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  1. What a great start to the week!
  2. I took it to be a placeholder until a "real" sponsor steps up.
  3. I believe the guy behind this project (Paul, not Smith) is part of the Foundry group. He's big money.
  4. When the 22nd Street exits from 40 are reconfigured, it will free up a lot of land.
  5. Torgo would start on this team.
  6. Why aren't they considering the north riverfront after so much time and money was spent acquiring land/negotiating options for the Rams' stadium?
  7. Good job, Andy Teague. You the real MVP.
  8. If Bonwich were to donate some of his cars, that would cover roughly half the deficit.
  9. I no longer have a Business Journal subscription, so I haven't read this article yet. To anyone who has had a chance to read it, is there anything interesting here?
  10. Hopefully Matter makes a little more than the others. After all, he has to cover sports and crime.
  11. I am particularly glad to hear this. Personally, I would've stuck around to hear him out.
  12. I was so close to naming Box Jr. Kentrevious. So close.
  14. Pestello is handling this masterfully. I thought his line about the Billiken going through puberty was hilarious.