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  1. So happy I forgot about the day game today.
  2. Or Thomas Allen from NC St.
  3. I actually dont know how good we would have been with Tatum. If all the teams double teamed him every possession, I am not sure the likes of Milik, Bartley, Miles, Roby could have scored on the other 3 defenders. And Crews would still be here. Best recruiting miss in SLU history IMO
  4. Yea, Tatum looked incredible last night. Durant-like. UVA had a hand in his face most of the time too. He finally showed his potential to America.
  5. What an amazing presser to watch Hurley basically crying at the podium because he cant figure out how to motivate the most talented team in the A-10. I love it.
  6. I thought Ford's coaching was below average this time. He had a sound strategy going in, but he played Reggie way too much when it was clear he was the single weak point both offensively and defensively. When Neufeld came in, we tightened up defensively a little bit, but we were already down 15 and in the panic mentality. I really want to pull a 5th year point guard grad transfer so we dont even have to argue about Bishop vs Hines. A 5th year point guard has to be on Ford's mind as he looks at next year's roster, unless he thinks he is already covered with Graves.
  7. He's gone. He was a D3 player from the start.
  8. Getting abused now. If Dayton hits 3s they are impossible to beat
  9. Jj can keep shooting that 3. Neufeld just standing with his hands up is the best D we got.
  10. Our lack of talent is so annoying
  11. Hanging tough. I'd like to see Neufeld get a shot instead of Reggie
  12. Go to the bench Reggie and don't come back in
  13. Will the game be out of hand before the broadcast changes