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  1. My next-door neighbor Leon was a two-sport athlete. Don't quote me on that though.
  2. The default password reset is PAYSTUBS.
  3. Hines' parents are suddenly hopeful...
  4. I predict that the U.S will win by the score of 98-88.
  5. Tobago solid tho.
  6. It's bad karma to prematurely Pitbull.
  7. They'll never understand the unique brand of sarcastic smart-azzery that comes from a Jesuit education.
  9. Seeing all this new development makes me glad SLU didn't acquire more property along Forest Park Parkway.
  10. I gotta stop using Lycos as my search engine.
  11. Thank you, sir.
  12. I'm having trouble finding box scores for these games. I presume they're out there somewhere?
  13. We played a few games against a bunch of cabana boys and the guys who sang "Who Let the Dogs Out" last summer in the Bahamas.