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  1. I legitimately am looking forward to seeing how SPUMAC's talent on paper will fare against real SEC teams.
  2. Because Jim Crews is no longer the coach.
  3. I personally would like to go big and strong and enjoy being physically superior for a change. Foreman, French, Bess, Adonys, Goodwin Roby, JJ, JB, Rasheed off the bench. Then when Graves becomes eligible - he takes JB's spot in the rotation. People who think Welmer is going see the floor I think are going to be very dissapointed.
  4. I feel like a baseball team that is acquiring talent at the trade deadline because the team brass are ready to make a run
  5. This feels like us 3.5 years ago.
  6. Very nice article from Stu today. I am really starting to get excited about next season. No mention of Foreman being injured which was welcome news. Also I thought it was interesting that Ford stated he wants 3-4 2018 recruits.
  7. I have him here at 6'11 250. That said, I was exagerrating for effect. Either way, I still think he would have had a much better chance to show his potential if he went somewhere where he didnt have to sit behind Harry Giles, Tatum, Jefferson etc.
  8. I agree with this. Marcus Bolden from Duke is the one that pops to my mind. He looks like a Dwight Howard clone, but cannot get off the bench because Coach K loves Amile Jefferson and 4 guards. If Bolden would have went to South Carolina, he probably would have been a top 10 pick and maybe even have an NCAA champsionship under his belt.
  9. The rubber band guns caused anxiety. Good grief.
  10. Okay, but it seems to give support to the argument that he isn't good enough for P5 programs unless they were 17-15 and have 2017 recruits jumping ship in May. I agree with what has been speculated on here that Ford offered Pickett on the condition that he redshirts. Given the logjam at SG, it seems like a prudent move.
  11. I tried to find the answer to this question and failed. What do they get if they win? Just exposure? Is this financially motivated in anyway? If it's not, I predict some pretty awful basketball being played.
  12. Somewhere Pistol is drowning 🤣
  13. I agree with this point. Every time I see the commerical with Michael and Jemele laughing while playing dominoes with Ice Cube, I wonder what a viewer is supposed to take away from that. I still do not think that ESPN has gotten serious about the programming problem they have. If there is not a game on, I am not watching it. Only so much shouting I can take from Lavar Ball, Steven A, etc.
  14. ESPN is a "middle man" kind of business. Once their contracts with the leagues expire (of which there is no way ESPN is currently winning with), ESPN will try to negotiate at a much lower rate to stay profitable. The leagues will not accept this and I see them ultimately just performing the distribution legwork themselves. The broadcasting rights investment was only a positive ROI if cable subscribers continued to pay for ESPN as part of their package forever. The Advertising dollars do not come close to helping them break even. ESPN has so far refused to evolve and cost cutting is the only way forward. I frankly wont miss ANY ESPN personality that gets fired. There is always someone ready to get on TV to talk sports. Does Ed Werder really provide way better content than Taj would? Not really. (well maybe not Taj, but something like Taj) The pity party going on in media (and on twitter) right now about the ESPN layoffs is also pretty annoying. #getoffmylawn
  15. The real story is he won't play much even when fully healthy