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  1. Good lord
  2. JJ doesn't want to go home yet!
  3. How is that not a travel by Wattanabe?
  4. Huge three by JJ!
  5. Reggie with a grown man's rebound there.
  6. That was about as ugly a sequence of possessions as I've ever seen.
  7. Ugh, Hines back in.
  8. And huge trey by Zeke!
  9. Desperately needed those buckets by JJ and MC.
  10. Starting to get sloppy...
  11. Whatta pass by Roby! Jam time Welmer!
  12. My wife's already said that if the Bills make the finals we're driving to Pittsburgh for the game. Hopefully, there's a Knights Inn there.
  13. Neufeld gets a cameo guarding the in-bounder.
  14. Nice pass inside to get the lead back up to 12.