hope on this team. Worse to have a player whos talented and not all in than one less talented all in.
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