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  1. Cannot. Stop. Smiling.
  2. Well, good luck sleeping tonight.
  3. I was already looking forward to the 17-18 season with the three power conference transfers becoming eligible. This now makes it almost a given that the team will be tourney bound that season. What will make this upcoming season enjoyable will be seeing who will take on the challenge to show Ford that they should be part of a rotation moving forward. With only 10 scholarship players available, there will be plenty of opportunity to make a positive (or negative) impression during the year. Particularly, I think you'll see Moore, Johnson and Neufeld try to position themselves ahead of Roby, Bartley and Gillman moving into 17-18. (Bishop is probably secure and Welmer won't be interested in transferring after already dealing with a redshirt.) The underclassmen who can't outplay the upperclassmen this year will then look to transfer, knowing playing time moving forward will be tougher to come by. This season could be the most fun 14-15 win season ever.
  4. Look at Willie being such a loser, leaving all that overseas money on the table.
  5. In no particular order: - Kwamain's 30-foot bank shot against Dayton. - Conklin Smash! - Tommie Liddell teabagging a GW dude while dunking. - Steve Alford getting tossed during the New Year's Eve win against New Mexico. - Knights Inn!
  6. Yep. He cornered me a couple of times at the bar and explained how he spoke to aliens.
  7. After Schmiezing's it was renamed Mike's Place. Pretty much the same setup as Schmiezing's with a dumb name. In its last couple of years it tried to be a night club on the weekends. Since I lived down the street at the time, I went there a lot. I also remember when Talayna's first opened in that spot in late 2002. It tried to do regular hours and had a full dinner menu at the time. I remember thinking how strange and off-putting the neon lights and wannabe Rat Pack vibe was. Another thing that was off-putting was Mike Talayna hung out in the place a bunch in those early days. I'm sure there are some on this board that remember him. Imagine being in a large, nearly empty bar stuck talking to him while he skeeves on your girlfriend.
  8. Tool.
  9. And a bag of Jolly Ranchers.
  10. I've never been excited or happy to see a player transfer, especially if it looks like he might have been pushed out the door... ...until Jolly. Oh joyous day!
  11. When you absolutely positively need someone to shoot himself in the d!ck, Stu's your man.
  12. I need to wash my eyes with bleach now.
  13. This is an insult to John Manning.
  14. Agreed. I was just listening to 95.5 a few minutes ago and the DJ was discussing this story, pointing out that it is indicative of St. Louis and perhaps shows why Heyward left in the first place. It will continue to gain more traction, even though there isn't any proof behind the NYDN story. Even if there is a retraction, it is already out in the ether. It should really say something if Deadspin, who HATE the Cards and is currently doing a series where they'll mark every St. Louis loss this season, left this alone due to nothing being there.
  15. The NYDN didn't even link to anything from ESPN. They attached a video from MLB that they got from WGN of Heyward's first at-bat. The article is about the ESPN mics catching the slurs, but they provide no real proof other than a few tweets from fans watching the game. You'd think we'd have more proof than that, especially if the Worldwide Leader captured the audio. Then again, the Daily News is really just a outrage factory that fuels other outrage factories, hence why Salon picked up the story right away. I'm sure there were people at the stadium tossing the n-word around, as I've been to many a game where I've heard it said in the stands, but if you aren't providing any more proof other than second-hand accounts from Twitter, then you really should wait to post an article until you can verify. But, this is a tabloid looking for clicks, so there you go.