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  2. Pestello is handling this masterfully. I thought his line about the Billiken going through puberty was hilarious.
  3. This is way better. You should send this to Dr. Pestello.
  4. I'm leaning in this direction. The mascot is fuocked up. Let's embrace the fuocked-upedness of our mascot. I think the two-tone face was a mistake, but I'm starting to appreciate its overall weirdness.
  5. That Hearnes game was a lot of fun, despite the disappointing outcome (and boy, was it disappointing). I remember Justin Tatum making the throat-slash gesture at one point. We should've swept that series.
  6. I like how he talks about his defense before his offense.
  7. I'm sure it will scare the s--- out of my kids.
  8. Or by non-nut standards.
  9. I can fill you in on the details next time we chat. Mrs. And Won was involved in some legal wrangling regarding that property.
  10. This seems like a permanent arrangement. Always mid-week; never televised.
  11. Maryville continues to increase its enrollment. I'm not sure I see the appeal of that school. I went to a Buzz Bissinger book signing there 3-4 years ago, and it did not strike me as a fun place to go to spend four years.