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  1. Honestly, at this point, I would like to hear from anyone that thinks Coach Ford has earned anything less than an A+ It was absolutely maddening to see Crews sign recruits that no one else wanted and expect to actually be able to put a team on the floor to compete. Even if he is an awful in-game coach, the talent will still ensure that we arent losing to Morehead St at home by 20. Coach Ford should get us into the tournament in 2017 and beyond and then we roll the dice from there...
  2. Got abused by Tony Parker and then took a seat. He certainly looks like he belongs though. His D isn't as good as I remember, I expected him to lock his man down...but I guess it's Tony Parker so it's ok. 😅
  3. +1 LSU had more talent than just Simmons too. What a failure of a coaching job.
  4. I thought Goodwin was going to trim down his list very soon. Did that happen?
  5. I think that this kid's only decent offer was given by crews and he basically accepted 30 seconds after he was offered. That is why we think he's not good. I hope Zeke uses this post as bulletin board material and is all-conference before he graduates. He is a Crews recruit. Nuff said.
  6. That is a super demotion...He was the borderline lead assistant here. I am surprised he didnt look for a lower-tier assistant coaching job. It seems like that would be a better alternative than grad assistant. I can find any information regarding this move. Is there a link somewhere?
  7. That is a really good situation for Willie though. He will be there to block shots and grab rebounds. That is sort of what Golden St was missing in the finals. With Bogut leaving, I am not really sure who GS has to put in the middle. Curry, Klay, Durant, Draymond....and Willie. The way that free agency is going lately, if he can get exposure with 95% of GS games on national TV and espn dedicated to being an all Golden St network, while playing defense/getting open dunks while NBA defenses leave him 100% unguarded, he might be one of the guys who ends up signing a 4 year, 40 million dollar deal. I hope Willie's agent realizes that...
  8. I am going to write an article about how DePaul is a final 4 sleeper this year. The hardest kool aid drinkers in history can't squint hard enough to make this look like a tournament team. I hope Jalen Johnson starts. The rest is just waiting for 2018
  9. I need to go watch his highlight reel I think. He was about the least ready NBA player on that 2013 roster. I am genuinely shocked.
  10. So...the question you must ask yourself is...are Billiken fans trustworthy? Of course they are! However, trolls are not. Function disabled 😄
  11. Geez, you gotta have supreme MBM skills to keep up with the "initials game" during this offseason. I think I got em all though. Agree with NH and Roy, we need Dudes. If Bess cant shoot the 3 that is fine with me. This team needs defined Roles which I thought was a glaring weakness from the CrewSplatt regime. If Bess just wants to play D, dunk and grab boards, then that is fine by me. But something is weird about this one...he de-committed from Akron several days ago and it has been crickets. I wouldnt be surprised if someone else other than SLU/Akron are ready to scoop him up.
  12. Jolly is gone. Gotta find something else to get upset about now. Dems da rules
  13. Yea right. VTIME would have filled his entire team with just kids within the STL city limits.
  14. Losing scoring doesnt really bother me at all when we are objectively terrible in all aspects. Someone has to score, you could put the Sigma Chi A team out there and some combination of people were going to score 41% of our points. Unless we are coming off some successful campaign, the "replacing scoring" worry bead is pretty much a red herring.
  15. Akron? no way. He's gotta be a Billiken.