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  1. That bait was too great. As soon as the season starts hopefully the mods will ban him as appropriate
  2. It will be interesting to see how quickly Ford moves away from the Seniors. I am really hoping that the younger players provide enough spark off the bench. For this first few games, It will be hard to get away from Roby, Crawford and Reggie being heavy on minutes. I know that everyone thinks we will be dreadful, but I always have that sliver of hope. I am starting to feel that way right now as the season approaches. Bishop, Crawford, Roby, Welmer, Reggie....with Neufeld, and the Frosh coming off the bench. What if we do take to this new system and the guys start playing loose and get a couple wins under their belt. We are not that young of a team so inexperience should not be an excuse. Maybe we surprise to the upside....
  3. Damn those initials. JJ will always be Jordair and JB will always be Barnett to me. We should reserve initials for only players who have played in the 2nd round of the NCAAs.
  4. This Travis Ford quote is awesome --- “We’re not the most athletic team. We may be one of the most unathletic teams in the country,” he said. “So, we’ve got to block out, play physical and use our strengths. We’re totally realistic on who we are right now. We want to be judged this year on how hard we play, how prepared we are and the excitement of our team. We’re not going to get into the wins and losses Ford seems to be thanking Jimmy Crews one more time.
  5. I think Dr. P does a nice job here. He can't afford to alienate conservative donors more than they already are. He remains "Jesuit" but not a complete pushover like other school administrators have become. I must have missed what West said about the Muslim Student Alliance...
  6. I really want French to be a Billiken. 2017 should be fun if we keep this trajectory on recruiting. I long for the Soderberg days when I could line up the rest of the schedule in January and think to myself, "okay, if we just go 11-3 from here on out, we will be a tourney team"...sad. I think that Thomas Allen would be a great addition as well. I am curious if those on here think that he would immediately be a better player than a "junior Jermaine Bishop".
  7. Verbal Commit I think...
  8. I think this is the start of the bubble popping in education. I do not think SLU is more affected by the changing tides. The private giving going down does not surprise me at all. I am 31, feel like I make a good living, and the act of "donating a significant amount to my alma mater" registers as about the 5487th priority when it comes to my spending over the year. I'd be curious to see the median age of SLU donors. I would honestly expect it to be over 65 years old.
  9. Haha, perfect edit Mojo. I guess I do take issue with a SLU degree being viewed equivalent to a SIUC degree. I acknowledge that Notre Dame, Georgetown, etc are a cut about SLU, but I just dont think that a SLU grad is viewed the same as a SIUC grad in the job marketplace (given the same major) As for the sports business side, I have no idea, but I would wager that (in general) the Cook business school has more corporate contacts and door-opening opportunities that lead to well-paying jobs than that of SIUC. But I am sure someone is ready to tell me I am wrong on that front too. I enjoy the discussion and will be happy to be educated.
  10. KM...I have a feeling this will rattle the branches. An aerospace engineering degree from SLU (which I have) is incredibly more valuable than an engineering SIU degree. You might be able to make the argument that the SIU degree is a better VALUE with its much lower tuition, but you are just wrong to say there is no difference in how each school's degree is viewed by corporations/employers/etc.
  11. Honestly, at this point, I would like to hear from anyone that thinks Coach Ford has earned anything less than an A+ It was absolutely maddening to see Crews sign recruits that no one else wanted and expect to actually be able to put a team on the floor to compete. Even if he is an awful in-game coach, the talent will still ensure that we arent losing to Morehead St at home by 20. Coach Ford should get us into the tournament in 2017 and beyond and then we roll the dice from there...
  12. Got abused by Tony Parker and then took a seat. He certainly looks like he belongs though. His D isn't as good as I remember, I expected him to lock his man down...but I guess it's Tony Parker so it's ok. 😅
  13. +1 LSU had more talent than just Simmons too. What a failure of a coaching job.
  14. I thought Goodwin was going to trim down his list very soon. Did that happen?
  15. I think that this kid's only decent offer was given by crews and he basically accepted 30 seconds after he was offered. That is why we think he's not good. I hope Zeke uses this post as bulletin board material and is all-conference before he graduates. He is a Crews recruit. Nuff said.