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  1. Recruiting - 2018 class

    +1 The culture in 2017 (multitude of distractions) doesnt lend itself to filling up 16k seats for a college basketball game sans a handful of games each year. 10k was the perfect size.
  2. Recruiting - 2018 class

    Hahah. Awesome. when the season starts, can we just send every off-season post to the incinerator and start over? It feels like this is the worst this board has ever been.
  3. Torrence Watson

    While I think this is completely made up, it is sort of a fun mental exercise to speculate how on earth SLU would be in a position to accept a 4 star athlete into the school but Ohio St and Mizzou cannot due to "rules". Here is the best I could come up with: Torrance Watson is in fact an alien from outer space and public universities are only allowed to accept people from Earth...but SLU has no such rule. Final Four 2018 baby....Monstars style.
  4. Recruiting - 2018 class

    From doing no deep research at all, it feels like 95% Mizzou, 1% chance SLU, 4% other.
  5. Off-season talk

    @BIG BILL FANI think the point being made is that if Bishop is playing big minutes then our recruiting success the past 18 months was greatly overstated. Is it possible for a player who shined on a lousy team who was recruited by Jim Crews, Hofstra (maybe) and a number of D2 schools to elevate his game, and compete with top 100 recruits who had offers from Mich St? Maybe/ But I would put those chances at less than 10%. If he was a Big man, then I would be more optimistic about his chances because big men take longer to mature. The one tanglible disagreement that I have with the Bishop-defenders on this thread is his ability to shoot. I do not remember him being much of a 3pt bomber. I remember his mid-range game was decent against bad competiton. That is about it.
  6. Crews would make Tatum "earn" it. Ford understands that he had a major recruiting win and is not going to start any Crews recruit over a top 50 recruit. I do not understand the motivations of some on this board to expect us to compete for an at large bid this year AND have Roby, Bishop and Welmer play a role. I agree with Ace (replying to a post he made a couple pages back) in that Ford will be throwing everything we got to try to win in November and not try to ease anyone in. Ford doesnt strike me as someone like RM who wants to install "the system" at the expense of wins. Talent will play. I hope Roby, Welmer and JB are ready to enthusiastically wave towels around. Henriquez, Bess, Goodwin, French, Foreman, and JJ on the court as much as possible.
  7. If Goodwin does not start, this board will go into super meltdown mode. I would be shocked if Bishop plays over him.
  8. I dont know if it was just me but after reading the recap from Ford's radio interview, I broke down and bought hotels for NYC in November. My brother is a VA Tech Alum and I feel like this match up only happens once every 25 years so it is a must-attend event for us. The link did not work for me either, so I called the reservations number and they tried to get me to pay 303 per night instead of the 199 block rate. The operator said the block was sold out but mentioned that they would have to consult the Moxy sales team to "open up" more rooms. I tried clicking the link 15 mins later and it worked for me. So I suspect there is some process where the Moxy sales team only releases a few rooms at a time and then once they get booked, they have to go back in the system and re-authorize the room rate for more rooms.
  9. Roby

    They need a bigger trophy.
  10. The Tournament: Majerus SLU Crew

    It's so nice that our guys don't cry on every foul call.
  11. The Tournament: Majerus SLU Crew

    Technical difficulties. Of course.
  12. The Tournament: Majerus SLU Crew

    +1 Last night every rebound we got felt lucky when Remuken was on the bench. We are gonna have to shoot 75% from the field to win 😂 Id put those guards up against anyone in the tournament though.
  13. The Tournament: Majerus SLU Crew

    Its fun to watch the guards again. But lack of enough big men is obvious
  14. The Tournament: Majerus SLU Crew

    The 10:30pm event is "live" on ESPN3 but slu listed to start at 10:15pm is not live. It wouldn't be a SLU game without a dicey stream.
  15. Boot???

    This is an unwelcome development. Good thing it's only July. Probably like Markelle Fultz, baby sprain = dont walk for 6 weeks as a precaution. Hopefully that is what it is.